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Kollany Thirty-Five Ch. 04


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Kollany Thirty-Five
by The Technician

Kollany Thirty-Five is an Erotic Novel in Eight Parts. It is set in the future on a deep space colony and follows the life of Princess Shumara Seven from the time that her plot to assassinate her father, King Humana One, fails to the day of her sentencing and judgement one week later.

During that time she endures a series of punishments that involve forced nudity, humiliation, body transformation, mind-control, forced masturbation, orgasm denial, forced orgasm, spanking, beating, flogging, donkey-girl forced labor, electro-torture, golden showers, freezing showers, snow torture, and being forced to eat cold oatmeal (gruel). Through these many punishments and rewards, Shumara Seven discovers her true sluttish nature and eventually accepts and welcomes her final punishment and status.

Chapter 04 - Judgement Day Minus Four
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Shumara had reached the middle of her week of instruction. The collar woke her shortly after dawn and told her to clean herself for the day. Shortly thereafter, she made her way to the Great Hall and silently ate her breakfast at her solitary table wondering what terrible things the day held in store for her.

But the collar remained silent as she ate and except for a quiet, "Time to go," it continued to remain silent as she started her tour of the palace and office complex. Since everything seemed so quiet, she was hoping that she could go back to her room and rest for a while, but that was not to be.

Just as she completed the last hallway of the auxiliary office building, a woman of the ruling class stepped up to her and said, "Former Princess Shumara Seven, please listen to what I have to say."

Shumara stopped and turned. The woman continued, "You don't recognize me, do you?"

Shumara's eyes crinkled as she quickly went through her memories trying to place this beautiful woman of royal blood.

"Perhaps if you were to imagine me with slightly less straight teeth... and darker, more coarse hair... and, of course, the almost bronze skin of the class that normally works outside.?"

Shumara suddenly gasped and said, "Towanna Twelve! Is it really you?"

"Yes, it is me, Shumara. I was one of the first victims of your power as a princess, but this revenge is neither the first nor last against you. When you were but thirteen years old, I was in charge of one of the groups of servants who maintained the grounds around the palace. You accused me of tampering with the security fence so that Rashama Eight could slip into your private garden and rape you. In reality, it was you who had tampered with the security field from the inside. You looped the memory so the record showed that I had deactivated it, as I had on the day before to allow my crew to work on the shrubs and flowers of the empty garden."

"You then waited for Rashama to come past the area cleaning the sidewalk. You called out to him as though you were hurt. You knew that people in pain were his weakness. In his desire to help you, he didn't even realize that he had crossed into the forbidden area. Once he was within the garden, you reactivated the fence and explained to him that he was trapped there with you and if he did not remove all of his clothing and display his body to you, you would scream for help and claim that he had tried to rape you."

"Rashama was a bit of a legend among the cleaning crews. It was said that his prick was larger than any of the huge security dogs that roamed the area at night and only slightly smaller than a donkey's. Partly you were sexually interested, but mostly you wanted to win a bet with your friend, Secuma Six, about whether you could get proof of Rashama's actual size."

"Once you had seen his member, however, you decided that you wanted to be able to also brag that you had sex with him, and so you ordered him to fuck you. Your exact words were, 'You had better give me the best fuck of my life or I will totally fuck up the rest of your life.'"

"Out of fear he complied, but one of your bodyguards decided to make an unscheduled check on your safety. You saw him coming down the path and began screaming for help and claiming that Rashama had raped you. You even begged your father to see that Rashama be castrated and sent to the furthest labor camp for the rest of his life. When people began to wonder how Rashama had gotten inside the security shield, you suggested that he had to have been working with someone, and even said that it had to have been me."

Shumara just looked at the ground as Towanna spoke.

"You even convinced the guards that it would give you closure to slip the control collar onto my neck yourself. That very afternoon, you came up behind me as I was inspecting a just-completed section of new planting and with your own hands closed the collar around my throat."

