tagInterracial LoveLearning to be Equal in Sex

Learning to be Equal in Sex


My morning wood was nodding toward the beautiful smooth ass sleeping next to me. The creased temptation belonged to a young, big breasted, blonde stripper who came home with me last night. She had been tired and drunk. It had been so easy to kiss, touch and fuck her until she had a few orgasms and fell asleep. This morning my mind started to care, "She worked late last night and needs to rest. Don't wake her by slipping your dick into her body. True, she would be so beautiful on her hands and knees, but let her sleep." My body wanted her. My ears wanted to hear her ask to cum. My stomach wanted to feel each slap into her soft cheeks. My balls wanted to be pumped dry into her womb.

Just as my feet hit the floor and my cock swung back and forth from the recoil, my re-programmed thoughts overcame the fifty years of stupid lessons that have kept me from enjoying life to the fullest. "What's her name" will just have to suffer through.

She groaned in protest as I raised her onto her knees lining up her almost bare tiny-lipped cunt. A few dips of my fingers past her cum caked folds revealed that she was still soaked and slippery from last night's play and my deposits. As the swollen head of my dick disappeared into her, caring thoughts flickered through my mind, "I wonder how old she is? I wonder if she's happy? Make this good for her." Then new thoughts followed, "Take her, fuck her, go for your own pleasure. Quit thinking, you dumb son of a bitch."

The first few strokes were shallow, wetting my dick and opening her. When I bottomed out I could feel the dimpled mouth of her cervix barely kissing the tip of my dick. My new thoughts had freed my body. Every stroke into her, every churn of my hips was just for me. I positioned her body to touch my cock exactly as I wanted it touched. My hands felt her body any way they wanted to. I was not there just to please her. My nose inhaled the wonderful pheromone washed skin of her back because it wanted to. My finger dipped into her asshole because it wanted to. My dick pushed hard and deep not caring if she complained. My thrusts were powerful because I wanted them that way. I heard her head bump into the wall but my pleasure was more important. She had to push back in self-defense. Her cunt tightened; she was cuming; the new me liked the power but had not been satisfied.

I heard a growl escape from her but my nut was nowhere close. Cruelly, my sex filled mind thought, "Bitch, you are not finished yet. This early in the day, I can keep twirling your body on my cock as long as I want to. You are just going to have to take it until I decide to cum."

Take it she did. I loved her body's feeble complaints followed by her orgasms. When my balls started to tighten, my hips tried to push my dick through her into her mouth so she could taste my salty offering. I kept humping through three pulses and then froze just to feel the throbs travel through my body and out the tip of my jumping cock. I collapsed on her, pushing her flat onto the bed. Her body was still reeling from her climaxes and was trying to breathe under my weight.

Soon my little fuck toy said, "Damn, Old Man, get off me, I have to go pee."

I rolled off her and watched my cum run down her thigh as she walked away toward the bathroom. The little cunt was going to have to pay for the "Old Man" comment. I couldn't let it pass. It was that comment that triggered my driving need to re-program my entire life.

Just as the toilet flushed, I stood beside her, bent over and slipped a finger deep into her used pussy. I curled that finger using it to pull her up and lead her to the shower. The shower washed away her make up, making her look even younger. Her body was fun to soap with my hands; her cunt was tender. She wiggled away when a finger and my dick showed too much interest in her ass. She started to leave the shower; I pulled her back. "Get on your knees and suck off this 'Old Man' dick."

Her body bristled at the command but she responded to the strong pressure from my hands on her shoulders and she knelt before me. As soon as her fingers closed around my almost hard cock, she pushed the head through her lips. I wondered why she had bristled. She loved to suck cock and was good at it. She was experimenting. I don't think she had run into an uncircumcised one before. She certainly did not object as I hardened and fucked across her tongue, deep into her mouth. She knew how to play with her teeth, tongue and lips. When she wanted me to finish she used a hand as an extension to her mouth. She twisted her fist around my sensitive cock and licked the ridge around its helmet. Her other hand rolled my balls and pulled on their sack. My sack tightened and she began to suck harder than I have ever been sucked before. With the first rope, I leaned into her until my pubic bone pressed into her lips. I could feel her swallow, as my cock gave up the last of its offerings directly into her throat.

