tagMind ControlKasey's Trials and Tribulations

Kasey's Trials and Tribulations


Kasey waited impatiently to be the next person called into the room for the interview. She knew that the boss was one of the youngest executives to ever make partner. She had learned from one of her friend's who was a secretary here that he was only 29, single, in terrific shape and very generous. Although the very generous part had yet to be nailed down, she had been very interested in becoming his new secretary.

She was having lewd thoughts at the moment thinking of ways to give him a glimpse of her extra qualifications. She had worn a pretty baby blue business suit, it had been altered slightly so that when she crossed her legs it would ride up her soft milky thighs. She wore only a matching thong beneath the suit and her cleavage nearly spilled out the top she was wearing. It was enough to show a hint of flesh, and leave something to the imagination as well. Kasey knew she looked good, she was self confident without being one of those stuck up bitches that usually wiggled their asses and teased men unmercifully. She would tease but she also loved to please.

Kasey was very interested in the man's field of expertise which just happened to be regression therapy. She new that this meant that he would have to hypnotize the patients and the thought of the power that contained made her velvety little pussy grow moist. She hoped he would select her for that reason alone, perhaps given the chance she would find a way to have him use his gifted abilities for a little assistance she wanted.

The doorway to the Doctor's office opened and a small grey haired woman who looked quite unkempt stepped out and walked down the hallway clutching her purse to her side. Suddenly a man stepped into the open doorway, "Ms. Teats please come in." he smiled warmly. Kasey looked him over slowly her eyes lurking of each inch of this man's 5'9" frame. He appeared to be muscular and around 190 or so if she had to guess. His jet black hair styled with a crew cut, a small goatee well trimmed and what surprised her most was the tiny hoops that pierced his ears.

Kasey stood up and walked towards him, she tried hard not to stare at where his shirt was tucked into his trousers. It wouldn't benefit her now to have him seeing just what a horny slut she was. She sauntered past him into the office and waited as he closed the door. "Go ahead and have a seat Miss," he said. Kasey waited until he sat behind his desk and then she carefully sat down and crossed her legs at the ankles. She knew she had to play her cards very carefully right now.

"Well, Kasey, is it?" he asked teasingly. She nodded her affirmation and waited for him to continue. "Well, Kasey," he started again, "so far your resume seems to be the best of the lot." Her heart raced, was he going to offer her the job right now? "You see, I have been interviewing for the last two weeks," he sighed, "and I have yet to find a suitable younger assistant."

"So your seeking a younger assistant and secretary, well I have the experience and I am young enough I hope," she quipped. Her eyes betrayed her hunger as she sat there feeling her panties, what little there was of them, dampening even more. He stood up and walked slowly around the mahogany desk, coming out from behind it and sitting down on it's top right in front of her.

"Yes, you see, and oh by the way, you can call me Mason or Doctor Davis," he spoke softly, "Anyway Kasey, I am in need of a younger assistant do to a few road trips each year and lecturing tours that I go on. I need an unmarried person to accompany me and help keep itineraries and suck, I mean such." His face had gone red as he made the Freudian slip. He had been looking at her face and obviously her soft pliable lips had drawn his attention a bit more than he had expected.

Kasey giggled and asked, "Mason, is sucking part of the job description?" His face went from a soft blush to crimson and he looked absolutely embarrassed beyond her wildest dreams. She had wanted to see if he was just a bachelor looking for a playmate and secretary or if he just needed the secretary position filled. Obviously he needed both and she was going to put that to the test soon enough.

Mason chuckled, "Well, I don't think that was in the formal job description now was it?" Mason looked at her and realized he could see down her open suit jacket, a hint of well proportioned breasts spilled up straining against the buttons. "Kasey, assuming I offer you the job would traveling with me and keeping odd hours be ok with you?"

Kasey thought for a well renowned author and leader in his field of expertise, and also one of the most handsome men she had ever laid eyes on he was a bit unsure of himself. She toyed with his male primal instincts a bit more and crossed her arms pushing her breasts up a bit more, the flesh splaying out the top of her suit coat now. "Yes, that would be quite fine with me Mason," she cooed.