"As you now know, the collar can read memories and it immediately knew that I was innocent. More than that, it read my desires and abilities and realized that I was capable of much more than just supervising a garden crew. By The One's direction, a DNA modifier was prepared for me and I was transformed into a woman of the ruling class. In like fashion, Rashama, to match his desires and abilities, was transformed into a member of the medical class. The king wanted to keep everything quiet so we just disappeared to our new lives."

"If things worked out so well for you and Rashama, of what revenge do you speak?" asked Shumara.

"It is not my revenge, but the revenge of The One of whom I speak. Something you do not yet know, but will, is that once you have worn the control collar, it modifies your mind so that The One can speak to you directly if it desires. It can also hear your thoughts and memories, but only if you desire it to do so. The One has asked me to speak to you and has requested that you prepare yourself to endure the punishment that you had ordered for me and Rashama. Do you remember what that was?"

Shumara's face drained of color. Yes, she remembered. She thought it would be exciting to watch Towanna and Rashama struggle to replace the donkeys that normally pulled the carts used by the grounds crews. She had imagined Towanna, naked and slippery with sweat, as she tried to pull the heavy carts across the ground. "You were going to replace the Donkeys on the carts for a day."

Towanna continued, "And then for the night? What had you planned for me for the night?"

Shumara swallowed hard and spoke in a soft whisper. "I promised the guard in charge of the pumps that I would sleep with him if he would tie you to the pump arms so that you would have to ride the pumps all night. When you and Rashama disappeared, he demanded that I let him fuck me anyway or he would tell what had really happened. I later arranged for him to be transferred to the outer areas so that no one would ever know."

"There is a cart of manure waiting for you at the front entrance to the palace gardens," began Towanna. "You are to pull that cart on every path in the entire garden complex, and you shall pull it swiftly for you must finish before sunset. When you have completed every path, you will report to levees and to the guard in charge of the pumps. He will put you in place for the night.

The collar buzzed slightly as though it was powering up to take control of her body. That was all the encouragement that Shumara needed to began walking swiftly towards the gardens. A silent command of "faster" caused her to break into a run. She was already covered with a thin sheen of perpetration before she arrived at the cart.

It was a standard garden cart except that there was no donkey's yoke. Instead suspended between the pulling poles of the cart was, for lack of a better description, a pair of leather panties with chains attached to their wide, belt-like top. There were also two leather restraints for her hands, but these were positioned outside the poles in exact alignment with where her body would stand. They insured that she could not use her hands to pull the cart.

It was obvious that all pulling would be done by the panties, and that Shumara was to put on those panties. Not so obvious were the two short stubs that stuck up inside the leather. As she slipped her legs into the pulling panties, she felt the longer of the two nubs begin to push its way into her slit. As she pulled them completely into place, the shorter nub entered her ass. She then tightened the buckle at the front of the belt until everything was snug. The four chains, two on each side of her leather panties, now held her firmly in place between the poles. When she placed her wrists in the cuffs outside the poles, she must have triggered some sort of mechanism because they tightened automatically and held her hands in place. She was now bound to the cart as firmly as any donkey had ever been.

Shumara leaned forward and strained to get the cart moving. Most of the pressure was on her hips as she pushed forward against the belt, but some pressure was also against her sex, and as she strained to pull the cart, she could feel her muscles tighten around both dildos.

Soon the cart was rolling and Shumara was trotting at a steady pace. Each time the wheels of the cart went over some small bump, such as a small stone or the expansion cracks in the sidewalk, the cart would pull back and the poles would bounce downward. Once over the obstruction, the cart would lurch slightly forward and the poles would bounce upward. The effect was that Shumara's hips were being forced forward and back in a running pelvic thrust while the dildos fucked her ass and pussy. She smiled slightly as she thought, "If a quickie is a fuck and run, what is a fuck while running? A super quickie?"