I pulled "What's her name" to her feet and kissed her passionately tasting and smelling my cum. "That was magnificent my pretty one. Now get dressed. I'll take you to breakfast and then drive you back to your car." I could see her trying to remember where she was and where her car might be.

Later while driving home, my thoughts wandered back to how and why my life was different now.

When children are born they are so malleable. My father was career military. My family was old time southern and my mother raised me. The result was a very self-sacrificing, overly caring, driven adult male who liked women way too much. Often putting them on a pedestal. I would charge a machine gun nest but feared a woman's rejection. I wanted to please women so much that they could easily control me. A woman's pleasure was more important than mine and I would suppress my needs in hopes of seeing that she was happy with me. Over the years, my ladies were sexually happy, but they all learned quickly to take advantage of me financially and emotionally. I could count on ten fingers the times that sex was truly mind blowing for me. After three thousand dollars of professional help the diagnosis was that I cared too much about pleasing and should seek balance by being more selfish; I should demand at least parity in sex and relationships.

That sounds so easy and fun but it was difficult and frightening. Besides my great fear, I worried about not pleasing a lady enough or seeing disappoint in her eyes. I could never truly relax or believe a woman would want to be with me as much as I wanted to be with her. Getting older was the trigger that finally forced me to face the diagnosis I had heard twenty year ago. Until recently the ladies came on to me or at least responded when I flirted with them. I'm educated, playful, active and interesting. I have money, a good body and women have always liked my voice. But at 60, I see the female heads turn more often toward the dim, broke, studly hunks. I don't feel like an 'Old Man' or a 'Sir' but I was hearing that way too much from the hot things that I wanted.

One of the studly hunks that the girls drool over is my youngest son. When we would go out together, his cool demeanor and apparent demand that the ladies cater to him worked so well that I was in awe. I had to at least risk trying a more in control approach.

My first success was with a hot little black stripper who had more admirers than "Carter has Pills." (Now that phrase shows my age.) Her bouncy, double jointed bubble butt could hold my interest for hours.

Business was slow on a rainy Tuesday night at the small local strip bar. The only four customers were regulars, playing pool and not paying attention or money to the two dancers. Sweetness came over and pushed her body between me and the pool table. Her beautiful butt wiggled into my crotch and she said, "How come you don't pay attention to me like you do the other dancers?"

"The young studs keep you too busy. An old guy wouldn't have a chance."

"I like older guys."

"Just older guys or older guys with money on a rainy slow night?"

At least she was honest, "Older guys with money. The weather doesn't matter."

"Well, Sweetness you have your choice of table dance locations. Pick one. Dance for me and give me a hundred dollar anatomy lesson."

I had already seen every inch of Sweetness from her athletic pole work behind the rack. After a few lap dances, I had touched most of her and learned much more. I knew her favorite position, that her boyfriend was a 'missionary position' guy, that she liked oral but her boyfriend wouldn't do it, that her guy didn't work and that she really did like old guys. As she sat on my lap, she wiggled, looked puzzled and said, "Don't you like my body?"

"Your body is magnificent. I would love to lick you and play with you all night but I can't let you get to me and then get laughed at when I walk back to the pool table with a bulge in my pants."

She was happy I caught on to her question. Her eyes sparkled and she said, "Let me dance for you once more, my treat."

As the current song was ending, she moved and sat in a chair facing me with her legs spread wide. She put her hands between her legs and opened her pussy's lips with her fingers. I watched as she slipped a finger in two knuckles deep and finger fucked herself. Just as a new song started she brought her wet finger to my lips and asked, "Why wouldn't anyone want this?"

My lips opened and Sweetness tried to prove how she got her name. I licked and sucked her finger then told her, "I'm not sure. Give me another taste. I think your finger is making your pussy taste like soap."

Sweetness checked to make sure we could not be seen. She got out of her chair, stepped onto the seat of my chair with a bare foot on each side of my hips and pressed her pussy to my waiting lips and tongue. Now I knew she was well named.

She stepped back onto the floor and let her body slide full length across my crotch. She caught herself first as her feet touched the floor, pressing her breasts into the pussy juice still on my lips. I sucked, licked and pulled her nipples. Sweetness let her body slip farther down until her knees were on the floor.

