tagNonConsent/ReluctanceLet the Music Play Ch. 02

Let the Music Play Ch. 02


This is not a stand-alone chapter. Will be confusing if you do not read part 1. Enjoy!

Lacy crawled onto the bench and curled up. The light from the lamp glinted against the silver chain, mocking her. They had used her like a whore, but she wasn't a whore. She wasn't!

Lacy stumbled toward the final bench and curled up in the corner to wait. She'd scraped her knees on the concrete as the two fat guys had fucked her, and they still hurt. Almost right away, Lacy heard the sound of someone jogging. She began to tremble and her mouth filled with saliva as she thought of being fucked again. She could not be enjoying this!

The jogging stopped and she heard a gasp. "Lacy?"

The sound of Emily's voice brought relief and then panic. Lacy had to sit here for four more minutes, and she didn't want Emily to sit beside her in case a man came along.

Emily eased onto the bench beside her. "Lacy? What happened to you? Did you fall?"

"Yeah. I didn't know you jogged."

"In the summer, I jog at night when it's a little cooler. Come on back to the dorm with me and let's get you cleaned up."

Lacy glanced at Emily sharply, afraid she could smell the sex on her."

"We need to clean your knees and put some medicine on them," Emily added.

Lacy sagged in relief. "I'll meet you inside. I want to sit out here for a few minutes."

"Then I'll wait with you."

"No! I—I mean, I want to be alone."

Emily stood and looked at Lacy. She touched her face gently. "You've been crying."

Before Lacy could respond, a tall, dark-skinned man sat down on the bench. He didn't speak and Emily just stared at him. "We're having a private conversation," she told him.

"Oh, my bad."

Lacy's head jerked back and forth between the two as fear and humiliation struggled for supremacy. If she let him leave, she would be punished, but if she asked him to stay then Emily would think she was a whore.

Lacy quickly released his breasts and asked him if he'd like to touch her tits.

He chuckled. "I guess your girlfriend will catch up with you later."

Lacy saw Emily's shocked expression turn to disgust and she stormed off, leaving Lacy with the tall, dark-skinned man.

Lacy skipped class the next day and went to the Dean's office. The tall, dark-skinned man had dragged her into the woods where he'd hurt her over and over again for two hours, fucking her and hitting her tender, swollen nipples until she was crying uncontrollably. She'd dragged into her room with Emily right behind her. She'd seen Lacy's bruised and battered tits through her open shirt and told her to lie down before disappearing. She'd returned with a warm bucket of water and then gently removed Lacy's clothes before bathing her.

Lacy had tried to protest, especially when Emily reached her tits and pussy but Emily had only brushed her hands away and continued cleaning. The warm water had felt so good against her clit. Emily had spread her lips open and squeezed water onto the tender bud over and over again until Lacy had cum right in front of Emily.

Humiliated, Lacy had tried to cover herself, tried to explain, but Emily had dismissed her concern saying, "It's a natural reaction to stimulation. Don't worry about it."

But Lacy was worried—about Mr. Freemen. No matter how hard she tried to please him he still punished her. He'd turned her into a whore, and there was no telling what else he had in store for her. What was the worse he could do to her if she reported him for sexual harassment? Once the administration found out what he was doing to her, they would protect her.

Straightening her shoulders, Lacy entered the office and approached the receptionist behind the desk.

"Good morning. May I help you?"

"Y-Yes, could you tell me the procedure for filing a complaint against a professor?"

The other woman's brows lifted slightly but her demeanor remained professional. "You'll need to talk to the EOO—Equal Opportunity Officer." Her head tilted to the side. "You're majoring in music, right? Lacy Stanton?"

The usual excitement Lacy felt when people recognized her eluded her and with a quick glance around the room, she nodded. Her gaze fell on the nametag on the woman's jacket. Sheryl Carter. Lacy had heard about her. She had been considered among many to be the next Whitney Houston until she abruptly quit chorus and changed her major.

"Please have a seat. I'll speak to her secretary, and we'll get you an appointment right away.

Lacy sat down near a wooden rack and grabbed the magazine on the table. Out of the corner of her eye, she saw Sheryl speaking on the phone. There would be no going back once Lacy made the appointment. She had to do this, she told herself.

