Kim Kardashian: Big Bang


"There baby. Its better now, ain't it?" She asked, smiling at her boyfriend.

"Very nice. Now on to bigger things girl. You got to get busy."

"Yes, sir." She answered back knowing exactly what he meant her to do next.

Kimberly bent forwards and started to kiss Ray J's bare chest sticking her tongue out and running it over his nipples .She was planting wet kisses all over his chest working her way down his stomach. She lowered her body to her knees and then reached out to take his hard cock in her hands. Bending forward she kissed the tip of his cock.

Ray J really could have by passed on the blowjob from his girlfriend because his 10 inches plus was all ready standing at full mass from Kimberly big ass rubbing against him earlier. He was ready for the fucking instead of the blowjob. However, he thought his friends might like to get a preview of her blowjob skills, then he remembered they were facing the wrong direction all they could see from their viewpoint was her big 40 plus ass. Well they still had a great view to stay there.

The Princess lowered her pretty face down Ray J's stomach towards his big dick. The two men were more than happy just watching her big round ass for now. They knew the hot brunette bitch was nearer to be with them soon.

Kimberly was now on her knees cupping his big dick in her hands massaging up and down the shaft with her small hands. She continued to massage his big dick in her hands. Stroking his shaft while moving her hand up and down its length. Ray J liked getting blowjobs from his hotter than hell girlfriend. In his mind, however he was thinking to himself. Kimberly may not be the most talented cocksucker in the world because she could not be fitted to his big dick in her small mouth. Nevertheless, with her pretty face, big tits and wonderfully looking big ass, she was a bitch. Ray J knew well of those assets his girlfriend had compensate for her lack of talent as a blowjob Queen. He also knew that the hot black chic at the club kept him happy in the blowjob area anyway. In addition, that girl at the club had lots of skill in that area to help make up for Kimberly's lack of talent in that regard. Ray J thought Kim was a real keeper though not too bright in the head but always willing to please him in and out of the bedroom. The girl may be spoiled having an over-inflated ego but for now, she was down on her knees lovingly worshiping his big dick. The princess looked so pretty on her knees moving her hands over his very stiff member. The thing he loved most when he got head from Kim was her big brown eyes looking up at him, while she played with his cock.

Ray J was now thinking back to the first time that they had sex together. He had unzipped his pants to let Kimberly see his cock, then the way she made an awed face and the expression on her pretty face seeing the size of his large 10-inch plus cock for the first time. Her pretty mouth was wide open looking at him as if, mesmerized by the size of his cock. Ray J was pleased to see her reaction to his big dick. He could tell from her facial expression. The Girl with the big brown eyes had never been with a cock that size before. It took him a while to break in the diminutive 5:3 beauty but now Kimberly had turned into a real size queen. She now loved the size of his cock.

Kimberly was now moving her hands up and down the shaft of his dick, opening her mouth she started to lick the tip of his cock, running her tongue up and down its underside, while she continued to jack him off into her hands. Her tongue continued to lick his black dick, making it wet in her saliva. Licking the entire underside of his shaft, her hands were pumping up and down his dick a little faster now. She continued to lick Ray J's cock moving her tongue over his entire shaft, trying to make sure his cock was all wet, prior to give him a good blowjob. She wanted to make sure his big cock was all wet to help make it easier for her to fit its length in her small mouth. Ray J too loved having his balls licked and sucked. In addition, she looked so sexy on her knees licking his big dick. Her tongue was licking up and down his shaft while watching his facial expressions. While she continued to lick his balls, she opened her mouth and tried to suck one off his balls in her mouth. "Ooohhh shit!" Ray J called out.

Kimberly now had one of his sacs in her mouth while her other hand was playfully fondling the other one. Then the Princess tried to fit both of his balls in her mouth but couldn't do so. So she resumed to suck one ball at a time. Ray wanted to make the fellatio last longer but he was finding it hard to control himself when he looked at Kimberly who was now still on her knees looking oh so pretty with one of his black balls stuffed in her mouth filling her cheeks.

Kim had changed her attack now licking the sensitive tip of Ray J's cock before proceeding to lick his shaft again with her tongue moving up and down its base. Opening her mouth, she put the head of Ray J's dick into it and started sucking on his dick. Moving her head up and down her boyfriend's cock, she bobbed her head back and forth over its length. She reached up to wrap both her hands around the shaft. She started pumping her hands up and down his cock. She was now stroking the shaft with her hands while bobbing her head up and down on his cock. "Mmm... that's so nice baby! Yesss..." he mumbled as Kimberly continued to suck on his dick. The head of that cock and a few more inches was the extent of length, which could fit in her mouth. However, she looked so pretty with her face filled by the black meat.

