tagSci-Fi & FantasyLegend Ch. 01

Legend Ch. 01


There are many legends in Switzerland, most are well known, passed down from generation to generation, but some are less well known. Some of the less well known are simply silly stories invented to pass the long winter nights, others are seldom spoken of because they are true, which of those is this legend? You decide.

Lucy and some friends are up in the mountains, skiing. but not on an official slope, they are far off the well used slopes, on a part of the mountain they've never skied before which would have been a lot more fun if it wasn't for the avalanche.

They heard the sound, and looked up, the snow high on the mountain was moving, gathering speed as it slid down towards the head of the valley in which they were now trapped, the sides much too steep to climb without equipment, and so they did the only thing they could, they sped up, trying to escape the steep sided valley they were in. Trying to get away before the avalanche spilled out at the head of the valley and turned towards them as it surely must. Below them the trees filled the valley, not a dense forest, just enough to obscure their view, but they had no choice, and going full speed they aimed for the gaps between the trees, ducking and weaving to avoid the branches, hoping the trees would slow the avalanche or that the valley would open out so they could get clear.

So they raced through the trees, fast and faster, until suddenly there were no trees, which was good but there was also no snow, no ground, no nothing. Which was not good.

A parachute would have been handy, but they had only packed a picnic, and picnics are well known for being useless parachutes, in the same way that parachutes taste awful.

Obviously gravity was not taking a day off, and they began to fall, actually they had no difficulty falling at all, even though they tried hard not to practice falling ever since they were kids. Anyway, as our heroine fell, she noticed that instead of the ground far below rushing up to greet her, as she feared it would, instead the light started rushing away, leaving an ever growing darkness which seemed delighted to make her acquaintance, which was not entirely bad, since hitting total darkness is absolutely painless. Unless of course something hard is hiding in it, like the ground, but nothing was, so our heroine fell through the utter darkness, happy that it was hiding nothing hard, when suddenly...


Now if falling though darkness has to end, then a 'Splosh..!!!' is not an ideal ending.

As our now soaking wet heroine will verify, being soaking wet in the dark having fallen off a mountain is not high on anyone's wish list, especially hers. Luckily our heroine can swim, even in the dark and especially when in the distance she can see a light, a light that looks very much like the kind of light that makes friends with an open log fire.

Oh, talking of friends, they also fell into the dark, and did the 'Splosh..!!!' thing too, and being good swimmers we can surmise that they are currently wet and busy swimming.

Back to our heroine who is swimming fast, partly because being in the light seems a good idea, but mostly because being warm and dry by a fire is better than being cold and wet in a lake.

So it was not long before Lucy reached the shore, climbed out of the water and walked cautiously towards the fire. Partly because she had seen enough silly DVD's where young women rushed blindly from one peril to another and partly because it seemed that a very lazy person had lit the fire. Most people chop down trees to make a fire, only the very lazy set fire to whole trees. Very lazy or...

Or Dragons.

Our heroine gulped, closed her eyes, opened them, gulped again, yup, a Dragon, except not having seen a real live dragon before, she only guessed that was what the creature was. It certainly had all the things that dragons are supposed to have, sharp claws and wings and stuff, except that our heroine could not remember ever having seen or heard of a pure white dragon before, or one that looked so, well, so girl-like, so well, sexy. That is if you ignore the sharp claws and razor sharp fangs which seldom appear sexy, even to other Dragons.

So carefully, as it seemed wise to let sleeping dragons lie, even sexy ones, our heroine crept closer to the fire, close enough so that she was soon getting warm, or at least she would be, once she got out of her soaking wet clothes.

Getting naked was not unusual for our heroine, but doing so close to a Dragon was a first. Even so she stripped off her wet clothes and carefully spread them out on some rocks to dry, before laying down on a large flat rock that seemed to have been warmed by the fire, it was very comfortable, even for a rock.

Soon our naked heroine was sleeping, just as soundly as the sexy white dragon, but without the claws and razor sharp teeth.

Now we need to leave our heroine for a while, because she's sleeping, and because it's my story and I'll tell it in my way.

