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Let's Do It Again!


Author’s note: Read The Awakening first, and perhaps this will make a little more sense. Remember, this is fiction, written for our mutual enjoyment, not the real events in my other stories of Linda and Earl. Enjoy!

Let’s do it Again.

“So, who’s next?” Lucy asked, hugging me from behind as I finished the last of the story. I jumped as the tip of her tongue entered my ear. I got hard just feeling her lovely tits pressed into my back. The aroma of that wonderful perfume I had chosen as a gift for her the next day surrounded me, making me even hotter. She surprised me more than anything. First, I had no idea that she would consider letting me write the story of her being taken by a friend of ours and second, she seemed to really want to do it again. I had almost forgotten that she had told me she wanted a repeat performance right after finishing both Charlie and me the first time. I keep forgetting how innately sexy my wife is,

I turned around in her arms and kissed her softly. This woman turned me on like nothing else ever had, and it seemed like ever since that time with Charlie our sex life had gone into overdrive.

“Who do you want?” I asked, smiling. I knew that Lucy would have no trouble attracting any male worthy of the name, so that was really the crux of the matter.

“How about Mark?” she asked, lifting an eyebrow.

“I don’t know. He’d go for you in a minute, but he’s already hooked up with Adriana.”

“And she’d go for you in a minute,” Lucy mocked. “I’ve seen her give you the ‘come hither’ look a couple of times. Don’t you men ever notice anything?”

I had to laugh. Adriana turned me on too. Nothing to write home about. She wasn’t a ‘dog’ by any sense of the term, but I had never even considered her as someone who would play around, with or without her husband.

“You’re dreaming.” I scoffed. “She’s always so close to Mark that I doubt I could get next to her with a crowbar. But, as far as you and Mark, I think he would definitely like to get in your pants again.”

“Don’t kid yourself,” Lucy chuckled. “We girls have quite a few ‘interesting’ talks every now and then and she’s told me lots of times that if I hadn’t gotten you first she would have been first in line.”

I mulled that over for a moment. It’s true that the women I knew talked more between themselves than we guys did, regardless of their frequently expressed belief that men ‘kiss and tell. I had overheard enough of their conversations that I could believe what Lucy was telling me, and it gave me a spark. Adriana was a good looking woman and had often given me ‘blue balls’ in our college days after some particularly intimate moments. I had never fucked her, but it was not for wont of trying.

Mark, on the other hand, would have been the first man I would have guessed Lucy would fall for if she hadn’t thought of Charlie first. I knew he had fucked Lucy several times back in the days when we double dated. He was good for her. He knew exactly which buttons to push and how to turn her on. I had often wondered how I was so lucky to have wooed and won Lucy when Mark was in contention. We had seen little of them over the years, and nothing sexual had ever reared its head. Now we had just heard from them via e-mail, saying they intended to attend our class reunion next weekend, and wanted to know if we would be there. Of course we intended to go, even before hearing from them, but this made it even more interesting.

“Then pick out some glad rags, honey, and let’s get this show on the road.” I agreed, giving her a quick peck on the nose.

Lucy was all smiles, jumping up and down like a six year old, clapping her hands, and telling me how that made it necessary to go shopping for something ‘appropriate’. It was hard for me to keep my attention on the idea, watching her tits bouncing up and down like that. She almost didn’t make it out of the house for her shopping trip.

“Which do you like best?” Lucy asked, pulling me into the bedroom to view her purchases. It was a hard choice, but a red, short flared skirt kept pulling at me. That, combined with a blouse so sheer that I knew Lucy would insist on wearing a jacket with it was the winner. I could picture her in that outfit, with her high, ‘fuck me’ stiletto heels, and the black crotchless panty hose I bought for her after her enjoyment of Charlie. Just the thought was enough to make me hard. Only the push out the door she gave me and the need to get the car in for an oil change before we left on the trip pried me away from her. Damn, that is one sexy woman!

We were on the road at five pm Friday. Lucy was leaning back against the passenger side door, her legs up on the seat and her feet in my lap as I tried to concentrate on the traffic. It was hard. The short red skirt had ridden high on her thighs giving me a fantastic view of her neatly trimmed blonde snatch. I could see the glistening of her arousal against the black hosiery as she “accidentally” used her charms to titillate me.

