Kelly Does Madison


Madison's gasps and moans became more erratic. The pressure in her belly kept building and building. Kelly's fingers glistened with cum dripping from her pussy. The tips of her fingers found Madison's clit and began rubbing rapidly across the small protrusion. That was all it took to send Madison over the edge.

"Oh no... oh my god... ooooooohhhhhh... UUUUNNNGGGHHHH... AAAAHHHHHH..."

Pussy juice filled the palm of Kelly's hand. A second gush poured from her body. She had never cum like that in her life. She could feel the explosion in her belly slowly drain the energy from her body. When she was finished she held onto Kelly tightly, still shaking from the experience.

Kelly's own pussy was leaking like crazy. She pulled her dripping fingers from Madison's shorts and shoved them into her panties. Madison could feel Kelly's finger's moving between their bodies and knew what she was doing. She moved her lips to Kelly's and pulled down her halter.

Madison's two hands freely massaged Kelly's well-formed tits. Madison kissed down her neck and clamped her mouth around one of Kelly's swollen nipples. Kelly leaned back against the wall and put her hand on the back of Madison's head. With her other hand she continued to dig her fingers around inside her pussy.

Madison had fantasized about doing this so many times that her next move seemed completely natural. She dropped to her knees, unsnapped Kelly's jeans and slowly lowered them down over her ass. She gently pulled Kelly's hand out of her panties and licked her fingers clean one at a time. Madison helped Kelly step out of her jeans, and then slowly peeled down her lacy silk panties.

Madison had every curve and crevice of Kelly's pussy memorized from staring in the bedroom, but seeing it up close and personal was special. Kelly had it trimmed neatly with just a small growth of fuzz over the swollen mound protruding out from between her legs. Pink folds glistened with dewdrops that peeked out from the dark gash down the middle, and the tiny nub of her clit poked out from its hood near the top.

The aroma emanating from Kelly's pussy was maddening. Madison fought to control her urge to taste the sweet nectar. She was determined to study the erotic sculpture in front of her eyes, to memorize its texture and find all the hidden secrets so she could pleasure her partner in a way no man had been able to achieve.

Madison traced a fingertip along the length of Kelly's moist gash and parted the folds hiding the entrance to her womanly treasures. She rubbed her fingertip gently over the swollen clit causing a gasp to escape from Kelly's throat. Next she pushed her finger into Kelly's opening until it had completely disappeared.

Madison could feel the heat pulsating against her finger as she held it deep inside Kelly and slowly rotated it around insider her. She pressed against the smooth walls of her cunt, exploring and memorizing every reaction that Kelly made to her touch. Madison put a second finger into Kelly and continued her probing and exploring.

Kelly leaned back against the wall with just her shoulders touching. Her thighs were spread and her hips were pushed forward to receive Madison's probing fingers, and to try and draw her deeper into her body. Madison's finger hit a spot inside her that sent a jolt through her body. She tensed and let out a loud squeal, but Madison pulled her fingers out before Kelly's pussy exploded.

Madison licked the juices from her fingers while looking up at Kelly. They both knew what was next. Kelly put her hands on Madison's head and slowly guided her mouth to her dripping pussy. Madison kissed it like she was kissing a lover. Her lips parted and her tongue touched the flesh of Kelly's pink folds. She flicked her tongue up and down length of Kelly's gash and then over her swollen clit.

No one had ever been so gentle and tender with her pussy. Kelly was tingling from head to toe as Madison licked and kissed her juicy peach. She squealed out loud every time Madison's tongue swirled across her sensitive clit. She fought the urge to cum because she never wanted this to end. Madison seemed to know how to keep her right there on the edge.

After kissing and licking for several minutes, Madison opened her mouth wide and clamped her lips around Kelly's puffy mound. She moved her hands around Kelly and grasped her two rounded ass cheeks. Madison shoved her tongue into Kelly's cunt as far as she could reach and swirled it around inside her. She sucked hard and moved her lips against Kelly as she continued to tongue fuck her.

Kelly knew the explosion building inside her was unlike anything she had ever felt. Her breathing became faster and more erratic. Just when the pressure seemed unbearable, Madison pulled away and looked up at Kelly. Madison could see the desperation in Kelly's eyes as she licked her lips to clean the pussy juice coating her mouth and chin.

