tagGay MaleKeith Ch. 03

Keith Ch. 03


Keith whined, his body writhing on the table that he was strapped to. He subconsciously lifted his hips as something thin and sharp dragged tortuously across his prostate. "Say you want it," a voice, husky with lust and anticipation, snarled as Keith thrashed blindly. "I'm not going to beg for release from you," he growled, but it only made the voice laugh. Another stab at his hot spot had his swollen cock jerking involuntarily.

Bill -- or Hair Gel, as Keith had referred to him as before he'd learnt his name -- had begun by experimenting on him to see his reactions for 'advanced knowledge of his nervous system for the good and progression of medical science' or something long like that. Keith had completely ignored his bullshit excuse and had been preoccupied with wondering how the fuck someone so sick in the head could have such a normal name. Call him stereotypical, but he'd been expecting Doctor Von Something-or-other. But now Bill was just playing with him. Harsh, perverted eyes gazed down at his tender 18-year-old body as he fondled his senses and his prick.

He laughed again. "Don't you want to come? I could just tie you up and leave you, if that's what you'd prefer. Be a good boy, Keith, this is for you and-" "-the good of fucking medical science." "Don't be sarcastic, sarcasm is the lowest form of wit." "It's the highest form of intelligence." Bill, who had seemingly had enough, let out an abrupt sigh, which acted as a warning to tell Keith he was pushing too far. Keith's erection had started to wane, and despite Keith's praying-to-God-the-bastard-didn't-notice, he did.

Keith screamed, with pain this time, as the sharp thin instrument was removed and he felt the cold sting of a scalpel biting into his skin.


Keith had been in the compound for almost six months since entering the United Kingdom via a six-day-long boat trip from Michigan. In the beginning, he had been the only 'wolf there, but three more were added as the months went by. He supposed that was what kept him sane, though he felt that if any more came along it'd have an adverse affect. He'd always been an introvert at heart.

Their 'home' was a replication of some kind of woodland that Keith had never seen before, and was remarkably authentic apart from the huge glass wall at one end. The place was always dimly lit and Keith swore one of these days he'd go blind. He felt even worse for the three other wolves, Teddy, Martha and Kate, as they were very rarely experimented on or 'used', whereas he was taken out three times a day at least. He got to see the light, even if it was only very briefly and very cheap. None of them knew where they were. The place looked like a massive warehouse, though how Bill's goings-on could go unnoticed was lost on Keith. He spent his days trying to think of new ways to avoid the sting of a needle or bite of a knife. It was only if he was a very good boy and did very nice things with his mouth and was very good that Bill might reconsider maiming him for that session.

Teddy, when Keith saw him in his human form, was a very large-built lumberjack kind of guy with giant muscles and a whole lotta chest hair. He was attractive in a rugged way, but Keith wasn't about to risk having Teddy kick his ass in such a small, enclosed space for hitting on him. Neither of them showed any interest in Martha or Kate, which at some times the girls liked, and at others frustrated them immensely. Hello? Two hot guys, two hot girls, get with the fucking programme!

Keith's time alone -- bearing in mind that was hard to come by, no pun intended -- was filled with fantasies fuelled by Teddy and his big, thick cock that Keith had glimpsed a couple of times. He knew that if Bill discovered his sexual attraction to the big 'wolf then he'd do the unspeakable to both of them. Keith'd describe the unspeakable, but it was unspeakable, so he couldn't. He just knew it couldn't be good, else he'd be able to speak of it, wouldn't he?


Ted shoved his fist into his mouth to stop himself moaning out loud. One hand furiously fisted his hard cock, his foreskin pulled tight over the head. He was so close to coming it was unreal, but he lived in constant fear of one of the girls stumbling upon him. Or worse, Keith.

Keith, that white-haired little sex god, all compacted into a tight little body that levelled out at 5"8. Teddy longed to run his hands through that hair, though preferably when clean; he'd never seen his real colour, only the dirty-blonde version, because all of them were so thoroughly caked in shit. Originally, Teddy had felt bad when the girls had all but begged him to bang them blind because all of them were going out of their minds with sexual frustration, but he didn't want pussy, he wanted Keith. Not ass. Keith's ass would be amazing, but he was willing to compromise given the circumstances.

Ted groaned as his hand worked his shaft slowly, imagining that it was Keith's mouth on him instead, Keith's beautiful green-blue eyes staring up at him like the nympho he was as he ran his tongue over and under the sensitive head, playing with his balls with one hand. He panted softly, wondering what it'd be like to shove Keith onto all fours and drive his cock home in one smooth stroke, giving his boy what he knew they both needed, hard and fast and primal. Crying out with pleasure, he came all over the ground.


He sighed with resignation. All over the ground. In this hell-hole, that was all it was ever going to be. Teddy wasn't going to cause friction just because he'd decided his hand and his own thoughts weren't enough, because let's face it; if Teddy didn't have them, Keith, Martha and Kate, what did he have left to live for?

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