tagNon-Erotic PoetryKnock at the Door

Knock at the Door


A knock sounds at my door. In breathless anticipation, I run with all haste to open the
door. Mind reeling and heart pumping, I offer a brief prayer before I open the door.
Please, please, PLEASE let it be death!!? Let the taker of life await me on that other
side of the door? May the blessed peace of death, at long last be mine?

Slowly, the door swings open, only to reveal my old friend misery and I stand aside to usher him in. A sigh escapes my lungs, but was birthed from somewhere deep within my soul. With my
familiar old friend misery, I sit and wait longingly for the next knock at my door and pray
that death will find its way to me soon.

Another knock echoes against the walls of our
silence, and once again I race to the door. Maybe, at long last, the sweet release of death
has come to liberate me!

I throw open the door, to reveal no one, but my old nemesis, pain and I move aside to allow him in. Sitting, waiting, hoping and praying. When, oh when, will come the next knock at my door. And so go the days of my life......

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