tagExhibitionist & VoyeurKings and Queens Ch. 06

Kings and Queens Ch. 06

byMany Feathers©

With graduation only a few short weeks away now, pretty much all the athletic activities were over. As such, the track and football field were deserted as I stood waiting for Jayleen to arrive. A few minutes later she did, and we ducked behind the stands where we'd met before. Having arrived early, we still had a good thirty minutes before class, so I was hoping for a bit of brief fun at the very least. Jayleen explained to me how her dad had taken away her cell phone for a week, which was a real bummer, but she promised to call me anyway, using a nearby payphone whenever she could manage it. After three more weeks, it wouldn't make any difference anyway as she then informed me she was planning on moving out, and then moving in with her older sister. The problem with that was, she'd be living nearly four hours away, though it had always been her intention of attending college upstate, and me having already been accepted at a local university where I'd continue living at home for a while at least.

"I wanted to tell you something," she began. "But before I do that, remember what I texted you?"

Though I was curious about what she had to say, I was also equally as curious about her "I O U 1" that she'd sent me. I smiled letting her know that I did remember, and then watched as she deftly reached over unzipping my fly. Though nervous about anyone seeing us as we stood beneath the stands, no one ventured nearby even as a few fellow students began arriving in the parking lot. Taking my cock out of my jeans, Jayleen stroked it until it was nice and hard, and then knelt down on the ground in front of me and proceeded to give me what was a very nice and very enjoyable blowjob.

One of the things we had actually talked about believe it or not, long before we'd actually done much of anything, was the fact she wasn't too keen on ever letting anyone cum in her mouth. So knowing that, I was prepared to warn her well ahead of time. As my orgasm slowly approached, her mouth wonderfully sucking my cock, I did so, letting her know I was only seconds away from releasing a nice hot load. To my surprise however, she kept sucking, looking up towards my face as I stood there looking down. I warned her again, wondering for a moment if she hadn't heard me or understood what I'd said. It became obvious that she had, now opening her mouth even wider, still holding my cock, stroking it expectantly. When she did that, I exploded, watching my cum spurting into her mouth as she took it. When I was finished, she did turn and spit most of it out, even so...it was still pretty erotic and I was surprised at the effort she had made, especially when she'd so adamantly stated it was something she would never ever do. I then realized, there was more to this than simply an IOU of sorts, and wondered if it might have something to do with her eventually moving out and moving away.

After I had straightened myself up again, I stood there smiling, but wondering what else was going on, especially by the look in her face that now looked tentative, worried.

"What's up?" I finally asked, now a little worried myself.

"There's something I have to tell you," she told me and then I knew it wasn't going to be pleasant when she did, which partially explained the "No cum in my mouth blowjob" I'd just been given.

"The other night at your place when we almost did it," she started out. "I wanted to, especially with you, but I also knew you were a virgin, and I didn't want to do something until I told you something first, and that is...I'm not."

Her surprising revelation hit me like a sledgehammer. Maybe it shouldn't, but the truth of the matter was, I'd been led to believe that she was, especially as she'd always kept me at a distance with regards to that. And though looking back I couldn't remember a time when she'd come out and actually said she was, she'd never said she wasn't either, until now.

"When?" I found myself asking, now curious as we'd been dating for most of our senior year together.

"Before you," was all she said, and it was obvious she wasn't about to tell me who either.

"Why am I only finding out about this now?" I had to ask.

"Because I want to again...with you," she said simply. "But not before you knew that I wasn't. I didn't want there to be any secrets between us, and I didn't want you thinking or believing I hadn't before we ever did."

I was in a very weird place at the moment. On the one hand, I now had a few secrets myself, none of which I felt like I could tell her about. Somehow in my mind, I'd managed to reconcile what I'd done, been involved in, and didn't really consider it to be cheating on her. On the other however, learning that she wasn't a virgin, where as I still technically was in that sense, didn't sit very well with me. Oddly enough, it wasn't so much that she'd already had sex with someone else that really bothered me. It was the fact that she had and I hadn't. She was experienced in that area to some extent at least, and I had absolutely no fucking clue as to what to expect, or even really do for that matter. My stunned silence wasn't quite what she was expecting either as we both stood there, the five minute bell ringing alerting us to the fact that school was about to start.