Ray J enjoyed watching her head bobbing up and down his cock. He noticed that Kimberly was now fingering her pussy as she sucked on his cock .He was very pleased to know that Kimberly was still horny. She was going to need more action later and Ray knew that Kimberly was going to get all the action she needed and then some.

Bob and Tim both enjoyed watching Kimberly's big ass as she sucked on her boyfriend's cock. However, they both wanted a piece of Kimberly for themselves. Both men had hard dicks just thinking about getting a chance to fuck the hot Princess.

Ray J decided he had enough of the blowjob from Kim right now, so he wanted to fuck his girlfriend. Reaching down and grabbing her face with his hands. He dislodged his stiff cock from Kimberly's open mouth. Ray J helped pulling her to her feet. Now standing up he reached both hands around her body to cup both of her ass cheeks in the palms of his hand giving each cheek a squeeze.

As Kimberly started to walk in the direction of the bed, Ray J gave her bare ass a hard whack. "Ouch! That hurts Ray." She called out. It may have smarted a bit, the swat to her ass. Nevertheless, it felt good to Kimberly who was horny right now. She had been fingering her pussy as she was sucking on her boyfriend's cock and therefore wanted his big dick in her wet pussy. She needed something bigger than her fingers in pussy to fulfill her own sexual needs like her boyfriend's big cock.

The two men watched her jiggling bubble butt, as she walked to the bed with Ray J.

Kim lay down on the bed on her stomach sticking up her 40-inch ass in the air. She was now laying face down on the bed pressing her breast down on the mattress and sticking her big ass in the air. She was waiting anxiously for Ray J to mount her ass. She loved her boyfriend's big dick in her tiny little ass. Kimberly's favorite sexual pleasure came from having her boyfriend's dick in her tight ass. In addition, she loved him to pound her pussy and ass hard when he fucked her body. It felt incredible the way he pounded her pussy when they fucked. Kim also loved having her man spank her big ass when they fucked. That combination of antics made her feel like a bitch in heat and really got her pussy dripping.

Ray J enjoyed watching Kim stick her ass up in the air, which was so inviting to fuck. He could not wait to mount the spoiled bitch that he took pride in knowing that at least in the bedroom. That timely spoiled rich bitch had been house broken by him. Kimberly was now very submissive to his needs in the bedroom. He looked down at his beautiful girlfriend big ass wagging in the air. He knew she was ready to be fucked. The beautiful round ass of hers was sticking up waiting for him to mount on. Therefore, he got behind her and started rubbing the tip of his dick over her pussy. He found that her pussy was already wet. Kimberly started moaning for Ray J rubbing his cock over her bald pussy. "Oh baby do not tease my pussy... Ummm... fuck me!" She pleaded. "And where do you want it baby?" asked Ray, as he continued to rub the head of his cock up and down her pussy teasing her clitoris. He could tell by the way her ass was moving back trying to rub his cock that the bitch was already in heat. The way her body was moving and she was making strange sounds as his cock rubbed over her pussy slowly teasing Kimberly's hungry cun't with his cock.

"Oh shit!" she cried out. "I do not care where you stick it Ray. Just fuck me now! I need it so bad." She moaned in a whimpering voice.

Ray loved hearing her begging him to fuck her. Without any pause, he rammed the full 10 inches length, all the way in her pussy. She started to scream out "Ooohhh shit... Aahhh... fuckkk... yessss..." reaching her release she called out, "I am Cumming... Aaahhh..."

Ray J continued to pound his hard cock in her pussy. He was now pumping her pussy hard, pulling back, and shoving it all the way in to stuff her pussy up to the hilt. He reached down to grab both of her ass cheeks. He loved feeling her doughy butt cheeks in his hands while he pumped the princess with his big cock.

Kimberly had already experienced more then one orgasms already tonight. She was just content to remain with her face in the mattress while he continued to fuck her. She knew it would not be long now her boyfriend may be large but he had no staying power. As she thought every time, he gave her an orgasm. He only managed to fuck her long enough to make her horny again before he finishes.

Ray J lasted for a few minutes of pounding Kim's pussy before he pulled out and came all over her ass. That was his favorite part of her body for him to cum on her big ass he raised off her body.