After running for several minutes, however, she realized that this was much more than a super quickie. This was not a fast fuck and then running off to something else. This was a slow, continuous fuck while she ran. Her body was hot with the exertion of pulling the cart and her sex was hot with simulation and need. Physical and sexual heat radiated from her like a red glow. She shone with a thick sheen of sweat. It dripped from her breasts and ran in rivulets down the inside of her thighs. Mingled with the sweat on her thighs was also the juice of her sex, flowing freely from the continuous stimulation of the dildos as she trotted through the maze of paths that made up the royal gardens.

The heat continued to rise within her and soon she felt an orgasm building. Her inner heat was driving her now and she was running full out, her head tilted back, with soft moans of "Oh.... Oh.... Oh.... Oh...." escaping from her open mouth. Several people had been invited to a special tour of the gardens this afternoon. As Shumara ran past them she recognized most of them as people whom she had cheated, tricked, abused or falsely accused. Their smiles as she passed showed the height of their satisfaction at seeing Shumara's shameful punishment.

Shumara, however, was feeling no shame. She was feeling lust... pure unadulterated lust as she strained against the leather pulling garment trying to reach an orgasm while she ran. Finally what she sought overwhelmed her. She cried out and attempted to stand still as her body shook with release, but the weight of the cart pushed her forward and she staggered down the path screaming and crying out "F—U—C—K MEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!" She regained herself in time to avoid running into two women of the office class who clapped their hands together, laughed out loud, and gleefully said, "Run, Shumara, Run or someone will stripe you ass with a whip before they fuck it with a cactus."

She did not remember their names, nor did she remember exactly what she had done to trap them naked on the roads behind the palace in the middle of the night, but she did remember riding along side them on her horse, swinging a whip at them and screaming out those exact words. The collar's voice spoke within her head in its peculiarly flat way and said simply, "It does eventually come around, doesn't it Shumara. But heed their words. You must run faster if you are to report to the guard's house before dark."

Shumara leaned into the harness and again picked up speed. Perhaps the collar was helping her, because she was soon running as fast as she had ever run, slowing down only the two additional times when she had peaked with screaming orgasms.

The sun was down, but twilight was still bright when she arrived at the levees and the house of the head guard. He looked at her and smelled her and crinkled his nose in disgust. "It smells like you have already been riding the pumps, or somebody has been riding you. You reek of sex. You smell like a bitch in heat. The guard dogs are baying at your scent." He released her hands from the restraints and ordered, "Take off your harness and follow me."

For the first time this day, Shumara actually felt shame as she realized that she was exactly what the handler called her, a bitch in heat. At that moment, after hours of physical exertion and sexual stimulation, she didn't care what was going to happen to her... she didn't care who or what fucked her... she cared only that she was a bitch in heat who needed to be fucked... fucked repeatedly and fucked very hard. And that is what the pumps would do.

As she followed the handler to the low areas near the levees, he said, "There is already a peasant girl riding one of the pumps, but she is there of her own choice. She also can leave whenever she wants. You, on the other hand, will get to watch the sunrise from the top of the pump arm."

Some of the local peasants believed that if a woman rode the pump arm and then went back home and made love to her husband or boyfriend, it would help her get pregnant. Maybe the extreme stimulation did help with that. The girls usually left in a very, very aroused state and would probably fuck all night once they got back to their man. That is, if they didn't stay on the pump until they had worn themselves out.

The guard took her over to one of the pumps that was not running. It looked like a larger version of an oil well pump with a huge counter weight that helped pull the pump shaft upward with each stroke. "Everybody calls these water pumps, but they are really pumping mud. The ground beneath the river and the swamp beyond is wet mud for many feet down to a solid clay layer. We've tried all sorts of ways to keep the mud from flowing under the levees, but the pressure is just so much that it buckled or broke everything that we built, so these pumps were built to relieve the pressure against the underground retainer walls. They pump mud up over the levees back into the river. Because the mud flows so slowly, every pump only runs twenty minutes and then shuts off for ten minutes. That's when the girls sneak in and climb up on the counter weight. As the weight rises, the beam gets more and more horizontal and the girl ends up almost riding it like a thin horse. When the weight comes back down, the girl's weight transfers back to her feet and she slides a little down the beam. They say that the rocking motion creates the same pressures against a woman's clit as a long slow fuck."