"I need to go," she informed me, though once again her look was worried and concerned. "I'll try and call you this evening if I can get away," she then added. "Obviously...we still need to talk." With that, Jayleen sprinted off across the football field towards her first class, my own in the opposite direction, though I didn't run, I simply walked. I now had a lot to think about myself, should I now share with her a few things about myself that she didn't know? How would she respond to that? I could only imagine, and yet, I also knew how intensely arousing and exciting it had been for me too. With emotions on a wild rollercoaster ride at the moment, I headed off to class wondering what it was I should do.


Late that same evening after I had gotten home from my part-time job, I'd come into the house surprised to see my mom was still up. Dad had already gone to bed, and mom appeared to be joining him shortly. I'd been brooding about things all day long, and I guess it showed in my face as I came in the door.

"Why the long face?" Mom asked me, suddenly not as anxious to head off to bed as she'd appeared to be when I first came in.

Maybe it had something to do with knowing what I now knew about my own parents, primarily that mom wasn't as innocent as I'd come to believe her to be, though I'd always known my father to be a bit "out there" as far as things went, but I'd always thought of that as just being a "guy thing", now...I had at least come to terms with the fact it wasn't just dad, mom too had more of an open-mind obviously, than I'd given her credit for.

"Jayleen isn't a virgin," I said simply. "I just found that out today."

Mom pulled out a chair from the table sitting down, just as I did. "And you still are," she surmised correctly, a little surprised perhaps to discover I still was though she obviously knew I wasn't exactly innocent in other areas. "Does that bother you that she isn't?" She asked.

"It does yes, but maybe not in quite the way you think it does," I told her. "I mean...sure, I wish she'd told me earlier, but the fact is...now I wonder if and when we actually do, what she'll think. I mean...I don't have any idea, you know?" I said looking up, surprised to be having this conversation with my own mother.

Mom smiled however, understanding my worries and concern. "And you're worried that because you don't, that she'll be disappointed in you or something."

"Something like that," I responded back. "It might have been different with the two of us fumbling about, not knowing what to expect, or even what to do exactly. But the fact remains, she does...and I don't."

"Maybe if the two of you just sit down and talk about it," she suggested.

"Awe mom..." I said reluctantly. "I feel stupid enough as it is, inadequate. What if I really do disappoint her? What then? What if I ah....you know,"

"Prematurely ejaculate?" Mom said openly, surprising me with her candor.

"Well yeah, that too," I freely admitted, seeing her try to stifle a giggle.

"Listen, Kevin...since you're being open with me now, I'm going to be open with you too, and though I might be your mother, I'm glad you feel comfortable enough to actually sit down and discuss this with me. So...I'm going to ask you, do you have any problems coming too soon or too quickly when you masturbate? And don't tell me you don't either...I know better. I've seen enough evidence to suggest the fact you do so often, and no...don't ask me how I know that, just know that I do."

I was a bit surprised at the direction our conversation was suddenly going, but I also realized mom was seriously trying to understand my dilemma, and perhaps actually offer me some sound advice.

"No, not really," I told her.

"What do you mean by not really?" she asked.

Perhaps any other time I'd have felt really uncomfortable, or awkward discussing this with her, but like I said, I'd been brooding about it all day, and now, actually having someone to talk to about the way I was feeling, actually felt good.

"When I want to...I can come pretty quickly. But there are other times, when I enjoy taking my time, and it's not like I have to stop or fight to keep from coming," I admitted to her. She nodded her head in understanding, though I could still see the secretive smile in her eyes that told me she was finding part of this discussion to be somewhat amusing.

"Perfectly normal then, just as I suspected you are," she told me seeing the look of relief in my face. "Honestly Kevin, I think you're making more out of this than what's necessary. But...tell you what, let me think about it a little, and then we'll sit down and discuss it again, how's that sound? It is a bit late, and I really do need to get to bed otherwise I'll feel like shit all day at work tomorrow. So...give me a couple of days and then we'll sit down again, ok?"