Tim and bob could make out all that Ray J and Kim had done in bed together but neither was impressed with their friend's bedroom skills. That is all Tim was thinking as he watched Ray J leave the room. Tim then noticed Kimberly on the bed. She still had her face buried in the mattress and her ass was still sticking up. Tim could see her finger was now rubbing her bald pussy. Bob had also noticed Kimberly now had her fingers buried in her pussy and was rapidly fingering it. "She's still hot, Tim. Let's help her." He said.

Bob started removing his clothes, not wanting to wait any longer to get a piece of the naked Kimberly on the bed. He had a hard on all night just watching. Now, he wanted some of Kardashian sizzling naked flesh for himself. Bob was not going to wait for Ray J's command for them because he could tell Kimberly was still hot and needed more action. He did not want to wait any longer.

Bob left the room after removing all his clothes. Now fully nude he walked over to the bed. He was looking at Kimberly's face to see if she noticed him coming. Her eyes remained closed. Bob approached the bed and noticed her fingers were still fingering her pussy. He could hear the soft moaning sounds that were escaping her mouth. Obviously, she still was unaware of his presence by her bed.

Bob was stroking his cock in one hand while trying to fit a condom on his good size dick. His cock was a little smaller then Ray J's but he doubted Kimberly would notice the difference anyway. He reached out and touched Kimberly's soft ass with one of his hands. A soft murmur came from the brunette's lips. Bob was enjoying the feel of the brown-haired woman's beautiful soft ass. He started giving her round cheeks a massage. He heard the girl moan obviously, Kimberly was enjoying having her ass rubbed. He also noticed that she had removed her fingers from her pussy.

Kimberly was happy that her boyfriend returned and was now going to please her body. She loved him and his big dick but he would just fuck her get off and go to sleep. He was a lazy son of a bitch.

Bob used his hands to spread Kimberly's cheeks and inserted his dick in her pussy to start fucking it. Now he was fucking her, moving his dick back and forth in her pussy with a gentle rhythm and motion. He began to pick up his tempo as he fucked her pussy. The friction of his fucking was causing her nipples to rub over the sheets. Kimberly was breathing hard as the man continued to fuck her hot pussy. She was now moving her big ass back to meet with the cock that was fucking her. Bob picked up his speed and begin to fuck her harder while her ass continued to slap hard against his balls as he fucked her pussy.

"Oh, baby that feels so good. Spank my ass Ray." She whined.

Bob did not need to be told twice he started slapping her big ass.

"Ouch!" She moaned but Kimberly was totally having fun now. Her boy friend was now fucking her good this time.

The man fucking her loved to spank her hot ass. "SLAP! SLAP!" he continued to spank her ass. Bob was now fucking the sexy bitch. God! He could tell by her moans of joy that the Kardashian girl was having a wild fuck and was very pleased by the way, he was fucking her pussy. He continued fucking Kimberly and started to probe into her big ass with his finger. Kimberly felt the finger going in her ass and squealed in delight. Kimberly liked anal sex and now a nice cock was fucking her pussy, along with a finger, which was doing her ass at the same time.

Bob could not believe how lucky he got tonight with the hot brown-haired bitch. Kimberly kept bouncing her ass back in rhythm to his penetration and she was enjoying his finger in her ass in addition. Bob was sure she still thought it was Ray J fucking her but he did not care much. All he knew was to fuck the best pussy he ever had to fuck with. He put his cock at the entrance of her ass, he pushed his cock in her ass hole and with a lunge and thrust of his hips, and He buried his cock deep in her ass.

"Oh honey, fuck my ass. Ooohhh.... Aaahhh... fuck my ass baby."

'I may not be Ray,' Bob was thinking 'but I'll definitely fuck your ass Princess.' Her mind was not in the least bit concerned. That the person fucking her was a few inches smaller and when his dick entered her ass it penetrated her butt easier then it normally would. She was aware of that dick which now felt good pumping her ass hole. She felt satisfied now.

Bob was now fucking her big ass. "God! It feels so good." He heard her squeal "Oh baby! Ooohhh yes... Fuck my ass... Ooohhh..." Kimberly called out.

