Kate on the Lawn


I am a first time poster. I've been reading stories here for a few years, and writing as well. I've had too many ideas to count, and find it hard to finish most of them. The usual culprit is being unsure if people will like reading them.

Go easy on me with this one. It was written quickly and came out of the blue. I didn't have anyone edit it, so I just looked over it multiple times. Also, sorry for just throwing you into the action with no real story. It was my attempt to finish a full story before getting bored with it. And after finishing it, I made plans for a prequel and sequel if the response is positive.

This story about Kate Upton is part of a test I'm conducting. If I get some feedback, I'll know that my writing will be worthwhile. So let me know what you like, and also what you don't like. Hopefully I can improve my writing and keep churning out stories.

I really hope you all like it, enough even to give me tips because I've got a lot of stories I'd like to share with you all. Thanks for bearing with my long introduction. Enjoy!

* * * * *

I was nearly through with Kate. I had hoped I could have her again, but she was going to drain me. I'd been fucking her flawless young body for the past ten minutes, and wasn't sure how I even lasted that long. She rode me like a porn star before lying on her back and letting me have my way with her. I wasn't paying enough attention to notice if she had cum yet, but she seemed to be enjoying herself. She may very well have gotten off only on how excited I was to be fucking a girl like her.

Feeling the need to finish up, I removed myself from her pussy and slid myself up her sweaty body. I held my throbbing cock still while she positioned her heaving breasts around it. They were fleshly and malleable enough to receive a proper tit fucking, and I was psyched to end things in such a manner.

Sitting straight up, I simply slid my hips back and forth on her stomach, trying not to focus on my impending orgasm. As bad as I wanted the release, the thought of never fucking Kate Upton again caused me to want to prolong the moment.

Kate simply lay still, holding her tits in place around my cock, smiling up at me with her luscious pink lips. I stared at her face, and then moved my cock down from the valley between her breasts. It was pressed between our two stomachs as I shoved my hands under hers, and squeezed her tits. Going for it all, I leaned down to kiss her.

"No," she stopped me. "This doesn't need to be that personal."

I kept my face mere inches from hers. Our bodies created a steady heat as they pressed against each other. Our sweat made them slippery, yet sticky at the same time. Both pairs of hands kneaded the most magnificent set of young tits either of us had ever seen.

"So, you'd rather me think you a whore who takes a load of cum to the face, than a respectable fuck who doesn't mind kissing a one time lover?"

"You think..." she started in a bit of shock.

Still smiling, she allowed me to shove my cock back between her tits.

Slowly laughing, she now said, "you think I'm gonna let you cum on my face?"


"Well what?" she asked.

There was a brief pause. I stopped fucking her tits.

"I'm not a porn star, you know."

"You've sure acted like it, you little slut."

"Shut up," she laughed.

"Seriously though, what's to stop me from letting go right now?"

"You'd better not."

"Just kiss me then."

She really didn't want to. I couldn't determine why. Surely I didn't disgust her. She told me I was hot a few times while she ground her cunt on my cock. I was pushing my luck when I moved my right hand and held the side of her face, running my thumb across her lips as well.

"One kiss?" she proposed.

"That's a start."

"One kiss," she said, this time her tone made it clear it was one or none.

I took it. I moved by body down in line with hers again, and went in for the kiss. It was hot. It erupted passionately from the get-go. My tongue attacked and she fought back. Apparently I took it too far when I put my hand back on her face, simultaneously running it through her messy golden hair. Her eyes opened and she stopped kissing back.

"Too much, asshole."

"You said one kiss."

"I told you not personal. Just a kiss, not lifelong and in love."

"Well then, since you broke that, I'm gonna have to cum on your face."

We stared at each other for a moment. She was analyzing her options in her head. I could tell. I just wish I knew why she was opposed to a facial.

"Inside me," she said with a straight face. "Cum inside of me."

She reached down and played with her pussy, spreading it open and inviting me in. Her legs opened wide. I dove headfirst. Her cunt was soaking wet, and we fucked easily. My cock glided between her folds, and I was going to lose it fast. I looked at Kate and her eyes were closed, arms at her sides, tits bouncing up and down. I held her legs on her inner thighs as I shoved my dick to the hilt inside of her.

Then Kate did something unexpected. She leaned up, supporting herself with her arms behind her back, her breasts now shaking freely when our sexes collided. She looked at me for a moment before moving her head towards mine and kissing me. It was quick. More of a peck really, but those perfect lips felt wonderful nonetheless.

Then her head fell back. Turning to the side, her eyes closed. She acted like she didn't just kiss me. Cute sex faces were all I saw as we slowly fucked each other. Yet only a minute ago she didn't want to kiss. Hell, she stopped me while kissing, but then she asks me to shoot inside her and plants a kiss on my lips when I'm about to do so.

