tagNonConsent/ReluctanceLara Give Sara Her Final Lesson

Lara Give Sara Her Final Lesson


Sara badly needed a shower. She had been taken to bed by the Headmistress and school doctor as soon as they had all returned from the cinema. It had been a horrible evening and not an outing that the poor schoolgirl would ever want to repeat. Apart from her body being exposed in a public place, apart from being abused by the two older women, apart from being forced to make the doctor cum with her mouth and fingers, apart from all of this the one thing that had finally proved too much and which had caused her to faint was her first sight of a man's cock.

It wasn't even on the massive screen where another young girl was being molested by two older women; it had been as she looked up from between the doctor's legs and saw a strange man withdrawing his dripping cock from Lara's mouth. No young girl should ever be exposed to something like that. Even the thought of it made her feel quite weak again.

She struggled out of bed and was glad once again that her mother had managed to scrape together enough money for her to have an en-suite room. She staggered to the shower, very aware of the sticky feeling between her legs and down her thighs. Her Headmistress and school doctor had practically lifted her from the car, stripped her and left her between her sheets, naked, of course.

She had slept fitfully, images of cocks filling her dreams. Not men, just cocks. She dreamed of the cock fucking her doctor's mouth; she dreamed of a cock fucking her mouth. What woke her up, though, was the dream of a cock between her legs. It has been bad enough when Mrs Lane, the Headmistress, and Lara, the school doctor had assaulted her there. It had been even worse when she had been forced to pleasure them in the same way. The thought of a cock touching her private places, however, made her knees tremble and her heart pound.

She managed to stumble into the shower and turn the water on. Increasing the temperature as high as she could stand, she felt she had to wash away not just the cum from between her legs but the memory of all the bad things she had been forced to do until now. She lathered up the soap as usual, paying particular attention to her big breasts. She had always been shy of her breasts; they were the first to develop in her class and now, at eighteen, they were the biggest. She knew some of the other girls were jealous of her but she would have given anything to have had tiny ones and to have had escaped the attention of her Headmistress and doctor.

Even so, as she washed over her tits, she knew that fondling them was once more giving her a warm, wet feeling between her legs. She didn't want this but she knew she had to wash. The only thing was, she no longer believed she had any control over her body. It seemed to have a mind of its own and, no matter how hard she tried, she couldn't stop her pussy from becoming moist. Even when she wasn't in the shower.

She couldn't help herself. Her hands seemed to seek out her soapy breasts. She massaged her throbbing nipples while thinking about the only cock she had ever seen, the one pulling out of the doctor's mouth in the cinema. As her hand wandered down her young body, she wondered if a cock would ever fill her mouth, her pussy. She couldn't imagine it. Again and again she shook her head to banish these wicked thoughts. She was a good girl. She didn't want this. Why could she not control her body or her mind?

Turning the temperature dial to very cold, she eventually managed to force these thoughts from her troubled brain but she tensed suddenly when she thought she heard a noise outside the shower.

"Is there anyone there?" she nervously asked, her body trembling in fear and shivering with the cold. When there was no answer, she relaxed just a little and told herself not to be so silly. This was her own private bathroom; why would there be anyone else there? She reached for the shampoo and began to busily wash her hair, trying hard to convince herself that her experiences over the last week had made her paranoid. But the noise she had heard was only too real.

Lara had decided that it was time to take Sara's education up to the next level. She had been astonished and amused when the schoolgirl had fainted in the cinema until she realised that the poor girl had probably never seen an erect cock before. It was time for her to do something about that. She was the school doctor, after all. It was her responsibility to ensure these young girls were prepared for the perils awaiting them. If she could have some fun along the way, so much the better.

She silently, or so she thought, opened the door to Sara's bathroom and slid in through the open door. Giving herself a minute to get her bearings and to acclimatise to the steamy conditions, she closed the door and waited. When Sara called out, she thought she had been caught but she said not a word and waited until the schoolgirl resumed her shower. Watching her young lover through the steam was incredibly arousing, especially as Sara didn't know she was there.

