tagIncest/TabooLet's Make a Deal

Let's Make a Deal


Brad Johnson is your normal, average, run of the mill, red blooded American college/career male. He loves beer, parties, women, sex and of course football. Brad is 24 years old and has just finished college earning a Bachelor's degree in Accounting and Computer information systems. He was one of those lucky hard working students you hear about who managed to squeeze four years of school into six lol. In short, his real major was partying and girls and midway his Sophomore year he almost flunked out and his step- mom had him sent home to keep a better eye out on him.

The reason Brad went off to college in the first place was to get away from his step mom. It's not that he hated her or couldn't stand to be around her, quite the opposite; Brad couldn't get his mind off Stella. She was a constant source of distraction, freely romping around the house flaunting her scantily clothed body like it was no big deal.

Stella was a knockout. When she married Brad's father, Stella was 37 years old and a "Trophy Wife" for Brad's father, a 54 year old wealthy industrialist named Frank who wanted some one to take to parties and special occasions and have occasional sex with once a month or so other than that, Brad's father pretty much left her to her own devices

Stella and Brad's father had a "California Style Open Marriage," meaning that Stella could enjoy his money and have her fun too. She had a sizable allowance of $7,500 a month and lived in his grand 2.7 million dollar estate with a pool, servants all the creature comforts she wanted.

Brad's father traveled extensively with his business both nationally and internationally including the Far East but he was no dummy. He knew that Stella would "roam" but all he asked was for her to have her tubes tied so she couldn't get pregnant and that any male suitor would be out of the house when he returned from his trips. She also had to stay married to him until he died and she in turn would get the sizable fortune Stella could live with that and she had her fun.

Stella also kept herself busy with her work. Brad's father had helped her acquire a business someone was wanting to sell which did data recovery and web page design and through her hard work and Frank's connections Stella had the business going fairly well and was making a good income to enjoy her "good life" and she could also work from home.

During this time, Brad had just turned 18 and a little shy around girls. Stella thought nothing of wearing lingerie around the house. She would wear a white waist length see through lace robe which she left open, a white bra, panties thigh high stockings and garters. She also liked to wear a men's long sleeve button down shirt which she left open and white cotton panties and socks.

At 37, Stella looked like she was in her late twenties. She stood 5'10" tall weighed about 135-140 measured 38DD-28-37 and had long honey golden blonde to her shoulders hair, crystal ice blue eyes, well toned dancer's legs and lips that looked like they could suck a cock like a vacuum cleaner.

Brad couldn't concentrate and found himself fantasizing about Stella constantly and when he graduated high school he felt it would be best to go off to college. In his thinking it was "out of sight out of mind."

While at school, Brad over compensated by having sex with anything remotely female. He went to frat parties and had sex with sorority girls, and he had sex with girls he met in class and girls he picked up in bars but that didn't seem to fill the need. Brad found himself being strangely drawn to older women so he picked them up and most of them enjoyed having a young stud puppy servicing their needs with no strings attached.

Anyhow, after about two years, he was on the verge of flunking out but he couldn't understand why. Like a majority of college kids, he thought "D" and "F" stood for "Dandy and Fine." As a result, Stella pulled him home.

Brad would come home midway through the fall semester of what should have been his Junior year but he was just now a sophomore. It was three weeks before his 21st birthday and Stella said she wouldn't tell his father why he really came home but they would have to work out some kind of "arrangement," which she would tell him later when she figured it out.

Anyhow the "arrangement" was negotiated and consummated on Brad's 21st birthday which just so happened to be Stella's 40th birthday as well. It was a warm Wednesday morning in October and Brad was sleeping late as usual. Brad usually slept in boxer shorts and nothing else but this morning he was as naked as a Jay Bird.

Stella would come in to Brad's room wearing a light blue long sleeve Oxford shirt she left open and white cotton panties. She saw Brad sleeping and got a mischievous grin on her face, and crawled into bed with Brad and slipped under the cover. That's when she noticed Brad was naked and the size of his half flaccid half erect 7 inch cock got her hot.

Stella decided she was going to have a little fun with Brad so she quietly got back out of bed, removed her shirt and panties and slipped back under the covers naked with Brad. She snuggled up to Brad and began softly stroking his bangs and softly said "Wake up sleepy head, it's your birthday and time to get your present."

"Huh, hum, wha," Brad mumbled as he stirred then open his eyes to get the shock o his life when he saw Stella in bed with her. He recoiled and the covers over him and off of Stella.

"Don't be so bashful hon," Stella said with a wicked grin, "it's not like I haven't seen a naked man before."

"Yeah, but you're my step mom. That ain't right," Brad protested

"So, I'm a woman too silly," Stella giggled, "and besides I know about your naughty thoughts and fantasies concerning me, and I am flattered and to be honest, the feeling is quite mutual, but that is not what I want to talk about now. You know that I promised you that I wouldn't tell your father the real reason you came home from college and now I have come to make a deal with you."

"What kind of deal," Brad said hesitantly not knowing for sure he wanted to really know or enter into any kind of deal that gave Stella an advantage over him.

