tagIncest/TabooLaura Moves In With Dad And Stepmum

Laura Moves In With Dad And Stepmum


Laura moves in with her dad and stepmum

Laura's escapades with the two West African businessmen had got back to her bosses at the bank and they decided that she had acted disreputably. Even though she had bought some great business to the bank, the way she went about it was unacceptable and they very reluctantly had to dismiss her.

She wasn't too concerned because she knew she was good at her job and was certain she would be able to easily find another job that suited her. What really upset her was when her boyfriend kicked her out after he too found out about her misdemeanours. He even suggested she went to a sexually transmitted disease clinic.

Laura spent a week in a local hotel but as the costs soon mounted up and as she wasn't earning any money she decided to stay with her father for a few days.

She was never really happy at home, particularly after her mother died and her father quickly moved another woman into the family home and married her within a few months. The woman, who Laura refused to call mum, was in her eyes an evil bitch. Her name was Claire, a big titted woman with blonde bleached hair who always wore clothes which were unsuitable for a woman of her age.

She called her dad who said she was welcome to stay for a few days and she quickly jumped in the car and drove the few miles to his place.

He welcomed Laura back who went up to her old room that she had when she lived there years ago. Claire was there and merely said, 'Hi, you're welcome to stay for a few days but just remember you're a guest here.'

They had dinner together that Claire had prepared which Laura enjoyed and thanked her. In the evening they sat in the lounge watching TV. Her dad and Claire were sprawled out on the sofa with Claire's legs across her dad's lap. Laura was sitting opposite them. She noticed that her dad was stroking Claire's legs and gradually getting higher up her thighs and under her skirt. It was obvious that Claire was getting aroused and Laura was getting embarrassed.

She said, 'Dad, do you have to do that?'

Claire immediately replied, 'As I said when you first came in, it's our house, and we'll do what we want. If you don't like it, go and find someone else to stay. We often do this and aren't going to stop because you're here.'

Laura was stunned at her outburst and expected her dad to say something but he kept quiet, she realised now who was the boss in the house.

Laura tried to concentrate on the programme but seeing her dad now stroking Claire's pussy through her skirt was too much and she took herself off to bed. She had only been in bed a few minutes when she heard them fucking. It quickly bought back memories of when as a girl growing up she would hear her mum and dad having sex.

What surprised Laura was the fact that it was arousing her. As she imagined her dad downstairs fucking Claire she soon found herself with her hands between her legs. Again this bought back more memories of when she walked in and caught her mum sucking her dad's cock and was amazed at the size of it.

As she was growing up she would often sit on her dad's lap and the thought of his large cock would always arouse her and was often the image she masturbated too.

She loved the feel as her fingers slid effortlessly in and out of her wet pussy. Suddenly she had the urge to watch them. Wearing only a t shirt she crept to the top of the stairs and started slowly going down them. The groans and sighs were getting louder and soon she was just outside the lounge door. She peered through the crack in the door and was amazed as Claire was kneeling on the floor and her dad was behind her and his cock was fucking in and out of her. Her big tits were hanging down and swinging to and fro. Claire's eyes were closed with a look of utter pleasure on her face.

Suddenly Claire opened her eyes and saw Laura. She shouted out, 'Come here slut, if you want to watch you'd better come in.'

Laura's first reaction was to run back upstairs but was unable to as she was so aroused. She went into the lounge and Claire said, 'Play with my tits, pinch and squeeze my nipples, make them hurt.'

Laura's only girlie experience had been when she was at school when she and her best friend Amy used to masturbate each other but now had no hesitation to do what Claire demanded. Laura knelt down in front of her and reached under her and felt her nipples. Laura loved how hard they felt and quickly started pinching and squeezing them. Also she couldn't help but look at her father as he fucked her stepmother.

After a short while Claire said, 'Lay on your back underneath me and suck my nipples for me.'

Laura eased herself under Claire and positioned herself so her mouth was just under her nipples. She sensed how close her dad was to her now and really wanted to turn round and watch as his cock fucked in and out of Claire. Then Claire leaned forward and started licking Laura's pussy. First of it was a shock for Laura but soon that turned to pleasure as Claire slowly licked all the way up and down her very wet slit. She could feel Claire's body moving back and forwards as her dad's cock plunged in and out of her.

Clearly they were all getting very aroused and Laura's lips were clamped tightly around Claire's ever hardening and growing nipples. Suddenly she felt Claire's body trembling and shaking as she knew Claire was about to cum. She sucked harder and almost bit her nipples as Claire screamed out in pleasure as she had a massive orgasm.

As she recovered she leant all the way down to Laura's pussy and continued licking her. Soon she found her clit and at the same time as sucking it she slipped a finger inside her. In the meantime Laura's dad was still fucking Claire and it was just a matter of who was going to cum first. It was in fact Laura's dad as he pumped spurt after spurt of hot cum into Claire.

