tagNonHumanKimberly Goes Vamp Ch. 4

Kimberly Goes Vamp Ch. 4


ANiceGuy ©. All characters in this story are over 18. All resemblance to real or imagined characters are illusionary, unless you have felt a sexy girls teeth on your neck lately That's probably not an illusion and you should either wear a garlic necklace to bed in the future or nick your neck on purpose.

* * * * *

As he heard the click of her 5 inch high heels walking towards the bed recognition began to dawn on him. He had heard that sound before, many times before. It was... He couldn't believe it. He could see her in his mind walking in the school hallway towards him in her black skin tight leather looking stretch clothes that covered her entire body like it was her skin. He could see her erect nipples and the indented vee of her pussy. Dark wrap around sunglasses hid her eyes... Yes he knew who it was but his mind would not let him remember the name that went with sexy image he remembered.

"Hi hunk, Kimberly is going to share you with me and Keshia, were all going to have lots of fun." He heard as she walked into view. It was Melanie! And she was dressed just as he remembered her in his dreams except the black leather skin tight body suite had cut outs at her boobs and pussy. Her nipples were even sexier looking than he had imagined with large puffy erect nipples. As Melanie got on the bed and got astride his hips Kimberly held his cock so Melanie could lower herself onto it. Now he had his movement back but the only movement he wanted to do was pump in and out of Melanie. He could hardly believe his girlfriend Kimberly was not only letting him fuck Melanie but was joining in.

"Oh Johnny, your sooo hard and sooooo fucking big! " Melanie moaned as she pumped faster and faster. Kimberly leaned over and began kissing him as Keshia caressed him all over. Never in his wildest dreams had he imagined having sex with three girls. He couldn't tell if he had been fucking Melanie for an hour or two minutes when he began to cum in her. It was like time was standing still.

"Oh fuck! Ohhh yeah baby, cum in me, cum for Melanie. Give Melanie your baby juice. OH FUCK I'M CUMMING TOO! " Melanie screamed as she slammed herself down hard on him insuring maximum penetration and milking his cock of all it's spurting sex juice.

Melanie pulled off as his fuck shaft went limp and lay next to him.

Suddenly there was a twittering sound at the slightly open window and a small dark animal was making a scratching noise. Johnny could almost understand what it was saying. It was calling to some one.

"Oh darn my daddy is calling me to go hunting. He's getting on in years and his faculties aren't as good as they used to be. The last time he went out by himself he chipped a tooth bitting into the neck of a statue of Robert E. Lee. " Keshia said. "He hates Robert E. Lee. " she added before she turned into a wisp and disappeared out the window.

"I'm gonna have to learn to do this wisp stuff, it sure beats walking. " Johnny thought.

' Yes it does come in handy, I'll teach you tomorrow night when we go hunting.' came a thought from Kimberly. I'll also teach you how to project your thoughts at will so we won't have to talk unless we want to of course. " she continued in his mind.

"Right now it's my turn to go for a ride. " she said out loud as she got nakedly astride his already hard again shaft and let Melanie hold him on target. He hadn't remembered Kimberly getting completely naked but.... He seemed to be having a lot of memory problems lately. He was also learning sex stamina wasn't a problem and that was good. Especially if you had two hot babe's wanting to go at it all night with you. Melanie got astride his face facing Kimberly presenting her cunt dripping with cum and pussy juices or him to lick and suck.

"Oh yeah, baby, suck me. Suck my pussy good! " Melanie moaned as he put his tongue to work on her succulent snatch.

"Oh honey, I love your big hard, thick cock in my innocent little pussy! " Kimberly moaned sexily.

Since he had already cum in Melanie, Kimberly went for a nice slow long lasting ride making sure he had time to give Melanie's pussy a good work out. Beating her clit back and forth with his long massaging tongue he brought Melonie to several good cums while Kimberly too got off as she and Melanie french kissed passionately and then took turns kissing and sucking each others tits.

Towards morning everyone retired to coffins in the basement rooms under the house. Johnny knew the double coffin he saw as they walked down the basement stairs was his and Kimberly's. Melanie had her coffin in a private room off the main hall but after kissing her 'room mates' good night she came back out and shared Kimberly and Johnny's coffin for the night. It wasn't crowded as much as snuggly.

Kimberly woke first and sat up stretching and looked at her new lover and Melanie laying beside her. 'Umm that was a nice sleep, in fact it was the best since I became a vamp. I guess a good fuck does as much for a vampire as it does for a human girl'

'Speaking of fucking, I need to wake Johnny and I think I know the best alarm clock.' she thought as she leaned down and began licking and sucking on Johnny's cock. She now sooner had it hard when she heard him moaning as he began to be aware of her actions.