To be honest, I did feel better. The fact I could actually discuss something like this with my own mother was refreshing to say the least, though my normal almost automatic everyday desire to jerk off seemed to evaporate. As such, I didn't even think about it let alone actually do so for the next couple of days. I hadn't heard from Jayleen either, still unable to call me, and as we had absolutely no classes together, I barely even saw her at school, especially as I always left before lunch time in order to head off to work at my part time job. Because of that, we'd hardly said two words to one another since her revelation under the stands a few days before.

And it had been a busy week for everyone else too. In a way, I was almost glad I hadn't run into Cindy, I was still having a few mixed emotions about that too. On the one hand, I'd certainly enjoyed the little bit we had done, it had excited me beyond reason, though I was now feeling just a teeny bit guilty about having done that much, and not being able to share that with Jayleen, or even mom for that matter. I'd begun to wonder what she'd think if she were to ever find out. How would that affect her relationship with her best friend and neighbor? I found myself thus avoiding the possibility of running into Cindy again until I could work that part of it out for myself too.

Finally on Thursday evening, again late after arriving home, mom had sat up waiting for me. I was actually glad to see that she was, evidently she'd finally come to some sort of a decision, and perhaps had some advice to offer to me about the way I was thinking...feeling.

I noticed a small little card sitting in the middle of the kitchen table with my name on it when I came in. What I hadn't expected or anticipated however, was that dad was still up too, and he soon after came in to the kitchen joining us, taking a seat next to mom. I realized then, they must have talked about my situation, and though I once again felt a little weird about them having done that, in retrospect, it shouldn't have surprised me.

"Go ahead, open it," they both said smiling.

I sat down reaching for the little card, opening it. I immediately noticed it was on a fancy type of stationary from the Marriott Hotel, Luxury resort in fact. I opened the card, it read simply, "Room 112 Friday & Saturday May 21st and 22nd."

I looked up confused.

"Consider it a somewhat early graduation present," mom said without going into further explanation. As for dad, he sat there grinning like a clown. All he needed was a white face and a little red paint to complete the picture.

"I don't understand," I said in response to their looks and smiles.

"You will," mom said letting me know that they were about to tell me anything else. "I've already called your boss, told him we were planning on a graduation surprise for you too, so he's already given you the night off. Check in is after two, so you're welcome to go anytime after that. Enjoy yourself, relax by the pool, order in room service...relax."

Obviously, this was really sweet of them, and certainly a surprise. But I couldn't for the life of me understand why they'd done this...and then it dawned on me, especially with dad sitting there with this shit-eating grin on his face, they'd hired a prostitute! Ok, maybe not a sleazy stand around on the corner prostitute, perhaps more of a high-priced call girl, but even then...I was stunned. It was the only thing that made any sense.

"Just try and enjoy yourself," mom said, now confirming my suspicions. "And don't think too heavily about it either," she then added as she and dad finally stood heading off towards their bedroom.

I sat for the longest time staring at the card, wondering about it, though I'd already made up my mind to go, if anything, I was looking forward to a little R & R if nothing else. And spending an entire weekend at a luxury resort, with everything paid for as long as I was there, had its benefits.

"Fuck!" I said aloud. "Who knows? Maybe she'll actually be good looking too?" I convinced myself. Knowing dad anyway, if he'd had any say in picking her out, she'd at least have nice tits. That was one of the few things dad and I certainly did have in common. For the moment anyway, my worries and concerns about Jayleen would have to wait. I sat there realizing I now had an erection, something I hadn't had for several days now. I grinned, standing up and slipped off into my room where I proceeded to sit back, fantasize about some mysterious good-looking woman, taking my virginity. Suddenly, things were right with the world again.


I checked into my room around three. The suite was enormous! In all my life I had never seen, let alone ever stayed in a room quite like this one before. It looked more like a furnished apartment, including a nice-sized kitchenette, though I had no intention of doing any of my own cooking. The bedroom itself was four times the size of my own, and included a sunken tub, Jacuzzi sitting nearby, aside from the spacious bathroom and shower area that was large enough to accommodate four people comfortably.