Sara's eyes were closed as she rinsed the shampoo from her hair but she was sure she heard a noise again. She was too scared to ask a second time but, when she was able to open her eyes, she nearly died of fright at the sight of the school doctor standing inches away from her, just as naked as she herself was.

Lara put her finger to her lips, indicating that Sara should keep quiet, took her shower gel off the shelf and began spreading it over her bare tits. The doctor was becoming accustomed to her young lover's breasts but now, in the shower, covering them with soapy bubbles, felt wonderful and new. The soapy water trailed down Sara's fit body as Lara wrapped her legs around the schoolgirl's thigh and squeezed. Rinsing the soap from her young lover's breasts, she fastened her lips on to the girl's nipples and began to suck. She couldn't control her hands and moved them down Sara's back to explore her gorgeous bottom.

Dropping to her knees, she could feel the water spraying on her back. She raised her hands along Sara's now familiar thighs and reached straight for her pussy. Lara couldn't tell if the schoolgirl was wet because of the shower or because of her arousal but she knew that the pussy that was inches from her mouth was dripping. Sara moaned as she felt the doctor tease her clit from its protective hood but she was moaning in embarrassment; the doctor presumed her moans were moans of pleasure.

Lara began to lick first up and down and then sideways. Sara didn't want this; she knew this was wrong but still she felt one hand reaching down to hold the doctor's head in place while the other hand involuntarily played with her wet breasts. Lara, meanwhile, had let her own left hand drift down to play with her own hungry pussy. She was aware of Sara's breathing becoming deeper and quicker and she knew the young girl was close to cumming for her once again. Sara groaned and whimpered as the school doctor pleasured her while masturbating herself. She alone knew what an important day was ahead for the young girl so she decided to do all she could to ensure her young patient was ready.

Lara kept eating her for a long time, totally lost in her mission to prepare her young lover's body for the upcoming challenge. Finally after Sara had cum for a second , then a third time, Lara relented. The school doctor stood up and, as the warm water continued to cascade down on them, grabbed the young girl by the shoulder and kissed her so she could taste herself on her lips. She embraced the girl and fondled her breasts one more time before it was time to turn the water off and exit the shower.

As they stepped out of the shower together, Sara didn't know what to do next. All she knew was that there was a naked woman, the school doctor, in her own bathroom and the older woman seemed to be in charge. Lara wrapped the fresh smelling, voluptuous teen protectively within the soft white folds of a large bath towel and began to dry her.

She took another towel and concentrated on her task, drying the girl completely, gently patting the moisture from her gorgeous arse, reaching between her legs from the rear with the towel, and softly pressing the material into the Sara's beautiful pussy. She sat the schoolgirl down and, from behind her, took another towel to thoroughly dry the girl's long dark hair. The unsuspecting girl was actually beginning to enjoy this treatment, so personal yet non-threatening, for a change. She should have known better.

"You were wonderful last night, Sara," smiled the doctor as the girl tilted her head back to allow the older woman to dry her fringe. At the doctor's words, however, her body stiffened in alarm and she wondered what was going to happen next. Lara could hold herself back no longer and, coming round to kneel in front of the girl, slowly lifted the large towel to expose the young girl's bare legs.

Sara seemed to tense and tried to push herself back to hide but the doctor continued her advance and her hand slid lightly over the schoolgirl's leg, gliding softly from her knee to her hip. She leaned forward and softly pressed her lips to the girl's vulnerable neck. Her hand continued to slightly touch the inside of the young girl's thighs working their way up to Sara's sweet pussy. She touched the mound, feeling the moisture which had already formed on her young lover's lips. Lara kissed that soft neck again, gently sucking before moving across her face to her innocent lips. They trembled as Lara kissed her, once, then twice, then she pressed harder.

The doctor's tongue smoothed gently across her patient's lips, then with a little more force, pushed Sara's lips apart until her tongue entered the young girl's hot mouth. When she felt her patient's tongue, she ran her own over and then under it while gently pushing a finger into the girl's wet pussy. Sara felt her legs widen of their own accord. Giving the doctor easier access to rub her thumb across her sensitive clit.

