tagRomanceLady Peasant Ch. 07

Lady Peasant Ch. 07


The next evening it was much easier to get out of the keep now that she no longer had to hide her activities from her maid. Instead, her maid helped dress her in blue peasant top and navy skirt, braids pinned neatly against her head... it meant that she and Al would have even more time together since she didn't have to wait while her maid dressed her for bed and then sneak out and redress herself. Brandy went willingly to bed while Gwendolyn snuck out, earlier than usual.

To her extreme pleasure Al was waiting for her at the gate, surprised and delighted that she was almost a full hourglass earlier than usual. They skipped and danced through the meadow, sky fully darkening overhead as they talked and laughed, joking and playing tag like little children. Gwendolyn ran ahead of him to the clearing, laughing as he caught up to her and swept her up into his arms as they entered their little area. Kissing her deeply on the lips, he lowered her to the ground so that she was standing on tiptoes, body pressed against his. Pulling away he smiled down at her.

"Let's go swimming," the mischief in his eyes made her gasp with delight.

"I don't have any swimming clothes," she protested.

"So?" With one eyebrow arched he began stripping her of the clothes she was wearing, squirming in resistance for a moment, she finally laughed as she realized that she'd been planning to have him lick her cunny so he would see her naked anyway that night. Their clothes making a small heap on the shore, hairpins on top of her blouse so that her two brown braids hung down to her waist, Al picked her up and tossed her shrieking into the pool. It was deliciously cool, and her nipples immediately puckered as she broke through the surface, laughing as she brushed water out of her eyes.

"You brute!" she squealed, splashing water at him as he followed her in a much more sedate way, "What kind of knight throws his lady into a pond?" The water came up to just above her breasts, and they bobbed enticingly in the water, droplets sliding over her curves.

Laughing he splashed back at her before rushing forward and catching her in his arms, "The kind who suspects his lady might really be a naughty wench in need of a good scrubbing." she gasped, mockingly insulted, and pushed his head under the water so that he came up laughing.

He chased her all over the pool, each time he caught her claiming a quick kiss or a squeeze of her breast or buttock under the water. A few times his fingers slid along the slick surface of her pink cunny and she moaned and shivered in his arms as he let her go again. Not surprisingly, she allowed herself to be caught quite often.

Finally he caught her up in his arms, her body pressed against his and she could feel his stiffie pressing against her shaved mound, hard and enticing as he walked them out of the pool while they kissed. As he laid her back on her cloak he looked over her glistening form with lustful eyes, his gaze traveling from her excited amber eyes and pouty lips, over the curves of her dewy breasts, and then widened as they finally fell upon her shaved pink mound. In the quickness of everything that had happened before he hadn't noticed, and had attributed its smoothness in the pond to the water.

"What's this?" his voice was filled with excitement and amazement as his fingers traced over her stomach and smooth mound, curving over her inner thigh.

"Do you like it?" she asked nervously, "Brandy... my friend... said that men like it like this..."

In response, Al just groaned and let her hand feel his hard pulsing dick, and her eyes went wide as she softly said, "You do like it!"

"Oh yes," he smiled at her, and then lowered his head to begin licking the clean spring water from her breasts, making her moan and grip his stiffie more tightly. Licking her sweet breasts, his fingers slid over her stomach and rubbed her mound, pressing her hips down against her cloak. He nibbled her pink nipple as her back arched and his fingers slipped into her wet slit, rubbing along the pink lips. Sucking hard on the tender bud in his mouth, he bit down gently, and watched as his Gwennie jerked and moaned, her body awash in pleasure and anticipation.

With hunger in her amber eyes, she watched as his head began moving down her stomach, licking the droplets of water from her body. Her hand slipped from his dick as he maneuvered himself between her legs, spreading her thighs with his hands as he began sliding his tongue across her shaved smoothness. Sliding his arms under her thighs he began to lick along where her thighs and body met, using his shoulders to lift her legs in the air so that he could reach around and hold her breasts, squeezing as his tongue slid up and down her sweet slit.

Gwendolyn was moaning passionately as waves of pleasure washed over her body, it was more wonderful than she had ever imagined, his tongue teasing her pink wetness and fingers pinching her hard nipples. Eyes wide, she looked up at the night sky, stars twinkling as they watched her back arch, pressing her dripping cunny into Al's mouth. He sucked on her lips, pressing his tongue between them as her hips moved against his mouth. Making his tongue long and stiff, he began to press it into her virgin hole, pushing it as far in as he could, and Gwendolyn cried out in passion as it entered her body, eliciting amazing sensations in her. She was moaning and thrusting her hips uncontrollably as his tongue wriggled inside her body, her sweet juices coating the insides of her mouth.