“Do you like the view,” she asked, the tip of her tongue caught between her teeth and a cat/canary smile on her lips.

The blaring air horn in my ear brought me back to reality. I pulled quickly back into our lane, barely managing to dodge the Mac truck as the car swerved slightly. “Doggone it,” I said with mock anger, “put that away before you cause me to have a wreck!”

“Spoilsport!” she said in teasing huff. Fortunately for our continued safety, she put her feet back on the floor. The black bolero jacket was still pulled away from her chest by her posture and I had a brief opportunity to ogle her full breasts resting on the half cup bra through almost transparent blouse before she pulled it back together once again hiding the nipples from my view.

“Did you get in touch with the seating committee?” I asked, trying to get my hardness rearranged and returning my view to the road.

“Unh hunh,” Lucy nodded. “We are at a table for four. You’re with Adriana and Mark is next to me across the table from you two. I don’t know where though, there was no seating chart to show where the tables are located. ”

“That ought to be interesting with you in that outfit,” I laughed. “It’s a good thing the dinner is before the dance. Mark wouldn’t be able to stand up after getting a view of you like that.”

“Oh, really?” she chided playfully. “What makes you think that would happen?”

“Because he would be so hard that everyone would notice that tent in his pants when he stood up.”

Lucy laughed aloud, then putting on her best southern drawl, she asked, “Why, I declare! What makes you think that would happen?”

“Because I know that as soon as you let him touch you, he’s going to have a hard-on like Charlie had.”

“I just hope Adriana hasn’t used it all up,” she said, smiling to herself. “He used to be pretty well built.”

“If she has, I’m sure it will resurrect itself as soon as he sees you.” I laughed.

It took us only an hour and a half to cover the seventy five miles to our alma mater. Our timing was almost perfect; everyone was going into the lobby of the restaurant annex of the hotel school. We were met at the door by a hostess who took our names. She pinned my name tag on my jacket, giving me a good view down the bodice of her dress – Nice! But it was nothing compared to the view the young man had who pinned her name tag on my wife’s jacket. The facings of her jacket pulled back and he got a ‘heads on’ view of some of the most delightful headlights there that night, with an almost immediate reaction in his trousers.

Lucy laughed and brushed his hand away, telling him she would fix it and walked away, leaving the young man with his mouth open, lust obvious on his face and “gosh almighty” still on his lips.

I had to laugh as I followed her. I suspected that poor kid wouldn’t be the last one to have the same thoughts that night. Catching up to Lucy, we looked at the seating chart and found we had really lucked out. Patterson Hall is divided into separate alcoves to provide the students at the school an idea of the ambience that lighting and decoration can provide. Our table was located in the dimly lit area of the Spanish style, right next to the even more dimly lit dance floor with its recessed floor lighting.

We went out to the foyer and confirmed our reservations for the night. We took the time to look over the room – perfect, with a large, king sized bed. After checking in at the college hotel, we returned to the restaurant. I was a little disappointed when I saw that Mark and Adriana had not arrived as yet, but we made ourselves as home and continued to survey the surroundings.

“They’ve really outdone themselves this year,” Lucy said with a smile.

“Unh hunh,” I nodded in agreement. “It sure looks better than it did when we were here as students.”

Lucy had just started to make another comment when I saw her eyes light up as she looked over my shoulder and saw Mark and Adriana walking toward us. I got up and shook Mark’s hand as the girls hugged and gave each other air kisses. Then I hugged Adriana. I could feel her tight little 34B’s pressed against my chest, even through my jacket, causing almost instant arousal. I probably would have continued that hug if I hadn’t been able to see over her shoulder. My wife was pressed equally tightly against Mark whose eyes were almost glazed at the feel of her. Lucy led him around to their side of our table and the reminiscences began.

The chatter was light hearted, with lots of laughs and touching as we brought back fond memories of fun on and off campus only five years ago. Mark and I traded information about the latest doings of our friends, but I could see that he was much more interested in talking with Lucy. Lucy had unbuttoned the single button on her jacket and turned more to face Mark as I did with Adriana.

