Katrina's Opening Ch. 01


"Oh, hello," a middle aged man beamed from the porch, "sorry to interrupt you" he continued, "I was just wondering if any adults were at home," she flushed with embarrassment, that really annoyed her, being treated as though she were still a child, she noticed this guy seemed to be straining to keep his eyes fixed on her face. Katrina mustered up as dignified a voice as she could considering her apparel and replied "I'm eighteen mister, so obviously I can help you with whatever it is that you want," she flushed again, that didn't come out quite the way she had intended. The man forcibly held back a smile, "well I am sorry maam, I meant no offense, I have a package to be delivered to this address and need an adult to sign for it, that would 'obviously' necessitate seeing some sort of proof of age."

Katrina tapped her foot impatiently, hoping to get this over with quickly, not only had he interrupted her session, he also had the nerve to patronise her. She bet if he had any hint of exactly what she was just doing in the shower he wouldn't be so quick to dismiss her as a kid, undoubtedly he'd want to see it for himself, the very thought of making someone feel as powerless as her flesh was making her feel set her skin quivering again. Entertained by the notion she ceased her impatient tapping and instead tilted her head seductively, letting her hair flow down the right side of her face, and responding to his quip in a soft, sultry voice ..."and what exactly constitutes as proof," as she was saying this she lightly applied pressure to the bottom of her robe allowing a little of her inner thigh to be exposed to the man. Let his imagination drive him wild with what she might possibly be willing to show him if he felt inclined to join in on the game.

The mans eyes dropped down instantly to her milky white thighs, as if noticing them for the first time, mentally envisioning the prizes that lay hidden only inches above his gaze. Katrina smiled wildly, she had a rabbit caught in the headlights, she cleared her throat to regain his attention. The man raised his eyebrows, aware much time had passed without him replying, he was still unsure where all this was headed so decided to take the safest route and let the girl steer events. "A driver's license would be fine" he replied casually, as if a million lustful thoughts weren't turning over in his mind. "Well I don't have one on me..." she smiled coyly, ..."but I do have one in the house, wait here, I'll just run in and get it."

Katrina turned back into the house and rushed to her room to collect it, she wanted to tease this guy completely and utterly, have him literally begging for a glimpse of her naked body. Opening her drawer she decided to put some panties on, the more layers she had to peel off, the more enticed this guy would be, a pair of white cotton ones would suffice, she quickly slid her legs through the holes, one by one and pulled them up forming a tight encasing around her burning pelvis. She kept her breasts bare under the robe to create a disparity between her parts, one exposed, and one so carefully hidden, her heart was palpitating intensely, a cold nervousness gripped her but it was firmly held in tow by an unstoppable excitement. She nearly left the room without her license, "be cool now" she told herself cautiously and rummaged through her wallet to retrieve what seemed to her like a license into another self.

Returning to the porch she spoke brightly "here you go…proof enough for you?," after all that the man barely even looked at the license, her age didn't seem of much import to him anymore, he had bigger and better things on his mind. "That's fine miss, it's just a formality, bureaucratic bull from the boys upstairs…if I could just get you to sign here," he indicated with his finger where she was to sign on the clipboard he was holding. "Sure…I'll need a pen," as she was saying this she folded her arms tight beneath her breasts, the pressure forcing the outline of her nipples to be visible against the sheer robe. His eyes fell immediately to her chest, "ummm…sure" he said with a hoarseness to his voice.

A pen was passed over to her, as she reached out to retrieve it from him she let her robe fall open slightly, giving him the lovely vision of her cleavage. Peering down she could see a slight bulge had formed in the front of his pants. Now he was looking uncomfortable, she smiled wickedly as she signed her name, "do you always ogle girls half your age when you deliver packages?," the man began to stammer a defense but she cut him off, "you just seem so intent upon my chest, is there something there that you would perhaps like to see, you only have to ask, I am quite willing to entertain," she looked questioningly at him, a teacher waiting for a students response, the man gathered up whatever courage he could muster and spluttered out how he thought her breasts seemed so large and full under the robe and he would count himself a very lucky man if he got to see them in the flesh, Katrina laughed good-naturedly, "oh you would, would you? well we can't have you leaving here narrowly missing a chance to become such a 'lucky man', can we?," she brought both her hands up to her breasts and massaged them leisurely over the robe holding eye contact with him the entire time, she then took hold of each part of the robe that covered her breasts and pulled them to the side so he could now see the full expanse of her tits and her flat little stomach but still leaving the robe tied around the waist.

