tagIncest/TabooKathy's Valentine's Day

Kathy's Valentine's Day


Kathy Grayson found herself watching the tall man across the restaurant take off his leather jacket before sitting down. His thick dark hair looked stylish and well-groomed, but it was the close-fitting black shirt that outlined his muscular back and was tucked into his dressy jeans that really caught her eye.

She was glad she was looking her best. She felt confident and sexy herself. Still fit and taking care of herself, she had her hair up, her best alluring red lipstick on, and her black skirt and heels to match. The white blouse discreetly showed the beginning of ample cleavage.

She wondered what had gotten into her lately. It was so unlike herself to be openly checking out a guy and thinking about men like this, but here she was going out to lunch and noticing this man. She thought of herself as poised and so in control as to never let herself be distracted. Fortunately, she was there to meet her son for lunch. As she followed the hostess to her table, she just chalked the attention lapse up to it being Valentine's Day.

The hostess navigated through the room smoothly, and Kathy picked up on their direction as being headed toward the man's own table. Kathy flushed a little at the thought of having to make herself ignore him if she and her son wound up nearby.

Kathy slowed her steps as the hostess wheeled around to stand beside the same man's table. As if in slow motion, the hostess smiled and gestured with her hand at the table, as she looked back to Kathy. Kathy saw the man stand for her, as Kathy got to where she was beside the table.

Kathy was in shock at standing there facing him and realizing it was Roy, her own son, standing to hug her. How could this be, she wondered to herself. She hugged him back and chuckled to herself, embarrassed at herself for what she'd had happen. Luckily, no one knew.

Roy politely pulled her chair for her, and he waited as Kathy sat down at the table, and then he sat as well.

"Well, hi there," she started, not able to help feeling self-conscious about whether he could possibly tell she'd been embarrassed.

"Hi," Roy smiled. "Don't you look nice. Looks like something is agreeing with you." He teased her and enjoyed when she seemed to look so self-conscious at his teasing.

"Well, thank you. I think." Kathy pushed ahead trying to avoid looking guilty. "You're the one looking sharp. And getting my chair for me, too. What is it that's gotten into you?"

Roy smiled, glad she was impressed. "Well, I've been reading up on being more romantic. And, I thought I'd try it out on you for lunch today, if you don't mind."

Kathy grinned appreciatively. "Is that right? Well listen, you go right ahead. I absolutely cannot get too much romance or manners, that's for sure. Especially from such a handsome young man."

Roy did a double take, and Kathy noticed. She was just teasing back with him, she figured. No big deal. Meanwhile, Roy liked her playfulness. He saw it only occassionally, but he adored when she acted that way.

"I can tell you Beth will appreciate these new ways, too." Kathy figured Roy's girlfriend would be as surprised as she was. "How's she doing?"

Roy winced some. "She's okay." Kathy noticed Roy's frustration.

"Roy, is everything alright?"

"Yeah, I guess." They both looked at their menu. "Everything's so dull lately. I don't know."

"Well sweetheart, you have to just keep trying, you know?" Roy and Beth had been dating almost three years. Now with both graduated from college, it was probably getting close to a time when the relationship either progressed or stopped.

"Yeah, I know. I also know that it takes two though. I mean, look at you and Dad."

It was Kathy's turn to wince. Roy chuckled.

"Um, please don't go there. That's not the best example." Kathy just shook her head.

"Ah Mom, c'mon," Roy liked how she was acting frustrated, too. "Hey, twenty-three years means that something must be working."

The server came by, much to Kathy's relief. They had also just mentioned entrees before the server arrived, so when Roy ordered he went ahead and ordered for Kathy, too. When the server left, Kathy sat back, as if trying to figure out who this really was sitting across from her.

"Wow," she noted, with a half-smile at him.

"What's that?" He asked.

"It's just that I haven't had anyone order for me in years, that's all. First, the chair, and now the ordering. Keep these new ways, son. Beth will like them. I can assure you."

Roy beamed at her and wondered if he was about to go over the top. "Well, there is one more thing."

"Huh?" Kathy was puzzled.

Roy pulled from his jacket pocket a small gift-wrapped box and put it in front of Kathy.

