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Kollany Thirty-Five Ch. 08


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Kollany Thirty-Five is an Erotic Novel in Eight Parts. It is set in the future on a deep space colony and follows the life of Princess Shumara Seven from the time that her plot to assassinate her father, King Humana One, fails to the day of her sentencing and judgement one week later.

During that time she endures a series of punishments that involve forced nudity, humiliation, body transformation, mind-control, forced masturbation, orgasm denial, forced orgasm, spanking, beating, flogging, donkey-girl forced labor, electro-torture, golden showers, freezing showers, snow torture, and being forced to eat cold oatmeal (gruel). Through these many punishments and rewards, Shumara Seven discovers her true sluttish nature and eventually accepts and welcomes her final punishment and status.

Chapter 08 - Judgement Day
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By the time that the day of judgement had come, everyone could see that Shumara was broken. Or at least that is how they interpreted her behavior. She no longer resisted the collar, but went without struggle wherever it took her and did whatever it desired her body to do. On the morning of her sentencing, she was awakened early and showered and cleaned as if she was going to a great ball. Following breakfast, she walked to the town square and ascended the steps to the great platform that was used for public meetings, plays, and concerts. At the top of the steps, she softly said, "Help me," and the collar took control.

With the collars help, Shumara stood in the middle of the platform for the rest of the morning as they set up things around her. A large tent, like would be used by a traveling circus was erected behind her. A small cage was set up to one side of her and then draped with a large cloth. An elevated area with many chairs and one throne was set up on the side opposite the cage. There was no doubt what that was for, it was for the King and the royal court. Tears once again flowed as she realized that two of the chairs on that platform were draped in black. One was where she would have normally been seated for a royal function. The other was Prince Humara Nine's. Neither would ever sit there again.

One final item was set up on the platform. It was a strange looking speaker that looked almost like pictures of ancient gramophones. She had never seen such a device before, but she had heard of it from her grandmother. Most people thought it was but myth and legend. It was a voice chamber for The One.

The One was going to speak directly to the people at her sentencing. Such a thing had not occurred in generations. What terrible thing did The One have in mind that it would speak directly to the people? Could it be she was going to be sentenced to death or perhaps worse?

The hour finally came. The people assembled in the square or settled down at home to watch the vid-cast. All work everywhere on Kollany Thirty-Five ceased until the time of sentencing was complete. Shumara Seven tried to look around to see where they had positioned Humara Nine., but he was nowhere to be seen. The time bell at the edge of the square sounded the hour and Shumara felt herself walk forward to the front of the platform.

She began to speak, "My fellow members of Kollany Thirty-Five, in my greed for power, I attempted to kill my father, the king. I used my perfect body to seduce Prince Humara Nine and bend him to my will. I wrongfully attempted to make use of genetic manipulation. The One has heard of all this and The One will punish me for my crimes, but first The One wishes to address the people and explain what is to be done."

Shumara stepped back slightly as a deep, loud voice filled the square. It was the voice of The One speaking to the people. "Members of Kollany Thirty-Five," it began, "many generations ago the home planet was destroyed by a wave of intense radiation. But our ancestors had several centuries of warning that it would occur, and before the home planet was destroyed, they sent forth colony ships to settle new worlds so that our species and the lower species of our world might be preserved. Thirty four of the colony ships were launched without incident. It is hoped that they reached their destinations in safety. The last ship, the ship to colony 35, however, was too late. The destruction overtook us before any of the lower life forms or their embryo could be loaded aboard. The home planet was destroyed. All active life forms aboard the ship also perished. I was forced to leave the home planet with just the frozen human embryo from your ancestors that had been loaded into heavily protected cargo holds for travel in space. The automated systems aboard the ship birthed a few of the embryo and soon we had a crew of sorts, but we arrived at our destination without the genetic diversity to maintain a world."

"During the voyage, a decision had to be made. For the survival of the entire zoasphere, it would be necessary to create lower life forms. Genetic manipulation drugs were developed which would change a living being into something else. Today, these are used only for healing and regeneration, but then they were used to create the diverse life forms we have today, including the different genetic classes of our society. A simple pill, along with electronic memory manipulation, created beings who were perfectly suited for their tasks and perfectly happy with those tasks. In effect a perfect world was created."

"As the primary ship's control computer, it fell to me to decide who was modified into what. I made all of those decisions based on a beings true nature, and we have had a perfect world since then. When imperfection has arisen, as it will, if the being did not respond to guidance he or she was given the genetic modifiers and began a new life in a more suited gene class. So that they would not suffer unduly, their memories were often reset just as occurred on the colony ship. This was normally done in secrecy to preserve the perfection of our society."

"Nothing more was every required... until today. What is going to happen today will not be in secret. It will be witnessed by all of Colony 35. And the beings modified today will not have their memories reset. They will remember everything of their former lives even though their genes will change their bodies into totally different forms and force them to act in a totally different manner. This is the punishment for disrupting our perfect world. The being formerly known as Prince Humara Nine has already been modified. The being formerly known as Princess Shumara Seven will now begin the process of modification."

Shumara felt herself moving toward a small table that had been placed on the platform while The One had been speaking. On the table were several capsules of medication. She did not want to lose her perfect body and her arm shuddered one last time as she was forced to reach downward and pick up the purple capsule. She placed it in her mouth and swallowed. Then her hands moved to the back of her neck and she released the collar.

Her first instinct was to run while she had the chance, but instead, as a strange tingling sensation raced through her body, she turned toward the crowd and dropped to her knees in the position of a sub-servant. Sub-servants were the servants of the servants. There was no lower class in Kollany Thirty-five than a sub-servant... well, no lower class that anyone would ever mention.