Doctor Davis wondered if she would eventually be more susceptible to removing her clothes for him as well but he still had to play the part of a bashful boss, not to eager to have her naked before him. "Well, you are the last interview of the day Kasey, and as far as I am concerned it is the last interview I will be conducting." He paused a moment before going on, "Now there is one other thing that you will need to agree to and it is of the utmost importance that you weigh this before you accept the job." Here it comes he thought the moment of truth, "As my assistant and secretary you must undergo a few hypnosis sessions with me. I require this because I want to make sure you are not here to try and leak information to other doctor's in my field."

"Oh, no Mason," she replied breathlessly, "I would actually enjoy that, I have a few problems that I would like some help with." This was her chance, if he was going to hypnotize her why not see if he couldn't help her out a bit and soothe some of her own issues. She smiled and told him, "Doctor, I would willingly endure any tests or requirements you have for me."

Mason smiled, oh she was making this too easy, she was telling him there was problems to work through and that she would do anything he asked. "Kasey, we can get to your problems whenever extra time allows for it but I must put a small mental block in so that if anyone ever questions you about my methods or any other private matters you will be unable to tell them even if you wanted to." He knew that his voice was already lulling her under his control and he was going to have to remember to be careful and not abuse his power with this one.

Kasey's panties went from damp to soaked now, one of her fantasies was to be put under hypnosis and be made to act out her most depraved fantasies with no remorse, at times even just slight memories of the acts of wanton sluttiness she could perform. "Well, when do I start Mason?" she asked not beating around the bush.

He thought for a moment as his eyes darted back and forth from the short hemline of her skirt to her flesh peeking out from beneath her suit jacket, and her pouty full lips. He wondered just how good they would feel wrapped around his cock. Ah, but that could wait, she had said she had problems and he now had his full attention on just that, wanting to see how or if he could help her with them. "Kasey, what problems do you need help with?" he asked.

She wondered how much to divulge right away and she decided at least one of her problems could be approached right now. Maybe he would tell her after he heard what it was that he didn't need an assistant like that or he would take full advantage of what he was offering her. "Mason, it is of a sexual nature would you like to hear about it now or would you prefer to discuss it later after we have been working together for a while?"

Mason had pegged her as a smart woman after calling some of the references on her resume and found out that she had not only been the best secretary any of them had ever had working for them but she had been driven above and beyond the call of duty many times. The references had all stated that she had reorganized their offices and made them more efficient, but now he was thinking about a few of the other fringe benefits she may have to offer him.

Kasey smoothed her skirt and unlocked her ankles and scooted her ass forward in the chair just a bit, she crossed her legs slowly giving him just a preview of her cute little thong she had worn just for this occasion. She let her tongue wet her soft lips and watched Mason adjust his cock, he appeared to be just a slight bit uncomfortable and unsure of himself now she thought. "Well, Dr.," she teased, "I am still waiting for your decision."

Dr. Davis sat there on the edge of the desk and peered up her skirt catching a hint of the front of her thong, thinking the woman was very good at thinly veiled suggestive physical come ons. He knew that it was not an accidental flashing of panties, nor was it coincidence that she had pushed up her chest and displayed them like succulent pieces of flesh to be devoured. "Kasey, I think it's best to tackle the issues now," he said curtly. "I find that it will relieve any further stress or indications of what may come to pass between us if we go ahead and get them out of the way."

"Well doctor, with no more beating around the bush I would first like to tell you that I believe it is unethical and not normal practice for you to hypnotize a patient or prospective employee during your first meeting without some idea of what lurks in the subconscious," she said arrogantly. She knew this would either secure her job offer because he would be impressed with her at least minimal understanding of how things worked, or it would get the offer rescinded. Either way she had to see just what buttons could be pushed and what made this man tick.

Mason sat there flabbergasted, this succubus in the flesh was also more intelligent than he had anticipated. She had realized the dangers of rushing into a hypnotic session and she also called him on it, not very many people had that backbone and that could only endear her to him in the situations he planned for her. "Kasey, I see that you have done some homework and know a thing or two already. I like that but," he leaned forward and his facial __expression changed, his previous smile turned into what could be best described as a very serious scowl, "don't you ever question my motives or practices."