Kathy was stunned. "Roy, you shouldn't have. I don't know what to say." She shook her head slowly side to side.

"It's no biggie, really. I wanted to. You're always so sweet and thoughtful to everyone else is all." Roy saw that she was blushing.

Kathy raised her eyebrows and struggled to get a 'thank you' out. Her fingers delicately picked at the wrapping, opening a box containing cute stylish earrings.

"Oh Roy," she was clearly surprised and impressed. "they're beautiful."

She got up and came to his side and hugged him. When she got back to her seat, she couldn't help but stare openly at him, astonished.

She giggled. "Hey, these are exactly the things you need to do for Beth tonight. Really."

"Yeah?" He asked.

"Oh yeah!" She quickly answered, and they both laughed. She again shook her head, and she sounded apologetic to him. "I'm afraid I'm empty-handed. It turns out I should've done something, at least."

"Nahhhh. Not at all." He waved off her concern. "Just keep being sweet to me is all. And maybe a kiss. That's fine."

Kathy couldn't hold back a laugh. "A kiss?" The thought of her mistaking him for a handsome young stranger earlier crossed her mind. "Roy, that's no problem. You're just lucky I'm your mom and not some stranger that's all."

"Huh?" Roy didn't understand.

"Um, I'm just saying. ..."

"What are you saying?" He was curious. Lunch was served to them, rescuing Kathy again.

"I'm just saying that you're better off getting a kiss from your mom. If you were this sweet to anyone else, well... . Let's just say you'd probably get into trouble with Beth, that's all."

She grinned at him, and he slowly nodded and grinned back, the two of them sharing her mischieveous meaning.

"Is that right?" He asked and they laughed together.

The rest of lunch they talked about their work, and they also talked about each other's dinner plans for that night. Kathy was going out with his father to dinner, and he and Beth were having dinner, too. Soon, it was already time to leave.

On the way out, Kathy went by the ladies' room. When she came back out, Roy noticed something seemed different about her, but he couldn't put his finger on what it was. Kathy caught him trying to figure it out as they got outside.

"You like them?" She asked.

When Roy didn't immediately catch on, Kathy put a hand to each ear, showing off her new earrings to him she'd just put on.

"Oh wow," he said proudly, "yes, they look great on you."

Kathy had an extra bounce in her step as he walked her to her car. Kathy fought some confusion as he walked her to her car. He had shocked her with his boldness, and she had surprised herself with her own flirting back. She felt a warmness and excitedness that she felt awkward about. She wanted to chalk it up to it being Valentine's Day, and then the mistaken look at him. She knew better than to even think it was okay to have looked at him the way she had. She knew that. Still, she thought to herself, she had actually looked at him in that way. The fact of that seemed to touch a deep nerve in her.

"I enjoyed lunch. I really did." He said as they got to her car.

"Yes, you know what? So did I," she smiled to him. "I like us being able to kid like we have." She looked up into his eyes, and she felt a giddiness. He looked different to her, as he looked at her intensely. She knew she was holding his look as well, but she was grinning and looking in such a way, because she couldn't believe how the moment was feeling to her. It felt playful and it felt a little dangerous.

"Thank you again sweetheart," she soothingly said. "You have been so sweet to me. I appreciate it."

"You're always sweet to me. I appreciate it, too." He said it in a way she hadn't heard from him before.

She felt his hand at her side and his face came toward her's. To try to diffuse the situation, she put a hand to his cheek and she held him there. He stopped, but he also looked disappointed. While their faces were close and with her hand at his face, she went ahead and slowly kissed him, her lips fully on his and they lingered. As she pulled away from him, she gently sucked so that it was what he felt last from their kiss. She put her arms around his neck and hugged him. They embraced a long moment, and as they left the embrace, she lightly pecked his cheek with a kiss.

She went to turn toward her car door, when he turned her to him. She looked up at him, and his lips were immediately on her's. The kiss was quick and it was directly on her lips. She smiled up at him, and his hands cupped her face. He moved to her again, but this time she pulled herself back.