The phone rang and Lacy jumped. Her chest heaved as she tried to drag air into her tight lungs. She couldn't do this, she realized panicking. Before she could change her mind, she ran out of the room, and then the building. Once outside, she kept running with no particular destination in mind. It was late September and still warm but the sweat pouring from her forehead nearly blinded her.

Shaky, she stopped near the cafeteria to get a bottle of cold water.

"Lacy, are you okay?"

Lacy turned to see Chad Carpenter peering down at her with a concerned frown marring his brows. He wasn't in the choir; they'd met in freshmen English. "Hi, Chad. Sure, just winded."

"Would you like something to eat?"

"N-no, I—I don't—"

"Come on, you have to eat. You might as well eat with me."

Lacy smiled weakly. "Okay, why not?" She trailed him into the cafeteria where they both ordered burgers. As they were sitting down, Lacy felt someone watching her and glanced around the cafeteria. Her gaze locked with Mr. Freeman's and her heart nearly leapt out of her chest. Her hands began to shake, and Chad took her tray from her.

"You all right?"

"Yeah, yeah. I--I," she sputtered, and then trailed off. Mr. Freeman looked angry. He couldn't know about her visit to the Dean's office, right? No, Lacy had given her name, not the professor's. Still, he looked angry. She must have done something wrong.

Lacy sat down and Chad moved his chair a little closer. She leaned away from him, keenly aware of Mr. Freeman's angry glare. The fervent beat of her heart was almost deafening. He was going to kill her, she thought wildly. Jumping up, Lacy kicked the tray with her knee, spilling her food on the table and floor. "I have to go Chad. I'll see you later."

As she ran out of the room, she noticed that Mr. Freeman was gone. Lacy ran to her dorm room and locked it behind her.

Lacy rushed into the choir room with ten minutes to spare. There was no way she would be late today. Even though Mr. Freeman had told her to meet him afterward if she arrived on time, he would see that she wasn't defying him and he wouldn't have to punish her.

Mr. Freeman entered the room and she saw his quick smile. Her heart raced with excitement knowing she had pleased him. "Okay, ladies and gentlemen. Three weeks and counting to the competition and if we're going to win we have to be in top form. Are we ready?"

Everyone shouted as the excitement of competing swept through the room. Lacy, however, was beginning to feel nervous.

"Today," he continued, "We'll go over the choreographed songs. Dancing will be part of the competition as well, and we don't want to look bad."

The crowd laughed.

"We got this," one of the students yelled.

Mr. Freeman looked directly at Lacy. "I guess we'll see."

Lacy usually stood in front but today, she positioned herself behind a tall Soprano, hoping to get the movements down. She hadn't known they were going to incorporate steps into some of the songs during the workshop and no one had showed her the steps.

There were three songs and she struggled through the practice. Mr. Freeman seemed to catch every mistake and called her on it in front of the group. Lacy apologized repeatedly but she knew with a sinking feeling that he was going to punish her anyway. Instead of waiting for someone to show her the moves, she should have asked. Emily had been nice to her last night. She could have easily asked her.

Rehearsal ended all too soon and Lacy found herself trudging toward Mr. Freeman's office. Her body shook, remembering the pain from yesterday's punishment.

He was pushing aside the items on his desk, his belt already unbuckled. She locked the door automatically as words of apology flew to her lips. "I'm sorry, Mr. Freeman. I—I'm going to ask Emily to help—"

"How do you think I look when you show such disdain for me and what we're all trying to accomplish? You missed the workshop. You still don't know the dance steps. Why should I even let you compete?"

The threat frightened Lacy more than anything. This was a regional competition. Thousands would see her perform and there would even be media coverage. If the right people could hear her, she could get a recording contract and leave this school behind.

She stepped out of her skirt and panties, and he examined her tits, then her pussy. "I am pleased," he told her. "Did you enjoy yourself last night?"

Her heart swelled with pride, and then dropped. "Yes, sir. I only want to please you, sir."

He didn't respond but slowly pulled his belt free. She bent over the desk and braced herself. She deserved pain after what she almost did today. Mr. Freemen only wanted her to have more respect for him and her fellow choir members. "Thirty."

The pain on her already tender flesh was unbearable but Lacy refused to release the tears spurting into her eyes. Each strike forced her to press into the desk and as she did, she could feel her juices spreading beneath her. Humiliated, she finally broke down and cried. "Please stop," she pleaded.

