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Lake Cabin


"Why do I have to go with?" I whined to my parents. The last few years I had found excuses not to go to my aunt and uncle's cabin for the annual vacation. This time my mom was being persistent and pulled the "do it for your mom" card.

"This will probably be our last trip together as a family, and I just wanted you to come with us. One last time, Jim. It would make me very happy. Besides, they have a boat and a couple of Sea-Doo's, you might actually have some fun."

"Oh, alright, I'll go. Nice guilt trip mom."

She just smiled at her victory and was on her way. I was 20 now, I figured I didn't have to go on these things anymore, but like she said- it may be fun. My aunt and uncle are pretty nice and I haven't seen them since I graduated two years ago. I've always had a little crush on Aunt Sandy, and I got to thinking that I'll probably see her in her bathing suit. This idea was getting better every moment.

Their daughter Julie would be 18 now. When I saw her last she was a plain looking plump 16 year old. She was pretty much a book worm type- thick glasses, frumpy clothes and her hair always pulled back. I'm pretty sure I would be able to put up with her for a week. Since we would be going to northern Minnesota I had to pack accordingly. Swim trunks, jeans, sweat pants, a variety of tee shirts, some nice clothes in case I hit the nearest town, a box of condoms and a jacket.

The condoms were for the nearest town scenario, and the jacket is because it may be summer in Minnesota, but that doesn't guarantee that it will be warm for 7 days. I called and let my friends know that I'd be gone, and most likely out of cell tower range. We left bright and early the next morning. Well, if you call eight o'clock early, but I'd been sleeping in most of the summer after getting up early at college every day. I drove, of course, because I am a terrible passenger. I tend to be quite aggressive and can't stand defensive drivers.

"Lead, follow, or get out of my way" is my driving philosophy. We made the 5 hour trip in just under 4 ½. When my parents got out I think I saw a new batch of gray hair appearing. Plus they looked like they just went a couple of rounds with Mike Tyson. But hey, I was relaxed after a nice calm drive. My family wouldn't agree with that, but they hardly ever agree with me.

Uncle Joe and Aunt Sandy greeted us first. They had heard the car on the gravel driveway and were standing by my door as I stopped. They both gave me a big hug and said hello while I checked out Sandy's tight jeans and her shirt that did nothing to hide her big breasts. Them reaching me first gave my parents a few moments to finally breathe after the ride, and they looked somewhat composed when dad's brother and sister in law made their way to their side of the van.

The usual "you look great" and "it's been too long" comments were exchanged along with the hugs. About this time I see this beautiful creature walk out of the cabin. My mouth dropped as I watched this goddess walk towards me. Flowing blonde hair, bright blue eyes, a bright red belly shirt, and a pair of tiny Daisy Duke shorts. "Hey cuz, how are you?"

All I could think of saying was "Julie? Is that you?"

She laughed at me and said "yeah, Jim, it's me. I see by your expression that you noticed I look a little different than the last time."

All I could do was nod in agreement, and she elaborated for me. "One day after gym class a friend asked why I dressed to cover up. She said I had a great body. I blew her off because I thought she was kidding. Maybe two months later I looked at myself in the mirror and saw that I actually wasn't that bad. I talked my parents into getting me contact lenses, I lost some weight, and I started to dress in more fitting clothes. Wasn't long after that that the boys started noticing the change, too. Oh, I'm sorry for just rambling on. You just got here. We'll have plenty of time to talk. So, what do you think?"

She raised her arms and twirled around on her toes, letting me get a full 360 degree look. I finally managed to regain my voice, so I said "very nice, Julie. You look great. Amazing, even." She liked that answer and hugged me. Before turning away she said that we'll have a fun week. I'd soon find out she was absolutely right. She ran over and hugged my parents, thanking them for coming and telling them that she had missed them.

My dad noticed her, too. I heard him over the van saying "my God ,Julie, you are beautiful! Make an old man's day and give me another hug." He wasn't the only parent checking out a kid. I saw Sandy checking out my crotch, and when she got busted she gave me a sly smile and took another look. I grabbed my bag and asked where I would be sleeping. Sandy directed me to a room upstairs and informed me that Julie would be right next door to me.

