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Kate in Greece


Years before we had kids, Kate and I jetted off to Greece for our Summer holidays. In those days, she had the tightest body you could imagine, slim and hard yet topped off with the most incredible tits. They were 32f in size and had large dark pink areole which hardened to large nips when she was excited. The fact that she was only 5ft tall and size 10 made them even more prominent. Blonde with blue eyes, as my best man told me at my wedding, 'She was born to be fucked!'

Kate is from a quite strict Catholic family so outwardly is very well behaved, although a couple of glasses of wine turn her into a dirty slut. She had packed several skimpy bikinis but refused each day to go topless, saying that she did not think it was right. That said, each time she rose from the sun lounger to go for a swim, it was incredible how many male eyes followed her.

After a couple of days, we settled on a spot on the beach which suited us. It was directly in front of a taverna which had sun bed service and which served great lunches when the weather got too hot. Our routine, therefore, became beach-lunch-fuck-siesta-beach-dinner and drinks-fuck-sleep. I though I had died and gone to heaved, particularly as everyday I could look at Kate in next to nothing and lots of other topless beauties.

There was a young waiter, Manny, at the taverna who was obviously quite taken by Kate. Every time we ordered drinks on the beach, he would bring them and it was obvious that he was feasting on her body as he spoke to us. He was tall, black and incredibly good looking – an idea began to form in my mind.

On the last day of our holiday, I had been out swimming and when I looked back to shore, I saw Manny sitting on the edge of Kate's sun-lounger rubbing her back. I watched for a while and when he moved off I returned to her.

'Hi' she said. 'You have been a long time. I could feel I was starting to burn so I had to ask Manny to oil my back. He is such a nice guy.I told him we are leaving tomorrow and he said how much he would miss us'

I said nothing. That afternoon, at lunch, I plied her with wine and then fucked her repeatedly so that she could not sleep it off. Back on the beach, I said,

'Come on, Kate, you are not seriously going to go back to England with white tits are you?'

To my delight, she agreed it would be stupid and took her top off. Without her seeing, I signalled to Manny that I wanted a beer. When he brought my drink, his eyes nearly popped out of his head – with eyes closed, Kate was rubbing lotion into her tits, her nipples standing proud. The effect upon him was immediate – his shorts ballooned and he excused himself and headed back to the bar. I laughed to myself, enjoying his discomfort.

That night, we decided to have our last meal at the taverna. Kate was wearing a black bra and panties under a black vest and white mini skirt – bronzed, she looked stunning. The meal went well and we were getting incredibly drunk, both of us sad to be leaving for England. I could tell Kate was feeling horny and at one point she reached for my hand under the table and pressed something into it-I looked down and saw she had taken her panties off and felt incredibly hard, knowing her shaved pussy was within touching distance.

I could see that although he was working hard, Manny's eyes had barely left Kate all night, although I was not sure he had noticed what she had done. At last, she slurred that she needed to go to the toilet and headed off to the back of the building. Pretending not to watch her, I saw Manny immediately head off in that direction too. I decided to give them a couple of minutes and then followed.

They were almost out of sight, at the far wall of the toilet block, when I came silently around the corner. He was bending over her and kissing her passionately – and she was not resisting but seemed a little detached. Part of me wanted to smash his face in yet I could feel my cock stirring so I stayed in the shadows and watched. Emboldened, he had both hands up her top and I could see that he was loosening her bra. He then moved one hand back around and was fondling what now must be her naked tits. The effect , as always was immediate – Kate has incredibly sensitive nipples and she loses control when they are sucked or pinched. She began to kiss him back passionately and one of her hands snaked down to his shorts, rubbing his cock through them. I do not think he could believe his luck – a married blonde wanking him for all she was worth while to all intents and purposes her husband sat oblivious in the restaurant.

Incredibly, he then made what was to prove a mistake. Bringing his right hand away from her breast, he reached down and pushed it up her skirt. I have no idea whether it was the shock of feeling his long fingers on her bald pussy or the realisation of how much in public view they actually were, but Kate seemed to freeze. She broke off the kiss and slapped him on the face before running into the toilets. He looked shocked – I honestly thought he was going to burst into tears – so I quickly headed back. Signalling to the manager, I ordered and paid the bill just as Kate returned. I saw she had been crying.

'Are you ok?' I asked.

'Yes – I think I probably had too much wine and then got sad about having to go home.' She was obviously feeling guilty so I did not say anything. I just put my arm around her and guided her back to the villa, hoping she would not notice how hard I was. Once there, she grabbed me by the arm and dragged me into the bedroom.

'I really need you to fuck me now to show me how much you love me,' she said. She pulled her top off – I noticed that her bra was nowhere to be seen-and then her skirt whilst I discarded my clothes. Reaching down, I felt that she was soaking and as I entered her she groaned loudly, her eyes tight shut. Would it be the first time we had fucked where both of us were imagining I was someone else?

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