Madison inserted two fingers deep into Kelly's dripping cunt and moved her mouth to Kelly's clit. Kelly put her hands flat against the wall and pushed hard against Madison's fingers. Her body tensed. Every ounce of energy was concentrated in her lower belly. Just before she exploded, Madison's two fingers found the magic spot in her pussy.

Kelly screamed out and thrust her pussy against Madison. Pussy juice poured from her cunt and dripped down Madison's fingers and hand. Madison pulled her fingers from Kelly's gushing cunt and clamped her mouth around it. She rubbed Kelly's clit and sent her into a second wave of orgasm. Madison drank eagerly from Kelly gushing well and continued to lick her pussy well after her orgasm had subsided.

Kelly lifted Madison up from the floor and kissed her hard on the lips. She swirled her tongue around inside Madison's mouth and tasted her own pussy juice. The two girls stood there kissing and fondling each other. Kelly turned Madison to the wall and shoved her hand into her shorts.

"Would you like me to do you now?"

Madison looked desperately into Kelly's eyes and nodded affirmatively. She knew she had creamed her own panties while eating Kelly's pussy, but it wasn't the kind of intensive release that she needed. Kelly pushed down Madison's shorts and panties and was about to remove them when they heard voices nearby.

They quickly scrambled to dress. Kelly was still zipping up her jeans when two guys from their class rounded the corner. The smell of pussy was strong in the air.

"Looks like we got here a few minutes too late. Is there a second showing?"

Madison turned four shades of red, but Kelly finished dressing as though nothing had happened. She walked right up to them and hooked her arms around each of theirs.

"You know, I need some help with this Thomas Jefferson assignment. Madison is going to stay here in the library to do her research, but I have all my notes back in the room. Would you guys mind helping me sort them out?"

Madison returned to the room two hours later. Kelly was sitting at the desk working on her paper. They greeted each other as if nothing had happened. Madison desperately wanted to ask Kelly about Keith and John. Was she just another one of Kelly's sexual conquests? It bothered Madison that she was willing to continue to have sex with Kelly on that basis even though she wanted so much more.

Kelly was confused. Never in her life had she experienced such sexual pleasure, and never had she wanted anyone the way she wanted Madison. Out of defiance, and to prove she was still in control, she invited Keith and John back to the room. She had every intention of fucking them both.

When she got to the room Kelly couldn't go through with it. She left them in the capable hands of two girls down the hall and slipped back to her room. Kelly tried to work, but all she could do was think about Madison. When the door finally opened, Kelly froze and hardly acknowledged Madison was there.

The next few days were awkward for both of them. Kelly went out of her way to pretend she had no special feelings for Madison or that the library had ever happened. She even lied and told Madison how Keith and John had taken turns fucking her after she left the library.

Madison did everything she could to get Kelly to notice her. She often walked around the room wearing only her panties or even naked sometimes. At night she masturbated loudly so that Kelly could hear. Madison would leave her cum stained panties on the bed the next morning hoping Kelly would smell them.

Madison didn't know how much she was driving Kelly crazy. At night Kelly would masturbate quietly to the moans of Madison. She waited for Madison to leave for class so she could sniff her panties while rubbing her clit. It didn't take her long to cum. Afterwards she wiped her pussy with them and threw them back on the bed.

One Saturday night Kelly staggered into the room at 3 in the morning. Madison could hear her crying so she turned on the light. Kelly was a wreck and smelled like a brewery. Her hair was a complete mess. Her lipstick and make-up was smeared. Her skirt was twisted and her blouse was ripped. Madison jumped out of bed to help her sit down. That was when she realized Kelly had blotches of cum through her hair and caked on her face.

"My god, what did they do to you? Here, let's get you into the shower."

Kelly sat there crying quietly as Madison removed her blouse. Her bra was missing. When Madison stood her up and removed her skirt she discovered that her panties were also missing. It was obvious that her pussy had been well fucked. Madison guided Kelly's naked body down the hall to the showers.

Madison had to shed her own shirt and panties so they didn't get soaked. She scrubbed Kelly and shampooed her hair. She washed her pussy good, pushing two fingers up inside her to ensure she was clean. She guided Kelly back to the room and tucked her into bed. Kelly grabbed her just as she was leaving.

"No... don't go. I need you to stay with me. Please..."