I was confused as to what to make of this. While I loved the feeling of finishing inside a vagina as fertile and pink as Kate's, I wanted her face now more than ever. She was toying with me, and it pissed me off. Besides the fact that she was younger than me, if only by a year, she had found success by being a model, a fucking whore for the camera. Millions of men jerked off to her, but here I was, pounding her in person. I was as lucky as I'd ever be. Still, I wouldn't get to cum on her face. Her body dripped sex, and she no doubt craved a good fuck. Who wouldn't love sex with a body like hers? This made cumming on her face seem all the more right.

Something was up with her. I wasn't sure what to say, so I simply tried getting her attention.


She kept her head down, but continued to moan as I fucked her slow and hard.

"Kate," I tried again.

"Fine!" she burst out.

"What?" I asked, rather calmly, actually surprised at her tone.

What she heard was quite different. It went something like...

"Tell me what you really want you dirty young slut!"

To which she responded to me with...

"I said cum on my face!" she breathed loudly. "Shoot your load on me! I can't do this anymore!"

"What are you talking about?"

"Oh, now you're gonna resist? Just cum already. Cum. Paint me like you wanted to."

I had stopped thrusting. I was really confused. Excited, but still baffled.

"Here," she said.

Her hips started gyrating. Her ass rested on my knees as she gracefully moved her waist up and down and side to side. She took control of the fuck, and I wasn't complaining as the sight of her hips drove me wild.

"I need you to cum," she demanded.

"Kate, what the hell is going on with you-"

She interrupted me by wrapping her legs around my waist, feet planted on my ass, and pulling me deep inside of her cunt. Then she kissed me passionately. This isn't what she wanted, I kept telling myself, but it seemed it was what she needed. I wasn't going to argue any more. Our breathing grew rapid, air escaping our noses as our tongues dueled inside her mouth. It was hot out, and we'd been at it for a while now.

"Just cum on my face," she said, holding me inside of her with her legs. "If you don't, I'll throw you on your back."

Kate released her legs, allowing enough of my cock to slip free so she could grab it with her hand.

"I'll jerk you off," she explained, going through the exact motion with her hand. "Until it shoots up in the air and lands all over you. You'll be in too much pleasure to fight it. So, which do you choose?"

I was lost. Defeated, yet I had won. I slid out of her easily and she moved her legs so I could move in for the kill. The juices from her pussy helped me tug my dick to what I could only have hoped was going to be the most explosive orgasm of my life. I sat up on my knees, straddling her chest again. She kept her hands on her tits, covering her nipples, and awaited my load. Our eyes met and she gave me the most lust filled look she could muster up.

"Come on already. I told you to fucking cum all over my f-"

The initial burst was powerful. It lashed across her right eye, and Kate shut it to avoid going blind. I moved right, and aimed the next towards the center of her face, and it hit its mark. A thick rivulet of white struck her nose, and ricocheted to her forehead. Kate opened her mouth and stuck out her tongue after only two bursts, so I thought it only fair to shoot some anywhere she was asking for it. The next few globs rolled onto her tongue, one falling to her throat.

"Tits. Tits too," she ordered right after.

As she spoke I shot forth a few strands across her pretty lips, and one on her left cheek, which splashed into her hair. There wasn't much left for her tits at this point. A few weak streams managed to spill out across her right nipple. She pushed her tits together to try and overload my senses and extract more cum. I felt the urge to release more, but it just wasn't there. Then she grabbed my cock with her left hand and stroked me furiously.

"Hold what's left until I say."

My cock had become quite sensitive, but I was in heaven regardless. We were both staring at my dick as she worked hard to drain me dry. Seconds had turned into hours for me, and I didn't think much was even left inside of my balls. Then I felt the rush. It was all coming up in just a few seconds. We looked at each other. Kate licked her lips clean of my cum, removing all of the white stain. She stuck her tongue out again, revealing to me that she had swallowed it.

"Now. Let go." she calmly demanded.

I did. The first burst flew up in the air and came back down on the left side of her neck. The second and final blast came splattering down just above her left breast. The rest was lost on her hand.

Kate sat up, both of us satisfied as to what had just happened. She took my cock into her mouth, cleaning the last bit of cum from it. Tasting it maybe, for she held it between her lips for far too long. Her tongue circled it before she let me slip from her mouth. We stared a moment before simultaneously speaking.

"Thank you," we each said.

We laughed at our timing, but then she spoke.

"You're welcome."

Kate could tell what this had really meant to me. She said that only a dozen or so "regular" guys had gotten to fuck her over the past couple of years. I was part of an exclusive club that millions would literally kill to join.

"And since you ended up asking so many times for... all that," I said pointing at her cum glazed face. "You're welcome as well. You gorgeous fucking slut."

My breaths were heavy, but I wasn't out of them. Kate was. She lied back on the grass and smiled, but not in the whorish way one would've guessed.

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