I better back up a little bit first. The "cabin" isn't your stereotypical cabin. It is basically a two story house that is on a lake, but that the house isn't lived in year round. My aunt and uncle and my parents would be on the main floor, with me and Julie upstairs. I was unpacking my things when Julie popped in to visit.

"Hey cousin, looks like we're neighbors. I hope you don't snore, and if you sleepwalk you should know that I sleep nude, so don't come in. So, how is college? Do you like it? Do you have lots of babes? Well, of course you do. Someone as good looking as you would have his pick. I'm nervous about college, so maybe you can give me your email address or cell number and I can call and talk to you."

I wasn't sure which question to answer first, so I just picked ones that I remembered. "You can call or email me anytime you want. It doesn't have to be about school. I'll give you the information later. College is good. Most of the time it is boring, as you have all that time to yourself, but some of the classes are very challenging. I probably like the Literature class the best because I love to read."

"And no, I don't have lots of babes. In fact, I have no babes. I have yet to have a college girlfriend. I guess they just don't like me. I'm not into the Frat party thing, so most of my time is spent in my room or in the library. Oh, and I don't sleepwalk or snore. At least that's what my roommate says. You sleep naked, too? I'm glad I'm not the only one." As you would expect, the whole conversation was spent thinking about her sleeping naked right on the other side of the wall.

Everyone gravitated to the living room area and grabbed a seat. Dad and Joe got caught up and mom and Sandy were mostly gossiping. Julie sat by me so we got better acquainted. I told her that I was sorry that I hadn't kept in touch with her. She said that it was fine because she really wasn't that social until the past year or so. "Plus," she said, "you were older and I was a dork. Then you went to college so you were busy with that. I forgive you."

I asked about her boyfriend situation and found out she was single. With her looks added to the fact of being in high school, she told me she learned pretty fast what high school boys were after. "That and they are so immature. I like college guys better. High school boys are basically all hands. College guys can be that way too, but they also hold your hand and treat you with more respect. They talk to you like you are a person, not a set of tits."

Julie leaned over and whispered "don't get me wrong, they love my tits a little too much. I admit they are pretty nice. You'll see."

She was quite the girl. She could drop a bomb like that and just go right back to having a normal conversation. She announced that she was bored and wanted me to take a walk with her. We excused ourselves and went outside. She led the way down to the lake and out the dock. I checked out their Bayliner 20 foot boat. I was pretty impressed, I bet the thing has more horsepower than my car. The Sea-Doo's were on a hoist type of holder and were completely out of the water.

She saw that I was ogling the toys and said that we'd get plenty of use out of them this week. Next we made our way down the shore to a small path in the woods. "I like to go hiking, so I use the trail a lot when we are here. It's going to be dark soon so we'll just go a little ways in" she informed me. The trail was wide enough to go side by side, so we chatted about nothing in particular and just walked. We stopped at a small clearing that had a bench seat carved from a fallen tree.

"This is where I come to think or just get away from my parents. It's the first time I've had a boy out here, too. Mom and dad don't let me take guys up here. Can't say I blame them. Hey, don't give me that look. I like male company but I'm not a slut. I've only been with 2 guys. How many girls have you had?"

"Just one. We were 15 and she was my neighbor. I think she did it to experiment, but also she felt sorry for me or something. That's what I've heard, at least. My one and only time. Pretty pathetic cousin you have, aren't I?"

"You aren't pathetic at all. My first time was horrible and I wish it didn't happen. I was 16 and I thought he liked me. He was just using me, and then told all of his friends about it. Everyone thought I was a slut. I was so embarrassed. The second guy was a senior in college. We dated most of my senior year and we finally had sex on my 18th birthday. It was pretty good, and I was glad it was with a guy who treated me like a person. We did it a lot after that. Most of the time in his dorm room."

"He was pretty wild, though, and wanted to do it everywhere. I've had sex at a park, in a car, in the library, my backyard, the shower in his dorm, under the bleachers at a football game, and in every room in my house. I want to have sex right here in my special spot, and on the boat. That doesn't sound like it will happen, especially after he dumped me two months ago. I guess he had gotten enough sex and decided to move on."

