tagLoving WivesLaura: 2010

Laura: 2010


Laura, my wife and I went and visited New York City. After we arrived it didn't take us long to become somewhat scared to death of NYC. We pulled off a beautiful freeway and down a long and winding off ramp lined with stately trees, and found ourselves smack in the middle of a destitute community with people milling about looking homeless, and dirty. At a stop sign, a toothless man asked us if we wanted to buy some smack, hash, or cocaine. At the next stoplight a dark-haired guy grabbed my Laura's door handle—lucky for the auto-lock feature. I sped away to the right which apparently was a red-light district as there were middle-aged women scantily dressed walking short distances down the street and back again. We felt rather lucky when we spotted a freeway entrance and made for it with success. After a few miles along the freeway we came off at an upscale motel and restaurant row. We chose a Hilton and settled in for the night much relived. That night we studied maps and talked about getting a GPS first chance.

Next morning was a beautiful summer day. I lounged by the window and sipped my morning coffee. Laura in a thick cloth robe came over and closed the curtains. She spread out some clothes on the bed, dropped her robe to the floor and stood there naked brushing her hair. Laura believes I married her because she is smart, a CPA, and because of her significant though small inheritance. But really I married her because she has an outstandingly beautiful body. My dick is my boss. When dressed she is somewhat plain. She is pretty but plain. Undressed her breasts are quite unusual. They swoop down and then up, her areoles are puffy and large and her nipples are an inch-and-a-half long by half an inch thick. When erect the result is amazing. The puffy part pushes the nipples up. The nipples erect are at least two inches long. The colors are cartoon like. The breast itself is alabaster while the areolas are pink and the nipples reddish brown. When she finished brushing her hair my cock was rigid and I wanted to throw back the curtains so everyone could see how lucky I was. I couldn't stand it anymore I pulled my cock out and began stroking it as she stepped into white lace panties. Then came the special bra made especially to fit her nipples, and a plain comfortable blouse and baggy short pants turned this exceptionally sexy figure into a plain Jane with a pretty face.

In driving around the city it didn't take us long to see that one of NYC's unique features was magnitude. Huge buildings, huge numbers of people, and the huge feeling of smallness that it pressed upon you. After six hours of exploring Manhattan we jetted back to our motel with a sigh of relief, a shower and a cup of tea.

The next morning was pretty much the same routine except Laura wore a summer dress with a flower print. Out we went to explore again heading out toward the United Nations building as a start point. It didn't take long to get there and after a tour we drove off with a smile in an Easterly direction. I had it in my mind that NYC was like our hometown where primarily the streets are along square blocks—boy was I wrong. I made a turn onto a one-way street knowing where I needed to get but the one-way street and the traffic made it impossible to turn. We went for miles away from where we needed to be. I finally made a turn that should have eventually taken me back along the way I needed to go but it began to zig zag because of construction, detours, and one-way streets. Because of the hectic struggle of keeping from hitting anyone I hadn't noticed the car overheating. I heard a squeal, a pop, and saw steam. I pulled over and stopped along the street. Looking around I realized the hugeness of my smallness and the look in Laura's face told me she too felt small. We were in a crummy part of the world. People were milling around along the street. Many of the shop fronts were boarded or their grated doors were pulled shut and locked. Along the way we could see several hotel signs hanging large from the third or fourth stories of brick buildings. I plucked my cell phone out of my pocket and dialed 333-3333 for a taxi but they told me they did not service this are. They gave me another number that they thought did and I called it. I was told a taxi would be here in 10 minutes. It showed up in less. A large four door Lincoln slid up silently. I could not see in the windows the tint was more like black paint. The driver, a six foot white guy with bulging muscles, got out, walked around to me, and grinning the whole time said sweetly, "hello."