Adriana is a lovely lady. I’ve already given the most important measurements, but it says nothing about her flawless complexion, green eyes and carrot –red hair. I had forgotten just how lovely she was. Her figure, like Lucy’s was almost unchanged from the race horse trimness of her college years. Like I said, maybe a 34B-20-34. What few extra pounds might have been added just increased her appeal. There wasn’t a lot to fluff out the bodice of her dress, but there was plenty of space there.

“The years have made you even more beautiful,” I said to her as our hands touched on the table. She didn’t move hers and I covered it with my own.

“Thank you, sir” she said with a smile, “and I see you haven’t lost your gift of gab.”

I chuckled. “It didn’t do me any good when we were in school, did it?”

“Well, no,” she admitted, “but there has been a lot of water under the bridge since then.”

“Oh, how so?”

“Well, I don’t take things quite so seriously anymore. I’ve found out there’s time for fun and games too.”

I laughed. “You were pretty straight laced back in those days, but I had to keep trying.” I didn’t have time to see what her response might have been before one of the waiters was at our table with the crusty French rolls and dilled butter which were a real hit with us in our school days. The meal followed, and it was delicious.

A few announcements of coming events tomorrow were made, then the orchestra began tuning up for the dance.

“I get her first,” I told Mark as I stood and walked around the table to take Lucy’s hand, “after that, it’s first come, first served.”

Mark smiled and gave in graciously. As Lucy and I circled the floor, I asked her how it was going.

“All I have to do is reel him in,” Lucy laughed. “He’s already thoroughly hooked. He’s been playing with my knee every time he gets a chance, and I’ve been letting him have his fun. Did you see his eyes bug out when I unbuttoned my jacket?”

“Yeah,” I laughed. I think even Adriana was a little jealous about that,”

“How about Adriana?”

“I really don’t know yet. She hasn’t objected so far, but the closest I’ve come is having my hand on her knee.”

Then get busy,” Lucy laughed, “or I’ll have my victim sliced and diced before you even get to the starting gate.”

“How do you want to work this,” I asked her after a moment of silence... “Do you want our room or theirs?”

“I don’t know,” she answered. “Let’s just play it by ear at first. I really can’t guess how she would feel about it, but I’ll know more after dancing with him for a while. If I give you a couple of taps under the table, that means we’re going up to the room – our room.”

“Oh, you want lots of room to play, hunh?” I laughed, remembering the king sized bed and how Charlie and she had used all of it. My wife’s eyes confirmed her intentions.

“Yeah.” She drawled slowly, “And if their room doesn’t have a king-sized bed and we get started first I don’t want to have to change in the middle of our fun so we can all get together. Do you think she’ll go for doing it in the same room?”

I shrugged. “I have no idea,” I admitted.

“Will it bother you if I fuck him and you don’t get a piece?” Lucy asked, searching my eyes for the answer.

I had to laugh. “Absolutely not, this whole thing was my idea in the first place, remember?
“Yeah,” she chuckled, “And what a great idea it was you, horny old bastard. You just love the sight of me with my legs wrapped around some guy’s waist while he pumps my pussy, don’t you?”

“Of course,” I laughed, but I must object to the ‘old’ part.”

We held hands on the way back to the table. Mark and Adriana returned as soon as we were back. We talked for a moment more, then Mark asked Lucy to dance. Catching Adriana’s head turned, Lucy winked at me. I picked up her signal and got up, asking Adriana if she would like to dance.

Her smile was promising as she took my hand and let me lead her to the floor. Until now, I had not been close enough to view the braless curves hidden beneath that flowing bodice. Now I was and I took full advantage of it. At first it was just a slow movement around the darker parts of the floor. I couldn’t keep my eyes off the swell of her breasts until she caught me looking.

“Like the view, Larry?” She asked, looking up at me.

“I always did, Adriana,” I chuckled, “but I haven’t had such a good look in too many years.” And it was a good view. My six inch height advantage gave me a direct view of her breasts, almost to the nipples which I could feel pressed tightly against my chest.

“Why?” she asked with a smile at me, stepping back just enough that I could get an even better view. Now I could see even those swollen nips puckering in the cool air. At least I assumed it was the cool air that had affected them.

“They’re nothing compared to Lucy’s,” she admitted, still smiling. “But you were always fascinated by them. Remember some of the fumbling we did in the back seat of your car?”

“I could never forget something that lovely,” I smiled back. “I always regretted not taking it farther, but you would never let me.”

