Laine Goes to the Ball


Xanna looked on quite pleased. Laine had been so focused on watching the exhibition she had ceased fighting against her cuffs and relaxed. Laine wouldn't know, but Xanna did that this was Laine's first taste of "subspace" and it appeared she found it pleasant. Xanna put her hand back on Laine's shoulder. Laine had begun to feel fatigue from her hands being out in front of her, but at Xanna's now welcome touch her muscles relaxed again. "It's beautiful ma'am."

"Yes it is my dear." Xanna continued to stroke her shoulders and neck comfortingly. Laine's whole world seemed to be expanding chaotically around her, but instead of panicking every minute she was less frightened and more accepting of her surroundings and situation. The feeling that Xanna was pleased with her was like a warm glow within Laine.

Xanna helped Laine to her feet, as her bound hands made balancing to stand a bit difficult. "Follow me dear," Xanna said as she led the way once again. Laine fell into step behind. She stopped for a moment to congratulate the Domina and compliment her work. The other Lady gave Laine a warm and understanding smile. Laine didn't feel as much like a foreigner or tourist now.

Xanna began to walk them through the exhibition space before stopping in front of another stage. Two men and one woman were standing in a straight line as a leather clad man strode back and forth behind them. "Ah, perfect. The D in BDSM-Discipline. The Dom is having the submissives stand at attention. If they move..." Xanna trailed off as Laine saw the answer. Just then one of the men twitched a muscle in his quadriceps and the Dom laid a sharp strike with the riding crop he was holding to the back of the submissive's thigh. Seconds later the woman moved her neck infinitesimally and he dropped the crop across the top of her shoulders. Laine winced in sympathy with each fall of the crop, but Xanna was delighted to see that otherwise she was standing straight and tall and was barely moving an inch. She doubted that Laine was conscious of her own reaction to what she was seeing, but Xanna was taking in every tiny detail.

Laine was frozen stock still. She felt complete empathy with the three people on the stage. She could feel their wish to please and their disappointment in their failure every time the crop fell. She could sense their desire to improve and force their bodies to obey his wishes. What would it feel like to want to obey someone that much? She wondered.

Xanna let Laine absorb the lesson she was observing for a few more minutes. She seemed to be learning the concept of "Discipline" quite well given her lack of complaint or struggle about her bound hands. She could see Laine transforming in front of her and it was the most seductively intriguing work she had done in years. Laine was learning a great deal faster than she had even hoped and Xanna wanted to keep her moving to keep the lessons moving and prevent intimidation. She motioned for Laine to follow her again. A large crowd was gathered around another exhibition booth a little further along. Xanna moved as if to pass it, but Laine stopped and asked, "What is going on over there ma'am?"

Xanna paused and gave another glowing grin. She hadn't intended to have Laine see this, but since she had asked...

"It's an exhibition of body piercing, which explains the crowd. A lot of people that wouldn't go near anything else here would be drawn to it."

"That is...rather painful isn't it?"

"It can be. It can also be quite pleasurable, especially once it heals. Not all piercings are meant to be permanent and heal. Temporary body piercing is a fairly common form of S&M pain play. That is Sadism and Masochism, the last of the BDSM acronym. A sadist likes to inflict pain and a masochist enjoys receiving pain," Xanna explained. "In general, most Dominants are sadists and most submissives are masochists, but those aren't hard rules just generalizations. Beyond the sadomasochistic element piercings can hold other significance. Doms and Dommes often have their submissives marked with a piercing as a sign of ownership or as a way for them to show loyalty."

Xanna looked Laine in the eyes and answered the question she knew was behind them. "I do it myself. When someone enters my service, I have them marked with a silver ring."

Laine blushed, and then went white as a sheet. "Where are they...marked?"

"That my dear is something only they and I need to know, but I can say none of them have complained

Laine gulped.

Xanna laughed and added, "Many women enjoy it whether they like pain or not. Depending on where it's placed it can be very stimulating. The piercing heals fairly quickly leaving behind just the benefits."

Laine felt a twinge and an an aching feeling of need between her legs. She wasn't a virgin, but her experience was limited to guys around her own age that didn't have much experience of their own. She barely had a concept of what was "stimulating" and what was not. She was beginning to think that there was a whole lot more in the world that fell in that category than she had ever suspected. The flood of new thoughts and sensations running through her were starting to have a profound effect.

