tagLoving WivesLana - My Wife Gets Cocky

Lana - My Wife Gets Cocky


It's pouring down rain outside, on a cold, cold night. Lana and I are sitting at home alone, well into our second bottle of wine. I'm drunk, and she's drunker. Suddenly she looks over at me, and tells me how lucky I am.

"Oh? Why's that?"

She replies: "I could have any guy I want, but I choose you. I've only ever been with you. Well, except for Cliff, but that's just for your pictures. And let's be honest here," she stumbles to her feet, and does a drunk pirouette, "I'm pretty hot."

I laugh at her boldness. "Well, you are hot, I won't argue with that. But *any* guy? You can't get *any* guy." I say, teasing her.

She gets a defiant look in her eye "Bet me I can't."

I pause, unable to gather my thoughts with all the wine in my system.

"I bet you can't get any guy I pick."

She stares right back at me "You just pick the guy and I'll have my way with him, just to prove you wrong."

Without thinking at all, I reply "Fine. I'll order a pizza, and see if you can get the delivery guy."

"Fine. But don't be all jealous when I do it. You asked for it."

I laugh, knowing she's drunk off her ass. But just to prove her wrong, I go ahead and order the pizza.

Realizing that I was serious, Lana stumbles to her feet again.

"Where do you think you're going?" I ask her.

"I, my dear husband, am going to get ready. I have work to do." With that, she's off to our bedroom.

Fifteen minutes later, she returns wearing less than before. She has on a slightly sheer white tank top - her dark nipples are slightly visible through it. It comes down just about the top of her underwear - in this case, a tiny black G string.

"Um, what are you doing?"

"Exactly what you told me I won't be able to do. I'm going to have any man I want."

Drunk enough to let this play out, I just laugh it off. A few minutes pass, and the doorbell rings. Lana hops up, steadies herself, and struts confidently to the door. I have to admit, she was right. She is fucking hot. She has the perfect body, and her tight, round little ass is a treat as she bounds across the room.

Lana opens the door, and the a young, twenty-something black man is standing there in the cold rain with our pizza. The poor bastard wasn't even wearing a jacket. Lana quickly invited him in, out of the rain. He answered without thinking, his eyes drinking in the beautiful woman before him.

She makes small talk with him as she walks in, talking about the terrible weather, and how cold it was. He tried to answer, and did a decent job, as his eyes were glued to her G-string clad ass.

She walked over to the TV cabinet, and bent down, at the waist, to get into the bottom drawer. Her ass was fully on display, and he made no attempt to hide his gaze - he didn't acknowledge that I was even in the room as he gawked at the perfectly formed ass in front of him. Lana was clearly showing off, and I hate to admit, it was working.

She turned abruptly and caught his gaze, but he quickly looked her in the eyes, red faced. She smiled but didn't let on that she knew. Instead, she got a concerned look on her face.

"You poor young man, you can't go back out in the cold with those wet clothes. You'll get sick."

The delivery man mumbled something about how it was OK.

"Nonsense. I can put your clothes in the dryer for 15 minutes and they'll be dry & warm for you."

He doesn't reply, as Lana walks right up to him and starts to unbutton his shirt. Undoing the last button, she pulls the soaking wet shirt off. When she does, she smiles at his muscular physique. She is a sucker for a man with muscles, which is why I spend so much of my free time at the gym.

She tosses the shirt on the floor and, bold as ever, reaches down for his fly. He starts to stop her, but she shushes him quickly, saying how awful she would feel if he caught a cold.

So she continues, unzips his pants, unbuttons them, and slides them down. He steps out of them, and hands them to Lana. He's standing there in a pair of boxers with an obvious partial erection - no place to hide one in a pair of boxers. She picks up his shirt, and says "Just have a seat, I'll be right back."

So, he sits down on the couch, and starts to make awkward small talk with me. "Your wife is a really nice woman."

For some, fucked up reason, I laugh and say "Oh, Lana? She's just a good friend, my roommate." And with that, he really lightens up.

Lana comes back shortly, but without her sheer tank top. Our guest nearly chokes as his eyes widen, unable to look away from her magnificent breasts. "I didn't want you to feel uncomfortable, being the only one without clothes. I hope you don't mind?" She says, eyes wide and innocent.

