tagGroup SexKeeping It Legal Ch. 04

Keeping It Legal Ch. 04


Jim and I sat up in bed with the sheets covering us, embarrassed. I was embarrassed and I was also worried about losing my job.

"Ernie, I -" I tried to explain.

"Never mind," he said. "The two of you just get dressed and come downstairs. Katie, I want to talk to you when you get yourself proper."

Ernie shut the door behind him and allowed us some privacy to get dressed. Jim and I were both very awkward when we were getting dressed. We did so hurriedly and went down the stairs where Ernie was waiting on the couch. I sat across from him in one chair and Jim in the other chair.

"Katie, I hired you because I thought I could depend on you," Ernie spoke disappointedly. "I have no other choice but to fire you." His words stung in my ears.

"Jim, I have nothing really to say to you. You're an adult and you should've known better than to do it in my house while - I might add - Katie was supposed to be watching my son." He looked at both of us. "I want both of you to get out. Now."

We did as he said. Jim went to his car and drove on home and I walked on home next door. Luckily, when I got home, everyone was asleep and so I went to bed, depressed. The sex Jim and I had was extraordinary. Also, with the attraction and the respect I had for Ernie, I knew I had let him down. I knew he was right to fire me.

The next several days went by kind of roughly. I had to face my parents and tell them exactly why I had been fired. I saw Jim several times, but he felt guilty about my losing my job. I assured him it wasn't just him - it was me as well. We were both at fault. I should've known better. We were both down in the dumps. I had acted irresponsibly and was sad to lose not only my job, but my friendship with Ernie.

The week that followed was about the same. Shades of grey. But I got a call on a Thursday evening from Ernie. He said that he was sorry about the way things had turned out. I said the same. And I also said that I hoped we could still be friends. He agreed that we could be. Love thy neighbor.

So, about two weeks after the incident, Jim instructed me that the past was the past and that we were to hold our heads up high! We had made mistakes, yes, but, as he put it, "just because we're perverts, doesn't mean we're not human beings." I had to laugh at this remark. So, on Saturday night we went out to a fancy, Italian restaurant. He wanted to lift my spirits, I could tell.

It was a busy night and the only booth that had opened up was one of those big, horseshoe-shaped booths. I cuddled up to Jim, hanging onto his arm. He kissed me on the head. We talked about that embarrassing night.

"Well, one good thing I heard recently, though," I told him. "Ernie called me and all is forgiven. He still considers me a friend, he said, but says I just can't work for him anymore. But I'm glad we got back to a good place in our friendship."

The waitress came by and took our orders. We ordered and Jim and I continued our discussion.

"I'm glad you two are getting along so well, Baby." He paused. "You know, Kate, while the three of us were all sitting in his living room, I couldn't help but see that he had something for you. An attraction."

I was excited at his observation. Ernie was so very handsome. I was casual about it. "Oh I'm sure it was nothing," I said to him, reassuring him.

Life can work in funny ways sometimes. A man at the bar had just gotten off of his stool and was walking in our direction. It was Ernie! He stopped when he noticed us. With his shy, gentle nature, I thought he would be embarrassed to run into us, but he was not. He smiled at us.

"Hi Katie, Hi Jim."

We smiled and said hello.

"What are you doing here?" I asked him.

"Well, I had a date, but she stood me up. The story of my life," he laughed.

"Have you had anything to eat yet?" Jim asked him.

"No, but I'm starving."

I smiled. "Well, why don't you join us, Ernie?"

Ernie agreed to join us at the table. Jim, surprisingly, had no problem with Ernie joining us on our date. Jim seemed in a good mood, as did Ernie. As for me, I was not in a good mood. I was in a heavenly mood. I was wearing the tightest, shortest, glittering, most low-cut dress I owned and to my right was my handsome boyfriend Jim, and to my left was my very gentlemanly, but very sexy neighbor, Ernie.

Ernie ordered and we all had a barrel of laughs, poking fun at each other at the little incident that had occurred. Ernie playfully scolded us for "diddling" at a place of work. And Jim rested his hand on my thigh.

"Can you really blame me?" Jim asked. "Look at her."

By this time the food had been brought to our table and we had been eating now and then, but what I noticed most of all is that, while Jim was already very close to me, Ernie was starting to move close to me as well. We each had had a little wine, and while we were nowhere near drunk, we were more easygoing than we normally may have been.

Ernie inhaled sharply. "No, I can't blame you, Jim. She's a very fine lady."