"Hi. I need to get to the Hilton off exit 33 near a place called Longview." The man kept grinning and looking at my wife and then at me. I asked if he was the taxi service I called and he said, "we can help." The back doors of the Lincoln opened and out got two very large body building black guys, and one Mexican. They circled around me, all laughing or grinning. I was ringed in and one said, "we want all your stuff." Two of them took one of my wrists each, squeezed, and pressed their huge bodies into me. I could not move. "The keys to the car," one said. I handed them over along. Then one of them leaned in and whispered in my ear real sexy like, "what about that stuff?" I followed his pointing finger to my wife sitting in the car. She looked petrified. We walked with a gentle urging from him to the passenger side door. He opened it and then said, "can we have that stuff too?" Laura had tears hanging in her eyes. I felt my wrists taken again and the man doing the asking slid his arm around my rib cage and he began to squeeze. I felt he was strong enough to crack my ribs and puncture my heart. Nearly without breath enough to respond I managed a simple, "yes." And now I had tears in my eyes. A tow truck showed up as Laura and I were swept away into the Lincoln. After about twenty minutes of driving the car turned into a short driveway a rollup door opened and we drove into a many storied brick building and then down and around several times to a parking garage underground. We were ushered from the car into a long slightly clean hall and into a very clean and comfortable room with bathroom and bed and television and refrigerator and everything we could want to be comfortable. Just before the door shut and was locked one of the guys said relax, take a shower, eat, the food is fresh and good and then sleep we will talk tomorrow.

I opened the fridge and found wine. On the table were two platters with Alaskan king crab, Lobster, Rib Eye steak with all the fixings. We found expensive whiskey. We showered, ate, and slept.

Next morning we woke and found all the dishes gone and a note taped to the door:

Pretty Lady

We members of the South Side Club invite you to our yearly club meeting. We hope you will accept but if you do and if you don't please shower, eat, and relax, as we will be along shortly to escort you to the party room.

Thank you.

All that day we ate and napped and finally went to sleep. I sat for several hours sipping very good whiskey.

There was knock on our door but they didn't wait, in walked several muscle bound oafs. Several men came in and grabbed me very rough while two others gently corralled Laura. My guys stuck a red gag ball in my mouth and strapped it tight to my skull. Then we were escorted along the hall. I could hear Laura crying and pleading for them to leave me alone to not hurt me. The smooth talking man spoke as we walked along the hall that kept coming to a door but behind the door there was just more hall.

Smooth talking man said, "its all right. We don't like to hurt—especially pretty ladies. But husbands are different we don't hurt then either but we can be persuaded to do so if they make us. Just relax husband; I think you will learn to enjoy the party even though you can only watch."

After a few more minutes of walking we came to tall double doors made of a heavy wood with some carvings on them. They opened them and we entered into a very large room maybe a hundred feet long by the same wide and with a ceiling twenty or more feet high. There were large wood beams but no windows that I could see just light from bulbs. It was bright in some spots and dark in others. We headed toward a large dimly lit space. I saw a large comfortable armchair and into this they put me. They strapped me in so my arms and hands were free but my torso, hips, and legs were strapped and locked with small padlocks so I could not get up. One of the men put a tumbler with ice and a liquid on the arm of the chair (he whispered in my ear, "there is a straw in the gag ball") after a while I sipped its contents and found it to be a strong whiskey with a couple of ice cubes. I realized that I had lost track of Laura and began looking for her but she was not around. After a while other lights were turned on and I saw a large California King bed but still no Laura. I began to worry on top of my worry. I sat in the dark shaking from fear and anger watching another part of the room fill with men perhaps 70 or 80 stood chatting, drinking, and eating along a bar and grill. I found that all I could do of the situation was sip their whiskey and sigh at my impotence. Shortly, several men gathered around the bed; the bed and the collection of men moved silently through the dim light to within 10 feet of me directly in front of me. A bright spotlight like light came down out of the ceiling lighting up the entire bed and several feet around the bed and then other lights came on from lower and different angles eliminating any shadows. I sat mesmerized and concerned remembering the note they had sent. I hoped my son was fairing better than his parents.

Music came on from speakers placed all around the hall. It sounded of high quality surround sound—rock, rap, jazz a variety of sounds played. And then the party was in earnest there were perhaps a hundred men, black, Hispanic, white and nearly as many women. Some in blue jeans others in expensive suits but all were clean, young, healthy and strong. In the distance I saw chairs lined in several rows with a stage area and a microphone—this was actually a meeting a convention of sorts going on.

