tagSci-Fi & FantasyLakeside Nymph

Lakeside Nymph


The sun was bright in the cloudless sky, a cool breeze came off the small lake where I had decided to hang out for a few days. Long days of riding cross country had me worn, and a couple of nights of sitting still would do my mind good, too.

The air felt good on my naked body. I had stripped off my heavy leather jacket and pants to skinny dip in the secluded lake's refreshing water. Now I was drifting off to sleep, relaxed and peaceful, and alone.

I dreamt of splashing water nearby, soft sounds of footsteps on the leaf covered ground, and the gentle scent of a woman aroused. A shadow crossed my eyes, and I opened them to see what had obstructed the sun. A small girl with long hair stood over me, smiling with laughter in her eyes.

Her shape was full, rounded hips and sturdy legs joining at a small bulge at her belly. Orange sized breasts with thick, erect nipples and up to a graceful neck, and a soft friendly face. I heard myself sigh, wishing this wasn't a dream, when she spoke. It startled me to sit upright and stare. Rubbing my eyes to ascertain the fact that it was real and not a dream, I heard her speak again.

"Is this spot full, or may I join you?" She asked.

I continued to stare at her naked form, and managed to reply, "By all means, sit." As I indicated the clear spot next to me. I then realised that my penis was fully erect, and that the scent was indeed coming from this wood nymph's aroused vulva. As she sat near, her hand grazed my erection lightly, and her breast rubbed against my shoulder.

"Where .... where did you come from?" I asked. He musical giggle answered, "Over there." She pointed to the other side of the lake.

"I watched you take a bath, and then lay down, from my cabin. You looked alone and interesting, so I thought I would join you. That's okay, isn't it?"

"Yes, as a matter of fact it's very okay."

I reached for her waist, and as I touched her warm flesh, she fell gently onto my body. Our lips met, and a warm electric feeling coursed through my whole body. Her tongue searched out mine, exploring my mouth, as mine did with hers. We kissed hot, pulses racing, and hands finding each other's sex. Her small fingers tried to wrap around my erect penis as mine entered her vagina. She was wet and warm inside, muscles gripping my intruding fingers like a damp glove.

She moaned softly as my fingers explored her tight opening. Her small hand worked up and down my shaft. Her hips rocked and drove my fingers deeper. I rolled her on her back and she spread her trim legs wide for me. The light fur near her vulva was trimmed to a thin ribbon just above her slit. The labia were puffy and light red, wet with her arousal.

Her erect clitoris peeked out from the flowery folds, she jumped when I touched it. I stared at her flower, then looked into her eyes. She gave permission and told me her desire with one look from her deep green eyes. I moved and approached her vulva with my face.

I inhaled the sweet aroma as I got inches away from the treasure, she was very wet and responded to my tongue with a gasp. Her hands gripped my head, pulling me towards her needy vaginal opening. The gasping turned to soft mewling as my stiffened tongue entered her body. The taste was incredibly sweet, thick and rich. She started trembling while my tongue traveled the length of her swollen vulva.

I concentrated my lingual efforts on the thick bud at the top, taking her clitoris between my teeth. A long sigh and further gyrations of her hips resulted in a swift release from her. She pummeled my face with her vulva, shaking through her orgasm, crying out as she did.

"YES! Ohmigod! YES!" Ohhhh, IT'S Cummmmmiiinnnggg!"

Several sharp jerks of her body, then she fell limp under me. Her eyes were closed, and her breathing was harsh and strained. I wondered if I should continue exploring her body. Her hands gently caressed my hair and she smiled.

"I knew you were going to be good to me." She said softly. "I'd like to do the same for you, now."

Who was I to argue? I lay down and allowed her to place my legs where she wanted them. She sat between my thighs and took my throbbing penis in her hand and studied it for a long time, gently stroking its length. Her eyes glistened with lust as she moved her soft mouth closer. Her hot breath on my penis sent thrills through my body, and her tongue licked the pre-cum from the tip.

"Sweet." she murmured.

I watched as her mouth opened and took me in. Hot lips, wet mouth, then her tight throat engulfed me. After making her cum I was ready to explode, anyway. The first contraction of her throat muscles drew my cum from deep inside me, filling her throat almost instantly. She swallowed and sucked, stroking and pulling my spewing cock as she emptied me into her stomach.

She slowed as the pulsing became less, savoring the last spurts of semen in her mouth. She opened her lips and showed me the mouthful she had saved. I didn't give her a chance to swallow it, though. I bent down and kissed her hot, sharing the taste of my cum, and the leftover taste of her on my lips.

Recovering from our cums, we sat silently next to each other, gently stroking one another's flesh. She was soft and completely hairless. Her eyes spoke the feelings of her heart, especially when she leaned close and started kissing again. Her small fingers worked magic on my penis, bringing it back to full erection very rapidly.

