tagLoving WivesLessons Ch. 01

Lessons Ch. 01


I love my wife. Truly I do. I guess you have to in order to stick by each other for more than thirty years. That doesn't mean that it's been a rose garden, in fact that is a very apt description. It looks beautiful and it is enjoyable, but if you wade into it you will see that there are many small thorns hidden beneath the flowers. Actually, some of those thorns are not as small as they would seem.

In most of our life we fit each other well, the one big thorn has always been the difference in sex lives. When we were young we were like rabbits, after our first born she slowed down, after the second more, and by the time three and four had come down the road.... Well I was still always horny and she was....well less so. I love her, I think she is still beautiful, even for a fifty year old woman. I get a hard-on when she gets in the shower, I get a hard-on when she gets naked at night to get ready for bed, I get a hard-on when I see her in a swim suit, I get a hard-on when.....well you get the idea. But she didn't have the same drive as I did, and that got even worse when she had to have surgery to remove those parts that were responsible for creating the hormones that drive that.

The doctor said with the right hormone therapy, blah blah blah. I wanted her to explore that, she didn't. Needless to say, our sex lives had dwindled to once every month or two....not a good situation. It had to come to a head sooner or later, and well, it finally did. It wasn't a pretty fight. My wife is half Italian and has that temper, I'm half German and very hard headed. Together we have some spectacular shouting matches, which is exactly why we don't live in the city. This fight was no different. Things were shouted that shouldn't have been even said, implications made, that sort of thing. In the end nothing was solved and both of us ended up hurting.

She complained that I spent too much time thinking about sex and trying to entice her to have some, and I complained that I was getting tired of being shunned every time I tried to entice her. In the end I stormed out, declaring that when she finally decided she wanted to have sex she could come ask, that I was done asking. I suppose I also left the implication that if she didn't come ask soon I might have to start looking for other places to get that release. Needless to say our relationship has been a bit chilly for the last few months. Don't get me wrong, we still hug and kiss and say I love you, but bedtime is like there is an invisible wall between us in bed.

Over a fishing rod, Joe and I had commiserated more than once on the state of our sex lives. My wife Nancy and his wife Lisa are best friends, which is how we got to know each other. Over the years we have become good friends and spent many a day off at some lake fishing. Just knowing I wasn't the only one struggling with this in my marriage, even though they had been at it ten years less than we had, allowed me to vent my frustrations in a place that I knew wouldn't come back to bite me later, and the same for Joe.

As the weekend approached Joe and I planned on heading to the lake for a two day fishing tournament. Our bags were ready, the boat was ready, everything was in place to take off Friday night for the lake. I came home from work and was surprised to see my duffel bag not sitting where I had left it, in fact, what was sitting there was a large suitcase.

"Hon? What's up?" I asked my wife as she walked down the hall dressed in a dress and heels, something she rarely wears unless we're headed out for something extremely special. "Going somewhere?"

"Actually WE are," she answered as she walked to the big rolling suit case.

"Oh? Well, um, okay. I can change plans and re-pack." I answered in confusion. Had I forgotten something? Special date, trip? I couldn't think of anything.

"No need. I took care of everything."

"Oh, well I better let Joe know." I said, reaching for my cell phone as she walked past.

"No need Lisa's already told him." She said as she headed out the door to our SUV.

"Oh?" I asked, even more confused.

"Uh huh. They're going with us." She said parking the big suitcase at the back of the car. "You going to put this in or do I have to do that too?"

"Uh, sure." I said, stepping up to the suitcase as the back of the car motored open. I lifted the suitcase into the back, closed the liftgate and walked around to get into the driver's seat, but my wife was already in it. With a shrug I walked around the other side and got in the passenger seat. My wife could be every bit as stubborn as I could be, and she would tell me what was going on when she was ready, and nothing I could say would prompt her to tell me sooner. I sat in the car as we drove across town, finally pulling into Joe and Lisa's drive about fifteen minutes later. To my surprise Lisa stepped out of the house wearing a plain gray skirt and white button down blouse, Joe following behind looking as confused as I felt.

I got out and put the suitcase Joe was pulling into the back and went back to get in the front passenger seat, finding Lisa already sitting in it. With a silent "Damned if I know!" gesture to Joe I climbed in the back passenger seat, leaving him to walk around and get into the driver's side.