Kelly pulled her face closer and kissed Madison on the lips. Madison slipped under the sheets until their naked bodies pressed together. Their arms and legs entertained as their kiss continued. Madison opened her mouth to let in Kelly's probing tongue. They continued kissing and slowly caressing until Kelly finally dozed off to sleep.

Madison woke up and realized something was on top of her. She opened her eyes and was looking at Kelly's smiling face. Kelly lowered her head and kissed Madison with an open and wet mouth. Their tits pressed together and Madison could feel Kelly's hard nipples pushing against her.

"Thank you for last night, Madison. I think you deserve a reward."

Kelly kissed down her body, stopping briefly at her breasts to suck on her nipples before continuing her journey. Her mouth reached Madison's pussy mound and slowly licked up and down the fleshy lips of her womanhood. Kelly opened them with her fingers and probed into her juicy peach with her tongue. She moved to her clit and flicked her tongue back and forth over the hard little nub.

Madison had dreamed about this moment for a long time. She wanted it to last. When she felt Kelly's tongue stroking her clit she grabbed the sheets and lifted her ass off the bed. She bit her lip and tried desperately to hold back the explosion churning in her belly. Kelly's fingers hit a spot inside her that lit a fuse.

Madison's pussy burst. Juices poured from her cunt and drenched Kelly's face. She quickly moved her mouth over Madison's pussy to drink from her gushing well. A second smaller explosion filled her mouth with even more of Madison's tasty juice. Kelly drank what she could and then licked her clean as Madison settled back on the bed exhausted.

Madison had never cum so hard in her life and quickly realized that fingers were a poor substitute for Kelly's mouth. Her pussy tingled from Kelly's tongue and mouth, which continued to lick and suck her quivering but exhausted cunt. Kelly's tongue moved lower and gently massaged her tight asshole. She had rubbed herself there when masturbating, but Kelly's tongue caused her to shudder.

Kelly licked Madison's pussy and clit one last time before crawling up her body and planted her lips against Madison's mouth. Their tongues met in a hot wet passionate kiss. Madison enjoyed the familiar taste of her pussy as she swirled her tongue around inside Kelly's mouth. Her hands moved to the firm cheeks of Kelly's ass and pulled her tight until their pussies were rubbing together.

"Let me do you now. I want to put my tongue inside you and taste you, Kelly. Please."

Holding her ass cheeks in her hands, Madison guided Kelly's pussy up towards her mouth, pausing briefly at her tits so she could rub her nipples over Kelly's clit. Kelly straddled Madison's head with her knees and slowly lowered her pussy towards Madison's mouth. Madison stared at the swollen plum hanging like a ripe fruit between Kelly's legs. She opened her mouth and clamped her lips around the juicy treat.

Kelly tweaked her nipples and ground her pussy into Madison's face. Madison's tongue was driving her crazy. So were her probing fingers. It wasn't long before Kelly's pussy was gushing cunt juice all over Madison's face. Madison continued licking, sucking and fingering Kelly's pussy until she had a second powerful orgasm.

The two girls stayed in bed all morning kissing and fondling each other. Kelly told Madison about getting drunk at a Frat party the previous night and stupidly taking off her top on the dance floor. She got sandwiched between two guys who began feeling her up. She tried to stop them but she was too drunk and they were two strong. They dragged her to a bed where one guy after another pounded her pussy.

"You poor thing. Here, let me kiss it and make it better."

"I have a better idea. Let's do each other together."

Kelly spun around and swung her leg over Madison's head and lowered her mouth to Madison's pussy. The two girls slowly licked and sucked each other, taking their time to explore all the hidden secrets buried in the valleys and crevices between their legs. Madison winced when Kelly's tongue flicked across her asshole. It surprised her how much she enjoyed this new sensation.

Madison shoved her two middle fingers deep into Kelly's cunt and probed its inner wall with her fingertips. Her lips and tongue sucked on Kelly's large ripe clit protruding out from the top of her slit. It didn't take her long to find the place inside Kelly's pussy that she was seeking.

Kelly's body immediately stiffened when Madison's fingers found her spot. The pressure continued to build until she could no longer stand it. Kelly's breathing became erratic in a series of gasps and moans until her body exploded. A gush of pussy juice drenched Madison's face. Madison clamped her lips around Kelly's twitching cunt and sucked the nectar from her body until Kelly could no longer move.