So... Long before our heroine met her friends and set out to go skiing, a girl was walking across a hillside, the sun on her face and the breeze in her hair, happy as a girl can be when she is doing what she loves, well, at least avoiding doing what she hates, for the girl is a seeker, a scout if you like, not exactly a hunter, she is in search not of prey, but of a rare and precious commodity, known in her world as humans, specifically female humans.

The girl's name is Kala and she is happy, walking across the hillside, happy because the sun is on her face, and anyone who has any authority over her is far away, but mostly because she is free to enjoy the alps and the sun.

Of course she is a very good seeker, so she is not wandering around aimlessly, she is heading for one of her favourite spots, one known for the appearance of humans, and soon she is no longer on the hillside, but in the forest, threading her way through the trees, heading for the lake.

Now, even though the girl has no idea what a DVD is, she is not so silly as to go to sleep in the forest all alone, oh no, even as brave and fit as she is, that is not a wise thing for a young woman to do, and besides it's damn cold in the alps at night, especially for a naked girl, so once she reached the lake she closed her eyes, made her mind do that weird thing, and kept her eyes tight shut as she felt her body changing. It's one thing for a beautiful girl to be able to change into a sexy white dragon, but quite another to see the change taking place, it still freaked her out a bit, so she always kept her eyes tight shut.

Even dragons feel the cold, but a few quick breaths of fire on a small group of tall pine trees and she had a nice fire going, then she settled down to sleep. After all, who is going to mess with a dragon..??

When Lucy awoke she opened her eyes to find a girl standing over her, the girl was about her height, and pretty, not model pretty, but athletic healthy pretty.

What Lucy noticed most was the girl's hair and eyes, her hair was almost straight and seemed to be cut kind of ragged, it was the colour that caught Lucy's attention, it seemed that every colour imaginable was there, like a rainbow of highlights, her hair, together with the purest purple eyes Lucy had ever seen made the girl striking, and somehow friendly, as if nobody with such features could be a bad person.

Lucy remembered the Dragon, the sexy looking pure white Dragon, well if you discount the sharp claws and razor sharp fangs, neither of which Lucy found sexy, but looking around for the Dragon, all Lucy could see was the remains of the fire, the ashes of the burnt trees still hot, hotter than the morning sun that was still low in the clear sky. What Lucy could not see were her clothes.

Then the girl spoke, her voice sounded friendly, warm, but Lucy didn't understand a single word, could not even identify which language the girl was speaking, which surprised our heroine, who was fluent in several languages, and had heard many more spoken.

As the girl spoke Lucy began to realise that the girl didn't expect her to understand, it was almost as if the girl was speaking to herself, or talking just to reassure Lucy, either way it didn't matter much, as the girl reached out with one hand, not trying to take hold of Lucy, but more an invitation, her voice reassuringly calm and warm.

Lucy wanted to accept the invitation, but first she wanted her clothes, and so she kept her hands to herself and looked around, standing up to see better, but there was no sign anywhere on the rocks close by where she was sure she had laid them out to dry.

The girl spoke again, more insistent this time, and raising her arm she pointed, pointing to Lucy's clothes which now hung on the low branches of closest unburned trees to the fire.

Lucy smiled happily, said "thank you," and started to walk towards the trees, the girl following her, staying close, but not too close, watching as Lucy dressed, her clothes now completely dry and rather warm.

Ski boots, trousers and jacket, plus of course her small rucksack, which contained the leftovers of yesterday's picnic, a dry shirt, first aid kit, shovel, an emergency locator, ice axe, day-night flare and a space blanket. Lucy often ventured into the mountains, to walk, to climb, to ski, often with her friends, sometimes alone or with just a single companion. She had much more sense than to go unprepared.

So, dressed and feeling much more comfortable, Lucy fastened her rucksack, shrugged it onto her shoulders and turned to the girl who was once again beckoning invitingly.

An invitation Lucy wanted to accept, mostly because the idea of being alone was not very attractive, especially when the Dragon might return, and since she was sure it had been a Dragon, Lucy was certain that wherever she was, it was not where she had been.