My playmate in this curtain protected corner, locked her eyes onto mine, opened her mouth and closed her lips over the head of my half hard cock. A long deep groan hissed from my lips in spite of myself. Sweetness blew her hot breath through my pants. I didn't want a hard on, but now I had one. She was very pleased with herself. I pulled her up to me and kissed her closed mouth.

"You naughty little vixen, you'll pay for that. When you want to see what you are missing because your dumb boyfriend won't lick you until you scream, you give me a call. You will be smiling for three days and you will have to walk with your legs apart because you pussy will be sore."

My legs locked her in front of me, while I paid her very well for her efforts. With her hands full of my twenties, I licked her belly over her left ovary and slipped a finger inside to press her g-spot. The suddenness of my out of bounds move caused her to inhale deeply. She didn't exhale as my finger slowly trailed out of her, moving upward and stopping to rub wet circles directly on top of her still hooded pearl.

Sweetness' body pressed forward wanting more but her mind remembered where she was. She was wet and turned-on but still had to dance. She reached down pushing my hand away. "You're more naughty than me."

"Yes, and I'm old enough to know a thousand ways to please you."

"I get off at mid-night, show me a few of them."

She had verbally teased me before. The ground rules were different this time. I grabbed her objecting hands and pinned them behind her with my left hand. My right hand went back to her cunt. My index finger pushed back into her finding her swollen spot and my thumb rested on her clit. Thumb and finger worked together pressing and rubbing their captured treasures. "Midnight sounds wonderful. You have a deal. Stand me up tonight and next time you dance for me, I'll twist your nipples, kidnap you, fuck you until you pass out and no one will ever hear from you again."

Her eyes were wild and locked on to mine. Her body was responding. When I pulled my hand away from her, I wiped her wetness across her stomach.

"I won't stand you up but you have to promise to do all those things anyway."

As she bent over to retrieve her dress, I pulled her ass tightly against my dick. She ground against me.

Sweetness liked riding in a new 'S' Class Mercedes but said she was starving. I had expected that. She always ate at the end of her shift.

"I know just the place. What do you have on under that dress?"

"Just panties."

"I need some incentive to drive to the restaurant. Take them off, wipe your wet pussy and press them to my nose."

All the way to the restaurant, she held her wet panties in her left hand and teased my face with them; her right hand rubbed my dick.

We ate in a secluded corner booth in the nearly vacant restaurant; I got her close with my fingers twice.

We had a fifteen-minute drive back to my house. "Sweetness, raise your dress and play with yourself for me while we drive. Don't cum. Just close your eyes and tell me what you are fantasizing."

Once, I had to reach over and hold her hands still to keep her from cuming. Her legs were spread wide. I was almost too late; a few small unsatisfying contractions shivered through her body. Her fantasies wandered from her on top, to oral, to nipple torture, to spanking, to taking a finger up the butt. The leather seat and much of her dress were wet when I helped her out of the car.

She liked the house but we bypassed most of it in favor of a much needed trip to my king sized bed. She was naked before my shoes were off.

"Undress me, Sweetness. You can use my body any way you want, until you turn me on too much."

It didn't take long for her to have me nude in the center of the bed. The room already smelled of sex. She had been teased for a long time, even her thighs were wet and she was expecting to get pleased in ways she didn't get at home. She straddled my hips, guided my cock into her pussy and slid down until she engulfed all of me. Her cunt was roomy. Her guy must be bigger than me. Her movements were selfish. Exactly what I needed to learn. Every thrust, twist, rub and grind were to bring herself pleasure. I reached up, pulled and twisted her nipples. She was rocking as if she were on a horse. Her eyes rolled back and she said, "Rougher." I abused her nipples for my pleasure; still she seemed to enjoy it more. When I felt her pussy tightened, I squeezed very hard. She screamed and came. For a moment she thought we were finished; then she realized she had the only orgasm.

I flipped her onto her back and nestled between her legs. Slipping three fingers into her and pressing her g-spot, I settled my mouth onto her cunt. For the next thirty minutes I tortured her cunt, because I wanted to. Licking and tugging her lips, pressing and rubbing inside her and sucking her clit. I would not let her cum. She had two handfuls of my hair and was dragging my head around. Every time I would stop she would try to pull my mouth back to her cunt, demanding her orgasm.