"Now boys, boys," I giggled. "Control yourselves," I said, putting each hand on one of their thighs.

"Ooh," Jim groaned and laughed. "You two are getting a little friendly, huh?"

Jim turned my face to him and kissed him.

"She's such a good kisser," Jim said, after our kiss had ended.

"Mind if I try her out?" Ernie asked.

I was surprised, but not too surprised. I could feel the lust in the air between the three of us. Jim gave his quick okay on the question, and Ernie held my face and then kissed on my lips.

"Ooh, you're good, Ernie," I teased.

"Can I have some more?" Ernie asked me.

I nodded. He kissed my lips more passionately this time. Underneath the table, my hand slithered up to his crotch and I could feel a big, meaty cock that was so hard and aroused. I began to stroke him and he let out a sigh when our kiss ended and my hand slipped out from under the table. Ernie grabbed me again and started to kiss me, a moan wrapped into it. At the same time I felt Jim kissing me on my neck, his hand sliding up my dress. God, I wanted both these men so bad. With my hand now on Jim's crotch, I could tell both of them wanted me. We were all in heat.

We separated ourselves momentarily when I noticed the waitress coming over. She asked us if we needed anything else. We told her no, that we did not. She gave us a strange look. I knew we had been caught and made a daring suggestion. I put each hand on each of the man's cocks and rubbed them expertly, seductively.

"How about," I whispered to them "would you all like to get together? In a private place."

They could not refuse with my stroking their cocks so nicely. Jim agreed we should go to his place since he lived alone. We took Jim's car on the way.

"Damn," Ernie said. "I'm so damn hard."

"God, me too," said Jim. "Wait till you bang her, Ernie, she's a wonderful lay."

I laughed. "I'm so glad you two boys are so into me. Ernie, baby," I said to him, straining my neck to look back at him in the back seat. "I'd so love for you to lay yourself into me."

He looked at my face and then down the top of my dress. "Fuck. God Jim, your baby here has a nice pair of tits."

"She's not only my baby, she's my baby girl."

"Oohh," Ernie said.

"Yes," I agreed. "I'm his little girl."

Jim reached over and slipped his hand up my dress. I was wearing tiny panties and he started to rub me and masturbate me. The two men watched as I spread my legs and shut my eyes, my mouth sighing out in ecstasy.

But this came to an end when we pulled up to Jim's house. A giggly horny threesome, we made our way into his house. I had the perfect idea.

In Jim's living room, he doesn't have an "on/off" switch for the light, but he has a dial for it, to set the light to the right tone. I set it down low on a sensual tone and eased both of the boys back onto the couch. I stood before both of them and very slowly, to music in my head, I started to strip for them, stopping only to go over and kiss one of them, or to rub their cocks.

They howled and whistled and clapped while I put on my little show. I loved the way the men could be so rowdy and horny over a girl. I had smoothly pulled the dress off and so I was only in my heels, panties and a bra. The heels I kicked off. My body had become drenched in my sweat and the tight, curled hairdo I had had earlier had become undone with both the sweat and my constant stroking of my hair, both from my own hands and from the men. My hair fell into loose curls around my shoulders, and I slipped out of my bra very seductively.

"Oh my God," Ernie said.

It was a surprise to me (though I tried not to show it), when he pulled down his pants and shorts and started beating off to my image.

"Damn, you got nice tits, Kitten!" Jim howled out.

I snickered playfully and continued to dance, swaying my hips, moving my butt in slow circles. I was completely aroused by both men, but especially by Ernie who had such a large cock and was stroking it and beating off for me.

I hooked my fingers in the waist of my panties. They were both urging me to take them off. I loved their testosterone. Jim stood up and started to caress me. I pushed him back on the couch gently.

"You can't touch," I told him.

Jim then, out of frustration, followed Ernie's example and started to jack off in front of me. It was delicious. I pulled down my panties quite sexily and I exposed my bare, slippery pussy. Both men groaned erotically. I looked at both of their cocks hungrily, licking my lips.

"I think she wants what we got," said Ernie.

"Mm hmm," agreed Jim. "She can be very slutty."

I couldn't take my own horniness much longer. I lied down in front of them and spread my legs. I started to finger my wet little pussy. They groaned and cursed and I didn't fight them when they got up from their seats. Ernie went over to turn the lights on completely and the two men undressed. In the light, I could see their bodies were covered with sheens of sweat and their large cocks were standing in arousal. Jim's hair was wet and Ernie's had become disheveled.

