Leah Get's Laid, Front and Back


"That's pretty much the story. Any questions?" Leah asked with a smile. "So there it is, big guy. Now I'm getting hungry, let's go whip something up for dinner. You should be completely recovered by then, oh, my, you are almost recovered! Anyway, after a bite to eat, you're going to fuck my cherry ass. I've always been sensitive there, but always was put off by the mess and pain potential. Marie convinced me that, at least with you, I've missed something in my brief sexual career."

She opened the side table drawer and produced a graduated anal plug. "I've been working with this and have almost proposed to it a couple of times. I think that it will help alleviate the pain fear. Then there's lube; I have several, but I think I like this one the best."

Much to my surprise she produced a glass pump bottle of my very favorite. A German product, the butt fucking lube of choice.

She had more surprises. "I've also learned to love my enema kit, so maybe you can give me some pointers?" She asked.

"As you wish." I replied.

We made some soup and a couple of BLTs, naked except for the aprons we both wore to avoid the bacon splatter. She laughed when I told her that I had never heard of Kosher bacon. We wolfed down our food and scampered back to the bathroom.

She wanted me to insert the enema, so I filled the bag with a solution of warm water and glycerin and shoved the lubed nozzle up her pretty little butt until she couldn't take anymore. After expelling the solution, she mischievously quipped that now it was her turn, and proceeded to give me the same rectal flushing.

We dashed back to the bed, and she lay on her side. After some oral work on her delightful little ass hole, I amply filled her little bung with lube, lathering a fair share on my cock at the same time. It's amazing how much talking we did when we weren't fucking, versus how little we did when we were.

I worked the greasy head of my rock hard dick into her anal opening, popping the head past her ring fairly quickly. That can burn, but it's generally the fullness that can be uncomfortable, so I paused, moving slowly to ensure she could accommodate me. Her, 'practice' had helped and she was very relaxed, clean and full of high end lube. I began a slow in an out motion as she started to moan.

An attractive young woman's virgin ass; awful glad I wasn't 22 and had already come more than once. It was like velvet, tight and buttery, warmer than any woman's cunt. Since I much prefer fucking a woman in the ass while I can look at her face and kiss and nuzzle her with my mouth, I flipped her right leg over so that I was between her legs; holding her thighs up, I placed a couple of pillows under her butt and settled in for a nice slow, nasty, tight, cherry butt fuck.

Without prompting she began to work her fingers into and around her pussy. I was going balls deep on every stroke, even coming out of her ass on the back stroke and plunging back to the hilt. I quickened my pace; I could feel myself getting harder as I approached the point of no return. She started a long, wailing, moaning, gasping orgasm. As I sensed that she was going to make it, I quickened my stroke and dumped my seed deep in her rectum. She felt the release of my cum and went over the edge, as both of us joined in a crashing orgasm.

After you take a woman's ass, most women would very much like you to get the damned thing out of there, after they cum. As my cock plopped out of her ass, we again rolled into a side ways 69, as I licked her cum drenched dirty hole with my tongue, and she figured, what the heck, and cleaned her own ass juice off my softening cock.

"I can't believe I waited this long to do that." She cooed. "You are one very nasty, dirty old man. Fucking the poor little 24 year old in her tender, virgin ass."

She continued. "I have two questions. First, can you spend the night, and second, how long before you can get it up and fuck me again?"

"I'll be good to go in about an hour, and probably every hour or so after that. And yes, I would love to spend the night." I responded.

"Wait!" She said. "I actually had three questions."

What's the third one?" I inquired.

"I'm not going to be just a one night stand for you, am I?" She coyly inquired.

"Not on your life." I responded.

"Wait, I'm sorry, I have one more question. What religion are you?" She said, half teasing.

I replied. "I'm Episcopalian, but I've seriously been studying the Jewish faith and have given serious thought to converting."

She slapped my butt and exclaimed. "Don't you dare! There's still the age difference, the ex wife and two kids, plus I didn't think you were remotely interested in getting married again or having more kids---are you?"

He replied softly, not teasing anymore. "I didn't think I was interested, but I guess it was because I hadn't met the right woman."

"And now?" She responded, also more seriously.

"Time will tell, my little Jewish princess, time will tell." He said, taking her in his arms.

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