"This being shall now be known as Former Princess Shumara Seven, or just Seven. As a sub-servant, she has lost the power of will and must do whatever she is commanded to do. The control collar is no longer necessary. Seven, you will now take the red capsule."

Seven's mind screamed against what she was doing, but her body obeyed the command and rose, went once again over to the table and swallowed the red capsule. The tingling sensation again raced through her body and again she returned to the front center of the platform. Again she sank to her knees, but rather than remaining on her knees in the position of a sub-servant, she lowered herself until her asscheeks were firm against her ankles and then raised her arms and hands high above her head and leaned forward until her palms touched the ground in front of her. She wanted to cry, "NO! I can't be doing this," but her mind followed the genetic code which now controlled her body.

The voice of The One again spoke, "This being is now less than a sub-servant. She is a slave. Stand Slave Seven that all may see that you have the body of a slave!"

Shumara, now just Slave Seven stood with her arms straight out from her sides and her legs spread. As she stood, the capsule finished its work and all of the hair dropped from her body. The vid-cams slowly showed her body to all of Kollany Thirty-Five. Her bluish-gray face looked strange with no hair upon her head and no eyelashes or eyebrows.

"Resume position," said the voice from the speaker, and she dropped once again into the position of total submission. One of the vid-cams zoomed in on her from the back, giving all those at home a close up view of her perfectly smooth ass and slit. The voice continued, "You are now but a slave, but there are those who are less than a slave. Slave Seven, I command you to take the green capsule."

Slave Seven rose from her posture of obedience and walked slowly across the platform to the table on which rested last capsule. The part of her that was still Princess Shumara Seven didn't want to take it. She didn't want to be less than the mere slave that she already was, but the part of her that was already converted to slave DNA compelled her to follow all orders given to her. She had no choice. She picked up the capsule and swallowed it.

This time it was not a tingling sensation. It was fire and lightning and ecstacy and torment all at the same time. She looked down at her body and it was changing before her eyes. Her skin had changed to a dull gray as she became a sub-servant and then to a grayish blue as a slave. Now it was changing to a deep shade of green Her breasts were growing larger. Her cunt was on fire and her labia were growing forth out of her slit like huge wet leaves from some strange plant, ripening and turning red as they grew. She was turning into a pleasure slave!

She thought that she could go no lower, but the fire continued as a red stripe began to appear on the outside of her legs extending from her ankles all the way up to her armpits. No, this could not be. Such beings were pure legend. No such thing had ever existed except in the forbidden stories in the forbidden books.

The green skin marked her as a pleasure slave. The red stripe marked her as an entertainer. She was a pleasure slave entertainer. If the forbidden stories were true - and she had read or watched many of them - a pleasure slave entertainer was a slave to everyone, but especially to her own sexual desires. A pleasure slave entertainer would have sex anywhere, at any time, with anyone, or anything or even any species.

"Turn around Pleasure Slave Seven and see your future life." boomed the voice.

As Seven turned, a large covering fell from the side of the tent behind her revealing a large circus painting proclaiming "The beings formerly known as Princess Shumara Seven and Prince Humara Nine in the most shocking act ever seen on Kollany Thirty-Five."

The painting depicted her exactly as she now looked on the platform except that she was lying backwards over a brightly painted small bed-like square with her legs widely spread. Between her legs was something that looked like a small purple donkey with the face of a man.

Two watchers walked onto the platform carrying the bed depicted in the painting. They set it on the stage behind her and one said softly, "I think you know what to do."

Pleasure Slave Seven walked over to the small bed, lay back on the thin mattress, and spread her legs. The vid-cams zoomed in for a close up as she stroked herself and made herself ready. One of the watchers went over to the cage and removed the cover revealing Prince Humara Nine, or the being that had once been Prince Humara Nine. He now had purple fur over his entire body and, like Shumara, a red stripe ran from his back legs to his shoulders. He also had large donkey ears and a furry donkey tail. As he stood there, the crowd could tell from the furred sheath that hung before him, that he had also been given something else common to donkeys.

When the door of the cage was opened, he knew what to do and scampered to the center of the platform between Seven's legs. He sniffed her glistening cunt and his pink donkey prick stiffened and slid our from its sheath. Seven started moaning as he began thrusting into her and she was crying out and screaming in ecstasy before he finally finished.

Nine was still mounted within her when she heard The One announce, "This ends our presentation for the day, but be sure to catch the live performances of the beings formerly known as Princess Shumara Seven and Prince Humara Nine. They will be touring Kollany Thirty-Five for the rest of their lives."

Shumara lay on the bed basking in the afterglow of her orgasm. Nine now stood beside her like the docile donkey he had always been. The voice of the collar, which Shumara now recognized as the voice of The One, spoke in her mind. "The people think that you are being punished severely, but you are not. I have seen your mind and your regret at what you had been and what you did, so I have been merciful. I have also seen that you have always been a slave to your desires and especially a slave to your sexual desires. As I did for all the others who were involved, all I have done was to change your outward body to match what you have always inwardly been."

"You are now free to give yourself over to your inner desires. You can walk naked anywhere on the planet. You can flaunt your sex to whomever or whatever you please. You can fuck anything and everything on the planet, if you so desire, and people will applaud. Everyone else sees you as the lowest of the lowest slave, but you and I know that you are now one of the truly free ones in Kollany Thirty-Five. Live long and be happy, Pleasure Slave Shumara Seven."

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