"Julie, I'm so sorry. It's his loss. You are smart, beautiful, and very charming. You'll find a nice guy. Trust me."

She put her arm around me and gave me a sideways hug. "You are so sweet, I can't believe you don't have a girl." We sat there for a while, her legs curled up and on the seat, and her head resting on my shoulder.

"Well," she said, "we better head back before they think we fell in and drowned."

I laughed and said that was fine with me. As we walked she kept brushing into me or pushing me. I can't believe my cousin was flirting with me, but I wasn't going to stop it. She'd put her arm around me and bump hips as we walked. Announcing that her hands were cold, she took my hand and we walked back to the dock holding hands.

Supper was almost ready when we got back, so we helped set up the table and we all ate. The adults discussed their plans for the week, and Julie and I mostly just listened. It sounded like they would be away quite a bit, so we'd have the house and the lake to ourselves. After doing dishes we all sat around the table and played the game Scattergories. My mom always cringes at my answers because of my off the wall sense of humor.

Bedtime came and the adults departed for their rooms. Julie and I talked for another hour then decided to get some sleep. As I was brushing my teeth, I was joined by a scantily dressed nymph. I looked over to see her come in wearing only a shirt and panties. I was in just my sweatpants and caught her looking at my chest.

"Very nice, Jim. Looks like you work out."

"You don't look so bad yourself, Jules."

She finished brushing her teeth before I did, and after slapping my ass as she left the room, she told me "if you need anything, just come in. Good night James."

It was a good thing she left or she would have seen the tent in my sweats. I couldn't believe my cousin was giving me a hard on. Part of it felt good, but the other part kept thinking about her being my cousin. I laid in bed thinking about the good part as I drifted off to sleep.

"Wake up, sleepy head." I blinked a few times and got my bearings, and noticed that I had company. Still in her shirt and panties, Julie was laying on her side facing me. A few obvious questions came to mind, so I said to her "what are you doing and how long have you been here?"

"I woke up early and was bored, so I figured I'd come in here and watch you sleep. You're right, you don't snore at all. You look pretty darn good asleep, if I may say so. As a bonus to watching you sleep, I also got to see you tenting up the sheet. So, cousin of mine, did you sleep naked?" she asked as she grabbed for the sheet. I stopped her just in time and she faked a big pout.

"Okay, okay, I get it. I'll let you get dressed. So who were you thinking about to make such a big tent there?"

I don't like to lie, but I still did. I told her it wasn't anybody she knew. She obviously didn't believe me either, but didn't call me on it. I got up after she was gone and stuffed my hard on into my boxer briefs. This girl was really getting to me. I put on some shorts and a tee shirt and joined the rest for breakfast. Julie was down already and was eating some cereal. I noticed she had put on some shorts, so at least she didn't parade around in her panties for everyone.

The "grown ups" decided they were going to go shopping in town and pick up some groceries and other necessities. Joe said that we should make ourselves at home while they are gone, and that he'd be out in a couple of minutes to get the Sea-Doo's down and running for us. I was waiting for him down there and checking out the scenery. My mind was plotting which areas to check out on the lake when I heard Joe coming.

"These hoists are actually pretty easy to use. You just pull them onto this sling here, and when both are in place you flip that switch there and use this toggle over here for up and down. I'm sure you'll get the hang of it, college boy."

"Ha ha, very funny, but thanks for the lesson. Thanks for letting me use one too. It looks like a ton of fun."

"It's more fun with two people; I'm sure Julie will go with you. Looks like you two are getting along, too. That's great. The only rules are don't buzz by other boats or docks, and that you and Julie keep an eye on each other. These are still machines, so be careful."

I told him I'd be respectful of my elders, which brought me a mimicked hand to the side of my head. "Remember the rules, smart ass."

"Sure thing, Uncle Joe."

"Jeez, kid, you're 20 now. Just call me Joe. You make me sound so old."

I reminded him that he was, which brought an actual, but playful, hand to the head. He took off for the house and I heard their car start up and take off. I did as instructed and got the water crafts into the water and pulled up to shore. He didn't start them for us, but at least he remembered to give me the keys for them. I looked them over and figured out how to start them. Lucky for me they both started without any trouble, and I was ready to hit the water.