Finally, my wife joined me, at least she was in the same room and I could see her again. So for that I felt relief. Four men surrounded her and she wore flip-flop shoes I had not seen before. Also, she wore a yellow Hawaiian style dress with a flower print also new. On her head she had a hood. It was secured. She could not see—there were no holes. Her nose was covered also; but she was free to breath. Her mouth was exposed completely. The hood was such that it would not come off. It hung very loose and to large for her but secure. They led her to the bed and while she walked the many feet, from another direction a strange massage table like apparatus was wheeled to the foot of the bed getting there before Laura the men pushing it adjusted it. Laura arrived and her dress slid from her shoulders down to the ground and she was nude and beautiful. Laura had had a thick bush that she never shaved; it traveled between her legs thinning there and circling her ass hole but today it was all gone. She had been systematically shaved—underarms, legs, pussy, ass, only her head hair remained and it was carefully arranged in a ponytail. I wondered whom it was that ran the razor gently between her ass cheeks. There she stood her little curls of inner lips hiding her clit in the warm air, men walking by enjoying the site. A clean sheet was spread and tucked in. The cushioned table apparatus secured in place at the foot of the bed and other men came over from the meeting area and the bar a few at a time holding their drinks and chatting with their friends to admire the evening's entertainment—they spoke to her and allowed there hands to touch her derriere. One cupped her pussy and I could see his thumb rubbing softly above her clit while whispering into her ear.

The soft-spoken man that asked if he could have my stuff including my wife came out from the shadows and gently assisted Laura into the apparatus. Her chest and head rested on the bed. Her legs slid into cushioned supports lifting her ass into the air at just the right height and angle, her pussy and anus were as if presented for my and everyone else' viewing pleasure. The soft spoken man, his name was Joe, put his large hand upon Laura's left ass cheek nearly covering it all his little finger tapping her anus and then brought a wireless microphone to his mouth saying, "gentleman." The voice spread loud and clear through the hall. "Gentleman, our toy, our sex toy, Laura, is ready to receive visitors."

I then realized that I had been watching the proceedings with awe and my cock had responded pressing tight in my pants but a teardrop and another fell into my drink and reminded me, my Laura was about to be gang raped—gently, I hoped, but raped.

Men with drinks, chatting casually arrived at this event at the conference and one man stepped up to have his picture taken by another. He beside Laura, his hand resting on her hip as though a trophy, and then he unzipped his pants and pulled out an enormous cock. I was instantly jealous. He began stroking his flaccid eight-inch member giving it what it needed until after a few minutes he slapped his 12-inch long 3 inch thick meat on my wife's ass cheek with an audible slap. As if in concert lights came on across the hall and a live band began to play loudly. Laura's attacker stroked her pussy with his cock and then shoved it in full length in one stroke. To my surprise Laura's only response was to lift her ass a little. He stroked the full length over and over. Occasionally, his huge prick would come completely out with a popping sound and then plunge in from tip to balls—over and over again thirty times at least. Then he put it away and zipped his pants while motioning to his friend who came to Laura and though of lesser size he pumped my wife too. Where the first guy just fucked her his buddy let his hands have a little to. He petted her legs and anus continually and at one point his finger slid into her butt hole until it disappeared for a while. He also differed in that he cum all over her ass hole the first guy did not cum.

This latter slowed the proceedings because a man had to come from the bar to clean her up. He had a little cart that he wheeled out to her. It had only the top shelf and on it were baby wipes and a douche bag. He first washed her clean with the baby wipes and then douched her pussy. He was really enjoying the whole proceedings. It took about ten minutes. After the wiping and douching he commenced to pull her pussy lips and vulva every which way dabbing it with a baby wipe as he went along, but soon she was pristine again and available.

I apparently got over the fact that Laura was being gang-raped. I was sipping a fresh whiskey and with my free hand had been rubbing my hard dick. I didn't start counting until after many guys had came and fucked her but after I did start counting I was at 29. The bar tender would wheel the cart that I notice had a squeaky wheel over and give her a real good cleaning nearly every time.