Bob was about to screw her up. He continued to pump her ass. He also noticed that Kimberly was grinding her upper body in to the mattress. The little bitch was rubbing her own nipples against the bed obviously pleasuring her own boobs. He was right to observe that Kimberly was now moving her ass in circular motions as his hard cock continued to screw her big ass. She was stimulating her own nipples by rubbing them against the sheets. He could not believe the way her body was moving. Her ass was gyrating on his cock squeezing its length like a vice grip. Her upper torso was moving into another direction as she continued to move her fat ass. "Ooooohhhhhhhhh... I am cuummmming.....Ooohhh yessss... Aaahhh... Fuckkk.... Aaahhh....." She screamed out.

Bob knew that he could not take it much longer as Kimberly's big ass was gyrating on his dick in the painful way.


"Oh baby, not in my ass. Let me take you... Ahhh! I want to taste you... Aaahhh!"

Bob pulled his cock from her ass and quickly dispensed with the well-used rubber. Kimberly rolled over and bob pulled her face into his ready to explode cock. Her mouth opened and he shoved his dick in her mouth.

She wrapped her hands around the much thinner cock and started to pump the shaft with her hands. He started to fuck her mouth fitting most of his cock in her mouth. Kimberly had no trouble fitting the dick in her mouth. She continued sucking most of the dick while bob continued to fuck the princess' hot mouth. Her hand continued to pump up and down the shaft while most of his cock was down her throat.

"GOD, I CAN'T HOLD ON MUCH LONGER!" he shouted, Cumming in her mouth.

Kimberly greedily swallowed all of his cum down her throat. "Oh that tastes good Ray! Your cum tastes really good." She moaned, continuing to milk Bob's cock in her small hands.

Then she opened her eyes. "What the fuck!" She shouted, "WHO ARE YOU?"

"My name is Bob and that was so good. You have a talent princess, for being a good fuck." he smiled back at her.

Kimberly's brown eyes darted around the room looking for her boyfriend. "Where is Ray?"

"Oh, I do not know. He's here somewhere."

Kimberly noticed the other man in the room standing naked. Who was fondling the biggest dick that her brown eyes had ever seen in her life. She was in awe by the size of his manhood.

"Hi beautiful! My name is Tim and I am part of the surprise tonight, Ray had planned for you."

Kimberly finally remembered that she was naked and tried to cover her body in a sheet wrapping it around her body.

"Come on Tim. It is too late for being modest now."

Kimberly knew he was right and removed her sheet, leaving her once again naked in front of these two men. It seemed to be no big deal now anyway. A stranger had already fucked her ass and came in her mouth. Kimberly could still taste cum in her mouth and she had to admit it tasted better than her boyfriend had. Tim just kept looking at Kimberly's hot body eyeing at her big breasts, moving his roving eyes down her flat tummy. 'What a beauty!' he thought. He brought a shudder down Kimberly's spine when she saw the hungry look in his eyes for her bald pussy. Although she was finding the size of his cock mesmerizing, Kimberly was also staring back at Tim's naked body in awe. He was definitely enjoying the view of the naked girl in front of him. Nevertheless, Tim could tell that she also liked her view as well of his naked body.

Tim had been waiting hours or so to fulfill his wish to mount the conceited bitch. He now wanted to fuck her. In addition, to deflate her over-inflated ego. He approached the bed and pushed Kimberly down on her back. Tim spread her legs apart and wasted no time in trying to stuff his 16 inches in her pussy. Her pussy may have been wet earlier but his dick was just too big. Kimberly may be a 10-inch fan but Tim's fat 16 inches were not comfortable. He was trying to stuff that monster in her pussy.

"Ouch! No! That is just too big, ouch! That hurts." She whimpered. "Stop! Nooo!"

Tim was too horny. He pushed more of the fathead of his cock in her pussy. Kimberly let out a scream. Bob decided to give a try and let her have something else to think about. He grabbed her head and tried to get her to open her mouth. She opened her mouth when Tim tried to stick more of his cock in her pussy.

Her mouth opened and bob took advantage of the situation and stuffed his cock back in her mouth. Kimberly started to suck on bob's cock. His cock fitted right in her mouth. It was thinner and she started bobbing her head back and forth over its length. As Bob was fucking her mouth, his friend tried to fit more of his massive size cock in her pussy.

She now felt skewed at both ends. A huge cock trying to fit in her pussy and another in her eagerly sucking mouth. She felt so dirty.

Tim continued fucking as much of his fat cock in her pussy that he could fit. Bob held Kimberly's face in his hands and continued to feed her his cock. Her pretty mouth bobbing up and down on his dick. She was so caught up in the blowjob. She was no longer worried about the large penis that was invading her pussy. His huge cock started to feel much better inside her pussy.

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