Kasey had always been used to men tripping over themselves to show her an exact kindness and shower her with pleasantries and gifts, no one had dared to speak to her as Mason just had and it only made her want him more. She watched as he removed his tie and ran a hand over his head and wiped a drip of sweat from his brow, he was calculating what her next response would be and she knew that he had won whatever game he was playing right then and there.

"Mason," she trembled as she spoke whether it was fear or arousal you decide, "I am more than willing to go under hypnosis whenever you are ready but, mind you this, should you ever speak to me that way again I will spin on these heels of mine and walk right out the door!" She was putting on her best tough girl facade now and it was only a matter of time before he would see right through it. "I may look like a trophy for your arm and office but I will tell you," she said with a fiery look in her eyes, "I have a lot more upstairs than you can ever imagine and I will not be talked down to by any person no matter how revered you are."

Mason sat there on the edge of the desk rubbing his goatee with his hands, this woman was proving to be a tougher cookie to crack than he planned on. She had feistiness, beauty, and more importantly was intelligent, these things combined could eventually work their way against him. But, he thought, for now it would serve its purpose, he would have to find a way to exploit her darkest desires and fears at the same time and hold them over her to keep this one under control.

"Kasey, I think I can offer you a bit more money than what is stated in the add," he spoke slowly, "I see already that you are going to be a great asset to my office." He stood up and leaned over her, placing one hand on each of the armrests and invading her private space, asserting himself from the beginning with her was the only way this was going to work out just as he had planned even though he had underestimated her thus far.

He leaned in closer and Kasey's lower lip trembled, was he going to kiss her now she wondered. His lips brushed her ear as he whispered into her ear, "I think that the first session had best come now, while all the thoughts you have are fresh in your mind." Kasey could feel blood engorging her clit and she thought that if he were to actually touch her anywhere she would burst in an orgasm and soak the chair right then and there.

Mason read her body signals as he pulled away slightly, she was quivering, he knew that be it fear or if she was on the edge of orgasm it would take only a touch to bring her off. So he did just that, he ran his fingers down her arm slowly and circled her soft little wrist, stroking it as he would her clit if his fingers were between her legs instead of on her arm right now. "Ohh, ummm," Kasey bit her lip and fought the losing battle to hold back her orgasm, "Ohhh," she sighed as she shook in her chair.

Damn, this was the first time she had ever cum without having a cock or tongue or fingers touching her most erogenous areas. If this was an extra benefit of working for Doctor Davis then she decided at that moment that she was taking the job and would have done so for very little money at all. She was a woman that could orgasm fairly easy but without even a kiss, this was unbelievable to her.

Mason stood back upright and looked down watching her chest rise and fall in a rushed pace, he had left his hand on her wrist before, monitoring her pulse as he had rubbed her softly. Her heartbeat had jumped from a normal rate to nearly 130 beats per minute in only a few short seconds. He had rarely used his gift, as he called it, to elicit this reaction from a woman but now that he had done so he was glad he had. It had given Kasey a soft red glow to her cheeks and would open her up for whatever was going to happen the rest of the afternoon.

"Kasey," he asked trying to sound dumbfounded, "are you all right?" He was keeping up this little game for as long as he could before slipping her into a hypnotic session and probing her placing the necessary blocks that only he would be able to remove. Mason knew that if he caught her right away and placed her deep into the necessary trance it would make her susceptible to post hypnotic suggestions and a simple word would trigger his desired reactions.

Kasey sat there trying to recover from a tremendous orgasm. had he just spoken to her? Her mind was a little cloudy and she felt like a girl who has just experienced her first real orgasm instead of the little slut she was who had enjoyed many an orgasm in her lifetime so far. "Yes, Mason, uh doctor, I am fine," she gasped, "I just um got a cold chill and well um, to be honest I just had the most exquisite orgasm I have ever felt!" There, it was out in the open and he would not be able to hold it over her, whereas if she had not spoken this he would have known that she was lying anyway, of this she was sure.

