tagNonConsent/ReluctanceKathleen Meets The Client Ch. 01

Kathleen Meets The Client Ch. 01


My name is Tom. I have been married to Kathleen for 10 years. I am 6'3 and 210 pounds and I make a real effort to stay in shape. I make a pretty good living as a sales rep for a manufacturer just outside Cleveland. I married my high school sweetheart when I was 19.

Two years later my son Robert was born. When Robert was eight years old, my first wife went away for a weekend and never returned.

My world was upside down. I could no longer accept out of town assignments and my normal workday now included being home for my son. It made me grow up quickly.

Fortunately for me, there was Kathleen. About the time Robert was 5 my wife would use Kathleen as a baby sitter on a regular basis. At that time Kathleen was a freckle face, flat chested 14 year old with a tough home life. Her dad left when she was young and her mother tried her best to keep things going, but she drank too much and too often to keep a real job.

The money that Kathleen earned helped out at home, but I think the good part for her was that babysitting gave her a place to go.

When my wife left, I turned to Kathleen. At seventeen, she was mature beyond her years and she did a pretty good job playing mom to Robert and keeping the house in order while still attending high school.

For about three years, we continued on as a sort of family. Kathleen and I seemed to be on the same page regarding almost every issue. We would often talk till late at night. Kathleen had her own room and I never really considered her as anything more than that little girl that took care of my son.

On the rare occasion that I would date, Kathleen would always be there to talk when I got home. Since she was always available whenever I needed her to watch Robert, I guess I started taking her for granted.

On the evening of her 20th birthday, it dawned on me that I had never seen or met any of Kathleen's friends. I asked her if she had any plans for her birthday, and when she said she was going to stay home and read a good book that she had just purchased. I started to tease her that she needed to get a life. In her hurt little voice I can still remember her telling me that she had everything she wanted right here.

At that point I started feeling guilty, so I asked her if I could treat her to diner at one of the better places in town for her birthday. Her response was that she had nothing to wear and I quickly assured her that I thought many of her outfits would be more than appropriate.

On that basis, she agreed to our date if I would give here time to find something appropriate to wear. I used the time to make reservations at the best steakhouse in town before I got ready.

Within half an hour Kathleen was ready. I was astonished as she came out of her room dressed in a low cut evening dress that came just above her knees and cut so low in front that I could see about half of her soft breasts. It was obvious that I had never taken a real look at this beautiful young lady that was almost 12 years my junior.

At 5'4 and about 115 pounds, she appeared to be all women. I kept wondering how I had never noticed her before.

Needless to say we had a very wonderful evening. I managed to get through the evening supporting a huge hard on without so much as a goodnight kiss at the end of the evening.

After that night things started changing. There were the little touches as we passed each other, and there was more casual time spent together both with and without my son. We spent almost a year, each trying to come to terms with our reality and our feelings for each other.

Just before her 21st birthday, I finally got up the courage to seduce her. She was a willing participant with a lot to learn. Three months later we were married.

We have added two more sons to our family, and Robert has both a mom and a big sister in Kathleen. We moved to a bigger house with a pool and with a few promotions along the way I have done a pretty good job of taking care of us.

That brings me to today. I am 43, still in pretty good shape and working more than I would like. Kathleen is 32 and totally devoted to our three sons. Other than work related outings, we don't get out much and I still don't think that Kathleen has any real friends.

About a year ago, I started teasing her that she should get out more. She always seemed to ignore me or change the subject. Our sex life was good, but like the rest of our lives it had become pretty routine. I kept dropping hints that I wanted her to expand her horizons in the bed room. After about six months of getting nowhere, I finally asked Kathleen if she had ever noticed another man. When she said she saw them all the time, I pushed and asked bluntly if any of them had ever turned her on. She started to cry and told me that I was all she ever wanted.

I finally convinced her that I was not interested in being with other woman, but that I would find it to be a big turn on if she were to have sex with another man and then tell me all about it.