The belt hit her a few more times before he finally stopped. The cool liquid followed immediately and she panted in relief. Mr. Freeman massaged her gently as he leaned close. "I don't want to hurt you, but you deserved your punishment, didn't you?"

"Yes, sir. May I please join the choir in competition, sir?" Lacy pleaded.

His pressed his thumb to her center and her skin burned as he felt her juices. She ground against him, moaning and silently pleading with him to bring her to a climax. He pulled away just as the pressure reached its peak, and she began to cry in frustration. "Do what I tell you, and I *may* allow you to join us in the competition."

He left her splayed across the desk and she stayed there until she could gather enough strength to stand and get dressed.

Rehearsal was going fairly well the next day. Emily had taught Lacy the choreography and Lacy had stayed up late into the morning practicing. Still, Mr. Freeman continued to find some way to humiliate her in front of her peers.

"I see you've finally learned the routine, Ms. Stanton. Choir, give her a hand."

Everyone began cheering and incensed Lacy curtsied, and then waved like a princess. People laughed as they filed out of the room while Lacy felt sick to her stomach. Why did she just do that!

Mr. Freeman took his time speaking with his assistants and a few students, all the while ignoring her. She waited, trepidation gnawing at her stomach. Finally, they were the only two in the room. "Didn't I tell you to meet me in my office?"

"Yes, sir. But—"

"But you haven't learned to obey me."

Lacy stifled an explanation knowing it wouldn't do any good and slowly walked toward his office. Just before she reached the door, his arm blocked her entrance.

"From now on, when you enter my office, your nipples are to be erect and your pussy wet."

Lacy blanched. "What? How am I supposed—?"

"You have five minutes. Please me, and I may let your little show of insolence go unpunished."

Lacy staggered away, her heart pounding. Why was he doing this to her? The only way to do what he wanted was to...she allowed the thought to trail off, unfinished.

Lacy entered the restroom and saw Emily brushing her hair. Kim put away her makeup and left. Once they were alone, Emily said, "Hey, Lacy. What is up with you and Freeman? He sure seems to be riding you hard lately."

"Everything I do seems to rub him the wrong way these days, huh?" she said as casually as she could. Glancing at her watch, Lacy realized she'd already lost one minute. "I have to pee. Um, see you later."

Lacy went into a stall and closed the door, hoping Emily would leave. She raised her skirt and sat down on the toilet, listening closely for the door to close. After another minute passed, she decided she had to start or she would be in trouble.

But she didn't really know what to do. Taking a deep breath, she plunged a finger into her pussy. Gasping, she muffled a cry as her dry pussy burned.


It was Emily! Why was she still here?

"What are you doing in there?"

Lacy glanced at her watch frantically. "Emily, please leave."

"No! I'm not leaving until you open the door." Anxious to get Emily out of here, Lacy opened the door. Emily came inside and closed the door behind her. "What's going on Lacy?"

"I'm trying to masturbate, but I've never done it before."

Lacy held her breath as she waited for Emily to laugh at her. To her surprise, Emily didn't find the idea funny. "Then shouldn't it be done alone in the privacy and comfort of your dorm room? Does this have to do with tall, dark, and handsome? Is he your master?"

"What? I have no idea what you're talking about."

"There's nothing to be ashamed of. Everyone has their thing, mine is women. Would you like me to masturbate you while you watch?" Lacy's body flushed with heat. Clearly Emily had no understanding of boundaries. "Are you going to get punished if you don't do it?"

Lacy began to tremble.

"Okay, I'll show you what I do, and then you do it. How does that sound?"

Before Lacy could think of a way out of this, Emily pulled her to her feet and sat down on the bowl. She didn't have panties on and already appeared to be wet as she leaned back against the wall and propped her feet on the toilet seat.

Lacy looked away but found her eyes drawn back. Emily had on a tank top and no bra so she simply lowered the straps and her breasts bounced free. Lacy found herself wondering what they would feel like, but it was just curiosity as she had never been attracted to women.

Emily began to rub her breasts. Her nipples hardened immediately and she began to knead the hard nubs between her fingers, gently, not harshly the way men had hurt Lacy. "You've never touched your breasts like this, Lacy? Not even when you take a shower?"

"Sometimes. With the washcloth," Lacy admitted. Sometimes she would rub herself until she began to fill a tingle in her pussy, but then she'd stopped, feeling like a slut.