Laine's eyes began to flitter about the room randomly again as she tried to clear her mind. She noticed an upstairs area she had missed earlier. It was set towards the back of the building and was poorly lit. She could just barely make out the shapes of people and what looked like a large X. "What is up there ma'am?" Laine asked.

Again Xanna questioned herself whether things were moving too fast or if Laine was ready. One look into Laine's eyes and the question was answered.

"That is the open play space or the "dungeon" as some would call it." Xanna waited a few heartbeats before casually asking, "Would you like a closer look?"

Laine chewed on her lip again. "Would it be ok...just to look? Or would that be rude?"

"At this type of even it is quite alright and even expected. Protocol is changed by circumstance."

Laine knew in a part of her mind that things were progressing both within and without her that she didn't understand. The question was-did she want it to stop? Would her curiosity let her stop? When Xanna looked her in the eye to ask if she wanted a closer look it frightened Laine how much she had wanted Xanna to make exactly that suggestion.

"Yes ma'am I would. I am....curious. I can't deny it."

"Of course you are. And there is no shame in being curious and learning." Xanna patted Laine on the shoulder and again Laine was warmed by the glow that Xanna's touch and kind words created. Laine dropped into step behind Xanna and followed her across the room and up a metal staircase. Scattered around the space were numerous areas occupied by odd looking furniture and anywhere from two to six people attempting to ignore the crowd. Set up in the center of the space, surrounded by various seats, was the wooden X Laine had caught a glimpse of downstairs.

Xanna took one of the chairs and Laine, after a quick glance around the room, took a cue from the others and sat herself at Xanna's feet. Xanna was again surprised by Laine's instincts and quickness in learning. She took off Laine's hat and sat it down next to her and put her hand on the back of Laine's neck and began to stroke her hair gently and rhythmically.

A man in leather pants approached the X and tugged on the leash in his hand. Out of the shadows came a totally naked woman except for the collar around her neck attached to the leash. She crawled to him and he stood her up. He caressed her up and down from her wrist to her breast and back as he cuffed her to one arm of the X and then the other. He then stroked her legs from her ankles to her inner thighs as he secured them to the bottom arms. When he was finished she was standing spread-eagled; her buns and back presented to the Dominant and the avidly watching crowd.

Why wasn't she running away in shock from what she was seeing? Laine wondered. Instead she sat engrossed as the Dom pulled out a leather strap. He ran it over the woman's bare skin sensually and down between her legs and over her shaved pussy. He kissed her then stepped away. His arm reared back and the strap struck her anticipating backside. The girl jerked against her restraints from the blow and it took her a moment to collect herself and respond, "Thank you Sir, may I have another?" Again the strap fell on her pert posterior. She let out a noise that was somewhere between a scream and a gasp. "Thank you Sir, may I have another?" This time the strap dropped across her shoulders. She shrieked and begged again. The blows kept coming until her ass and upper back were red and instead of asking for another she finally cried "Uncle" and he released her into his affectionate embrace. Laine was amazed by his tenderness, as if having just beaten a woman until she had begged to stop was somehow the most loving act imaginable.

As the Dom led his pet away Xanna was observing Laine. Her breathing was rapid and shallow, her cheeks were burning red and she was agitatedly writhing in place. She knew that reaction. The time to strike was now or never.

Xanna leaned in near her hair stroking hand and whispered in Laine's ear, "Why you naughty girl. Trying to get yourself off as you watch another woman tortured. How would you feel if you were in her place?" Her hand gripped the back of Laine's neck and pulled a bit sharply on her hair. Laine sat up straight, a sign of shock on her face. Xanna looked her right in the eye, hiding her concern behind her stern expression. If Laine backed down now, she had made a mistake and had pushed her too far and too fast.

A shot of adrenaline ran through Laine and...something else. It was like a dark fire lit inside the blackness of her fear. It coursed through her veins burning and searing her mind. She remembered Xanna's words from earlier and didn't run from the sensation. She let it absorb into her being. It was the most intoxicating feeling she had ever encountered. Laine cast her eyes down and whispered, "I'm sorry ma'am."