"I propose a mutual beneficial arrangement between us that would satisfy both our needs and desires," Stella said with a purr. "I won't tell your father about you flunking out of college and you can go to work with me at my business Jupiter Data Systems. I will teach you all about web page design and data recovery and will even pay for you to go back to school and finish your degree."

"So what's the catch," Brad said cautiously.

" Well sweetie, I wouldn't call it a catch exactly", Stella said raising up, "I would call it a mutual beneficial agreement. You're a man and I'm a woman and well you know both men and women have certain 'needs' they need taken care of.

It gets awful lonely being here by myself and going to sleep alone for weeks at a time," Stella added with a pouty look and voice "and well you know I have certain itches that need scratching and a strong young buck like yourself to satisfy those needs."

"Why me," Brad replied not knowing what to think. "I mean you could have any guy you want I know about some of your escapades as well."

"That's true hon," Stella said now slinking her body up to Brad's and lying next to him stroking his hair. "That's all they are, escapades, one night flings and no strings attached and to be quite honest I need someone who is going to be with me and some one I can trust not to hurt me and you're it," Stella said and then leaned over and kissed Brad softly on the lips.

Stella crawled on top of Brad and was now lying on top of him her soft warm naked body next to Brad's muscular 5'11 185 pound body, her leg rubbing up against his.

"So sweetie, what do you think," Stella purred as she broke the kiss. "Do you think this is an agreement you could live with. I promise you wont be disappointed. I know I am not as young as some of those sexy little co-ed treats you were chasing but I can still satisfy a man and leave him wanting more."

"And besides," Stella added "we're both in our prime and well who knows what kind of good hot sex we can have. So what do you think?"

Brad pondered it for a minute but didn't have to think long. He wasn't a dummy. Here was his wet dream cum true and all he had to do was stay faithful and he could have "The keys to the Kingdom" so to speak.

"I think I can manage to work that out," Brad said with a smile and with that, pulled Stella to him and they both passionately kissed and began to "seal the deal."

Brad and Stella kiss and embrace as their warm bodies press together. Their kisses a mixture of both soft gentle loving "butterfly kisses" as well as deep tongue probing tonsil swabbing passionate French kisses.

Brad turns Stella over so that now they are side by side facing each other and their warm bodies are still pressed together moving as one. Hands are roaming, legs are rubbing together, Stella's sweet shaved oh so perfectly pink pussy is grinding up against Brad's pulsating throbbing fully erect 8 inch cock.

"Oh Brad baby I gotta feel you inside of me NOW," Stella says with a lustful moan as she whispers in Brad's ear and with that she lovingly take's Brad's tool and guides it into her warm tight box.

"Oh God yes-s-s-s-s-s," Stella moans as Brad's cock slips in side of her and Brad gently begins to stroke it in and out fucking her ever so slowly.

Brad and Stella's passions begin to rise and Stella takes control and rolls Brad so that he is back on his back. Stella then repositions herself so that she is now able to go down on his cock and she lowers her sweet pussy on to Brad's mouth and they go at it in a hot 69 session.

Brad had received many a blow job from hot college girls and even the sexy mature women he went out with but nothing compared to what Stella gave him. She would suck him dry and make his cock sore. She first ran her tongue around the head of Brad's cock and Brad was so freaking horny that he almost came but being the experienced blow job cum queen she was Stella had a way of squeezing Brad's cock in just a way to "bleed off" the excess cum with out making him fully spunk his load which was helpful.

As Brad was getting his knob polished Stella was getting a good tongue licking herself. Brad used his tongue like a little cock and made her cream with in his mouth in a matter of minutes but he didn't stop. He kept going at her until she flooded his mouth a second time with her sweet sticky cream.

Brad could soon feel his cock swell with cum again and it was all he could do to keep from shooting his load. He let Stella know he was on the verge of cumming and Stella went all the way down on his cock and as she did, Brad spunked his hot manhood into Stella's mouth and she drank it down, not missing a drop.

Stella would then turn herself over and lay on her back with her legs spread She motioned for Brad to come to her and he did. "Suck mommy's hot clit," Stella moaned "Make mommy cum in her little boy's mouth."

Brad put his lips to Stella's sweet pink shaven pussy and began to eat her out. Soon he was diving into her pussy and Stella had her hands on his head holding it there as she bucked up her hips and fucked Brad's face.

"Oh god yes Brad baby make mommy cum," Stella crooned with delight and she then flooded Brad's mouth with her sweet honey dew nectar.

Stella then rolled Brad over so that he was on his back lowered her sweet pussy onto his cock and began riding him cowgirl style. Stella rode Brad slowly at first then gradually built up speed until she is doing him hot and heavy

"OH god yes Brad baby," Stella moaned and she continued to pound him hard "Suck mommy's titties. Let mommy nurse her little boy."

With that, Stella pulled Brad up so that he was sitting up right and he began sucking on Stella's breasts as they both rocked back and forth still fucking. Brad would suck on Stella for about ten or so minutes and she would then lower him back down and continue to ride him.