Around ten in my count a man came over with a chair and an old style oil can with the long stem and operating handle running the length of the can. He sat back a little from her but close enough to reach out and give her pussy and the cock that was using it a squirt of some kind of lubricant. At first I wondered why because Laura's pussy was dripping of its own juices but a little help couldn't hurt I figured and when my count hit 29 I guessed it was a good idea—29, 30, 31, 32, 33....

Around Laura's fourth or sixth fuck I began to relax. I think the several shots of whiskey helped but the initial shock of seeing my wife fucked a few times by several different guys turned from a scattered mind to one of some singularity, i.e. my cock was hard and feeling real good. I had begun to rub it through my pants around the fourth fuck but by the 15th I had it out stroking it real slow. The bed had been turned for my benefit I think so I could see her pussy clearly and the cocks slipping into it. Her pussy had taken on a whole new look and shape. By the time she had been fucked 15 times and on to 33 times her cunt lips had stretched out so they were a couple of inches or more longer than I had ever seen them. Plus they were engorged, swollen, and bright pink. The smooth skin that at home I loved to lick had tripled in area and when a fat cock would piston in and out of her the skin between anus and pussy, that right at the crotch would stretch out, literally pull out a couple of inches. Her pussy was being continually stimulated. Now that I was calmed and enjoying the show I began to see the subtle nuance of Laura's participation. I could see that she was gently moving her pussy to meet each cock stroke. Her ass was flexing slightly as she fucked each cock. I wanted to scream at her but I just stroked my cock and just enjoyed the sight of her oil covered ass, anus, and cunt.

Then a black man six foot-4, at least, lay upon the bed, his lips close to her lips, and I could see him whispering to her. Laura began to have a little smile. The black guy stood and removed his expensive looking suit so he was naked—they all had body building bodies must be a muscle convention or something. After caressing her ass with his hand and his cock with his other hand his cock became twelve inches long. But it was only about one inch thick a long pencil with a rubber head that he began slapping her ass with. I heard the squeaky wheel but this time the bartender added an enema to the cleaning process. He didn't bother to get her to a toiled instead the bar keeper produced a pan large deep enough to catch the enema waste—shit and water oozed slowly out of Laura's ass that he diligently cleaned as quickly as it happened so she didn't really soil herself.

Then the man with the oilcan came in close and squirted the length of long cock's shaft and Laura's anus and the long length of the rod slipped slowly into my wife's ass hole. I had never done that to her. She was always so reluctant; I shied away from doing it. But here there was 12 inches all the way to his balls they were bouncing on her ass and then all the way out again so I could see the knob poised at the lips of her anus over and over again. At first he slid it in and out very slowly but as her butt filled with the oil from the can and her muscles relaxed for it he sped up so that just before he came in her butt he was pounding it hard into her hole. The music from the live band was continual and loud but well into her ass fucking it stopped for a few minutes and I could hear Laura in between moans of pleasure say, "yes, yes." It was then that he cum deep in her beautiful derriere. His balls jerking with the ejaculation; he pulled it out and stroked it so more shots of cum splashed across her ass cheeks. He scooped up a large drop of cum and offered it to Laura's mouth. She accepted it with a sucking and licking of his fingers. He scooped up another and her mouth and tongue were waiting for it.

I was drunk and my cock was aching hard. There was for the moment no one fucking her, which was unusual they had been fucking her steady for at least three hours. I was staring right at my wife's pussy and I saw that it was dripping wet with pussy juice, the lips were swollen, and her gorgeous clit was like I had never seen it. It was pulsating. I felt impotent; I stroke my cock harder. Here she was more aroused by far then I had ever gotten her. I had no idea her clit was so big. The clit itself was half an inch thick and an inch long. Even with all the cock juice that was all over it I wanted to suck it. But just then a skinny guy the bus boy walking by with a bus tray full of dirty glasses and empty bottles stopped and ogled my Laura. He then set the tray down, kneeled down and commenced sucking my wife's clit real slow, soft, and gentle. After awhile Laura's ass lifted and tightened as she presented her clit in a better position for his tongue.

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