He stopped but he didn't move away. They paused staring at each other, and now it was her face looking intensely up at him. He brought his lips to her's again anyway, and she was startled. She felt him kiss her, and then she tried to move back again, only his hands steadied her to him, as his kiss became urgent.

She felt his lips part her's, and the wet, soft sensation of his tongue was in her mouth. As if reflexively, she parted her mouth more, accomodating him and pressing back to him. He kissed her fully, and she felt herself kissing back. It lasted for only the moment she thought of how it felt, because she broke off as soon as she thought of what was happening.

"Roy!" She was panting as she scolded at him. "What the hell are you doing?" He moved toward her face again, only this time she turned her head and slipped from him. She pushed his hands from her as he tried to hold her again.

"Stop it," she said sharply in his direction as she moved to her car door to leave. Her back was to him and before she could get into the car he tried to explain.

He stood behind her and spoke evenly. "I just... I felt it between us. I did."

She opened the car door, and she stopped just as she was about to get into the car. She was facing inside the car, and Roy thought to himself the different ways she could be about to chastise him for what he'd done.

Roy stepped right up behind her. He felt he had to say something before she got angrier. He put his hand to her shoulder gently and tried again to explain. "Listen, I just could not help myself, really."

Kathy's shoulders softened at hearing this, and it seemed to him like she was calming. She slowly turned back to him and looked up at him. Her face had reddened some. Her eyes searched his. He expected admonishment from her. Her face moved up to his and he went to accept a hug from her.

Kathy's hand went to his face and it was suddenly her steadying him again. She kissed him fully on the mouth and he felt her tongue go between his lips. Roy froze at what was happening, as she pressed harder to his mouth, her tongue searching and caressing inside his mouth. She kissed him passionately and he could only react. He sucked at her tongue and felt her face move as she kissed him longingly.

After several moments, she broke from him. He stood shocked in front of her, his mouth apart from where she had just been kissing him. She looked at him and then hugged him to her. She stroked his hair soothingly.

They slowly parted, and he started to bring his face back to her, reinvigorated.

"No. We can't." She said it firmly, looking around defensively.

She got into her car, and he didn't want her to leave.

"Come to my apartment." He said it suddenly and when she looked at him increduluous he immediately winced. Only, she surprised him again.

She smirked. "You can't be serious, Roy." She smiled knowingly.

"Um, yes." He nervously smiled back. He was unsure now how to read her. What she had just done was so not like her at all.

She looked up at him from the car window. "You're asking me to come over to your apartment right now? Do you think that's such a good idea?"

Roy nodded. "Yeah. Yeah, I want you to."

Roy fully expected her to rationalize what had happened and tell him no. She spoke deliberately.

"Let's go then." She turned her attention to her starting the car, and Roy made himself walk over to his own car, not at all believing what had just happened.

They drove separately the ten minutes over to where Roy had an apartment, and Roy tried to analyze what had just occurred to make sure what he thought was happening was really happening. Both of them pulled into the parking area in front of his apartment, and he opened the door for them with neither of them speaking.

Kathy followed him inside and entered the living room, as he closed and locked the door behind them. Roy stepped to the living room, and he watched apprehensively as she turned toward him. She was three or four steps from him, as they stood just staring at each other. Roy had not been able to make sense of her having kissed him back as she did, and he didn't trust himself to know how she really felt about coming here to his apartment alone with him now.

The apartment was quiet. The afternoon sun streaked into windows, providing the only light. Kathy stood with her purse still in hand, and she saw Roy's wide eyes watch her in wonderment. She tried to take a breath, and she put ther purse on the coffee table that was to the side.

"Do you want something to drink?" Roy asked it softly, and she gave a quick shake of her head.

She took a step to him, and she lifted a hand to him. He came to her and took her hand. They hugged gently together. When they released, she stood before him and smiled to him sweetly.

"Is this what you wanted?" She asked him directly.

"What's that?" Roy asked haltingly and unsure.

"Me here. Alone with you." She didn't make it any easier on him, because she wasn't smiling or giving him any idea where to think she was coming from. He worried if whether this was a way she was just testing him.

"Well," he decided just to be honest, "yeah. Yeah, it is what I wanted."