Our guest smiles wide, shocked, and assures my wife that he doesn't mind. By the look of his boxers, he *really* didn't mind. Just then, Lana made a point of openly noticing his obvious erection.

"Oh, your boxers aren't wet too, are they? Let me put them in to make sure. Stand up."

Almost in slow motion, our guest stands, Lana slides her hands inside the waistband of his underwear, and looking me directly in the eye, slides them down and off quickly.

A quite large, very black, very hard cock springs up and nearly hits her in the face. She giggles, and says "Oh my. So it's true."

"What's true?" our guest replies

Lana giggles again as she wraps her hand around his impossibly thick, 8 inch long cock and begins to stroke, "Black men have big dicks." Before he could answer, she began to lick it, unable to suck it properly.

After a few minutes of struggling, she stands, slides off her G string, and straddles our guest. She lowers herself onto his lap, careful to keep his cock in front of her pussy, rubbing against it.

She purrs, enjoying the cock between her legs, and this stranger's hands on her tits.

"Do you have a condom?" She whispers loudly into his ear.

He gets a panicked look on his face before shaking his head, and turns to me.

I managed to squeak out "Sorry man, no way my condoms would fit that."

He looks deflated, but Lana just smiles, lift up, grasps the base of his cock, points it toward her once-virgin pussy, and lowers herself.

The fat head touched her lips, and she cried out, her body seemingly filled with electricity. This man had a long cock, to be sure, but more than anything, it was ridiculously thick. Twice as thick as mine, probably. She had to slowly lower herself, as her lips stretched wide around this monster.

She made it about halfway down and then begin to rise and fall, slowly fucking this stranger, bareback. With each thrust, she would take more of his massive cock, her lips stretching ever wider, her moans growing ever louder, until she cried out in a massive, powerful orgasm. Just as she was coming down, she was quickly on her way to another when she cried out:

"Fuck yes, You're so much bigger than my husband! It's so fucking amazing!"

I feel like my heart is being ripped out. My wife is fucking another man in front of me, on a dare. She's telling him how much she likes his giant cock. And, oh yea, he has a giant cock, and he's RAMMING IT IN MY WIFE'S PUSSY.

Just before I manage to tell this man not to violate her any more by cumming inside her, Lana yells out "God YES, cum inside me baby, cum deep inside me!"

Where the fuck did that come from?

The delivery man is mauling my wife's precious tits as she bounds on top of him, and within minutes, he's kneading her tight ass and groaning as he floods my wife's pussy with semen.

Once she's satisfied that he's empty, she hops off, leans down to give his softening cock a kiss, and dashes off to the laundry room. She returns with his clothes, pays him, and he dresses and leaves, unable to speak.

As soon as he's gone, Lana turns to me and says "I *told* you I could have any man I want. You're lucky I only want you."

I didn't know how to respond to the things she said while riding... what was his name?

She fucked a guy and DIDN'T EVEN GET HIS NAME.

Meanwhile, I have a hard on that won't quit, so I lay her back on the couch and spread her legs. I press my cock between her gaping pussy lips - she's stretched so wide I can barely feel her. I begin to fuck her, and she yawns, YAWNS. I keep going, getting almost no friction her her sloppy pussy, full of a stranger's cum.

I look down at my sweet wife, and... she's passed out. She's even snoring softly. I can't even fuck her well enough to keep her awake.

I can't finish in her pussy, so I pull out and begin to stroke, admiring her still perfect, even at 42, body.

Quickly i bring myself to orgasm, and release it on her chest, coating her perfect tits.

I leave her there, full of a strangers semen, and covered in mine, as I go off to bed alone.

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by Anonymous06/30/17

If this story doesn't end

in the next chapter with her finding an empty bed in the master bedroom and a note from you telling her to go live with any man she wants because you left last night. Then it ends with a score of lessmore...

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by cockcritic06/30/17

Alcohol has a lot to answer for, and this pair were so drunk they didn't know what they were doing, he has now to live with the fact of his stupidity he has been cuckolded.

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