Inside, she was starting to suck my fingers. I increased the pressure on her spot and rubbed lightly. In only another minute she squirted into my mouth and I began licking her clit faster than before. Again she squirted, just as an orgasm began in her clit. I let her ride that tingle out with no pressure inside. For an encore I wanted to control her and see her have both at the same time. Sweetness did not know what I was doing but she helped. She pulled her knees wide and chest high, opening herself to me. My licks began to include her asshole and she rewarded me with regular groans.

When she tightened on my fingers again, I lowered my other hand and worked my middle finger into her ass, never stopping my mouth's worship of her clit. Her orgasm began to build. She was spasming and leaking around the fingers that were endless teasing her cunt. Her stomach was tightly arching against my mouth; her toes curled and her ass clinched my finger. A low guttural sound came from inside her as she rode to the height of her orgasm. She was quiet but nothing relaxed. Contraction after contraction rippled through her. My mouth was tired but I had to keep going. She whined, leaked and arched higher. Her entire body was trembling. Then, exactly like flicking a light switch, every muscle in Sweetness' body went limp.

While she dozed I retrieved a small butt plug and some lube. Everything was ready. My body was in pain from needing to fuck her. I couldn't wait for her to wake up. I kissed her awake. "You are a greedy little lover. When do I get my turn?"

She was limp and groggy but her young body was resilient, "Bet you can't make me give you a turn, Old Man."

That did it. Her round kissable butt needed a spanking. I pulled her across my knees and delivered the first loud slap to her ass. It took three more on her light brown skin before her cheeks began to glow red. She was playfully struggling during the spanking but quit resisting when I spread her and rubbed her little asshole. She pushed against my fingers and rolled her hips. She was ready but didn't know for what.

The plug was small but it still shocked her. I held it only an inch into her until she relaxed. Sweetness' little ass liked being stretched and fucked. The plug looked like a heavily veined, five-inch long cock until it got narrow near the flared base. After two-dozen strokes, it locked into her nicely. I'm sure it was uncomfortable. I spanked her cheeks a few more times and pressed the plug hard with my palm after each slap.

"I'm going to fuck you now, Sweetness. Lie down on your back and spread those beautiful legs."

She was not soaking; she was flowing. Abuse seemed to agree with her. My cock buried to the hilt in her. I had thought the butt plug would make her tight enough for me to get off in her overly wet cunt. She was pressing her clit against the top of my shaft; having a good time. It wasn't working, for me. I rolled her back on top again, grabbed her hips and moved her to masturbate my dick. Still, she was having a better time. Sweetness had one hand on her clit and the other was pushing the butt plug around. She wasn't waiting for me. Tonight it was hard for me to cum, this still wasn't working.

I pushed her off me, "Get on you hands and knees, I'm going to take your ass."

Her objection was not strong, "No, I've never had that. Let me suck you."

"It's my turn. Get on your knees. I won't hurt you."

She assumed the position but was obviously tense. Her little asshole was holding the plug so tightly I couldn't pull it out. "Rub you pussy, relax and let me have the plug."

Her own efforts soon made her moan. The plug slipped out easily. When I touched my lubed cock to her slightly open ass, she froze. I just let it lay in her opening. Sweetness was curious; she pushed back. The plug had opened her enough for the head to slip just inside. Her tentative pushings and my soft thrusts soon had a third of my shaft lodged tightly. Her ring was stretched so tight around my cock it was much lighter in color than the rest of her lovely asshole.

She talked into the bed, "Damn that's tight. It almost hurts, but I love it. Wait just a minute."

I stroked her back, her ass cheeks and her thighs while we waited for her to stretch to the thickness of my dick.

When she pushed again another third slipped easily in.

She gasped, "O my God" and pushed again, impaling herself completely to the base of my throbbing cock.

Again, she was deathly still. The feelings were new, different and strangely delightful. The fullness in her bowels seemed to make her clit more eager. I began to fuck her ass slowly and gently. She was relaxing and beginning to rub her clit again. My strokes became longer. Each thrust back into her was harder than the last.

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