The corner of his eyes kept skitting nervously from her breasts to the floor. "There's no need to be shy, don't look away, you can ogle me all you want, I like you looking, I like the fire that's glowing in your eyes now, wanting me, but you can't have me, I want to have me" she murmured seductively. He seemed a little confused at this, but turned his full view upon her, drinking in this radiant sight as if he were alone and anonymous. His erection seemed ready to tear open his pants. She ran the pen slowly over here breasts circling each nipple carefully, his hand had moved now to the enormous tent in his pants and he was rubbing it gently, half trying to cover it, half trying to awaken it even further, completely given over to his master. "Am I turning you on?" she inquired innocently, she lightly bit down on her lower lip and pinched a nipple nonchalantly between her fingertips, it became hard, angry and red with the pressure. Katrina raised the pen above her head and let it fall to the ground behind her, they both glanced down at it. "Oops…I better pick that up" she spoke huskily.

Katrina bent down completely from the waist, not bending her knees at all, standing boldly on the tips of her toes, legs parted slightly, her calf muscles burning a little with the strain. This had the affect of making her already skimpy robe rise up way past her thighs. This man was being treated to the luscious sight of a teenage girls tight ass straining against her thin white cotton panties. Katrina held this position for a while, wiggling and waving her ass in the air, allowing the man to stare deep into the shadowed areas that the panties so artfully covered. It still wasn't time for him to see behind that veil. She raised herself up again holding the pen, "is there anything else?" she teased, gently nibbling on the end of the pen, the man was having a hard time restraining himself, she knew how much he wanted to see more, to touch himself, to feel the release she craved so much. She untied the belt of the robe, it fell open further, she trailed her finger down over her stomach, circling around her belly button and continued further so her finger was left dancing along the rim of her underpants. "hmmm….I wonder…this is a bit naughty, but…would you like to see inside my panties?…I have things in there that you just might like…" she tilted her head and beamed at him impishly, totally in command, Katrina couldn't manage it with herself, but she was in full mastery of this man, he seemed ready to pass out, so lost in the warmth of his blood filled member, he gasped as if it were getting too much for him to talk and merely nodded his head eagerly.

Katrina beckoned with her finger for him to come closer, she pulled the fabric away slightly from her stomach and let him peer down, he could see she was completely shaven, but couldn't see down far enough to glimpse her actual opening, only the flesh above. She let the panties snap closed again and giggled, stepping back until she was stood against the porch wall. She placed a hand on each thigh and mechanically spread her legs for him, a tiny line had formed on her panties from the moisture flowing from her slit. She teased him unmercifully, leaning back against the wall, closing her robe a little so only half a breast was exposed up to the nipple, opening and closing her legs tantalizingly, putting on a private showing for him, "mmmm…this is making me so horny, are you getting horny too?" she rolled her tongue over her teeth, she was in another world.

She ran the pen along the fabric of her underpants and toyed at the tiny damp area with it until it grew into a larger circle. "Can you see how wet I am under here, you can nearly see my little pussy through the material," she was whispering now, Katrina spread her legs wider so the lips pressed hard against the material and slid the pen down between them. She tugged at the waist band and ran her finger along the flesh where the panties intersected with her thighs. She dipped her hand into her panties to feel her shaven patch and ran it all over her pussy, he could see her fingers moving underneath her soaking wet panties. She pulled the panties upwards until they got sucked into her sex, the soft cotton strip folding in on itself and pulling sharp against her anus, she was millimeters away from being exposed, the whole shaven surface was visible to the man, a tiny strip of fabric was all that prevented him from seeing her bald wet pussy. She pulled them gently to the side, one lip of her pussy now partially exposed, she ran her hands along her inner thighs and moaned breathlessly "do you see it, can you see my hot little cunt, do you see how wet it is, you want to touch it don't you, you want to touch it and lick it, you want to fuck my little pussy don't you?."

Bit by bit, she very slowly rolled the underpants down her legs, pausing momentarily before completely exposing herself, she was now completely naked again bar the robe, "look at it" she spread her legs to the fullest, the wetness between her legs glistening in the light. The man needed no encouragement. "Ooohhhh…" a needful shudder came from him. "Now your turn, show me your cock, unleash it from its prison, let it free, touch it, stroke it, feed it." The man urgently unbuckled his belt and unzipped his pants, the monster erection tumbling forth, heated and alive, growling at her, his primitive essence. It was so stiff, so hard, purple and mean, pleading to be touched, what a pair the two of them made. "Wank it for me, I want you to wank it." The man needed no telling, his hand had already fallen to his shaft, his eyes greedily devouring her pussy. His hand moving faster and faster, up and down the length of it, knees trembling. "ooohhh…touch your pussy for me" he commanded eagerly.

