tagLoving WivesKip and Jon Get My Wife

Kip and Jon Get My Wife


The argument finally ended. My wife was not about it but I had won the argument. It started because she had came home two days early from her business trip. She wasn't suppose to be home until Sunday but she got home Friday evening. She was upset because two of my work friends were coming over tomorrow to hang out by the pool. My wife had planned on sunning out by the pool all day to work on her tan before her beach trip next weekend.

Saturday came and my wife was pouting as I was telling her who was coming over. It was Jon and Kip. Both guys were from our office in England. I told her that I didn't know them very well but they both seemed cool. I had to be nice to them since they were visiting. As the doorbell rang I jokingly told her she could be our waitress if she wanted to. She flipped me a bird and went into the bedroom.

I welcomed Jon and Kip and walked them out to the pool deck. They went into the pool room to change. I was already in my trunks so I went to get us a drink. I almost dropped the drinks when I returned to the pool. Kip and Jon had both changed into a tiny speedo. I laughed and asked them what the hell were they wearing. They both said that is what everybody wore in England. We laughed about it and talked a while. I went in to get us another drink and they both dove into the pool.

As I walked into the kitchen to get the drinks my wife walked in. I was telling her about their speedos as she walked over to the door. She let out a loud, "WOW." I turned to see her staring at Jon and Kip as they got out of the pool. They were both in great shape and she noticed their large bulge in their speedos. She broke her stare as I bumped past her with the drinks. She said to let her know when we needed more to drink. I laughed and thought she was joking. I could tell by the look in her eye that she wasn't joking though.

I couldn't help but wonder about her actions while in the kitchen. I thought was she really staring at Kip and Jon. My thoughts were broken by the sound of the door opening. Jon and Kip both smiled real big and elbowed each other to get their attention. I looked and saw my wife carrying a drink tray out. The tray didn't get my attention but her swimsuit did. She was wearing her very small white thong bikini. We had bought it on our honeymoon in Mexico. It barely covered her 32D breasts and had just enough fabric to cover her shaved pussy. I was speechless as she sat the tray down and introduced herself to Kip and Jon. They were both checking her out as her eyes were glued to their speedos.

After talking for a little bit my wife pushed Jon into the pool. As she did Kip pushed her in and jumped in right behind her. They begin to splash and playas I sat there. I know Jon and Kip had both grabbed her ass and was pretty sure Jon had grabbed her tit. She sure didn't seem to mind either. I thought I noticed her grab Jon's cock. Just as I thought I saw that she called out for me to go and get some more drinks.

I went into the kitchen to make more drinks and think about what was going on. I was wondering just what had gotten into my wife. I quickly found out what was on her mind as I stepped out onto the deck. I saw Jon with my wife's bikini top around his neck. My wife then came up from under the water with his speedo in her hand. She followed Jon out of the water. She had his hard 7 inch cock in her hand and his hands were playing with her hard nipples. He leaned back into a chair and she went right down and begins to suck his English cock. She had her beautiful ass in the air which got Kip's attention. He got out of the pool and removed his speedo. His cock was at full attention and was bigger than Jon's. He walked over and lowered her ass a little. He pushed her tiny thong bottoms to the side revealing her wet pussy. He wasted no time and rammed his cock deep into her pussy.

I could tell what Jon was about to do. As he bucked he squirted a load of cum into her mouth. It dribbled down her chin as she tried to swallow it. She then moaned in pleasure and I could tell Kip was now unloading his cum deep into her pussy. She looked drained as Kip pulled out of her. They lifted her up and sat her down onto Jon's cock. She begins to ride Jon as Kip stuck his cock into her mouth. Before long Kip pulled his cock from her mouth and squirted his second load of cum onto her breasts. Jon unloaded his second load into her pussy. I just stood there in shock of what I just saw. Kip and Jon quickly got dressed as my wife just layed in the chair wore out. Kip and Jon both thanked me as they quickly left. M y wife walked past me naked and covered with cum on her chest, face and dripping down her leg. As she passed me she grabbed my hard cock and told me she thought I would like that. She then pulled me along by my cock and told me to come and finish her off.

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