Kneading her breasts with his fingers, he slid his tongue out of her hole and began drinking up the juices that had leaked from her, watching as her body convulsed above him. Flicking her little love button with his tongue, her high wail was music to his ears as he licked it hard. When he sucked the little nub into his mouth, fingers closing down on her aching nipples, Gwendolyn cried out his name, hands grasping the cloak at her sides as she rode out wave after wave of passion, her little love button sending her on a high crashing orgasm as his teeth gently bit down. Her body was shaking, head thrashing back and forth and her voice urgently called out his name, every particle of her being quaking with ecstasy as her love juices flowed into his mouth. Letting her little button slip from his mouth he licked the juices that were flowing from her quivering pussy, her orgasm riding out as he sucked at the tender flesh.

When she finally came down from that incredible feeling, her eyes were glowing with delight and she pulled his head out from between her eyes, tugging him up on top of her to share sweet kisses. The taste of her own juices filled her mouth as they kissed passionately, the head of his stiffie sliding along her wet slit... it made her moan as it pressed against her sensitive clit.

Al pulled away gasping, and rolled off her, "That's too close," he panted, "My Lady's chastity must stay intact... and her faithful knight is very close to losing control."

"In that case," she boldly gripped his shaft, "Let me help my faithful knight out..." eyes twinkling as much as the stars overhead, she leaned down and licked the fluid that was leaking from the head already. It was sweet and sticky on her tongue, and she could taste some of her own wetness on his cockie. Opening her sweet lips she sucked more of him into her mouth, craving the taste of him, wanting to feel him in her throat.

Al groaned as she bent over him, and his hands slid up her thighs to her buttocks. A sudden thought gripped him and he lifted her hips, pulling her over him so that her creamy legs straddled his head. As her mouth slid down to the base of his dick, he moaned and buried his face back into her pussy. Gwendolyn felt a bit of shock as his tongue renewed its assault on her tender folds, she hadn't known that they could pleasure each other at the same time! Moaning around the stiff pole in her mouth she lowered her hips more so that it would be easier for his mouth to reach her pink wetness, and they both suckled and stroked each other's body.

She loved the curly hair on his legs and ran her fingers over his strong thighs, and even got up the courage to take the sack that hung beneath his cockie into her hands. It made him shudder as she rolled the sack and the two balls inside it with her fingers, and she squeezed it very gently as her mouth moved over his stiffie. The tongue lapping away at her puss made her shudder with delight as they pleasured each other, reveling in their intimacy and love as they sucked and licked.

The clearing was filled with ecstatic grunts and moans, sucking noises and wet smacks as they moved together in heady rhythm. Gwendolyn shivered with delight as one of his fingers worked its way into her virgin hole, and moaned with disappointment as it met the barrier there. Still, exquisite sensations ran through her body as he pumped the one finger in and out of her tight hole as far as it could go, sucking on her clit all the while. Moaning ecstatically, she pressed her hips down and her mouth pressed against his groin, throat muscles convulsing around his member as she creamed on his face, juices flowing copiously into his mouth. With her throat giving his cockie such a delightful massage, and her body quivering so delightfully on top of him, Al thrust his hips up and began to release his white creamy spunk into her mouth as she happily swallowed his load.

Exhausted, she turned over on top of him and they kissed, gazing at each other adoringly.

"Have I told you how much I love you, my Gwennie?" he asked, cuddling her in his arms so that her head was nestled on his shoulder.

"Yes," she giggled, "But I don't mind hearing it... and have I told you how much I love you, Sir Al?"

"Mmmm.... Yes..." he kissed the top of her head, "But I don't mind hearing it either."

Cuddling and stroking each other's bodies, they talked softly as the warm summer breeze flowed over their naked and content bodies. Completely happy, the loving couple fell asleep together, only waking when the first rays of light crept over the horizon.

In a flurry of activity they got dressed, running slightly panicked to the gate where he gave her a quick kiss and then ran off, back into the woods as she ran pell-mell through the streets.

Fortunately she arrived just after Brandy had woken up to find her mistress still gone, and was able to calm and reassure her maid as she got ready for breakfast. Tiredly, rubbing bleary eyes, she stumbled down the stairs, her body and heart light and content, happily thinking of the night spent in Al's arms.

Upon her arrival at the breakfast table, her father gave her the news that broke her heart.


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