Lohan was sleeping so much deeply. He worked last five weeks like a donkey. His project coordinator Liziana didn't complain against him. She always genuinely appreciated what he did. Now he feels so much comfort and relaxes. But he got tiered so much he needs rest. His work is always like that when work comes it just like rush and he always busy with work. No sleeps no eat. Just his target is going to be finishing the work.

The inter call was ringing so long. Lohan didn't want to wake up and that call. At last he opens the switch of inter call. The inter call screen show views of Jentaliam. Jentaliam says,

- Sorry for disturbing you, Lohan. But it is so much important.

Jentaliam is a good friend of Lohan. They work together few times in International Science Academy. Now Jentaliam works in International Environmental Science Academy. Lohan says,

- What wrong, Jentaliam?

- Not good news. Could you please come to Lacas restaurant? It is very important issues we all need to discus.

- But I am a project scientist of technology. You people work in environment science. So I think I can't able to do any thing to you. Beside I just finished a big project and I am so much tiered. I need some rest.

- I know. But your father was an environment scientist. He was a legendary works.

- So! It was my father not me. I am not like my father.

- Lohan, we need your help.

- I am so sorry that I couldn't help you.

- Please, Lohan!

- Bye, Jentaliam. Take care

Lohan switch off the inter call set. He feels so much angry and he doesn't want to remember that conversation he did with Jentaliam. He went to the kitchen. Lots of fruits he bought yesterday. Now in the world every one takes food capsule. But Lohan always likes fruits. It is so much costly and made by in International Food Research Center.

After eating so much fruits Lohan go back his bedroom and try to sleep but he can't sleep. His father was a famous environmental scientist. Every one says that he was the great environmental scientist of the all times in the world. He didn't or doesn't like his father any time. He wanted to be a space scientist. When he was young he got the chances in the World Space Academy. But there was some rules and regulation to join World Space Academy. One of that is to get permission his parents. His father didn't give him that permission. That the way his small and future dream killed by his own father.

Lohan again wake up in the bed. He lives in a to floor of a five hundred floors building. He goes to the balcony and sits there. The mid night is so much visible and today is moon look so beautiful. He always busy with his study, then research and now his work. But he had no time never ever fall in love some one. Some times he feels so much lonely and unpleasantness in his life.

Lohan sits the balcony whole night. When the daylights come out and the sun rises soon, suddenly the inter call is ringing. He wants to see the sun rises. But the inter calling may be so important. So he receives the call and switch on it. In that screen a man face visible. He says,

- Dear lohan, How are you?

- I am fine. But who are you?

- It is not important that who I am! It is important that who you are!

- Means! What you want to say.

- Nothing! My dear, Lohan! Nothing! But some there is thing that you will understand soon.

- Look I don't know you and I don't want to talk with you.

- Yes! You don't know me. Every one in the world doesn't know me.

- But who are you?

- I am who is now forgetting by every one. When you were young you knew me. Every one in the world knows me! Now every one forgets me.

- But who are you?

- Bye! Lohan! Take care!

The mysterious man disconnects. Lohan feels strange.


Liziana looks at Jentaliam so strangely. She says,

- I told you before that we had no more relationship, Jentaliam! Every thing was end.

- I don't come here for you. I went back International Environmental Science Academy to not to see your face again. But now I am here in the front of you.

- I hate you!

- Me too!

- What you want Jentaliam? You played with me! Destroyed my life! I lost so many times to recover that.

- Same to me! You also did that to me.

- No! It is all your faults!

- Look whose fault we both know or we always blame each other. Here I am not coming to see you. I want to talk with Lohan.

- So then go and talk with him.

- He doesn't want to talk with my department or me.

- Why?

- I think his anger of his father still alive.

- What is wrong, Jentaliam? Tell me.

- The world is now in danger.

- What?

- Yes! It is about Kinsentra. Saliman comes back.

- What you are saying. Saliman was died twenty-five years ago.

- Every one knows that and believes that. But it was not true. Saliman was run away. He didn't die.

- Hamm!

- He wants Lohan. Lohan is in danger now and as well as the world.

- But why?

- When Lohan born his father set a chip named Kinsentra in his brain. That chips is the knowledge and secret power of the world.

- Hamm!

- Saliman comes for that chip.

- Is Lohan knows that?

- No! Only few people know that.

- That the reason why Lohan is so much important in the world. And why he becomes famous so much such young age.

- No Lohan achieve every thing by his qualifications.

- So what you want?

- I want Lohan. I want to tell every thing about all. But he doesn't agree to talk with me. We need that chip.

- So you want to tell him by me?

- No! I want you to give him order.

- Order! But he is my good friend.

- Yes! But he is also working in your under. I want him to come International environmental Academy as soon as possible.

- can I order him?

- I don't know. Time is going so first. Saliman will or may be doing some thing. I don't want Lohan to be with him.

- Ok! I understood! I am now going to contact with, Lohan!

- Please, do it quickly!


Lohan went out from his flat and going to the rooftop of his apartment building. His flying car was there. He sits that car and says,

- Go to my office!

This flying car is not needed to drive. It is an automatic flying car with software system. When ever any one want to go just ask and it run that way.