"Will it cum again?" She asked in a whisper.

"Let's find out, shall we?" I teased back. I knew I could cum again, it had been an hour or so since the first explosion. This one would take longer, and be more enjoyable for both of us. She rolled over and spread her thighs.

Her arms raised, beckoning me to her, softly speaking "Fuck me."

I entered her slowly, her kitty was still full of nectar and very slick. She was tight, gripping my length the entire way in. It was like her body was on fire. She was hotter inside than I had remembered a girl being when aroused. She groaned as I filled her body with my own heat, rocking her hips to meet mine. Our bellies touched and she pulled me tight to her.

"So full." She whispered. "Fuck me slow and deep." Was her request.

I used long gentle thrusts, pulling almost all the way out each time. Sighs and moans accompanied each filling of her small body, groans of protest followed each emptying. Her body thrust up to try and keep her hole filled. I finally lay fully on her, driving deep into her small opening. She was unbelievably tight and wet! Her pussy contracted, holding me deep, I could feel her cervix pulsing against the tip of my cock.

A sheen of sweat covered her body as the intensity of our thrusting increased. She grunted each time I bottomed out inside her and pounded her clitoris with my belly. Her green eyes rolled in her head as the feelings built and her breathing became sporadic. Gasping and moaning, she begged for release.

"Ohhhh! ....Please!!! ..... give it .... to meeee!!!" she wailed. "Fill me with your cum! I want to have you in me!"

"You ....uhhhhh ... cum ..... tooo!" I replied, driving deeper and harder.

"UHHHH ...Y ...Yessss .... I'mmm gonnnnaaa!.....CUMMMMM!" She screamed as her body bucked and writhed beneath me.

Her vaginal contractions literally squeezed the cum from my loins. They pulled the fire from inside me. I felt her getting tighter as I swelled inside. My balls grew tight and drew up close. Every muscle in my belly grabbed hold at once and I exploded inside her.

Pulse after heavy pulse of my essence filled her tiny hole. Cum was being pushed out despite the tight seal of my cock in her small pussy. Her girl-cum gushed and mine pulsed inside her, washing our sexes with the fragrant nectar of our combined release.

Grunting and panting we completed the act of sharing love, a final thrust into her , and I collapsed on top of her heaving, sweaty form. We lay motionless, I could feel the residual contractions of her inner muscles as her body tried to regain normality. My cock continued to pulse in response to each grasp of her vagina. When she opened her eyes, the look of satisfaction was complete. It enveloped her whole face and body. The tension of before was gone, we were one. Joined at our sex organs, her body clamping me tightly and I filling her completely.

A final push of her muscles dislodged my semi-rigid penis. A soft groan came from her throat, disappointed that I didn't stay in her longer. Two massive cums in that short time would require some rest on my part. I slid down her wet belly, kissing her flesh as I neared her freshly fucked sex.

The heavy aroma of our mixed cum aroused me and I began to devour the warm, salty mix of our bodily fluids. She jumped and jerked when I brushed her clitoris with my lips. Her legs parted fully and her hips rolled up to allow me to fully expose and explore the depths of her cum filled kitty with my tongue. I looked up into her eyes, and saw the surprise at my actions melt into blissful enjoyment of the soft, tender licking.

I cleaned her vulva and surrounding flesh, then wickedly took her clitoris between my teeth and sucked it hard. She burst into another cum without warning. Her whole body shook as she writhed beneath my tongue. Her hands first held my head tight to her body, but soon pushed me away, begging me to slow down and let her breathe.

Reluctantly, I abandoned my feast, kissing my way back up her belly and past her heaving breasts to kiss her moist, panting lips. I knew she could taste herself on my lips and tongue. She moaned as our tongues tangled in each other's mouth. We finally separated our bodies and resolved to cool off in the water.

I followed her to the shore, and looking for her mode of transport, I spotted the canoe beached nearby. I watched her nude form slice into the still surface, rippling the water against the bank. I dove in behind her and came up between her legs. Melting into another hot kiss, we floated along silently.

"Are you going to tell me your name?" I asked the sweet girl with whom I had just shared a magnificent sexual experience.

"Someday, maybe." She laughed and swam away, heading for her canoe.

She deftly pulled the light craft from its beached position, and slid into it. She took up a paddle and began to glide across the surface. As she passed, she smiled. Making no effort to clothe herself, (I didn't see anything in the canoe) she paddled by me. Stunned, I made no move to interfere.

"Thank you, my woodland visitor!"

She called back to me, and quickly headed across the small lake. I lost sight of her, and never did see where she landed the canoe on the other bank. Returning to my clothes, I tried to convince myself that it was real. Things like this just don't happen to me.

Since she appeared naked, and left that way, there wasn't anything left to confirm she had been there, except for the indentations in the forest floor where we had shared love and disturbed the blanket of leaves.

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