tagCelebrities & Fan FictionKings and Queens Ch. 04

Kings and Queens Ch. 04


This is a work of fiction, although loosely based on two particular episodes of a popular sitcom series. I own neither the series nor the characters; but I do own the work presented here. I have taken significant liberties with the characters, and hope you enjoy it!

Kings & Queens – Chapter 4

Carrie is found out - and Amy keeps her job

Carrie needed to work late – again – because her boss was a jerk who couldn't figure out what he wanted. She had already cross referenced the case files, now he said he wanted them done differently. Fuck! she thought. She called Doug to let him know and got his usual blow off. No offer to bring her dinner. Nothing. Bastard! she thought. Oh well. Just get focused on this crap and get it done so tomorrow doesn't run late too. It would be Friday and she wanted to party! She buried herself in the files, jotting notes on a pad and shuffling the papers into folders as she made the connections. Then she heard footsteps in the hallway leading to Pruzan's office and looked over in that direction. What she saw surprised her. It was Amy, the pretty brunette that was so quiet, sneaking into Pruzan's office after hours.

She let several minutes pass, then went over to listen at the door. "That's good Amy, suck it nice. Do a good job and I'll make sure you get that promotion and raise you need." Pruzan was saying.

Amy was giving her boss a blow job! Carrie realized. She wondered what perks the girl might be gaining by doing nasty things for Pruzan in the office. Her phone vibrated and Carrie moved as quickly as she could around the corner and down the hall before answering. "Hello" she whispered.

"Hey babe, it's me. Uh... why are you whispering?" Doug's voice was obvious.

"I'll tell you later. What do you want?" Carrie asked, angry that he had chosen this particular moment to call.

"Well geez... fine... just got a call from Deac. They want us to come over." Doug told her.

Carrie's mind raced. What could this be? she wondered. "W-why?" she asked.

"He didn't say, just that it was important." Doug told her. "Just take the train over there and I'll meet you in an hour." he added.

"O-okay. See you there." Carrie replied, ending the call. FUCK! What if she had been found out somehow? A muffled squeal came from Pruzan's office, drawing her back around that corner.

"Just be quiet now Amy. I'll finish in your little ass and you can go." she heard Pruzan's voice. and he's fucking her in the ass? Carrie wondered, her own backside tingling at that thought. Another squeal came from the room, followed by the distinctive sound of skin-on-skin. "I said SHUT UP bitch. Just take it up your butt and BE QUIET!" Pruzan told the girl. slap-slap-slap-slap-slap came the sounds of the man's belly smacking against Amy's firm derriere, a tiny squeak accompanying each slap. A few more minutes of this and Carrie heard Pruzan groan, and knew she should get the hell out of there before she was discovered. She tip-toed back around the corner and down the hall, grabbing her purse and making a dash for the elevator. Down at street level she walked quickly to the train station, boarding a car headed for Queens. The crowded car was a surprising relief, for she knew her boss and the girl wouldn't catch her here. She felt a hand on her behind, just brushing her at first. She could feel his breath on the back of her neck, then the hand cupped and fondled her brazenly. She turned her head and gave the man 'the eye'; but his hand remained. Oh what the fuck. Let the guy cop a feel. It's harmless. she thought, pushing her butt against his fingers.

Doug parked the Jeep and waited, wondering what all the urgency was about. Deac and Kelly weren't usually the types to get too excited about things, so it had to be something juicy.

Kelly had stumbled upon some of the covert video Deacon had captured of him screwing Carrie, and confronted him. He didn't deny anything, as it wouldn't have done any good. It was his cock and his voice, and his dick was enjoying Carrie's mouth, cunt, and even her ass on that video. Deac asked her what she was going to do about it. "Well, since you've enjoyed Carrie so thoroughly I think it's only fair that I get to do the same with Dougie." she told him.

"Uh... so you're going to fuck Doug?" Deacon asked.

"Hell yeah I'm going to fuck Doug." Kelly replied indignantly. "I'm going to suck his cock and take him up my butt too!" she added.

Deacon knew it was pointless to argue. He'd been discovered, and that was that. But how is Doug going to react to his debasement of Carrie? he wondered. The doorbell rang. He was about to find out.

"So what's all the excitement about?" Doug asked. He was the only one of the four that didn't know.

"You want to tell him Deacon?" Kelly asked, eying Carrie with a smile.

"Uh..." Deacon stammered.