But first she wanted to find her friends and that meant searching along the lake shore, which seemed a logical place to start. But when Lucy moved towards the lake the girl became agitated, jumping ahead of her, beckoning and pointing to the trees, she seemed so anxious that Lucy relented, and followed the girl to the trees, still looking at the lake, relieved when she noticed that the girl was leading them not deeper into the forest, but staying close to the edge of the trees, she too was looking at the lake, and so Lucy relaxed and allowed the girl to lead the way.

Lucy loved the outdoors, liked to swim and cycle, climb and ski, she considered herself fit, but the girl seemed tireless, agile and ever watchful. As the sun rose and morning became afternoon they seemed to have reached the far end of the roughly oval-shaped lake and were now heading back along the far side.

Twice Lucy had tried to head down to the lake to drink, but each time the girl had blocked her path, and so Lucy had reluctantly drunk the last of the water in her small rucksack.

She was just trying to think of a way to communicate her growing thirst when she heard the scream...

Lucy recognised the scream, it was her friend Anja. But a scream unlike Lucy could ever remember hearing her friend make before. By the time she realised that, she was already running towards the sound, up the slope, through trees that she tried her best to dodge even though she never slowed her pace, at least not until she reached the top of the slope and the girl grabbed her, almost jumping on her to stop Lucy running down the other side, Lucy shouted, at least tried to shout, the girl's hand had clamped over her mouth, silencing her anger at being stopped, even as she looked down the slope and saw her friends, a huge black dragon, and a man. A naked man pinning and even more naked Anja over a rock as her friend screamed and screamed.

As strong as the girl was, she could not hold Lucy, nothing could stop our heroine, not when right before her eyes her friend was about to be raped. At least Lucy hoped it was 'about to be'. Struggling free of the girl had pulled her rucksack from her back, the straps holding the ice axe had snapped, without thinking Lucy grabbed the ice axe and ran down the slope, too angry to think, to angry to shout, to angry to do anything but save her friend. Which is just as well, because her silence gave him no warning, none at all.

But her movement had caught the attention of the huge black Dragon.

Lucy had never heard a Dragon snarl, the sound was deafening, so loud it made the trees around the hollow shake and vibrate, so loud it caught our heroine completely by surprise and she tripped, fell, rolled down the grassy slope, towards the rock, towards her friend, and towards the man.

Lucy had tumbled right down to where the man still stood, she gasped for breath, then gasped again for as she looked up at the man she saw the huge black Dragon towering over him, claws seeming to rake the sky, razor sharp fangs glinting evilly in the sunlight, the huge black head swooping down, the purple eyes focused on her.

However our heroine was still angry, more angry than she had ever imagined she could be, an anger made stronger by the sight of her naked friend spread over the rock, her legs forced apart by the man's hands, his intent obvious. Lucy did her best to spring to her feet, but dizzy from tumbling down the slope she staggered and in forcing herself to her feet she head-butted the man right between his legs, his screams adding to the noise, yet lost in the huge black Dragon's snarl.

Lucy is many things, but she is not fearless, but she is brave, and fiercely loyal to her friends. Her focus was on saving her friend, that one goal was all she could think of, even as the huge black Dragon's head loomed over her, she threw herself at her friend, only dimly aware of the second snarl, the flash of more razor sharp fangs, more claws, and the blur of black and white. Anja clung to Lucy, shivering, shaking, terrified. Lucy held her friend, her naked trembling friend, soothing her, comforting her, and without thinking, kissing her.

Later Anja would often remember the man, his attempt to rape her, but the memory was always hazy, a soft shadow compared to the blinding heat of that kiss. Anja would never forget that kiss, never. Lucy would never forget her friends first words as their kiss finally ended. "Lucy..? Your eyes...?? Your eyes are purple....!!!

Just then the other girls screamed, terrified as the white Dragon returned, claws tipped with red, fangs dripping, the white Dragon slowly folded it's wings and spoke.

Of course the girls didn't understand a word, and their trauma and imagination crafted the sounds into a threat to eat them. Whilst Lucy understood every word, her shocked expression was due not to what the Dragon said, but because she could understand every word. That the words made no sense, at least not right then, only increased her shock, and her shocked expression made her friends even more afraid.

"Welcome sister, welcome to my world."

"How? Who? What?" Our heroine gulped, then, "Fuck..!!"

