tagRomanceLady Peasant Ch. 10

Lady Peasant Ch. 10


Lady Gwendolyn descended the staircase, bedecked in gems and silks with her maidservant a few steps behind in. Before her was the court, spread out in brilliant colors and sparkling jewels, a long pathway to the thrones lay before her. In front of the thrones were the King and Queen, looking resplendent in purple and crimson, beside them, leaning around the throne to talk to someone, was a man whom she guessed must be her new husband as he was the only other person on the dais. She traveled through the room as his back remained turned to her, feeling nauseous and sick that her husband wasn't even looking at her so intent was he in his conversation. The impulse to run back to her and Al's clearing was at its strongest, and she felt sure that if so many eyes were not upon her she would run for it.

Stepping up to stand before the King and Queen, her husband-to-be still turned away and speaking in whispers to what she now saw was the King's Seneschal behind the throne, she curtsied.

"Lady Gwendolyn, you grace us with your presence," the King smiled benignly at her, handsome and kindly expression as he grabbed the arm of his son and pulled him around, "May I introduce your husband-to-be, Prince Alexander; Alexander your future wife the Lady Gwendolyn."

The man turned and she looked into very familiar and warm brown eyes and thought she would faint, sound rushed in her ears and it seemed as though the whole world was melting away as they gazed at each other, completely shocked.

"Now, I wish to see you share a dance so that you may get to know each other," somehow the King's voice managed to break through the spell as he shoved his son towards her, who nimbly caught her about the waist and pulled her the floor where they posed for the first step as the musicians started to play.

"Al…?" her voice was soft, unsure, and she felt as though she was in some kind of dream which was sure to turn into a horrible nightmare because nothing could possibly be this wonderful.

"My Gwennie…" his eyes were devouring her, his arm strong about her waist as they danced, "So you are my Lady after all…"

"Oh Al!" she could feel tears sparking in her eyes as joy and relief flooded her body.

"Shh," he said, smiling with all the happiness of the world, "No crying… we must try and get to know each other."

That made her laugh, "Yes, we must."

Up on the dais the Queen leaned over to the King, "You see? I told you that once he saw her they'd be fine."

"It's NOT the dress." the King grumbled.


Never before had a bride and bridegroom looked so joyous as they kissed, the watching crowd cheering wildly as their Prince was married to a Lady of their own Kingdom! There were celebrations in the streets as the banquet and festivities went on in the castle. Mimes, jugglers, tamed animals, acrobats, musicians… there was nothing lacking in the spectacular feast that the royal family had laid out for this momentous occasion. Both the Prince and his new Princess bore it up nobly, no one else in the room even guessing how eager they were to depart from their feast to consummate the marriage.

To Gwendolyn's surprise (and some distress) her father broke down crying, tears of happiness for his daughter and sorrow for losing her. Looking embarrassed, her brother patted him on the back and threw a helpless look to his sister who shrugged and turned away so her father could recover himself without humiliation. She was very grateful that her older brother had been able to come back from the outskirts of their lands where he had been settling disputes in time for her wedding, even more so since her father was now left in very good hands.

Finally it was time for the happy bridegroom and bride to depart, and they were swept up to their separate changing rooms where they were prepared for the night.

"Now you mustn't be afraid, my Lady," her maid chattered at her as her heart fluttered with excitement, "Men can be brutal beasts I'm told, but you must just smile and bear it and try to flatter him on his prowess… I'm sure that once he's gotten a heir upon you he'll leave you alone and you'll have some rest from him… try not to think about the pain just remember that it will soon be over with…" on and on Brandy lectured, trying to comfort her mistress for the upcoming event, while Gwendolyn's eyes blazed happiness and she ignored every word that Brandy said.

Dressed in a light satin gown, she was tucked into bed and her maid gave her one last kiss on the forehead, whispering, "Now remember, you don't have to stay in his bed if you don't want to, once he breaks your maiden head and puts his spunk inside of you, you can leave as soon as he falls asleep. I'll wait up in the other chamber."

Gwendolyn smiled gently, and kissed her maid's cheek, "Thank you Brandy, but that won't be necessary, I think I'll be staying the night here."

"Well, I'll wait up for awhile anyway, in case you change your mind." said the loyal blonde firmly, nodding her head at her mistress' braveness as she left the room. No one could fault her mistress for lack of courage, that was sure.

Nervously Gwendolyn tugged at her satin gown, suddenly unsure of herself… what if he was unpleased with her after all this time? What if it did hurt to much? What if something went terribly and horribly wrong… it didn't seem like this much happiness could possibly be real… Thoughts flew through her head, making her more and more nervous, anxiety burning a hole in her stomach. When the door suddenly opened and Al appeared, clad only in a brocade robe, she almost gasped with relief at the interruption to her thoughts.

"My Lady," was all he murmured as he flew across the room after closing the door, shedding his robe as he crossed to the bed… and then he was on her, lips devouring her own, fingers tracing burning paths of arousal up her body.

"Oh Al…" she moaned.

"Alexander…" he nuzzled his lips against her collarbone as he began to pull her nightgown up and over her head, "I have wished for so long that you could call me by my real name, as you are now my Gwendolyn."

"Alexander," she sighed his name as the gown slipped completely off her as his face and hands buried themselves in her breasts, making her moan with delight. Everything seemed so much headier as they were now completely free to love each other, happiness filling their hearts along with their mutual desire. Gwendolyn moaned as he sucked on her hard nipple, the sensation running through her sweet cunny. They kissed and touched every part of each other, reveling in each other's bodies, celebrating their love and its completion in their marriage.