Jim started to get between my legs, but Ernie pushed him aside. "I want some of that cunt. You got to fuck her plenty."

I spread my legs to Ernie. He was so sexy, so handsome the way his short, dark hair was hanging in his face. He was panting and he pushed his big, wonderful cock into me. It was so heavenly. Without mercy and without patience, he started to fuck me. My tits were bouncing and I was moaning.

"Oh fuck, Katie," he said. "Damn, you have the sweetest, tightest pussy."

"I know, isn't it great?" Jim said. "The tightest fuck you'll ever get."

"Ooh, fuck me, Ernie," I told him.

I noticed Jim was standing beside us, jerking off his cock. I looked at him and opened my mouth.

"Oh my God," Jim said. "Are you ready to take two cocks, my little Princess?"

"Oh yes, Daddy. Slip it in my mouth."

Ernie groaned. "What a little slut. I love sluts, I wish I had one."

Jim bent down next to me and slipped his cock in my mouth. It was quite a strain this way, so the three of us situated ourselves better. With much sexual frustration from the three us, I now was on my hands and knees, and Ernie was fucking my cunt from behind, his hands on my hips, using me to my body's fullest ability. Jim, now in a better position, starting fucking my face.

"Do you like being fuck with two dicks, little Katie?" Ernie asked me.

"Mmm," I moaned affirmatively around Jim's cock.

I loved it. I was being banged in my pussy and in my mouth. I pushed my hand back to my clit and started to rub it. Ernie noticed immediately and moaned. I was on the verge of cumming, sooner than I had ever expected. My pussy came once and then again and again.

"Oh God!" Ernie said. "She just came three times. I could feel her."

"Mmm, I'm so glad you came, Princess," Jim told me. "But us fellas still have to cum. Roll over on your back, Baby."

I did as Jim told me and I rolled over on my back, lying on the floor. With their minds working the same way, the two men put their cocks close to my face. I grabbed hold of both of them and I sucked one, then the other, then the first one again, and then the second one again, over and over. I couldn't get enough of both cocks.

Not being able to blow in a lying-down position, the man began to furiously jack off onto my face. They pulled and tugged on their cocks furiously, letting out moans and yells of ecstasy and frustration. I laid there like a whore, fingering my pussy, my mouth wide open, my tongue hanging out.

Jim came first, his familiar, creamy load spurted onto my face. I lapped up as much as I could with my mouth, but my face was still very creamy. I just got a wonderful facial. Ernie tilted my head towards him, and like Jim, he beat off onto my face, depositing his wonderful, hot load onto me. I caught some in my mouth, but most landed on my face and in my hair like Jim's had done.

We were all officially spent. I had two loads of cum on me and had cum three times myself. The warmth of their goo made me feel good. I was all the more happy to be their little slut.

We lied there on the floor for a while, tired, not really saying much. I hopped into Jim's shower, to wash all the cum off me and out of me. We were all pretty fatigued from our exertions. Ernie asked Jim if he could drive him back to the restaurant where his car was. I asked him the same thing. We all dressed and were prepared to present ourselves to the world again.

The three of us got into Jim's car. He put the key in the ignition and turned the key. It didn't work. He tried again. It didn't work. Several more times he tried and it didn't work. We were all getting worried.

"I'm exhausted," Ernie complained.

"Well, the car's obviously not working," Jim said and got out of the car.

The three of us gave up and went back in the house.

Jim smiled. "Hey, why don't you two sleep over here tonight?"

We were thrilled about the idea. First, Ernie called his home and asked his babsyitter if she could spend the night watching Tom. She agreed that she could. Second, I called my parents on the home phone, explaining that I wouldn't be home that night, that I would be home the next morning, as Jim's car had broken down and I could not get to my car. I told them they needn't come pick me up because I was staying the night with Jim. I left this message on the answering machine. They wouldn't like this, I knew, but there was nothing they could do to stop me.

The three of us, walking up the stairs, started shedding our clothing as we did so, laughing, but yawning quite a bit, too. The big, fluffy bed awaited us and in my bra and panties, and the men in their shorts, I got into the bed in the middle, pulling back the covers and getting comfortable. Ernie lied on my right side and Jim lied on my left side, and we cuddled together close, as the evenings had gotten chillier lately. Lying on my left side, I curled up against my beau, and my new sexual adventure, Ernie, curled up next to me, his hands around my waist. It was like we were on cloud nine, the three of us. We fell asleep quickly, all in each other's arms. Now this was the life.

*The End*

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