Xanna raised Laine to her feet by the hair she had gripped in her hand, yet she was also still stroking the back of Laine's neck with a soft fingertip. Her other hand trailed down her collarbone and to the laces tying her bodice. "Are you ok? If you want me to stop, say it now. Otherwise, I won't until you say your safeword," Xanna gave Laine one last out.

It felt so good to do what Xanna wanted. She didn't want out now. Laine shook her head and replied, "Green." Xanna's smile created that wonderful glow again which mixed with the dark desires stirred up inside her and almost made her swoon.

Xanna released her hair and quickly untied the bodice and threw it on the chair she had been sitting on moments before. Laine's delectable breasts were exposed and Xanna resisted the temptation to play with them. It wasn't easy, but she kept her passion under control. She ran her hand down Laine's waist and over the curve of her abdomen and pulled the lace bikini briefs off. Xanna felt the dampness on them and smiled again; Laine was a naughty girl indeed.

Xanna took Laine by her bound hands and led her over to the X. "This is called a St. Andrew's Cross." Xanna undid the clip connecting Laine's cuffs. "Place your arms on the cross," Xanna ordered. Short lived relief; it still felt good to change positions, Laine thought as she obeyed. Xanna secured the cuffs to the cross. She then bent down and attached similar cuffs to the tops of her boots around her calves and locked them. Laine was immobilized. She felt the glorious fear of anticipation.

"I'm going to blindfold you. I want you to focus on what you're feeling, not trying to see. It's for your own good. I don't want you to get hurt trying to look at me at the wrong time."

Laine nodded. The blindfold went on and outer darkness combined with inner darkness. She felt like she was floating in an endless pool of black velvet.

"I'm going to start with a rope flogger. This won't hurt; it will just establish a rhythm." Xanna stroked the soft silk rope against Laine's cheek. The gentle gesture sent a sensual shiver down Laine's spine.

Xanna stepped back began to swirl the ropes in a figure-eight pattern. It fell along her taut shoulders and changed and gently danced against her naked backside. Laine's breathing soon fell into time and her heart matched its beat with the fall of the flogger. The endless ocean of black velvet that seemed both inside and out of her swirled and embraced. She relaxed in her bonds and let out a deep breath that carried all the stress of the rest of the world.

Xanna stopped and in a few seconds Laine sensed her standing nearby. She felt Xanna's hand on her shoulder in the familiar way. "Excellent my dear. Just relax. This is a light flogger. It's made of deer hide. It's very soft, but it does slap a bit. This will be your first taste of pain and I want you to remember every bit of how it feels." Xanna again stroked the flogger against her cheek. This one felt almost like a rose petal softly brushing.

Laine tried to heed Xanna's words and relax, but she tensed in anticipation of the first strike. It started into the same figure-eight motion as before. The first fall was light and the sensation of a rose petal returned across her bare behind. Then it dropped again, a little harder and Laine felt the first tiny sting. Her breathing quickened, but Xanna stopped and whispered again, "Relax dear. Breathe slowly and evenly." Then she resumed.

It didn't hurt... much. Each even fall of the flogger left a tiny sting. The tiny stings became larger as they combined with others until her entire ass was warm. The pain was minimal, but not non-existent and Laine was starting to feel the rush of endorphins into her system.

Xanna stopped again. This time she was little longer before she came back to Laine's side. "You're doing wonderfully my dear. Is everything ok?"

Laine nodded and replied, "Green."

Xanna ran her hand along and felt the heat coming off of Laine's glutes. She squeezed a cheek playfully and Laine nearly jumped. Her hand teased and rubbed and then came down sharply in a slap. Laine did leap a little bit, but Xanna's firm hold on her shoulder kept her steady. Xanna's hand came down again and Laine groaned as the sensation of Xanna's touch combined with the touch of velvet engorging her soul. Xanna ran her hand down Laine's legs. The inside of her thighs were wet. Xanna forced herself to not respond. If she wanted to be able to safely control Laine, she needed to control her own behavior.

Laine nearly came when Xanna touched her and she was having trouble making sense of what was happening. She had never suspected she was bisexual, let alone that she would end up tied to a cross and loving every minute. The only thing she knew was that she didn't want to stop.

Laine felt a rougher texture on her cheek this time. Xanna explained, "This is a heavier flogger. It's made of cowhide and it will DEFINITELY hurt. Remember if you need to stop, give your safeword."