She seemed to flinch just a bit when he admitted it. He studied her intently for what would come next.

Kathy liked his complete attention on her. She let herself think yet again about the feeling from seeing him at first in the restaurant, when she saw a young man from behind and didn't know it was him. She thought back on how she'd felt walking across the restaurant at that time, feeling very feminine and attracted to that stranger. She savored an excitement long missing from her. She let herself smile to him.

When he smiled back at her and he seemed to relax a bit, she stepped to him to close the distance.

She gave him a light kiss and he kissed her back. Her face came back, but he kissed back to her, his own kiss brief. Roy became very aware of how close they were standing to each other, and he felt himself flush with excitement.

Kathy drew a hand to his chest and pressed it there. Her touch to him made him bold. His hand went to her's there. He clutched her hand, and then he rubbed her hand around in a circle on his chest. He liked the way she watched him move her hand. He liked the way she her fingers extended to trace him as he moved her hand.

Kathy's face followed his hand holding her own, as he let it drift down his torso. Her fingers traced the soft fabric as he brought them over his stomach. She watched his hand stop with her's as her fingers came to rest at his belt. She stared at her red polished nails against the black leather of his belt, and she couldn't keep from peering juat a bit further below at the bulge in his jeans.

She brought her eyes back up and he was staring right at her. She let a moment pass and let him wonder. His hands went to his sides, leaving her hand at his belt. She looked back to her fingers there. Her index finger barely moved along the belt, following where it was tucked into the harness. Her finger followed on over to where the extra part of the belt was past the buckle and held in place.

She looked back to him, and she saw the anticipation in his face. They both looked back down as her finger and thumb pinched at the end of the belt. She brought her other hand to the buckle, and she determinedly went about unspooling the belt from the buckle. She could see movement in his jeans in reaction to what she was doing.

Her left hand pulled the belt to the side as fingers on her right hand removed the pin from where the belt was secured. The belt freed open, and she heard him exhale. Her fingers unfastened the top button of his jeans. His hands went to her shoulders and rubbed as she put her fingers to his zipper.

She paused, and then she held the waist of his jeans with one hand while she grasped the zipper in her fingers with the other hand. She looked up at him, and she watched his eyes widen and his mouth part, as her fingers worked the zipper down. His hands held to her shoulders as he realized his fly was now open.

Kathy openly looked to the front of his jeans. The sides were apart, and this dark fabric covered him there. Kathy brought her hands to the sides of his jeans. She hooked her thumbs into the waist of them and tugged. It took several pushes down to get the denim over his hips, and the thin material of the boxers pulled down some as well.

Kathy stopped and contemplated. The jeans were down and bunched above his knees, and the boxers still covered him. A large bulge protruded at his crotch. Roy didn't move to help go any further. She knew he was just watching her and waiting.

Kathy quickly thought about standing back from him and having him remove them. She was standing close to him, but from where she was standing she couldn't pull his jeans to the floor. He seemed frozen in the moment.

Kathy inhaled and slowly lowered herself to where she rested on her knees in front of him. She moved her hands around and worked his jeans on down his legs until they were completely to the floor. She held them on the floor and he brough his feet from the legs of them.

She brought herself slowly upward to where she had brought the jeans to the floor, but she was still on her knees. The effect was to have her face at the level of his stomach, and her eyes saw his bulge twitch with her there.

Her hands rested just above his knees on his legs as she steadied herself. As she paused, she felt his hands go into her hair. She knew she should stand. She knew she should just stop.

Roy's hands worked his fingers into her hair and first he felt her hair, stroking it lovingly but briefly. Then his hands held her head, and he gently moved her face to where he also brought his hips forward. Kathy watched as he brought his hips to her face and his hands held her head.

Kathy felt her face press into the hardness of his crotch and the thinness of his boxers. Her nose and mouth felt the material at where a thick bulge moved inside. It throbbed in the boxers. Kathy felt him sway somewhat to feel himself move against her face.

His hands didn't leave her hair but they did stop holding her head at all. Kathy moved her face back, and the closeness of his crotch was overwhelming. She reached to the waist of his boxers and clasped onto them. She edged them down and watched.

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