After another case of crying hysterics, that is where I left it. From time to time I would bring it up, but her standard response was that if that person ever came along, we could talk about it. I knew that it would never happen.

I am going to let Kathleen tell you the rest of the story, because somehow I always manage to get it a little bit wrong.

It was three o'clock on a Saturday afternoon. Tom had been working for weeks on a presentation for a new client. He came to bed about 2 in the morning and muttered something about a great idea and that he was ready for the big presentation. By 9 this morning it became obvious to me that Tom was really sick and that his presentation this evening would have to wait. He kept insisting that he could manage it. By noon, he finally relented and called his boss Henry. Together they tried to prepare Henry for the presentation as the client was from out of town and this would be their only opportunity to meet face to face and beat the competition.

A few minutes before three, Tom told me that he felt Henry would be able to pull this off but that I would have to meet Henry and the client to bring all the materials for the presentation. I was in a panic as I didn't know what to wear or how I would come across so as not to mess this up for my husband. Tom just assured me that I would do fine if I was just myself.

I spent 3 hours agonizing over my responsibility. I got dressed 3 times before I finally settled on a button down blouse and medium length skirt with matching jacket. I wore sensible heals and combed out my shoulder length blonde hair and put on just a touch of make-up.

By 6:30, I had loaded all the materials in the car and headed off to the restaurant where I was supposed to meet Henry. As I walked into the restaurant with my arms loaded I recognized Henry in a big corner booth with what I assumed were the clients. As I got to the table Henry introduced me to Frank and his wife Joan.

I asked Henry where he would like the presentation materials. To my surprise Henry looked at me in a bit of confusion and said that he thought I would be joining them. Not knowing what to do, I managed to say something about Tom not feeling well and the kids needing their dinner. Quickly realizing that I was saying the wrong thing, I ended by saying that I was sure Tom could handle the home front and that I would be glad to join them.

As I slid in next to Henry, Frank took the liberty of ordering a round of drinks.

As I sipped my martini, Henry and Frank discussed business and Joan just seemed to sit quietly as though it was something she was used to.

I had known Henry for probably 15 years and in all that time he had always been nice to me but I felt like I never really knew him. He had been Tom's boss for most of that time. As I really looked at him for the first time, I saw a well-dressed man in his mid-fifties with graying hair and a bit of a belly. I understood from what Tom had told me that his third marriage had just ended in divorce.

Frank on the other hand was probably a little older than Henry. He appeared to be just over 6 feet tall with a very good physique and an ability to make everyone feel like he was your best friend. On top of all those qualities he was one of those rare men that I would truly consider handsome. His wife Joan was just stunning. My best guess put her at about 5'2 and 105 pounds. She had long black hair and a dark complexion. I wondered to myself if she could really be as young as she appeared. I finally figured her to be close to my age, which would make her about half the age of her husband.

I was startled out of my little session by Frank who asked me what I thought of all this business stuff. I had no choice but to be honest when I said that I was simply the delivery girl and had nothing to do with putting it together.

He just smiled and said that Joan and I probably had a lot in common then. He went on to say that he appreciated the work that had gone into the project and from what he had seen; he hoped we would be seeing more of each other. Not knowing what that meant, I said I would like that.

Frank then excused himself to go to the restroom. When he returned, Joan shifted her seat to be directly across from Henry, leaving her husband facing me. Frank started right in with small talk. He wanted to know all about me and my interests. He sounded genuinely interested when I told him about my typical day with three kids.

By the time dinner was served, I was feeling a bit out of it from all the alcohol. I was not used to consuming so much and I was just hoping that my slurred speech was not obvious.

Diner was incredible and I ate ravenously. Before desert was served, Joan and I went to the powder room and upon my return, found myself sitting next to Frank. I felt a bit better after eating, but the drinks kept coming and the conversation seemed to be focused on me.

