tagNon-Erotic PoetryLets Help Our Mother

Lets Help Our Mother

bySolar Dragon©

We laugh ,dance and sing on the grave of life......we celebrate our destruction.
Respect for life is lost because we have forgotten how a celebration created life on all levels.
The joy in an easy existence where gentle walking was the spirit of the day is gone.
Speed from here to there is a thrill.
Patience and love for the pace of nature is gone.
The heart and love in our mother that beat strong is being replaced with anger.
Anger in any living thing leads to an outburst that is quick and destructive.
She takes our love of speed and gives it back to us in anger.
What feels like pleasure to us causes the lady pain.
One can live without the pleasure ....but one cannot live with the pain.
Now is the time to slow down and dance ,sing and laugh with nature and help her help us and everything else.

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