It was a long mostly quiet three hour drive before my wife pulled our SUV into the drive through port of a large hotel in KC. We made one quick stop for dinner on the way, and other than ordering, both the girls had refused to say much of anything. I still had no idea what was going on. I unloaded the luggage while my wife went in and checked us into the hotel with a reservation I presumed she had already made. It was a pretty busy place, with a large number of couples going in and out, many of the women, ranging significantly in age from mid-twenties to sixties in quite revealing and sexy outfits.

"Let's go." My wife said, tossing the keys to the valet to park the car. I followed her in, pulling our suitcase with Joe following behind me with their suitcase. We rode up the elevator in silence and followed the ladies down the hall to a door. My wife slid the access card into the lock and pushed the door open. I expected Lisa to head to another door, but to my surprise, she followed my wife into the room.

I looked at Joe and shrugged, following them into the room. It was a large suite with two large king sized beds, a sofa, a couple over stuffed lounge chairs, a table with four chairs around it. I glanced into the bathroom, which was almost as large as some hotel rooms I'd been in. It had a large Jacuzzi tub in one corner, a huge glassed in shower stall, of course a toilet and a long counter with two sinks built in.

"Okay boys. Sit!" My wife said sharply, pointing to the sofa.

When my wife had a mad on you didn't argue, it simply didn't do any good, and while she didn't seem mad, she was clearly holding something inside. Joe and I sat on the sofa as directed, Lisa standing next to my wife six or seven feet away from us.

"Michael, " my wife started, using my full name, something she didn't do unless she were pissed at me. "You've been badgering me about sex for years, complaining that I wasn't giving you enough, wanting me to be more playful, more suggestive, more experimenting, and so on. I've had enough. Joe hasn't been much better. Well, Lisa and I have deiced that we're going to show you just exactly what you wanted all this time. You want us to be slutty little bitches, well we can be slutty little bitches. You want us to show more skin? A flash of pussy or tit? Well honey, you're going to get it. Of course it doesn't come without a price. You want us to show off, then you're also going to have to put up with other guys ogling those parts, not just you. And if one decides to touch us...well we may just let them. And this is the place to do it. This weekend is swingers weekend here. I'm sure I won't have any trouble finding some hot sexy guy to ogle me or feel me up.

"Wait!" I started to object.

"Shush!" She snapped. "These are the rules. Rule 1, you can touch whoever you want and we can have whoever we want do whatever we want them to to us. Rule 2, everything will be done with both of us in the same room. That means that if I let some guy play with my pussy, you're going to be watching. Rule 3, you will follow all of our directions to the letter. One complaint, one backtalk, one bitch about how we're acting or what we're doing and we pack up and go home, no matter what time or where we are. Is that clear?"

I looked at Joe who looked as stunned as I did.

"No arguments, good. You stay sitting right there until I tell you you can move." My wife said, spinning on her heels and walking toward the bathroom, Lisa following close behind.

"Holy crap! What got into Nancy?" Joe asked quietly.

"What got into either of them. I didn't see Lisa objecting to anything either. Whatever they have planned, they've cooked up together." I said as I heard water start running in the bathroom.

My wife and Lisa came back out a few moments later and walked back to where they had started. Nancy looked over at her best friend, the two exchanging a look that said, determination? Then they looked back at us and without a word started undressing. Lisa unzipped the back of my wife's dress and then turned back to face us unbuttoning her blouse as my wife let the dress slide down her body, leaving her in heels, a pair of bikini panties and the big heavy bra she wore to keep her double D tits corralled. You could have knocked me over with a feather when she reached behind her back, undid the clasp of the bra and then shrugged it off, letting her big tits swing out fully exposed in front of both of us. Lisa had just shrugged off the blouse as my wife skimmed her panties down unceremoniously, exposing her full curly brown bush, which Joe was staring at openly.