Lara knew she had Sara at her mercy as she felt the girl's tongue dance with her own and felt her still innocent pussy push back against her experienced fingers. The girl groaned as the older woman once again rubbed her thumb over her clit, sliding her fingers in and out of her moist cunt. Lara momentarily withdrew her fingers and brought them up between their mouths. Sara shuddered as she realised the juices she was tasting on the doctor's fingers came from her own pussy. She trembled in disgust but couldn't stop herself from tasting her very own cunt juice.

Lara knew she had the girl exactly where she wanted her. Not only did she have the edited video of the girl playing with her breasts and pussy in her office but, now she was sucking her own juices off Lara's fingers as if her life depended on it. Sara couldn't stop herself. She hated every second of what the school doctor was doing to her but she couldn't resist the taste of herself on Lara's invading fingers.

Lara slowly removed her fingers from the girl's greedy mouth and kissed her way down the schoolgirl's young body until, kneeling between the girl's legs, she bent down and gently kissed her way along Sara's smooth thighs. She took a moment to enjoy the sight of the young beauty's pussy before her. The girl smelled fresh after her shower but Lara could already see the juices wetting the girl's lips and could smell the unmistakable aroma of her young patient's arousal.

Unable to hold herself back anymore, she dived in and lapped up Sara's juices before sliding her tongue through the folds of the schoolgirl's hot pussy, stopping only to intermittently tease her clit with her tongue. As she forced her tongue deeper into the young girl's pussy, she heard her victim moan and, once more, push her deeper in with a firm hand on the back of her head. Sara had meant to pull the doctor away but, each time the older woman flicked her clit with her wet tongue, the poor girl had no control of what she was doing.

As much as she pleaded for the doctor to stop, she pushed hard on the doctor's head and tilted her hips towards the woman's insistent tongue. As much as she wanted to get up from her seat and run out of the room, she moaned in pleasure at what the doctor was now doing with her fingers. As much as she wanted to be anywhere but here, she knew that she was going to cum on the doctor's face once more.

Lara knew this young girl well enough now to know when she was cumming and when Sara pressed her thighs hard into the sides of her face, the doctor knew that the moment had arrived. Sara's body began to shake as she cried once again, another unwelcome orgasm wracking her young body. It seemed to go on forever until finally her body quietened and her breathing returned to normal. Lara reluctantly removed her tongue from Sara's pussy, planting one last kiss on her glistening lips before she stood up in front of the girl.

"Get dressed, Sara. You have a big day ahead of you. I'll see you in my office in about half an hour."

Thirty minutes later Lara heard a knock on the door and smiled, smiled to herself and to the man sitting across the desk from her. He was in his fifties but still a very good looking man and the school doctor licked her lips at the prospect of seeing this man naked.

"Come in," she answered and both of them watched as the door slowly opened to reveal Sara standing there in her school uniform.

"Come in, Sara; right on time. You know Mr Grainger, of course."

Sara nodded to her geography teacher and actually relaxed for the first time in over a week. She didn't know why Mr Grainger was there but she had been worrying herself sick for the last half hour at what the woman sitting on the other side of her large desk had meant earlier by she "had a big day ahead of her." With her kindly geography teacher here, however, she knew it couldn't be as bad her last few experiences in this room.

"I have asked Mr Grainger to join us today, Sara because I believe it is time for you to take the next step in your education."

"I don't understand, doctor."

Well, you are eighteen now, Sara and Mrs Lane and I have taught you all you need to know about being loved by a woman and how to give that love back.. Mr Grainger is here to teach you how to love a man and I will show you how to return that love. Do you understand?"

Sara didn't understand a single word of what the doctor had just said and she was sure Mr Grainger had looked questioningly at his medical colleague when she had mentioned the Headmistress. She was sure that he was totally unaware of what these women had done to her and what they had forced her to do to them. Equally, she was sure he would have no part in using her in such a manner. She shook her head and the school doctor looked at her with more than a little impatience.

"Well, Mr Grainger, it looks like I'll have to start. I had hoped that all the effort the Headmistress and I had put in over the last few days would have had some effect but obviously not."

