tagErotic PoetryKindred Strangers - Scene 02

Kindred Strangers - Scene 02


Isn't it interesitng that the word intercourse can mean either a conversation or a nice fuck. As in any 'conversation' the two parties may have different pacing and rhythms. Variety and all that... I didn't even try make them match.


Scena Due: Sensi

[S] ------------------------------------------------

      Click. Oak door shuts world outside. Shadowed room
      Scent? Lilac. Bookshelves stuffed, ceiling to floor
      She does a quick spin barely taking it in
      Classics and poetry, A. N. Roquelaure!
      Eyes meet again as they did the first time
      Runs a hand through his hair, touches his face
      Pulls him into a kiss, long, slow and soft.
      Like some wine? No I’m fine. Like your place.
      I would like a shower, you mind? Leads the way.

[L] -------------------------------------------------

      Seen through marble, tile and doors of glass,
      Past splashing, shower-sparkled, dazzling ass,
      Wide windows open on the sunlit hills
      As background, but the foreground is what thrills.
      He watches, nearly spellbound as she turns,
      Wet trickles trace her as his passion burns.
      At first he turned to leave, but she said Stay.
      He'll join her soon, but now he lets her play,
      A Botticelli dancer in the spray.

[S] ---------------------------------------------

      Exhibitionism, her favorite game
      She swivels and swirls, breasts pressed to the glass pane
      Fingers dance deftly over flesh without shame.
      She spins around, one hand down on the tiled floor,
      The other glides over her slit to explore.
      While slowly she grinds her ass back on the door
      Her ecstasy swallows her. How long’s it been?
      She’s waited two years, saved her body for him
      She needs him to touch her. You gonna come in?

[L] ---------------------------------------------

      His tented robe cast aside, abandoned on terrazzo floor,
      She holds her pose, glances back, he steps in though the misty door.
      She feels his cock, a torrid touch, hard on wet, his scent a waft
      That rises as she pushes back, she slides so slickly down his shaft,
      Till standing in a wet cascade, his cock pressed all along her slit
      She rocks a bit, front to back, his head rubs hard upon her clit.
      He kisses just beneath her ear, her neck, her shoulder, here and there
      And at the nape, a nip, a suck. She shivers, goosebumps in warm air.
      He reaches down, and spreads her wide, and rocks in closer, wet and bare.

[S] -------------------------------------------------

      Impaled! She swoons, cries out, he steadies her
      Jolt, thrill, electric pulse, vision fades to white
      Frozen moment etched in time, she exhales a purr
      He fills her completely and teases her clit
      Nibbles and kisses the nape of her neck
      She wants to slow down, wants it to last
      But it’s out of control and coming on fast
      Over wet shoulder she searches his eyes.
      Ooh, such sexy eyes! Circuit complete between two souls

[L] -------------------------------------------
      Lightning in a velvet glove, the rod in silk and oil,
      A supernova on the brink, blood about to boil,
      She draws him swooning deeper in, he somehow steadies her,
      And feels her clutch him deep inside, and trembles at her purr,
      Then sliding out, he rams in deep, sheathed now to the hilt.
      She's so deliriously wet, his knees begin to wilt.
      He grabs her hips tight in his hands and rocks her in and out
      Watching as he's swallowed by her pussy's perfect pout,
      Emerging wet and glistening, the shower all about.

[S] -------------------------------------------------

      Her need for this moment too long awaited
      Overwhelming desire momentarily sated
      Now attentive to him, with a gleam in her eye
      Pinning him to the wall, she rests one thigh
      In the crook of his elbow, he murmurs a sigh
      As she guides him in with a thrust of her hips
      Swallows him whole and tightens her grip
      She slowly pulls back then drives it back home
      Nibbles his neck as he lets out a groan

[L] ------------------------------------------------

      A thrust, a swoon, a clutch, a swallowed gasp,
      Her moist caress enfolds him in its grasp
      So exquisite, barely keeping his control.
      Another thrust, and he emerges glistening,
      Her pant a Siren's call, that drags him listening
      Rushing onward like a wave crest poised to roll.
      Her knee pulled up, a barely bated bite,
      He spreads her legs, completely open wide,
      And plunging in, he feels the ridges of her soul.

[S] --------------------------------------------------

      She sucks his tongue and bites at his lips
      Riding the rhythm of his frenzied hips
      With a pulse like a thousand wings beating, they rise
      Watching each other, hypnotized
      As the crest of the wave crashes over and rolls
      Breaking hard on the shores of two passionate souls
      And washes away every moment but this
      Supernova of light, earthquake tremors of bliss
      They remain long entwined in the shower’s cool mist


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