As far as I knew, other than a doctor, Joe was the first guy besides myself to see her naked since we got married over thirty years ago. It felt kind of funny to have Joe staring at her like this. That thought was somewhat muted though as Lisa dropped the skirt around her ankles and stepped out of it, leaving her in a thong panty and tight lace bra, pressing her C cup breasts together. I'd seen her in bikini's before, so this wasn't a particularly significant increase in what I could see, at least not until she flicked the catch on her bra and shrugged it off, letting it slide down her arms to land on the floor. Her tits were surprisingly firm looking, sticking much more out than drooping down, with large round areola and nipples that seemed to be growing harder by the second. She pushed the panties down, stepping out of them and then stepping out of her heels to leave her completely nude in front of us.

With a little smirk on her face, my wife and Lisa turned and walked toward the bathroom, their naked butts wiggling intentionally. "you boys can get naked and join us any time you want." My wife said just before they disappeared into the bathroom.

"Damn!" Joe whispered.

"Yeah. You know, your wife looks pretty hot. I thought you were complaining her tits weren't big enough." I said as I stood up and started peeling off my shirt.

"Nothing like your wife's. God she has big tits!" He said as he stood up and started unbuttoning his shirt. "She looks pretty damn hot."

"Yeah, it's all that working out she does. She's got a little extra weight, but not too much."

"Just the right amount from what I could see." He said as he pushed his pants and briefs down in one shot.

"Uh huh. Lisa has a pretty petite body for the size of her boobs. Nice shape. No wonder you're always horny for her."

"Not bad, but I just wish she'd show it off for me a bit more."

"Looks like she may show it off to a lot more than you."

"Yeah, your wife too. Hell, I've never even seen her in less than a one piece swim suit." Joe said as he pulled off his socks. "Ready?"

"Yeah, might as well see what else they have cooked up for us." I said as I stood up, slightly embarrassed by the hard-on I had poking out lewdly. We walked in to find both our wives in the swirling jacuzi tub, a thick film of bubbles across the top of the water.

"About time you two got here." My wife chastised.

"Sorry, we got undressed as fast as we could." I answered as I slipped into the water, thankfully hiding my rock hard cock which Lisa was staring at unabashedly. I slid into the water next to my wife and Joe settled next to his.

"You know Lisa, my husband has been after me for years to go shaved. What do you think?"

"Yeah, mine too. Not sure what the draw there is. Suppose there's anything too it? I know one of the ladies at work is always shaved and says it feels really sexy, especially when her husband is shaving her." Lisa answered.

"Do you suppose we should try it?" My wife asked.

"Sure, why not. Our husbands could shave us." Lisa answered brightly.

"Ok. I think I'll go first if you don't mind." My wife said, standing in the swirling water and letting the foamy bubbles slide down her body. I started to get up too, but she reached out a hand for Joe. "So Joe, how do you feel about shaving my pussy?"

"Uh, sure!" Joe answered noncommittally, looking at me standing next to my wife being ignored.

"Good, come on then. We can do it right over here." She said, stepping out of the tub and over to the big counter. She turned and sat her butt on the edge of the counter and lifted her legs up, hooking her heels on the edge of the counter top, leaning back against the big mirror on the wall behind the sinks. With her knees up and her legs spread her pussy was fully exposed, her pink inner lips protruding as they usually do, her curly brown pubic hair covered in slowly disappearing bubbles, exposing more and more of her to us with each passing minute.

I shrugged to Joe and sat back down in the water.

"Well, come on. Don't tell me you've never wanted to see my pussy. I know you've been lusting after my tits."

"I haven't...." Joe started to protest.

"Uh uh. I know better. Lisa told me all about how she caught you jacking off one time mumbling about how sexy my tits were and that you were going to cream all over em. If you do a really good job maybe I'll let you." My wife said.

"Go on." I mouthed to Joe. He finally got out of the water and stepped over to my wife. I slid over into where he had been, next to Lisa, to watch my wife being shaved.

My wife kept up a constant battery of sexy little comments to him as he slowly and methodically worked the curls off my wife, frequently rinsing the razor in the sink next to them. "That feels nice. You have a nice gentle touch. Ohhhh I like it when you touch there..." and so on. I suspected the whole idea was to make me feel jealous. Joe, for his part did a very careful job shaving her, but seemed quite nervous about touching her.

"Very nice!" My wife said, rubbing her now bald pussy with a towel and playing with her pussy lips. "Very nice indeed. I do think you need a reward. Would you like to cum on my big titties? You can, I'll let you squirt all over 'em."