"Damn!" I said grinning from ear to ear as I gave myself a tour of the place, even more surprised to see mom and dad had even left a couple of bottles of wine for me with my name on them on the side board.

"Like we said, have fun...enjoy yourself, love...mom and dad."

I was anxious, a little nervous, but obviously excited too. I still had no idea what to expect, or even when to expect it, but I'd already surmised all that had been put into motion. I hurriedly slipped into my swim trunks and headed outside to the pool. I quickly found a nearby lounge chair and settled in. Across the way a couple of good looking women were already laying out sunning themselves. I was briefly startled when a young female approached me carrying a tray. To my surprise, it already had a drink on it.

"Mr. Williams?" she asked.

Even with sunglasses on, I still had to shield my eyes when looking up at her. She was young, gorgeous and friendly. Even so, I wasn't used to being addressed quite so formally.


She handed me my drink. "Compliments of the resort," she told me. "I'm to inform you that everything has been taken care of in advance, all you have to do is sign for it," she said still smiling. "If there's anything else that you need while you're here...don't be afraid to ask. And by the way, my names Janet," she told me. Though I had already noted that when I'd glanced up at her breasts, her name badge hanging just above one of them. I wondered briefly if she meant anything more than that, but then decided she didn't and that it was just my own overactive imagination and horniness playing tricks on me.

"Thank you," I told her, signing the check.

"Room 112 yes?" She smiled back once again...and I wondered.

"Yes," I said grinning back as I watched her cute tight little ass walking away.

I sat outside by the pool for the better part of an hour, accepting a second drink from Janet, along with another somewhat flirtatious smile, and then decided to head in for a shower and get cleaned up a little. I still had no idea what to expect, or when to expect it either, but I wanted to be ready for it whenever it did.

I soon stood in this giant sized shower, enjoying the feel of the deliciously hot almost scalding spray on my flesh as I washed up. Preening myself in front of the mirror a few minutes later, I walked naked back into the bedroom, and froze. For a moment, I was dazed, confused, and shocked beyond belief. Sitting on my equally enormous bed were three women, all of them naked, grinning at me as I came in.

"Hi sweetie! Surprise!"

I could only stand there trying to find my voice. "Cindy? Laurel? Doreen?" All three of my mother's friends sat there, naked as they day they were born..."Mom, Dad? Actually put you up to this?" I asked incredulously.

"Well of course silly. Disappointed? Would you rather there be someone else? A call girl perhaps?" Cindy giggled. "Which initially was your father's suggestion by the way, until your mom and the three of us convinced him this would be a lot better for everyone all the way around, unless of course...you're not interested."

I didn't know what to say, I was still a bit speechless, though my cock soon gave way to any shyness I might have entertained as I stood there looking at the three of them.

"And beside's Kevin, what young man hasn't entertained the thought of fucking an older woman, a MILF? As you refer to them these days?" she asked. "And here...with us, you have three of them!" She added grinning.

I had to ask.

"Does ah...Bob? John and Mike know about this?"

"Of course they do. In fact, they're all coming up tomorrow to spend the weekend too, along with your mom and dad. We've all taken our own rooms, so yes...to alleviate any fears you might have about that, they do. In fact, they even said how they wished they'd been given this opportunity when they'd grown up, and thought it was a great idea, especially when it was your own mother who suggested it!"

I couldn't believe my ears, let alone what I was actually seeing.

"Now, the only question that remains, and which will be entirely up to you of course, is which one of us do you want to pick to have your first time with?" Cindy asked. "And don't worry about feeling obligated to me either," she then added. "You won't hurt my feelings, I'll be happy with second, or third spot...either way."


"It's going to be a long night...a very, very long night," she said grinning, standing as they all did. "Now then, how about you come over here and sit on the bed while you think about it, let us pamper you a little while you decide. We're not in any rush here either you know, like I said. We have all night...and all day tomorrow as well.

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