"Fine. I'll do it." Kelly said. "Doug, my husband and your wife had a little get together while you were out of town." she began.

"Uh.. a get together?" Doug queried.

"Yeah. Deacon screwed Carrie every which way you can imagine." Kelly told him.

Doug looked at Deacon, then at his wife. Deacon looked at the floor. Carrie managed a weak smile.

"So I think it's fair for you and I to have some fun" Kelly said, giving Doug a broad beautiful smile.

"Uh.. like a wife-swap thing?" Doug asked innocently, although he'd often fantasized about Kelly.

"Oh no." Kelly replied. "They've had their fun. Now we have ours." she clarified. "Carrie and Deac get to babysit while you and I go fuck our brains out." she laughed. She stood up and walked to the counter, grabbing her purse. She looked at Doug and smiled again. "Let's go lover. Time for us to get busy." she giggled.

The drive to the hotel was pretty quiet, although Kelly told him what she'd seen on the video. Doug now knew that Carrie had been buttfucked - and by his best friend. And apparently she had been eager to suck his dick too, something she rarely did for him. Well I guess I should take advantage of this and check out Kelly's oral and anal skills he thought, his cock stirring in his pants as they drove into the parking garage. Kelly had already made the room arrangements, so they went straight to the room. He walked behind her, watching her firm black booty jiggling in her tight jeans. Damn that's a fine ass he thought as she slipped the key into the door and opened it.

Kelly turned around once the door was closed, her fingers deftly unbuttoning her blouse and the waistband of her jeans as she turned to face him. "Okay Dougie, let's not waste any time. I told Deacon we would be back by 2am." she said hoarsely, reaching down to fondle his quickly rising penis. "Deac tells me Carrie doesn't give you head very often, is that true?" she asked him, her fingers unzipping his fly.

"Uh... yeah, it's basically a birthday thing with her." he replied, his hands fumbling at his shirt buttons. "and sometimes when she's drunk" he added.

Kelly dropped to her knees, pulling his modestly sized dick out of his pants. "Mmm..." she moaned, pursing her lips. "Well let's just take care of that..." she said, taking the length of his meat into her throat. Doug's cock wasn't nearly as big as Deacon's, so she could easily deep throat him without any gag tendencies. Her fingers found his balls, gently fondling the sensitive orbs as her lips and tongue worked his manhood. He groaned, his hands pulling her head down onto his cock, holding her there until she pushed away and looked up at his face. "You like it when I suck your cock, Dougie?" she asked, lifting his shaft to lap at the underside. "How about your balls?" she asked, taking one of his sensitive orbs into her mouth to gently suckle.

Doug had never had his balls sucked before. That this was Kelly doing it was blowing his mind. "ohhhgod Kelly... feels sooooo fucking good..." he mumbled. Then he felt a fingertip at his anal port, and before he could react the digit slipped inside his butt as her mouth returned to his cock taking it to the root. "ohhhhhFUCK" he growled. The finger in his ass was new as well.

She pulled back without removing her finger and looked up at him. "I also heard Carrie doesn't take it up the ass; but she did with Deacon." she said hoarsely, wriggling the finger. "We'll take care of that later too Dougie. Wrap this white dick in some tight black booty" she giggled, taking his cock back into her throat. A few more minutes of fellatio and she withdrew and stood up, leaning forward to plant a very wet kiss on his lips as her hands removed first his shirt then hers, following it with her bra to expose her lush boobs. She pulled his head down to her chest, rubbing his face between her breasts. "Mmmm... you like my soft titties Doug?" she teased him, then her hands tugged her jeans down, leaving her thong panties on as she turned around. She stuck her backside out, reaching back to slap her bottom. "You want some of this Dougie?" she asked him, bending further forward to rest her hands on the bed. Her fingers tugged the crotch of her panties aside, exposing her very wet pussy. "Come on Dougie. Let your cock try some black pussy for a change." she offered.