Few humans have ever seen a pure white girlish sexy Dragon smile sweetly, fewer still have ever heard a pure white girlish sexy looking Dragon mutter "later."

Our heroine did.

"I will stay as I am, though it frightens your friends." The Dragon's voice as smooth as honey dripping from a knife. "The other one might yet return, though he'll take more care, lest you kill him too." At that moment our heroine discovered that a pure white girlish sexy Dragon's giggles sound like spring water gushing over pebbles in a mountain stream. "You are very sexy when you're angry, but if you get angry again, you should undress first."

Our heroine understood every word, none of them made sense.

At least not until she helped Anja from the rock and turned around, for that is when she saw the man, the naked man, the naked dead man, the tip of her ice axe sticking out of his chest where he had fallen on it.

"Dragons cannot be killed, except by their own apathy for life, but when a Dragon takes on their other form, their human like form, then they are as vulnerable as you are, in killing him, even accidentally, you assume his abilities, you too are now a Dragon, a very sexy one I hope." At that moment our heroine discovered that a pure white girlish sexy Dragon can wink in such a way that makes a heroine want to get naked, not to mention the effect such a wink has on our heroine's pussy.

"I can't... it's imposs.... I mean..... FUCK..!!" Our heroine was rather lost for words.

"Later, I promise, the Dragon replied, her voice now more like sweet warm honey oozing down a knife. Lucy felt her pussy get warm and wet at the Dragon's words, wondering if the razor sharp fangs gave her words that edge? Perhaps the girl's voice would just be sweet warm honey..?? Our heroine's pussy got hot at the thought, her nipples joined in, not wishing to be left out, whilst her clit throbbed agreement, seemingly eager to find out.

All in all Lucy's body had pretty much decided that the best thing to do with a (deep breath) naked girl who was pretty, not model pretty, but athletic healthy pretty, who's hair was almost straight and seemed to be cut kind of ragged, hair that seemed to be every colour imaginable, like a rainbow of highlights, with striking pure purple friendly eyes a sexy girl who with such features could not be a bad person, but who just happened to be able to turn into a pure white girl-like sexy Dragon with sharp claws and razor sharp fangs. (another) ...was to make love with her, endlessly, in short to touch and taste and kiss and hold and lick and smell and finger and nibble and grasp and pinch and tongue and thrust and... and if you don't think that's the short version, just wait until they get together... (deep breath, well done)

By now the girls had stopped screaming, mostly because their throats were sore, but also because of the way Lucy was looking at the Dragon. The pure white... (oh no, not again.!!) anyway, the way our heroine was looking at the Dragon had utterly convinced the girls they were in no danger of being eaten.

How wrong they were, though eaten is a rather ambiguous term, luckily for them, for they proved to be very tasty.

It was Anja who spoke next, though first she kissed our heroine again, this time just a quick kiss, hardly long enough for their tongues to greet each other again, then pulling herself away with a visible and reluctant effort, Anja spoke. "Thank you, thank you for saving me, for saving us all, I will repay you, I promise.. The look in her eyes and the way her body opened up in invitation made it quite plain as to how that payment would be made.

The other girls nodded agreement, for although they had not been close enough to feel everything, they had seen everything and felt enough, indeed still felt the desire that seemed to draw them to our heroine.

Monika blushed, Maja grinned, Eva winked, Francesca (Fran) giggled and Helen did that eye-lid lowering thing that she did better than anyone, so well that it drove the boys wild, and made more than a few girls pant with a sudden desire. All of them forgot their fear, forgot their nakedness, forgot everything but how sexy our heroine looked and how lucky Anja was to have kissed her... twice..!! (Not that they were keeping count, not much.)

Meanwhile Anja was studying her friend closely, "They're not purple anymore..." Her voice had a new tone to it, that of a lover not just of a friend, yet it had a hint of sadness, "I liked your eyes being purple, they looked so beautiful," she stopped dead, "I'm sorry, I.. you... your eyes are beautiful, it's just.." she sighed softly and clung to Lucy, as if her embrace would explain everything, as if by holding her friend she could gain... Forgiveness..? Our heroine, now even more confused, hugged Anja tight, kissed her cheek, then turned to the white Dragon.

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