"I always start with my titties, and then move down, but if I'm really horny, I'll go straight for the clit. That's where most women get their pleasure. That's why a guy can saw back and forth in your pussy all day and never satisfy you.

Lacy felt her tits grow heavy, could see the beads poking through her thin shirt. Embarrassed she tried to look away again but Emily was beginning to travel toward her pussy and Lacy couldn't move. Emily slid her hands over her flat belly, and then onto her thighs. Emily moaned with pleasure and Lacy swallowed so hard she heard it.

"Do you want to touch me, Lacy? Taste me?"

"I'm not attracted to women."

"That's not what I asked you."

Emily spread her labia and gently rubbed her clit until she reached her first climax. Liquid squirted from her pussy and Lacy stared, mesmerized. Emily caught some of it and used it to lubricate her fingers. Circling the rim of her pussy, she stuck her middle fingers into her vagina. Her eyes were glazed over and she was gasping with pure pleasure. She fucked herself quickly, practically lifting herself off the commode. She moaned and it looked like her fingers were forced out of her body, and she suddenly spasmed, jerking and bouncing until she almost fell off the commode.

Lacy caught her and not knowing what else to do, she rubbed Emily's leg until she came down. Emily was hot and sweaty and Lacy hurried out to wet a few paper towels to put on her forehead. Lacy was about to turn the water off when she looked up and saw eight hooded men watching her. She spun around.

"Look what we have here fellas. We were looking for the campus dyke, but the campus slut will do."

Lacy glanced at the stall and prayed Emily would stay inside. "I have a meeting with Mr. Freemen, and if I'm late he'll come looking for me."

"In the girl's restroom? Somehow I doubt that."

Lacy ran for the door but one of the men easily grabbed her and tossed her onto the counter. Her head hit the mirror and her gaze blurred. Before she could get her bearings, two of the men grabbed her legs and opened them widely. A third guy yanked her butt to the edge like how she'd sit for a pelvic exam. "No panties!" he shouted and the others cheered.

Were they going to gang rape her? "Please don't rape me," she cried.

Another guy dragged Emily from the stall. "Look what we have here. Two for one."

"Think she's wet? I bet she's getting off at the prospect of her girlfriend being raped."

The guy holding Emily slipped his hand beneath her skirt and her body jerked. "If she had on panties, she'd be soaked to the top.

The man in front of Lacy chuckled. "Let's see about this one."

He easily slid his finger into pussy. He moved around until he felt her g-spot and she began to pant with desire, her skin flushed with heat and humiliation for being such a whore. He removed his finger, sniffed her pussy juice and then, laughing, spread it all over face. "Your mama would be so proud. You bitch."

Lacy's gaze flew to Emily who was crying silently. Emily had been so nice to her. Lacy hated Emily witnessing her shame.

The guy took over holding her leg as each of the men took turns finding and playing with her g-spot before spreading her juice over her face, neck, and breasts. The more names they called her, the more turned on she became and the more humiliation she felt. By the time they finished, she was desperate to cum.

"She wants to cum fellas," the ringleader mocked. Anyone interested?"

"Why can't she do it herself? I'd love a show," another one responded.

Lacy looked at Emily who nodded. If she did this, then maybe they would let them go. For once she could do something for her friend instead of thinking only of herself. As if sensing her surrender, the men released her. Trying to remember what Emily had done, Lacy leaned back against the mirror. Her legs were already open. She lowered her top and began to massage her breasts. She raised them to her mouth and kissed and licked her nipples. She had never done anything like this, but it felt good.

Soon, she became enveloped by her desire and her audience faded. Her skin was silky, like a flower and it responded to her touch like a familiar lover. She could smell the aroma of her sex as it wafted from her pussy and filled the air. She lowered her hands to her thighs and teasingly traced her fingers across the quivering limbs, just the way Emily had. Lacy heard a moan and realized the sound had come from her own lips.

As an orgasm stirred to life in the deep recesses of her being, she feared the men would stop her and leave her pleading for more, but when she opened her eyes she could see their gazes trained on her pussy. Having all eyes on her was enough to send her over the edge. She could feel her pussy and anus contracting and her juices squirted out, covering her gaping hole.

Like Emily, Lacy plunged two fingers into her vagina and quickly fucked herself to an orgasm. As she cried out, her body began to convulse and there was absolutely no greater sensation.

It was indescribable, and she never wanted the feeling to stop.

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