"Yes ma'am. I will, "Laine replied in a daze.

The first fall was much harder than the previous ones had been and Laine's body jerked from the force. "Don't flinch, I don't want to injure you," Xanna's stern voice cut through the fog of shock. Laine steadied herself for the next blow. It fell, not quite so hard but still with a force and a thud that sounded through the dungeon. Xanna found her rhythm, slower to give Laine more time to recover between strikes. Shrouded in darkness, Laine was becoming less and less aware of the sounds of the Ball; the pounding music and the cries of the submissives around her seemed distant. She was sinking deeper and deeper into that wonderful velvet sensation. Each cut of the whip brought her to another level of welcoming dark quietude.

Xanna picked up her pace and pressure. The slaps of the leather were hitting harder than ever. The darkness began to split and it was as if an explosion of lights was happening behind Laine's blindfolded eyes. It felt like the whole world was turning inside out. It was overwhelming. "Yellow," she mumbled, not sure if Xanna had heard. Xanna slowed her blows, but they dropped harder still. Laine's whole body felt like it was on fire. She cried out inarticulately once, twice, three times before she couldn't handle another moment and shrieked, "Red!"

Xanna immediately stopped and came to Laine's side. The blindfold was removed. Her cuffs unhooked. She slumped into Xanna's arms and everything went into a grey haze.

Laine came back to awareness stretched out on a couch with her head in Xanna's lap being gently soothed. She tried to raise her head, but she was dizzy. Xanna patted her and said, "Don't try to get up too fast. Give yourself a moment."

"Where am I?" Laine asked confusedly.

"This is the first aid and aftercare room. I brought you in here to recover and clean you up. Fortunately I didn't break any skin. I don't think there will be a mark on you past tomorrow. So I laid you down and put some lotion on to make you feel better."

Laine had noticed the stinging in her backside felt less sharp than it had been. She pulled herself up and put her head in her hands. She was reeling from what she had just done. She couldn't comprehend her own mind anymore. She let out a sob of desperation.

"What's wrong my dear. Did I hurt you?"

"I...I don't know what to do. I don't know what this means.... What do I do now? What am I?"

Xanna cradled Laine in her arms. "It doesn't have to mean anything. You can walk away and never think about it again if that is what you want."

Laine shook her head. "No I can't, not after this. It was too..."

"You have options my dear. You can come to events like this. You can find someone you know that can teach you and train you safely. Or I can refer you to people that can help you."

Laine shook her head again. "No one I know can ever know about this. And I'm scared of anyone else hurting me." She looked up into the icy depths of Xanna's eyes. "Please ma'am...I want to learn...and I want you to teach me." She dropped down off the couch, knelt and kissed Xanna's boot. "Please...Mistress...I want to serve you."

Xanna bent over and lifted Laine's chin up. Her eyes flashed with emotion. She raised Laine back up to her knees and leaned in for a kiss. Laine was shaking, but didn't break the embrace. Xanna's tongue gently probed until Laine's lips parted and the kiss went deeper. They sank into each other as the kiss continued hotly then gently and back again.

They finally parted to catch their breath. Xanna rained her glorious smile down on Laine. Laine nervously chewed on her lip as she had earlier and shyly glanced at the beautiful woman holding her so closely. Xanna put a finger to Laine's mouth. "No more shyness. No more fear." Her finger traced along the bow of her lips and down her cheek to the curve of her neck.

Laine surrendered herself to Xanna's touch. Fighting herself was useless. Xanna knew what she wanted better than she did. In one evening Xanna knew her more completely than anyone else. The thought brought a wonderful feeling of peace to her mind.

"I want to make you happy and bring you pleasure Laine. I want to teach you all the incredible ways to feel that I am aching to show you. If you trust me enough to give me that chance..."

"I trust you more than I trust myself Mistress," Laine said with a look of utter devotion.

Xanna gave a sound of pure exultation and embraced Laine again.

Xanna took her hand away for just a moment and unzipped the back of her bustier. Her honey dew sized breasts spilled down in front of Laine's hands. Laine tentatively reached out and touched one. It was the first time she had touched another woman in lust. She never knew they could be so soft. Xanna stretched out on the couch, inviting Laine to explore her body at leisure.

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