"It's about time they left" I hear over my shoulder. I turned to greet Julie, but was stopped in my tracks by what she was wearing. She had on a fire engine red bikini, which against her light complexion skin came across even brighter. I stared at her barely covered tits. I'm guessing they were a B cup, and she was showing some nice cleavage. She had to of shaved her pussy because her bottoms were so small that her pubic hair would have been displayed.

"Holy shit" I muttered out loud.

"I'm glad you like. I wore it just for you. You and the horny old guys that live on the lake and love to watch me zoom around out there. Do you think they can see my butt crack?" she asked as she turned around. The bottoms of her ass cheeks were hanging out and , yes indeed, her crack was visible. I told her what she already knew, and she just smiled. She had brought some beach towels with her and put one in my storage area and the other in hers.

"Alright, let's get going. Follow me and I'll give you a tour of the lake. We'll go slow for this part, we can speed around later."

We fired them up and I tossed my shirt and shoes onto the dock and climbed on. Julie decided we'd go counter clockwise just to be weird. She pointed out the big houses as we went by. Adding additional bits of information like who's cheating on who, who's single, who's been naughty, that kind of thing. We were gone for probably about a half hour and had seen most of the small lake. Well, small by Minnesota standards. It was about 2 ½ miles across, and had many islands and inlets.

She said we were going to stop at an upcoming island, so I should follow her in. She goosed the throttle and then cut the engine, letting the momentum take her in. I did the same and pulled in close-by. Julie informed me that she has always liked this island and stops at it whenever she can. It was maybe 200 yards off of shore, and there was one visible house facing us.

"That house there," she said while pointing, "is an older guy. 50 or so, and he likes to watch me. I brought binoculars once and saw him looking at me. I pretended I didn't see him, and just kept scanning the woods and the rest of the lake. He's got a telescope right on his deck that he keeps trained on this island. One time I was kind of horny so I decided he might like to see more of me. I pretended to look around to see if anyone was looking, and I took off my top and laid down on my blanket."

"That's why I take the blanket with when I go out on the lake. Just knowing he was looking at my tits was so exciting. I'd never done it before and it made me so wet. I guess that's why I agreed to do crazy things with my ex, because I knew it was such a thrill. So I laid here topless for a long time, and when I left I went around the island and back in front of his place. When I went by he had his pants around his ankles and was masturbating like crazy. I waved at him and kept going. When I got back I went into the woods and fingered myself to orgasm thinking about him watching."

Julie told me to grab my towel, and while I was doing that she wanted me to pick up the binoculars that were already in there. I made like I was going to go to the bathroom, and she laid her towel out and sat down. Pretty sure that he couldn't see me, I focused in on his deck, and sure enough he was there watching. I left the binoculars hanging on a branch and rejoined her. I let her know her not-so-secret admirer was at his telescope.

"I knew he'd be there. I think he hears when I take off and then comes outside. I feel overdressed, maybe this will help" she said as she lifted her small red top off. She stood up and walked over to the water craft and left the bra on the handlebars. I openly stared at her tits. They were beyond amazing. I'd be spying on her, too, if I lived nearby. Her tits pale skin stood out against her tan arms and stomach. They were very perky, and her nipples were hard and erect, sticking out about a half-inch.

"I knew you'd like them. This was a perfect way to let you see them. I don't mind if you stare, they are quite nice. All the girls in gym class were jealous of them." Taking her up on her invite, I propped myself up on my elbows and drank in this amazing view. She glanced over at me and saw how much I was enjoying the view.

"That's quite the tent you got going, cousin. Is that from looking at little old me? You'll have to let me see that big thing pretty soon. If not, I'll just help myself." Laughing at her comment, she laid back down again. Her tits were so firm that when she was flat on her back they barely moved gravity's way. I watched her firm breasts until my neck got sore, than laid back down again to relax. Julie was getting bored so we packed up and left. I snuck back and grabbed the binoculars and packed them and my towel up. Being the gentleman I am, I launched Julie first, then pushed mine out and started the engine.

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