Smiling, she spread her legs into a V shape and fingered herself, rubbing it, touching it, captivating the man, in awe of the spectacle of his pumping erection. Exposing herself to this stranger, and seeing his hungry cock were making Katrina hotter and crazier than ever before, she slid her index finger deep into the juicy opening, letting it linger there a moment before withdrawing it, with a wicked grin she raised it to her mouth and closed her lips around it, sucking at the finger as if it were the mans cock, her tongue sliding all around it. "I love your pussy, I love your cunt!," he muttered frantically now, driving himself, the pressure in his balls building and building.

She quickly retrieved her dampened panties from the ground and handed them to him, "here, you can cum in these," the man quickly took the panties from her and wrapped them around his thickened rod, rubbing the fabric and her juices against his mighty organ. He stared intensely at her hole as if he could somehow be moved inside there simply by looking, a choking sound came from him and thick, hot, white semen spurted out of his dick, like molten lava, it seemed like it would never end. Whatever wasn't caught in the panties coagulated into one gooey mess on the doormat that greeted visitors "WELCOME."

"This man certainly had been" she thought closing her robe back up again.

Suddenly conscious he was out in open view of the fortunately deserted street, the man eagerly tucked his now flaccid penis back into its house. "So, was that my package," she smiled at him, he couldn't seem to look her in the face now that his cock was emptied. "Oh, no, that's here…" he managed to spit out, handing her a plain white box. He turned and started back down the driveway towards his van, "Goodbye mister penis," she waved airily, he nodded back self consciously. "Well that was certainly an experience" she thought, turning back into the house, completely set on what she was about to do, she whispered in urgent delight "now pussy…it's your turn."

Katrina could barely restrain herself, she ran through the hallway to her room, losing the robe somewhere on the floor in mad lust, no more teasing, no more slow touches, she wanted it, and she wanted it hard. With a leap she flew face first onto the bed, her full and lovely tits jumping up and down with the movement, swaying in hypnotizing tribal rhythms. She reached for her pillow and threw it between her legs, grinding her hot, wet pussy against it, soaking it in the long flowing juices that trickled over her thighs and moistened the crack between her ass. Roughly pulling it out again, she placed it beneath her head and lay flat on her back, legs splayed, her twin lips completely open so that a slender slit was formed, a winking eye. Her fragrance blending with her soft chestnut locks, the smell of her own cunt driving her into an insane abandon.

Beads of sweat were forming all along the lengths of her body, her skin seemed to be alive, glowing, craving her touch. Both hands now between her legs, fucking her pussy with fleshy fingertips, sliding back and forth over the wetness, the clitoris engorged, an aching flower ready to be ripped out of existence. Over and over she writhed in the heat of her movement, turning this way and that, her magnificent tits rising and falling with uncontrollable breaths, her hot ass grinding obscenely against the bed. Spreading her cunt lips with her left hand while her right glided over the slippery clitoris and down into her hole in time with the metronome of her heart. Faster and faster she went, her hand a blur, bucking her sex into the air like she was riding some imaginary horse, her ass lifting from the bed in violent motions, only to come crashing back down against the soft mattress. Twisting and turning, bucking and fucking the silent room, silent except for the guttural tortured moans that seemed to sound out from all parts of her body.

Her thunderous heart providing the backing drums for the melody of slick magical fingers darting into her sex, tormenting the spellbound ceiling that had come to life, watching fixedly from above, the lamp hanging from it seemingly stretching downwards, aching to be closer to this mesmeric dance. Muscles contracting, tightening, convulsing, nothing but desire and wetness now, she was swimming in it, an ocean of her juices flooding her mind and body, dragging her under, down into its murky depths. Complete paralysis, this was the euphoria of drowning, no need to breathe now, she had surrendered, alone with her body, this was rapture, caught in the ecstasy of release…release was here…

Katrina's head emerged from the depths of the water, air roaring into her lungs, life filling her body, thousands of newly found muscles dancing for joy in the experience of this, this orgasmic pull, alive and breathing for the very first time. Relief blanketed her, shivers sprawling deep down beneath her skin like the uncountable ripples that form when the surface of a lake is disturbed. Katrina was the one disturbed. She was stirred, unbalanced, forever altered. With this one act, this self-indulgent fracture of bliss, she had truly become a woman. Katrina had opened.

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