During the middle of one of my long winded responses, I felt something rubbing my knee. I looked down to see Frank's hand resting on my leg. I pulled away instantly because what he was doing was inappropriate. It somehow seemed even more wrong with his wife sitting right there. I looked Frank in the eye and he just smiled.

After the next round of drinks, it happened again. This time I knew for sure that it had not been an accident and I desperately needed to find an excuse to leave but I knew this was important to both Tom and Henry, so I just scooted over to the far edge of my seat and hoped for an opportunity to leave.

Another drink arrived and this time while Joan was talking, Frank reached over and grabbed my knee again. This time he looked me right in the eye and gave me a look that said I dare you to make a scene.

I knew this was so wrong and I didn't know what to do. I looked at Henry but he appeared to be mesmerized by Joan. I had to think of something but all the drinking seemed to have drowned my senses. My response was a weak smile.

My lack of a response seemed to give Frank permission to push further. He started running his left hand a few inches up and down my outer thigh. I had to admit that what he was doing felt good, but I also knew that I couldn't allow this man to go any further, especially with his wife sitting right there.

With Henry and Joan lost in conversation, Frank moved his hand to the hem of my skirt and for the first time he touched my bare skin. I cringed as he started rubbing the same place on my thigh that had previously been covered by my skirt. I wanted to scream for him to stop but I knew that this was an important client for my husband.

This time he ran his fingers along my outer thigh until he reached my panties. With each time he moved forward, he reached just that much further under my skirt. I froze in complete panic at what this man was doing.

I let out a sigh of relief as he moved his hand back to my knee but that was short lived as he reached just a little further and started massaging my inner thigh. Other than my Husband, no one had ever touched me like this before and I was starting to wonder how I would be able to stop this from going any further.

As he reached up under my skirt, he kept giving me that look that said I better let him have his way. Before I knew it, he had reached the leg band for my panties. Instead of squeezing my legs together, I looked at my tormentor and meekly shifted so that my legs were spread farther apart.

Frank used the opportunity to run his fingers up and down my panties. He was rubbing my pussy thru my white cotton panties with his wife sitting 4 feet away. I was paralyzed to do anything to stop him.

About that time, Henry's phone rang. As he talked, I figured out that it was Tom calling to see if I was alright because I hadn't returned home. Henry handed me the phone across the table as he said ask her yourself.

I took the phone and looking right at Frank while I assured Tom that I was having a wonderful evening and that I would be home a little late. During the entire conversation with my husband, Frank was feeling me up through my panties and I did nothing to stop him or to tell Tom.

When I went to give Henry his phone back, I realized that Henry had taken Joan onto the dance floor in the main part of the restaurant, leaving me all alone with this man set on using my body as his own personal plaything.

Fight as I might, I realized that I was getting wet between my legs and if he didn't already know it, Frank would soon realize that I was getting his fingers wet. I looked around the restaurant for some way to end this, only to realize that Frank was the only other person within 50 feet of this damsel in distress.

At that moment I forced my legs together. My hope was that it would end the game Frank was playing with my crotch. Instead, all I did was pin his left arm tightly between my legs with his fingers rubbing up and down my pussy. In addition I think I made Frank even more determined because he gave me that look again that said I better not get in his way.

Obediently I scooted down on the chair and lifted my skirt to within about 2 inches of my wet pussy. This allowed me to spread my legs even further for Frank's pleasure. Instead of being grateful he looked at me in displeasure and said "Remove them".

Now I was terrified. I blurted out that we were in a public place and that his wife was only a few feet from us.

Without so much as an ounce of consideration, he grabbed the crotch of my panties and gave a mighty pull as he said "Take them off". Frank was acting like a child that always got what he wanted.

I started to protest and then thought better of it. I lifted my rear end off the booth, reached under my skirt and took the band of my white cotton panties and slowly pulled them down. First I removed my panties over my right leg and then over my left leg. I quickly put my soaked panties in my purse and then resumed my position with my left knee up against Frank's leg and my right knee against the far end of the booth.