“Well, in those days, I thought I had something to protect. I always admired Lucy’s devil may care attitude. I envied her then. Now I realize how silly I was in those days. Like I said when we met, a lot of water has gone under the bridge since then. Seriously, do you like them now as much as you did then?”

“Even more so,” I told her earnestly. “They’re lovely. I’d like to go back to those days long enough to taste them once more.”

Her face flushed, visible even in the dim light.

“Maybe you don’t have to go back. I have less to protect now. Let’s get out of here and go somewhere we can really enjoy ourselves. Like I said I always admired Lucy. Mark said she is a great partner. I think he has visions of enjoying her again.”

“I hope so,” I admitted. “Lucy is thinking along the same lines.”

“And that doesn’t bother you?”

“Not at all. Lucy is a beautiful woman and beautiful women are made to be admired, and loved. I would consider it a compliment if Mark wanted to make love to her.”

“Unh unh,” Adriana shook her head. “Not love. Mark and I agree on one thing. I love him and he loves me. That’s the way it’s supposed to be, but I told him he could fuck Lucy if he wanted to, as long as I could fuck you.”

I was shocked. Here all my plans had been for naught. Adriana was admitting that she wanted me to screw her – and believe me; I wanted to sink my dick into that hot pussy of hers!

Mark and Lucy as she told me later:

He had been ogling my tits ever since we sat down together for dinner. When I got him out on the dance floor, his eyes never left my tits, nor his hands my ass.

“What’s the matter with you, Mark?” I finally asked him. “You’ve been staring at my tits ever since you sat down tonight. Didn’t you get enough of them in the old days?”

“Never,” he told me, his face reddening. “I never got over the feeling of these luscious beauties.” He moved his left hand onto my right breast and gave it a gentle squeeze. “I’d give anything to suck them again.” Lowering his head and speaking in a whisper, he added “and to fuck you again.”

“I thought you might have gotten enough of me in school. I have to admit that I’ve missed those days.” I pressed closer to him until I could feel his rigid staff against my belly and I was straddling his leg with each step. My panties were already soaked. I knew he wanted to fuck me and I wanted it too.

“What about Adriana,” I asked. “What would happen if she found out?”

Mark stopped squeezing my tit long enough to laugh as though I had told a ribald joke.

“She would probably want to eat your pussy when I finished, but she would have to beat me to it!”

“You mean she goes both ways?” I was really surprised at this turn of events. I had never thought of Adriana as anything other than a cock tease although I knew she had had designs on Larry back in our school days.

“She’ll kill me if she ever finds out I told you about this, but when we were first married, we were stony broke. She got a job, but it was so tenuous that she had to fuck her boss to keep it. She got hooked on fucking. Heck, she was naïve that she didn’t have a clue when we first got married. I taught her everything I knew, which wasn’t all that much, and she loved it. But every time she fucked her boss it was even hotter than before. Then her boss made her the official “hostess” for the company big shots he worked for. She made double my salary that first year, we’re doing fine now. My job is secure, I’ve got a good salary, but she won’t give up her job and the opportunity to fuck those guys. When we talked about it, she told me that I could have a divorce if I couldn’t stand it, because she didn’t intend to quit doing it. I told her that I not only didn’t want a divorce, I wanted her to stay with her job, only I wanted her to tell me all about it when she took those guys out. You ought to hear some of the stuff she tells me.”

Here all this time I had been wondering if Larry was going to get a piece of little miss goody two shoes and she was miles ahead of me. I had to laugh and Mark asked me what was so funny. I told him then about meeting Charlie and how Larry had been after me for years to fuck other guys, but Charlie was the first.

“And?” he begged me to continue.

“And the fact is that I love it too. I can’t get enough cock. All these years I was playing that ‘true love BS’ thinking that was the way it was supposed to be. Until Larry convinced me to take on Charlie, I never knew what I was missing. You’re going to be my second guy and Larry would love to watch you fuck me.”

Mark roared with laughter. “Hell, I thought I was going to have to keep Adriana on a leash. She’s wanted to fuck Larry ever since we were in school. She says the one thing that she really wants though is to watch me fuck you. I’ve been given the mission of separating you from Larry and getting her up to the room so she can see me screw you.”

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