Doug could see the pink inner flesh as he walked up behind her with his dick in his hand. He pushed the head of his organ against her lips and it slipped right in. Her cunt was hot, and very wet; but as soon as he pushed inside her tunnel she clenched her muscles making her vagina very tight. "oh damn girl... so nice and tight..." he mumbled, sliding in and out of her pussy. His hands rested on her backside, enjoying the feel of her body as his hips moved on their own. His gaze dropped to catch a quick glimpse of her derriere, still apprehensive about screwing his best friend's wife. He could see the puffy ring of her anus, and his dick twitched inside her cunt. He let out a whistle as he watched the snug ring pulsating with his strokes into her vagina. "so fucking nice Kelly." he said softly. One finger drifted over to briefly touch her wrinkle, bringing a low moan from her. She turned her head around and winked. Fifteen minutes of fellatio followed by fifteen minutes of fucking was pretty much all he could handle his first time with the beautiful black woman. His cock twitched inside her, and he grabbed her hips. He began to piston his organ in and out of her pussy, splashing her insides with his seed with each stroke. He fucked her until there was no more semen to deliver, then leaned forward to give her a kiss on her neck before pulling out to collapse on the bed.

Kelly let her body ooze onto the bed next to him, her hand resting on his belly just above his still throbbing dick. "Mmmm... how did you like your first brown sugar Dougie?" she asked softly, her tongue flicking out to tease one of his nipples. "I'll give you a little break, then you can try some double-fudge." she giggled.

"D-double fudge?" Doug stammered, not making the connection.

"My ass baby. I want you to do my asshole." Kelly clarified. "You ever have a woman's butt?" she asked him.

"Uh... no." Doug replied honestly. He'd never even put a finger inside any woman's anus before.

"Oh, well we'll take care of that then." Kelly said.

"Doesn't it hurt?" he asked her.

"No baby, it doesn't hurt." she told him. "As long as you use some lube and take it easy at first." she added. "I love getting fucked in my ass."

DAMN! Doug thought. This black hottie wants ME to fuck her in the ASS! He felt his libido recovering at that thought.

Kelly giggled when her fingers found his half-turgid organ. "Oooo... he seems to be waking up again." she whispered, her lips kissing their way down his belly. "Time for some more Dougie" she said, taking his meat all the way into her mouth to suck it until it was again hard. Without losing oral contact with his cock she curled herself around so he had ready access to her body, then she lifted her head from his groin and reached over to grab the bottle of lube she'd placed on the bed. She handed him the bottle. "Just put plenty of this in my ass while I keep him interested. Use your fingers back there, I won't mind." she told him, resuming her fellatio as he fumbled with the lube. She felt one finger gingerly pushing into her backside and pushed her hips back to meet the intruder. She lifted her head again to gasp "more lube... two fingers... gllllggppphhhh" she grunted, taking his cock back between her lips. She felt the applicator nozzle pushing into her butt, then the warmth of the special KY inside her followed by two of his fingers. A few minutes and they were both ready. Kelly flipped over on her belly, reaching back to pull her cheeks apart. "Fuck my ass Doug." she said. "Put that white cock of yours up my tight black asshole and FUCK ME" she demanded.

Doug knelt between her soft thighs, leaning forward to get his dick somewhere near her proffered butt. Her fingers guided his organ to her slippery little ring and he lunged. His cock pushed inside her rear several inches, bringing a guttural moan from Kelly. Another push and his dick was buried in her butthole. "FUCK that's nice.." he grunted. Having never had his penis inside a woman's rectal channel he had no idea what to expect; but the buttery-smooth tissues of Kelly's pooper felt like heaven. Her asshole convulsed at the sudden intrusion, gripping his dick as it had never been gripped before. "ohhhhSHIT" he growled. He really couldn't move yet, as any additional stimulation would have driven him beyond the point of no return.

Kelly loved the feel of another penis inside her pooper. Deacon loved anal intercourse, and would give it to her whenever she wanted; but this was different. She had seen Doug's wandering eyes on her over the years, staring at her body when he got the chance. She gently wriggled her hips, clenching her sphincter around his organ. "Ooooo... you like my little butthole Dougie?" she asked. Doug grunted in response. "I want you to cum in my ass Doug. Take it easy if you want, fuck me hard if you want; but I want your sticky sauce deep inside my nasty little hole." she told him, pushing her hips up at his. He would take a slow, easy stroke out and back in. She could tell he was doing everything he could do to keep from emptying his balls. Once his organ was buried again she would gently clench her sphincter around him. She felt a twitch in her rectum, and her muscles convulsed in response. Another twitch, another spasm from her snug pooper. "FUCK MY ASS DOUG" she howled, her hips writhing as he began stroking in and out of her.