This time as Frank reached between my legs he had unobstructed access to my entire womanhood. He proceeded to run his fingers through my pubic hair and spread me open with two fingers. This whore came the moment he spread my lips. Fighting as hard as I knew how, I was letting this man use me and I lost it with a juicy orgasm that drenched his fingers, my skirt and the chair I was sitting in, and he hadn't even penetrated my pussy.

That last bit of modesty ended quickly as I was coming down from my orgasm, Frank slid two fingers into my wet hole. He stopped only when his fingers were fully inserted. He then preceded to finger fuck me to a second orgasm. I could not believe what was happening in this public place. I was being used by this man that I had only met this evening and there seemed to be nothing I could do to stop him.

Just when I thought it couldn't get any worse, the song ended and Henry and Joan returned to the table. I am not so sure what Henry saw, but Joan looked right at my exposed pussy with her husband's fingers sticking in me and said, hope you two are having fun. Thinking there was going to be a big scene; I tried to pull my skirt over the evidence while trying to sit up. Frank just held me in place and the conversation at the table went on as if nothing were happening to me.

In desperation, I asked Henry to take me home. Before he could respond, Joan spoke up, saying that when Frank was done with me, he would be glad to drive me home.

I was dumbfounded. Here was this beautiful woman, giving her husband permission to touch me between my legs and no one was going to stop him. By this time I was convinced that Henry and every waiter in the place knew what was going on under the table.

Just as I got up the courage to beg for decency, Joan and Henry again left for the dance floor and left me alone to deal with Frank and with the fact that I was soaking wet in spite of myself.

With his fingers still wedged in my cunt, Frank calmly said, now it is my turn. When I asked him what he meant by that, he told me in no uncertain terms that he wanted me to remove his cock from his shorts and get him off.

I started to plead with him and all he did was remind me that he was in charge. I tried to tell him that I couldn't do this in a public place. His response was to say OK, I will drive you home.

Thinking I had won, but not being sure I hadn't just blown the opportunity with this client, I waited patiently as Frank went and got Henry and Joan. He paid the bill and we headed for our cars. As I reached for my car keys, Joan suggested that maybe I was in no condition to drive and that she and Frank would see that I got home safely.

Against my better judgment, and feeling the cool air against my wet naked pussy, I reluctantly conceded because I knew that I had had too much to drink. Frank opened the back door to his expensive rental and after thanking Henry for a wonderful evening slid in beside me as he handed Joan the keys.

As Joan started the car, Frank unzipped his slacks and said that we were no longer in a public place. I tried to get help from Joan because this was all wrong and except for my husband I had never seen or touched another man's cock.

Joan laughed and told me that Frank liked it if I licked him clean after he came. I meekly reached over and took hold of Frank's dick with my right hand while I tried to remove his slacks and shorts with my left. With a little help from Frank I managed to get him undressed while I kneeled on the floor in front of him with my legs painfully bent.

Having succeeded in releasing his cock, I was truly not ready for what came next. In the dim light of the street lights, I could see this rock hard monster that must have been 10 inches long and as thick around as my wrist protruding from his forest of pubic hair. The head was a dark angry purple and the shaft was bursting in bright red veins. It had to be the ugliest thing I had ever seen and now I was going to have to service it as his whore.

I reached slowly forward and took his prick in both hands. I circled it as best I could with my fingers and started rubbing up and down. As Frank let out a moan, I used my left hand to lift his balls as I started massaging the underside of his hairy sack.

About the time I could feel him starting to cum, Frank said "Suck IT". I was not about to comply with this request because the few times I had done it for Tom had ended badly and I wasn't going to insert this ugly thing in my mouth with his wife watching.

I hadn't realized that the car had stopped until from the front seat, Joan guided my head toward her husband's groin. I had no choice but to open my mouth and start sucking. Bobbing my head up and down as I took his shaft into my throat while I used my fingers to play with his balls, it took about ten minutes before I felt Frank cumming. I could feel his hot jism shoot up his shaft and into my mouth.

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