"But before I put you on the pump, there is one more thing you need to do, Former Princess Shumara. Do you remember many years ago when you were on a walk with one of your boyfriends. Something didn't go right and he left you out in the country alone and horny. A young boy came walking by on his way to do chores and you ordered him to come over to where you were sitting under a tree and told him that if he didn't crawl under your dress and lick you to orgasm you would put both his parents in prison. He cried all the time he was under your dress, but you got your orgasm."

Shumara looked up at the trainer who now stood before her with a huge cock sticking out of his robes. "That was me. I don't care if you cry or not, but you are going to suck my dick and you are going to use your tongue and lips to give me the best blowjob that any woman has ever given, or after I put you on that pump I will turn it to high speed and it won't put pressure between your legs, it will slowly tear you in half as that metal beam pounds against your cunt. I will enjoy cleaning the blood and flesh off the pump in the morning."

Shumara opened her mouth and sucked the guard cock deep within her. Hearing the chug and wheeze of the pumps nearby spurred her on as she slurped and licked and tried to give the handler the best blowjob that any woman has ever given any man. Finally the cock within her mouth twitched and spasmed and shot a copious amount of cum down her throat. Even if she had wanted to pull away as he came, she could not. His hands held her head tight against him

The trainer held her in place and kept his prick in her mouth until it softened. Finally, when he was ready, he pulled out of her mouth, put himself back inside his robes. He had her climb onto the pump counter weight and grab the pivot axle that was at about the half-way point on the beam. He tied her hands in place with rope looped around the pivot and then tied her feet in place with rope around the beam at the weight end. Then he leaned close to Shumara and whispered in her ear, "There ain't no such thing as high speed for these pumps. They are only one speed, but now you now the terror of the lie which you told me that day so long ago. I am going to turn this pump on now. There is a full moon tonight and we always have more peasant girls out here on a full moon, so you might have some company. Enjoy your night."

With that he flipped a switch at the base of the pump and walked into the darkness back toward his house. The motor on the pump began to hum and vibrate and soon the beam and counter weight began to rise into the air and fall back again in a slow measured pace. The sensations were not unpleasant, and Shumara smiled as she thought that this was not really punishment.

Soon her clit was throbbing and her cunt was rubbing harder and harder against the beam and she added her thrusts to the stimulation provided by the movement of the beam until her moaning became louder and louder until she finally erupted into a shuddering orgasm. Then the pump went quiet. And so it went throughout the night. Between cycles of the pump, Shumara would murmur, "No; No more; Please no more; I can't stand it." but then motor would hum and whine and the beam would begin to move like a giant metal lover thrusting slowly in and out and soon she would once again be howling out her heat and passion. By the time that the darkness of night began to give way to the glow before dawn, the beam between her legs was glistening and dripping with the juices that flowed from her sex.

At dawn, the guard returned and shut down the pump to which Shumara was tied. Shumara stumbled slightly as she stood up once again on solid ground and full circulation returned to her arms and legs.

The guard led her over the levee to the entrance to the pump area. "One more thing," he said as he picked up something from a bench alongside the gate. It was a large leather dog collar with an attached leash. "I could hear you howling like a bitch in heat all night and I decided that people should see you for what you are." He then slipped the leather collar around her neck just above the control collar and put the end of the leash in her hand. "Time to lead yourself home. That's a training collar that will deliver shocks to help train a difficult puppy. It is set so that if you move too fast it will give you increasingly severe shocks until you slow back down. You are to walk back to your room slowly so that everyone can see what a well-fucked bitch looks like after a night with the pack." With that he turned and walked back into the pump area.

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