Spreading her thighs with his hands he began to lick and suck at her sweet juices, and Gwendolyn panted as her hands wound in his hair, "Come here," she pleaded prettily, "I want to taste you as well…"

Brown eyes looked up from between her creamy thighs, "Not yet," he said, "We will become man and wife tonight… there are many other nights for other things," and the heat in his voice made her shiver in delight.

She moaned and gasped as he ate her, making her as wet as he possibly could for the coming intrusion. Licking his way over her shaved mound he pressed his lips against each of her tender nipples and then their lips met again, tongues dancing gaily, as his stiffie began to travel between her thighs. Nudging wetly against her pinkness, he moaned her name again as it found her virgin hole.

Gwendolyn shuddered as his thick cockie started to press into her tender folds, feeling her body opening for him. He pressed forward until he reached the barrier, and then he lifted his mouth up from hers and gazed lovingly into her eyes.

"It will hurt my dear Gwendolyn," he said, looking at her tenderly.

"I know," she said, "And I have hurt for you once and would willingly do so again… take me my Knight, my Prince, my Alexander, make me your wife."

Smiling down at her happy face, his lips caught hers in a kiss, her cry muffled by his mouth as he broke through the barrier. Slowing his thrust, he held himself in place as a few tears leaked from her eyes; then, carefully, he began working himself into her pussy, inch by tender inch. Gwendolyn moaned as her body stretched, and she spread her legs a little wider to accommodate these new sensations, the pain slowly fading away as her joy with her husband was renewed. Gently he pressed into her, letting her adjust to his invading member, feeling her sheath tight and wet around him as he buried himself in her body. Sighing happily, her arms reached up around his neck, pulling him close to her as he began steady slow thrusts in and out of her, his lips pressing against her neck, her collarbone and her sweet mouth.

New sensations ran through her body as he pressed against her, his body hard and comforting against her soft curves. Breasts flattened against his chest, she felt wonderfully and decadently his, able to express it in every way possible, reveling in the feeling of his hardness moving in her; their love expressing itself in a way saved for man and wife alone. It filled her with joy and burning pleasure as her hips began to move up against his downward thrusts, their bodies melding in sensual delight, a dance of love and harmony that had begun weeks ago and was only now being completed.

Moaning and gasping they moved together, sweat making their bodies glisten as they made love, the smells and sounds of passionate loving filling the room. Kissing tenderly, their eyes would meet and smile at each other as his penis filled her, making her a creature of pleasure that was all his and his alone.

It was passion and joy in every thrust as they moved, lips covering each other's bodies, tongues tracing small trails as Gwendolyn arched and heaved beneath him, her soft body enticing him to harder and harder thrusts. She squealed and whimpered, delighted by his slow loss of control, knowing instinctively that it was because of her, because of his need for her. His hands were buried in her unbound hair for the first time as he moaned, her sweet scent filling his nose… he felt like she'd intoxicated him, taken over his entire being as he filled her body, pleasure running over him in waves as he tried to hold off his climax, waiting for her body to catch up to his.

Yearning and moving beneath him, Gwendolyn could feel that elusive burning sensation as he rubbed against her little love button, and she squirmed so that each of his thrusts pressed it firmly. Rubbing and wriggling, she started to pant as the heat between her legs started to mount, molten liquid that he burrowed into, spearing her with pleasurable thrust. Arching her back she cried out his name, "ALEXANDER! OH ALEXANDER!" over and over, her sweet juices coating his member as she thrashed and convulsed beneath him. Finally he could let go and he slammed her body hard with a few well-aimed thrusts, and moaned her name into her hair as his fluid finally began to pour into her womb, filling her with his hot cream.

Nuzzling, they came down from their orgasm together, completely happy for the first time in their lives. Still on top of her and inside her, Alexander held her close, and she kept her arms wrapped tightly around him, never wanting to let go.

"I feel as though this must be a dream…" she whispered to him, "One that I never want to wake up from."

"Oh, no, not a dream," he smiled at her, "In a dream we'd be in a clearing, and we wouldn't have to face the kingdom tomorrow when everyone will know exactly what we've done tonight." Gwendolyn moaned in embarrassment and her cheeks flushed pink as she realized the truth in his words. He laughed at her and asked, teasing, "So, are you going to keep your promise never to let your new husband be pleasured with your mouth or bum?"

Gwendolyn grinned impishly up at him, "Of course not."

"Oh dear," he sighed, pretending disappointment, "Methinks I married a wench!" And they both laughed as she squealed insult and hit him with a pillow before he could press his lips against hers for another kiss.


Nine months later the kingdom celebrated again on the birth of a baby daughter to their beloved (and much in love) Prince and Princess.


Thank you for reading! i hope you enjoyed! if you'd like to see more like this please let me know because i haven't really gotten that much feedback on this series =) and please don't forget to vote! *HUGS*

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So Well Done.

Thank you for this little fairytale story. A delight. Commented in an earlier chapter, that you are gifted with the ability to write these type tales with just the right touch, as well as delve intomore...

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Great Story

Sometimes I fear long erotica series to bring too much story and almost leave out the sex. But definitely not on this one. The fiction parts were truly entertaining and blended in perfectly. Keep up themore...

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