He was amazed at her brashness and her open attitude, he had expected her to try and hide from him that fact that she had just cum from something as simple as his big hand traveling down her arm and rubbing her wrist with his fingertips. He had to wonder what it would be like to feel her naked flesh beneath him and thrust into her while she had one of those orgasms with his cock buried deep inside her. But he thought, stay the course and lead her where you want Mason, she will be begging for your cock of her own violation and not some suggestion soon enough. He prided himself on reading people, women in particular, and he knew that he was on the right track with her now.

"Kasey, I'm sorry," he said coyly, "I think that borders on sexual harassment." Kasey smiled having slowly started to drift back into her normal state of mind, "Well if that's sexual harassment Mason, feel free to harass me all the goddamn time." This was just the response he wanted, he looked at his watch and noticed her doing the same, another telltale sign of her interest in him. It was the mirrored theory that if you do something while a person is watching you and they have more than a passing interest in you they will reciprocate that action exactly.

"Kasey, I think we are off to a wonderful start, you've only been working her for less than an hour and already had your first orgasm," he chuckled. Kasey thought about that statement and they both realized he had slipped from his game plan, be it ever what it was, he had said her first orgasm not just an orgasm. "Yes, I must agree," she cooed. "Well, are we going to go through the hypnosis now or are we going to just sit here and have me soaking this chair and my skirt the rest of the interview? "she asked.

Mason thought for a moment about her statement, he would much prefer to have that damn skirt and the rest of her clothes on the floor right now. He was willing to take his time with her though for he figured that when her clothes were finally on the floor it would take more than a few hours behind closed doors to satisfy their mutual lusts and fondness for pleasing their partners. "Kasey first I must know what problems you spoke of, I don't want to encounter any problems or mental walls once I slip into your mind and work my magic."

His tone was so smooth and poured from his mouth like honey, no wonder he is so good at what he does she thought. Kasey pondered his question, he had already given her an orgasm and she had told him as much, so there was no reason to hide anything, especially if she was going to be working so closely to this man, closer and a lot faster than she had expected. She knew she was a lil sexual vixen, her body language and just her physical appearance exuded sex, in it's rawest and dirtiest form. Primal urges were her vice, and she knew it, and soon so will Mason Davis she figured.

"Mason, I am going to be frank with you now," she started. "Well, if you don't mind I would prefer if you were still Kasey," he teased, "multiple personalities are one of the other partner's specialties." She smiled and gave a soft giggle, "You know what I meant silly, anyway, I am well, to put it bluntly, I am just a slut." "I love sex with whomever shows the desire to show me affection and attention, but I still have hang ups I would like to one day conquer," she heaved a big sigh. Well, that much was out in the open, she thought.

"What would these hang ups be, and by the way that doesn't make you a slut, Kasey, it just means you are in tune with your primal urges," he said soothingly. Kasey was amazed at the fact that his wording had been exactly the same as what was on her mind, add mind reader to the list of his accomplishments she giggled to herself.

"Doctor, can I lay on that big leather couch, that is where I am going to end up anyway isn't it?" she asked. Mason replied, "Yes, wherever you would be most comfortable and that is where you were going to end up anyway." Kasey stood up and brushed past him as she walked to the big black leather couch and stretched out not caring that he was staring straight up her skirt at the blue thong and the huge wet spot on them. She only wished she had worn a blouse beneath the jacket because she was flushed and hot still, and she had wished she had a way to cool down or really heat up.

Mason pulled his chair next to her which was obviously a matching set with the couch and he sat there with his elbows on his knees and his chin resting thoughtfully in his palms as she adjusted to get comfortable. There was no pretenses now. she knew he had been looking up her skirt and she hadn't made the slightest move to cover herself. "Ok, Kasey the afternoon is wearing down and we need to get started soon so what are some of the problems you would like help with?" He could only hope what her answer would be but if he had to take a guess at that moment, then the train of thought his mind was rolling down would have been exactly correct.

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