After catching her breath, Kelly attacked Madison's pussy with a vengeance. This time her fingertip pressed against Madison's asshole as she licked and sucked her dripping cunt. When her fingertip popped inside, Kelly sucked Madison's clit between her lips and flicked her tongue rapidly across the little nub. The combination of being that intimate and nasty all at the same time sent Madison over the edge.

"Ooooohhhhh... oh my god... oh Kelly... it's happening... uuuuhhhhhhhhh... now... UUUUUUNNNNNGHGGGHH... AAAAAHHHHHHH...""

Kelly licked every drop of cum from Madison's body until she was drained and barely able to move. Kelly climbed off and pulled Madison close, kissing her on the lips with her arms and legs wrapped around her. They continued kissing for several minutes. Their legs became entangle in a way that their pussies could rub together. They shifted around to push their pussies and clits even tighter together.

Although they could no longer kiss in this position, their eyes remained locked together as they squirmed and rubbed their wet cunts against each other. Their fingers joined in the rubbing. Kelly licked her lips and squeezed her nipple with her free hand. The look in her eyes was aggressive with lust. Madison's eyes were desperate and needy.

"Fuck me, Kelly", she whispered.

Madison couldn't believe that word had escaped from her lips, but it was what she was feeling. She wanted to be possessed sexually. She wanted to be fucked. And Kelly wanted to fuck her. Kelly reached over and pulled a plastic vibrator from her bedside stand. She licked it and sucked it like a cock while gazing into Madison's eyes. Then she moved it to Madison's lips so she could do the same thing.

Madison had never had a cock in her mouth, but sucking the vibrator seemed natural and sexy. She was sure that it had been buried in Kelly's pussy many times which only added to the erotic sensation. Kelly moved the vibrator to Madison's nipples and turned it on low. Madison gasped at the ripples of pleasure shooting through her body. It was almost as if a nerve connected them directly to her pussy.

Their cunts remained locked together. Kelly moved the vibrator between them rubbing it against their pussies and clits. Madison had never felt anything like this in her life. Her gasps and squeals were genuine and uncontrollable. Kelly shoved the vibrator deep into her own pussy and held it there for several seconds until she could no longer stand the pleasure. She pulled it dripping from her cunt and fed it to Madison.

Kelly rolled Madison onto her back and climbed on top her so that her face was just above Madison's face. She told Madison to spread her legs and lift them into the air. Kelly turned off the vibrator and moved it to the entrance to Madison's pussy, slowly rubbing it up and down her slit.

"Okay, Madison, you get your wish. I'm going to fuck you. That's what you want isn't it?"

Madison shook her head in the affirmative, her eyes glazed over as she waited for the impending penetration.

"No, you have to tell me what you want. You have to say it, Madison."

"I... I want to be... to be fucked. I want you to fuck me, Kelly."

"That's better, sweetie. After I fuck you we'll make love."

Madison nodded her head. Her body stiffened when she felt the vibrator slide into her hot pussy. It was both thicker and longer than the one cock that had been there. Kelly was careful when working it deeper and deeper. When it was most of the way in, Kelly moved her face to Madison's and kissed her on the lips. Just as their tongues met, Kelly turned the vibrator to low.

Madison's head was spinning. She tried to kiss Kelly back, but her gasps made it difficult. She felt the vibrator gliding in and out of her cunt. Her legs flailed uncontrollably. Her fingers dug into Kelly's shoulders. Every nerve ending in her body was on fire. The pressure in her tummy was so strong she felt like she was going to pee.

Kelly turned the vibrator to high and moved it to Madison's clit. She screamed. When it looked like Madison was about to pass out, Kelly plunged it back up her cunt. Madison's head was thrashing from side to side. She gritted her teeth, dug her heels into the bed and lifted her ass into the air. Kelly buried the vibrator deep into her cunt and held it there. At the same time she flicked her thumb over Madison's clit.

Madison could no longer contain the tremendous pressure building in her belly. This was different than before. She was already in a state of orgasm. This pressure was on top of that, something so intense she felt like she was going to burst. When it hit her entire lower body lifted off the bed. A loud scream pierced the air.

Kelly pulled out the vibrator and watched a flood of cum pour from Madison's cunt. She shoved it back into her gushing hole and continued rubbing her clit. Madison screamed again with a second powerful explosion. Kelly slid down and licked Madison's quivering pussy until she finally calmed. Her body was still trembling.

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