With that she pushed back her chair, got up from behind her desk, and walked round until she was now standing in front of the man and girl. Sara looked on in amazement as the school doctor reached up and undid the big clasp holding her thick dark hair on top of her head. The geography teacher simply leaned back in his chair and smiled as he looked forward to the show.

Lara opened her long white coat, the buttons popping open one at a time, until she pulled it wide to reveal she wore nothing beneath it but her lacy, black bra, matching black knickers and high-heeled black patent shoes. She had earlier decided not to bother with stockings as even what she was wearing wasn't going to remain for very long.

The young girl looked on in absolute confusion. Over the last week she had seen more than her fair share of naked women, more than she had thought she would ever see, but the sight of her school doctor presenting herself in this fashion took her breath away. What was she supposed to say? What was she supposed to do? And what on earth must dear Mr Grainger be thinking? She dragged her eyes from the beautiful woman standing a few feet from her and looked at him. He had a strange look on his face, one she had never seen before; it almost seemed to her to be a mixture of pleasure and hunger, while he kept changing his position on the chair as if he was trying to hide something.

She turned back to face the doctor again only to be wish that she hadn't. The other woman had reached behind herself, had loosened her black bra, had let the straps slide down her arms and had tossed it Mr Grainger who eagerly caught it. As if that wasn't bad enough, Sara watched as the man she had previously liked to think of as a benevolent uncle-figure, brought the doctor's bra to his face and very clearly sniffed the cups of Lara's bra.

Sara was quickly growing accustomed to being faced with other women's breasts but she was still amazed every time she saw Lara's. They were bigger than her own and seemed to hang a little lower than hers; but it was the doctor's nipples that Sara always found incredible; compared to hers, they were huge and no-one had even touched them yet.

Still in shock at this latest unexpected turn of events, Sara couldn't believe her eyes when the school doctor took a hold of her black, lacy knickers, bent forward, and lowered them to the ground. She stepped out of them and, once more, threw them in the direction of Mr Grainger. She didn't know where to look but her attention was caught by the knickers flying through the air and she watched as her geography teacher caught his prize. She could only stare, open eyed and open mouthed as he didn't just sniff at Lara's knickers but turned them inside out so that the young girl could see the fresh stains on the crotch and ran his tongue along that very area.

"Very nice, doctor. I see your pussy is ready for today's events. What about your young accomplice? Are her knickers as wet as yours?"

Sara was horrified. How could the saintly Mr Grainger be asking such a thing? More importantly, how could he have known that she could feel the moisture between her own legs, soaking her own tiny knickers and heralding a return of those unwanted, delicious feelings in her young pussy?

"Shall we take a look and see, Sara? Let's show Mr Grainger your knickers."

"No, doctor, please. Not in front of Mr Grainger; not in front of a man. Please, I don't want to be naked in front of a man. Please, doctor. Please, Mr Grainger, don't let her do this."

The geography teacher sat in his chair and smiled at the young girl.

"How will I be able to show you how best to love a man, Sara, if you keep your clothes on? Now do as you have been told and take off your school uniform."

He sounded just as nice as he did in class but there was something else in his voice, something she had never heard before. Whatever it was gave him an aura of authority but still the girl resisted. That is, until the school doctor whispered in her ear.

"Are you sure you want to disobey Mr Grainger, Sara? Remember, the Headmistress still has your video and we took some very sexy photos of you after you fainted last night. Do you want your mother to see them? Maybe we should post them on the school website. Would you like that?"

Sara knew it was a lost cause. How could the doctor do this to her? What had she done wrong? She knew that Mr Grainger was about to see her naked. How would she ever be able to face him in class again? Her face burned red with embarrassment at the very thought. How much redder would she be when he asked her a question as she sat at her desk, surrounded by her classmates?

Lara could sense the young girl's submission and decided to make it easier for her. She stood in front of the girl and loosened her school tie, sliding it out from under the collar of her blouse and handed it to the leering teacher. Sara shuddered as the doctor opened the top button of her white school blouse and felt her face turn an even deeper shade of red as the older woman made her way down, slowly opening one button at a time.

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