"Uh, not right now I don't think." He answered.

"Awww down be shy. You know you want to." My wife said, sliding off the counter. "What do you think honey? Should I jack him off all over my tits?"

"Whatever you want sweetie. This is your game, remember?"

"You're right it is!" She said as she squatted down in front of Joe, both hands reaching out for his cock. She began to slowly stroke his shaft, both hands working up and down the length of his cock, her hands twisting back and forth as the moved. "You like that?" She cooed as she worked. "You wanna squirt your hot cum all over my body? Watch your cum dripping down off my big fat titties? MMMMM why don't you play with them while I stroke your hard cock? Just reach down and squeeze them. I like having my nipples squeezed, but not too hard." She said softly, stroking his cock while his hands reached down and cupped both of her tits.

I had to admit I was very turned on, and when I felt a hand slide into my lap under the water, I returned the favor, slipping a hand between Lisa's legs. We sat watching our spouses, our own hands busy under the swirling bubbles, her hand sliding up and down my shaft while I slowly stroked a finger up between her fat outer lips, teasing across her clit and then pushing back down again. She spread her legs as wide as the tub would allow, and suppressed a soft moan as my finger invaded deeper into her, pushing into her tunnel.

"There you go. You're going to cum aren't you?" My wife asked my groaning best friend.

"Uh huh," Joe grunted.

"That's it. Don't close your eyes now.... Just watch your hard cock shoot your cum all over my slutty titties. Cream 'em real good. I want to see your cum dripping and sliding all the way down until it drips off my big hard nipples!"

"Oh shit!" Joe grunted, a huge gush of thick white cum lancing out from his cock and splattering on her right tit. Again and again his cock spurted, pumping more and more of his jizz onto her chest until his cock began to soften in her hands.

"Ohhhh yeah. Did you see that honey? He squirted all over my tits. Does that turn you on? Did you like seeing another man squirt on these tits? Tits that only you've seen in how many years?" She said as she stood up. She stepped into the tub and sank down into the water, gently washing off the cum from her breasts.

"Your turn." Lisa said huskily, standing up and climbing out of the tub. She sat herself where my wife had been, pulling her feet up and spreading her knees wide.

"Nice looking pussy! I always wondered what it looked like under those little bikini's you wore when we went boating." I said, admiring her full rounded outer lips, with just the slightest hint of her soft pink inner lips protruding. With the suds now dissipated from her body, I had a chance to admire all her traits, including her firm round breasts and rock hard nipples. I grinned at her as I sprayed some shaving cream on her mound and then set the can aside. With one hand I gently massaged her pussy, rubbing the foaming cream around her pussy and mound while I reached my other up to her chest, gently squeezing one of her firm breasts. I let her nipple stick out between my fingers as my other hand continued to massage her pussy. "I suppose I should shave you now."

"Ohhhh uh huh." She moaned softly as squeezed her nipple before pulling my hand back.

I worked carefully, slowly removing her blond curls from her mound, the fingers of my other hand continually stroking her pussy and teasing it in to stroke her clit. As I worked farther down her pussy I had to kneel down, allowing me to slide one finger deep into her pussy and stroke the top of her tunnel while allowing my thumb to rub circles around her clit when I wasn't using it to move or pull her lips to allow me to get every bit of her hair. Finished, I gently rinsed her off, leaving my finger inside her pussy.

"Want me to get you off?" I whispered as I stood up between her legs.

"Uh huh." Lisa moaned. "Please."

I leaned my head down to her soft breast and sucked the whole front of her tit into my mouth, running my tongue around and around her hard nipple, my thumb rubbing circles around her clit in time with my tongue.

"Oh shit. I'm going to cum!" She squeaked softly. "God I want your cock in me. Put your cock in me! Oh Nancy, let him put it in me."

"Hey, it's your shave and he's your barber. That's up to you!" My wife said from the tub behind us.

I pulled my finger from her pussy and pressed my rock hard cock to her lips, pressing my head into her only an inch or two before I returned my thumb to her clit. No longer able to reach my face to her chest, I moved my free hand to one tit and began massaging it as I slowly stroked my cock into her in tiny short little strokes, working my fat shaft deeper and deeper into her.

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