He couldn't hold back. The velvety tightness of her asshole was just too much once her muscles clenched around his cock. His hips went on autopilot in climax-mode, pounding his shaft in and out of the black woman's booty on the climb to his peak. "FUCK your ass is hot!" he growled. "nnNGGG... nnNGGGG... nnnNNNNNGGGG... OHGOD... NNNGGGGGGGGAAAAAAA" he howled, splashing her bowels with his semen as her sphincter spasmed around his organ. After his last blast he collapsed on her back, his dick still lodged firmly in her asshole. He could feel her muscles rippling along his shaft, keeping him hard, getting him ready for more...

Kelly consciously worked her butthole to keep his dick hard, wanting more sodomy to get her off as well. When he pulled off he rolled onto his back next to her, and without hesitation she threw a leg over his torso and pushed herself up to straddle his loins. She smiled at him as her fingers stroked his sensitive penis. "You aren't done yet, Doug Heffernan" she hissed, positioning his cockhead back at the entrance to her butt before lowering her hips to take him back inside. Her hips slid down until he was all the way up her ass, then she ground her groin against his to stimulate her clit. "I want to cum too, with your dick up my ass" she told him, writhing her hips against his. "Your cock feels so good in my rear." she added, sliding her sheath up and down on his meat. "ohhhhh FUCK YESSSS..." she hissed.

Doug could scarcely believe what was happening. The lovely Kelly had given him a blow job, sucked his balls, taken his dick into her pussy, then into her asshole, and now she was fucking him again - with her butt! He reached down between their bodies to find her wet clit, gently rubbing the hard little nub as she took his penis into her snug booty chute. Her hands clasped his head and pulled his lips to hers as their loins worked together in a common pursuit of pleasure. It seemed like a very long time; but was really only a few minutes before his cock was clenched repeatedly by a trembling spasm of her butthole as she began to cum. A dozen convulsions and he was gone as well, his grunts muffled by her lips and tongue assaulting his mouth.

She had been focused on her own passion; but was glad when she felt his dick twitching wildly inside her ass. It wasn't Deacon's big cock stretching her asshole; but it was enough. Her body trembled as it always did, her loins shuddering as Doug's penis sprayed her bowels with his jizm. "ohyess... ohgodYESSSS.... cum in my ass baby..." she moaned, nuzzling his thick neck as she rode up and down on his organ. His fluids made her anus slippery, and they both laughed when her sphincter clenched at the wrong moment and his cock popped free. "Mmm... thanks Dougie. I loved it." she cooed.

"Yeah?" he responded, rolling off of her. "It was pretty... incredible" he told her.

They gave themselves fifteen minutes to recover before finding their clothes and heading back. Kelly let him know she might be interested in getting together again if he wanted to and they could find a time....

Carrie sat across the table from Deacon, unsure what to say. "S-so... um... where does this go from here?" she asked him.

"Oh, I'm thinking Dougie might have some needs you will have to take care of." he replied with a chuckle. "'Cause Kelly will have done a job on him if I know my girl." he added.

"Really?" Carrie queried. "Like what?" she asked.

"Like he's gonna want regular blow jobs, and he's gonna do your cute ass once in a while too." Deacon replied.

Carrie thought about that. I guess I could do those things for Doug. How bad could it be? "Well... I guess that wouldn't be such a big deal." she responded. "I've had your big dick back there, his won't be too big." she giggled.

"Yeah girl, well I can tell you Kelly wasn't too happy about that either. She threatened to leave with the kids if we didn't do... this." Deacon told her.

"So we can't do it again?" Carrie asked, her face showing her disappointment.

"I didn't say that." he replied. "We'll just have to choose our time." he told her. "My dick would enjoy another trip up that little dirt road of yours." he laughed.

They heard the key in the door, both of them jumping up as Doug and Kelly walked in. They were both smiling. Nobody really had anything to say, so Carrie grabbed her purse and she and Doug left, promising to 'see them soon'. Kelly walked over to Deacon, reaching down to grab his cock. "I need your big black monster, NOW" she demanded.

Doug had been silent since they got in the car, and it bothered her. "So.. ah... how was it?" she asked the dumbest of all possible questions. "I mean..."

"It was fantastic." Doug replied, supplying no details at all.

"So... what'd you do?" she pursued.

"She gave me two great blow jobs, I fucked her pussy, and I came in her ass twice." Doug told her. "Is that what you wanted to know?"

"Hmmm... I guess..." Carrie stammered.

"Look Carrie. Our sex life is going to change." Doug told her.

"L-like how?" Carrie was almost afraid to ask. Doug's hand came across the car to pull her head down.

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