"Umm if this is how I'm going to awakened every morning I'm loving my new 'vamp' alarm clock. " he said as she got astride his now hard fuck shaft and lowered herself on to it.

Their movements had awakened Melanie and she sat up. At first Kimberly thought she was going to join in but one of Melanie's entourage girls came over and began a heated lip lock with her. Melanie left with her, winking at them. After a nice long ride with several good cums for both of them Kimberly let Johnny give Kimberly's pussy a good sucking. He was sooo good at it after all. Besides the more he ate the less would end up soaking her panties. At least that sounded logical to her but in her heart she knew that with Johnny around her pussy juices would be soaking her panties all the time.

During the next month Kimberly taught him how to send his thoughts and how to cloak them. She also taught him how to hunt. How to hunt mostly bad people that wouldn't be missed by normal human society and how to make puncture wounds so the police and coroner would assume the person was stabbed or shot. She showed him how if he and another vampire or two sucked all the blood out of a being it would not become a vampire but would die. She called it 'cleaning the bottom feeders'. They took turns finding meals and sharing with each other and their friends.

He learned the hard way not to feast on a wino's alcohol loaded blood. He wondered why Kimberly had barely touched the feast he got for her and their friends. He quickly became drunk and had to be taken home by cab since he had lost most of his vampire abilities. The next morning he of course had a very bad hangover and vowed as the others chuckled at him never to overindulge in a wino.

"You owe me big time now? " Kimberly said as he sat in bed (well coffin) holding his head. First you got so drunk I had to get several of the others to help me get you in a cab. Then I had to make the cabbie forget where he gave us a ride to. Of course he WILL remember the nice blow job the sexy teenage girl gave him as he drove her and her drunk boyfriend` home. Then I didn't get my usual fuck sexxion before we went to sleep.

"I'm sooo sorry, babe but my head hurts real bad right now. I can hardly think. "

"Well if I get rid of your headache do I get that fucking I missed? " Kimberly offered.

"Absolutley! " Johnny quickly replied

"Well I need this hard for the cure to work." Kimberly told him as she bent over and began to give his cock another one of her super mouth massages. The headache quickly went away as Kimberly used a technique Melanie had used with her when she had done the same thing the first week she had been a vamp.

At first Johnny had a lot of trouble with the bat thing. They were in a bedroom and he forgot to open the window while in his 'human' form. Kimberly was so busy laughing as she watched him hit the well cleaned glass and nose dive to the window sill she couldn't help him. He stumbled around on the ledge and fell to the carpet but finely figured out how to turn back into his human form and open the window so they could leave.

"You could have warned me that I left the window shut, you know.' He projected to her as the flew home together.

"What and miss all the fun? Well yes I could have but then some time when I'm not with you it might happen again. Now you have a nice bump on your little bat head which will make it much more likely you will always open the window first. Melanie did the same to me. "

When they arrived home the party was winding down. Thanks to Kimberly having to train Johnny and watch out for him as well as be alert for Demons or vampire hunters trying to make names for themselves, Kimberly was pretty worn out.

"Johnny it's time for you to find a playmate. I'm going to teach you that tonight. " she told him.

"W- W- what do you mean, 'playmate'. You're my playmate, right. " he said worried she was trying to break up with him.

"No I'm your lover, your soul mate, your other half. If anything happens to either of us, the other will never have another love as deep as our was. Vampires can only have loves like ours if we lusted after each other before we became 'vamps'. If I were to "cease to exist' as it were, since Vampires never die, then you would attach to Melanie since she made me a vamp. It would never be as intense as you and me. What you need are some playmates to take care of and share with when I'm not around or I'm tired. You have to choose them and deep down they have to want to become vampires because of there friendship with you.

They can in turn take lovers and playmates and all of them become part of your and our entourage. I know a topless bar a couple hundred miles from her where you can find one for sure. The DJ is a plaything of mine.

"Plaything? You mean you turned him into a vamp and he's sorta your.... Um you know.

"You mean have I had sex with him? Yes. Is he a 'lover', no. You're my lover and were going to stay that way for many eons. Kinda think of him as a relief pitcher that never gets to pitch a full game or make it into the depths of my big league heart. Oh and I have several like him just as you'll have several playmates soon. "

"What about training, I barely know the basics and one thing I've learned a new vampire is lost with out some one to show them the ropes. " He asked Kimberly as he rubbed his head where the bump was.

"Well sometimes the best way to learn is to teach and I'll still be with you and them just as Melanie is with me and you.

"Well I guess I'll just have to see what happens and go with the flow. " Johnny said as Kimberly lay on her back and opened her legs inviting him to give her pussy a good licking.

"Well right now you've got my pussy juices flowing and my pussy needs a fucking only my most favorite lover can give it. " Kimberly told him as he began licking and teasing her clitty.

To Be Continued...

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