The flying car goes up a bit of the sky and going to the location of Lohan's office, International Science Academy.

With in five minutes the flying car is now rooftop of the biggest building in the world. Lohan steps out from his car and going to the super speed lift to the down stare. Then he out from his office and walk to the seaside.

After half an hour he come to the seaside. It is a cold day and not sun rising, so that no one in the seaside. Lohan see one young lady is there. He goes near to her. He says,

- I am Lohan.

- I know. Nice to meet you Lohan! Please come with me.

- Where?

- Near. My Flying car is there.

- Then where we will go?

- You will find all answer, Lohan.

Lohan don't say any thing. He walks with that young lady. Soon they find a flying car. They sit there. But the young lady doesn't say any thing. But that flying car just goes up and flying in the sky. May be it is new model.

Lohan see that they are flying in the sea. He still doesn't say any thing. The flying car soon comes down a small ship. Young lady says to him,

- Go in side Lohan! He is waiting for you

Lohan go inside the small ship. There is a dark room. An old man sits there. Old man standup a come close to Lohan. He smiles with innocence reaction and says,

- My dear litter boy, Lohan! You grown up! Do you know you know you are look like your mother?

- Yes! But every one says my eyes, hair and personality is just like my father.

- Yes they are right. Come on sit down!

They sit near. Then the old man says,

- You may hate me to listening my name. But I have to tell my name to you. I am Saliman.

- What? You are? I knew that you were dead!

- Yes! Every one in the world hates me! They think I stole your father project and crash down in an accident.

- So you are not dead!

- Yes! I am alive now!

- What you want from me?

- Just want to say I didn't stole any thing from your father.

- My father told me that when he died. He also said me that one day you will contact with me.

- I knew you father is a good and intelligent man. He was my project coordinator. I was his assistant.

- I know!

- Lohan, you must be angry about that your father didn't give you the permission to a space scientist, right?

- Yes!

- Do you know why?

- No!

- Because there is some thing in your brain. A chip. We named it Kinsentra.

- What?

- Yes! In your brain has the future project of the world that can help the world to come again his real format.

- I can't understand what you say!

- Sever hundred years ago the world effected by the humanity. That was the reason all the ice became warmed and the water flowed the world.

- I know. Now we have short of land.

- Good! You know that. Your father find some solution about solve that problems.

- The climate change and normal humanity solve project?

- Yes!

- But last five hundred years we tried that thing. Nothing happen.

- Naturally. Because all project was made by Environment Science Academy. But the project equipments made by the International Science Academy. International Science Academy always rejected that sort of project. They are always thing technological and life style improvements. They didn't or don't interested about world environment.

- Hum! So what you want from me.

- I want to operation your brain and take that chip.

- But it might be risky!

- Yes! Life is a risky! Lives like human are always risky. You can die now. May be me now. Just now. Any thing happens. We are human beings. We are not immortal.

- Yes! You are right.

- Last twenty-five years I made all the equipments for this Kinsentra project. Now I need that chip.

- I have a question.

- Ask, Lohan.

- Why you and my father set that chip in my brain?

- I tried to set that chip my brain and then your father. But we where mature in that time. Only newborn baby can carry and set that chip.

- I understand! That's why my father didn't give me permission to go space.

- Yes, Lohan! But don't worry. I know you regularly study about space science. You know about space and without training but you are as a self-made scientist. You know better then any one in the space scientist about space.

- How do you know?

- I know every thing about you. I always look after you by team. Protect you and also care you

- Hum!

- Lohan! Please help us for the world. I promise I will send you to the space.

- Can you?

- Yes I can. But I need Kinsentra.

- Ok. I am agreeing. Let starts the operation.


Liziana Says,

- I will talk. So you just stop and listen our conversation, Jentaliam.

Jentaliam Says,

- No! I will talk! It is about International Environmental Science department's matter.

Saliman laughs so much loudly. He is there about one hour and listing about the quarrel between Liziana and Jentaliam. He stops his laughs and says,

- Look Liziana and Jentaliam! Why you are to fighting each other?

Liziana says,

- This is our personal matter.

- I know.

- You don't know anything.

- Sorry my dear, Liziana! I know every thing between you and Jentaliam. You had misunderstood in your personal life. But you two still love each other's.

Jentaliam says,

- What the bullshit you are saying, Saliman!

- I said the true. You and Liziana had seven years relationship. After that there is no one come or I think will come to both your life.

They can't say any thing. Saliman says,

- Our life is so many sorts. In that life if we fight, hate or quarrel each other we can't make any thing. The main theme is the life is --- GIVE LOVE AND TAKE LOVE.

They can't say any thing again. Liziana eyes are becoming full of waters. She is crying. She quickly gets out from the meeting room. Then silently Jentaliam get out from the room.

After half hour them come back. They look so much happy. Saliman says,

- So we can talk now!

They both say,

- No! We can start the work now, Saliman!

Saliman smile. But his eyes got some thing happiness tears. No one can't see that or understand that.

Sum Up.

Lohan is so much happy now he is now near to the Uranus. His dream comes true. Now he is a space scientist. He is now working in the space. He says on his mind,

- Forgive me father, I misunderstood you.

The End.

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