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Learning to Submit


It started with an innocent compliment via text. Friends of friends, they had recently been put back in touch. Clearly each had kept the others phone number - she knew why she had.... But wondered if his reasons were equally as debauched.

They texted back and forth, innocent newsworthy nuggets at first but quickly the chat turned flirty. The next day, flirty bordered on dirty. An attraction had always been obvious between them, but they had never been single at the same time. One night a few years before, desite the fact that they both had a partner, they had shared a dirty secret phone call... The memory of hearing him groan in orgasm had stayed with her since. It was a thought that never failed to make her clit tingle.

Like a confessional, they used the detachment of texting to admit their lust for one another. The chat turned to sex. She was hesitant at first, and reluctant to trust him, fearing that he was using her texts to amuse his friends. His reply texts were worded in a way that soothed her fears and had her believing that he was indeed alone and just as confused as she was.

She woke one Monday to discover that he'd already text despite the fact it was only 7am. The texts bounced back and forth almost continuously all day. A strange bond was formed, and they conversed freely. Some of the texts were cheeky, some were funny and some made her cheeks deepen in a blush. He got her to open up to him and reveal her secrets. After hearing him confess that anal play turned him on she took a breath and owned up - it had always been her dirtiest fantasy too, one that could have her cumming hard in seconds. She often used a finger in her ass as she rubbed hard on her own clit, fingers soaked in her juices, panting, wishing for a nice fat cock to fill her up. She admitted hesitantly that she'd never tried it, but that she would have if her ex had been more forceful with her.

He rewarded her admission with a close up photo of his hard cock, glistening with a delicious drop of pre-cum. It made her instantly wet, her tongue running around her lips as she imagined tasting that delicious drop. Unable to resist, she asked if he'd ever had the pleasure of a finger up his ass while fucking - the answer was no, but the speed with which the reply text arrived made her think that the thought excited him. She decided to test this - she gave him an order and waited for his reply.

She had asked him to lie back, grip his buttcheeks in both hands and pull them apart. She texted again, got him to repeat it, but this time to open and close them. The reply was positive - feeling his anus stretch as the cold air hit it had his cock jerking and cum was flowing freely from the throbbing head.

Next step was to make him touch his ring. He complied, and after being ordered to rub it gently he was on the edge. She told him to find a lip salve tube and some lube. After running a line of lube up the crack of his ass, she ordered him to touch his anal opening again, but this time to pop his fingertip inside. Texting was becoming too hard by this point so she called him to listen.

Without so much as a hello, he told her to shut up and listen. He told her to lie back, bring her knees up to her chest and put a drop of lube on her own finger. Being told what to do sent a jolt of excitement through her, she realised how much she had longed for a dominant man. He ordered her to rub her little puckered asshole with her lubed fingertip - it was a dream come true, and she felt the juice from her pussy escape, running down her ass crack to further lubricate her tight hole. His voice in her ear was low, deep and firm - she began to realise that she was no longer the one in control.

He ordered her to find something long, hard and thin. Leaning across to her dresser she grabbed the first thing to hand - a double ended, fat mascara tube. He allowed her some more lube... But only after he'd made her beg for it, the whimper in her voice causing his fat cock to jerk out more pre-cum.

At the same time, he ran some lube over the small smooth plastic tube in his hand. He ordered her to do the same as he pushed the tip of it to his tight, sensitive anal ring. He heard her groan as the mascara tube invaded her ass. She described the feeling of fullness with a catch in her voice, getting hotter by the second as his breathing quickened. In unison they each started to fuck their own asses. He had his fist clenched around his cock, pumping it hard. She had 2 fingers deep in her pussy, her thumb brushing her clit with every stroke.

Unable to hold back, they exploded into orgasm at the same moment, his deep groans mingling with her screams.

"Sweet dreams".....

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