As his cock slipped out of her Claire leaned further forward onto Laura and with two fingers now sliding in and out of her throbbing pussy a few more sucks on her clit and Laura was soon experiencing a mind numbing huge orgasm.

As they all lay recovering Laura was beginning to feel embarrassed and decided to go up to her room but Claire had other ideas and said, 'I want a cock to suck, a nice hard cock, Laura get your dad's cock hard again for me to suck.'

'I can't do that,' Laura replied, 'I think I'd better go to my room.'

'You will not go anywhere, you're our guest in our house and you'll do as you're told or you'll be homeless,' Claire replied.

Her dad was now sitting on the sofa and Laura sat next to him. Claire stood in front of both of them and said, 'I want it really hard so start by pulling his skin right back and rubbing round the head and when he starts getting erect suck and lick him but don't you dare make him cum.'

Laura had no intention of doing that and decided to get up and go upstairs but Claire pushed her down on the sofa and said, 'Do as I say.'

The tone in her voice told Laura she was serious and very reluctantly she took hold of her dad's cock. Amazingly it was already growing and although Laura wasn't going to admit it, she loved the feel as it hardened in her hand. There was still some of his cum on the head which she rubbed it into .

'Pull the skin back,' Claire ordered.

Laura did exactly as she was told and loved doing this to her dad. She started rubbing all the way round the head and as a few more drops of his cum slipped out of his peehole she rubbed it into the head. Her dad's cock was very hard now and she knew Claire would take over soon but Laura was now loving playing with her dad's cock and was herself getting aroused. She desperately wanted to wank him off and make him cum.

Claire said, 'Right give him a few sucks and then I'll take over.'

Laura lowered her mouth over her dad's cock and put it in and clamped her lips tightly around the head and started sucking. The look on his face told Claire how much he was enjoying and said, 'OK that's enough.'

Laura took her dad's cock out of her mouth and Claire kneeled on the floor between her dad's legs and took his cock in her mouth and started sucking and wanking him. Laura was getting more and more aroused as she watched her stepmum sucking her dad. Amazingly in only a few minutes he was pumping his cum deep inside her mouth and Laura had to admit she wanted to cum again. Claire still had a mouthful of cum and moved across to Laura and reached up to kiss her. As their lips met Laura opened her mouth and Claire transferred her dad's cum into it.

Laura, with a mouthful of cum said, 'I need to cum again.' Claire knelt between her legs and started licking her pussy again. The trouble was that Laura needed a cock inside her and not another licking.

Claire said to her dad, 'Go and get my king vib.'

He went upstairs and in couple of minutes came back down with a number of toys. The one Claire picked up was a double headed strap on dildo. She stood up and told him to strap it on her. Laura sat with her legs apart watching her dad strap the double headed dildo to Claire. It bought back wonderful memories of when she had the weekend with Manny and Kwame and experienced the wonderful pleasure of having two cocks inside her. She could feel herself getting wetter and wetter at the thought of having them inside her.

Her dad had soon strapped it to Claire and although she knew she should be feeling embarrassed being in a position like this in front of her father it just aroused her even more. She didn't like to admit it but she loved watching her father and seeing his cock get harder and harder.

Her dad held the dildo as Claire moved towards Laura and guided it into his daughter's cunt. He was amazed how easily it slid in, then he did the same with the slightly smaller one that was positioned against her arsehole. But first he dripped some baby oil onto it and again it slid in. Laura gasped with pleasure as she felt both the dildos inside her, bringing back memories of Kwame and Manny.

Claire started fucking back and forward and Laura was in heaven. Her dad sat beside her and took her hand and put it on his cock which amazingly was hard again so soon after cumming. Laura knew this was wrong but the pleasure was so great that she was unable to help herself.

Turning to her him she said, 'Dad fuck my mouth.'

He didn't hesitate and knelt up beside her. She turned her mouth towards him and opened it wide and took it deep inside her. She clamped her lips tightly around the head while her dad started a slow fucking action.

Meanwhile Claire was frantically fucking her stepdaughter's cunt and arsehole and enjoying every second of it. Laura knew she was going to cum soon and really just wanted to carry on experiencing the wonderful feelings of utter pleasure that her body was absorbing.

Her dad was fucking her mouth even faster and deeper now and Laura soon had her first taste of precum which she loved and then suddenly she felt the cock twitching more and more and then a huge spurt of her dad's cum hit the back of her throat and flooded her mouth. Within seconds her orgasm hit her and thundered through her body but Claire didn't stop. Her dad slipped his cock out of her mouth and now started sucking his daughter's nipples.

This, along with further cunt and arse fucking bought a second and then a third orgasm for Laura. Her mouth was wide open and her dad's cum was now trickling out over her lips and down her chin.

Claire looked at her and said to her husband, 'I think we've got the young fuck slut slave we've often talked out.'

Laura looked at her and didn't say a word and definitely didn't even think about disagreeing with her.

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