Brad's cock was swelling with cum and Stella's pussy began to quake and contract. Brad could feel his cock almost explode but he was still able to fight off cumming at least for a minute or so more.

"Oh god baby yes, make mommy cum," Stella moaned and with that she flooded Brad's cock with her sweet sticky cream. Brad in turn felt his cock twitch and within seconds he spunked his load deep into Stella's eagerly awaiting pussy

"Oh yes Brad baby fill mommy with your hot manhood," Stella crooned as Brad's hot load went deep into her.

Stella would dismount Brad and get on her hands and knees so that she was in the doggy style position. "Pound me hard baby," Stella said. I am your naughty little slut to do with as you please."

Brad thrusted his still hard cock into Stella's wet pussy from behind and began to hammer her doggie style gradually building up speed until she was doing her hard and heavy, driving her like a piston in a rod. Brad pounded Stella fast and furiously and soon she was gasping for air.

OH yes Brad baby, have your way with me," Stella moaned. " I am your hot little slut to do with as you please."

Brad would pull Stella up so that she was upright on her knees. Brad had his arm around Stella's neck so that he could hold her close to him and began whispering erotic sayings to her in her ear and told her what he was going to do to her.

Brad would also begin nibbling on Stella's neck and kissing her ear. This would make Stella even hotter and she would beg for more.

"Bite me baby," Stella panted as she gasped for air. "Bite me hard drink my blood and partake of my essence."

With that Brad began biting Stella on the neck harder and harder and as he did Stella would moan more and more and in one fail swoop, he would bite down hard on Stella breaking the skin and drawing blood.

"OH god yes," Stella shouted and Brad would drink her life force. He would bite her again making more blood flow and continue to partake of her essence.

Stella's knees became wobbly and Brad could tell it was all she could do to stay up right so he let her back down on her hands and knees. Stella fell on to her elbows and arched her back and let out a wail which sounded like the cry of a banshee and at the top of her lungs she cried "Oh god yes Brad baby make mommy cum."

Stella would flood Brad's cock with her sweet sticky cream and as she did she grabbed the sheets and bit down on the pillow to anchor herself as her orgasm raged through her body making her shudder all over.

Brad removed his cock from Stella's pussy and Stella rolled over so that she was now on her back. Spreading her leg wide, she invited Brad to lay on top of her and as he did, Stella took Brad's cock and guided it into her waiting pussy. Stella would wrap her legs around Brad's body lock her ankles and they would begin to slowly fuck missionary style.

Brad slowly began pumping Stella and soon they would move together in unison. They would lovingly kiss and caress as they fucked and their flesh would melt together like fine butter on freshly baked pastry.

Slowly Brad and Stella became as one. Their bodies were moving in perfect harmony like a well arranged symphony and their souls minds and spirits would become one with each other. Their hearts began beating as one and they could feel and hear the other's heartbeat. In every respect Stella and Brad were united and as one in body soul mind and spirit.

Soon the world around them slowly faded away and time and space lost all meaning. They were in their own little universe away of nothing around them but each other. Stella could feel Brad's pleasure and Brad could feel Stella's They knew where and how to move to maximize the other's pleasure.

Their passions rose and soon they would crescendo. Stella felt her pussy quiver and Brad could feel his cock swell with cum and they both knew they were on the verge of orgasm. Try as they may they could not stem the tide of their orgasmic pleasures and they both came at once, Stella flooding Brad's cock with her sweet cream and Brad filling Stella's hungry pussy with his hot manhood.

Stella and Brad fell together and softly began to kiss and caress as they came down form their orgasmic high. The kisses were soft and tender yet passionate. The air was filled with the feeling of tenderness and soft loving romance. Brad's cock was still buried inside of Stella's pussy as they laid side by side, their flesh pressed together and their limbs intertwined.

Stella and Brad would keep this " soft tender afterglow" going for a good fifteen to twenty minutes as the world slowly came back into focus. They didn't want it to end but they both were feeling the pangs of hunger seeing they had skipped eating breakfast and it was closely approaching the noon hour.

Stella smiled at Brad and said "Oh god baby that was wonderful."

Brad smiled and agreed.

So sweetie, that was just a small sample of what you can expect." Stella said with a lustful purr. "I told you you not be disappointed. Was I right?"

"Oh god were you ever, Brad said with a sigh. I have had sex with some women in my time but nothing compares to what we experienced together. I think I am going to like our little arrangement."

"I am glad you feel that way Stella replied," and with that they kissed and as they did their passions rose again and would spend the next 45 minutes making hot sweet monkey love as they enjoyed "round two" of their carnal pleasures.

Finally about One O'clock they got up got dressed and went out for pizza and beer. Stella would then take Brad shopping for his birthday and she got him a new I-pad and Mac Computer Brad couldn't think of what to get her and Stella said she had already gotten her present, hot steamy passionate sex.

As they were driving home in Stella's bright red convertible "Beamer" (a BMW 335i series convertible) Stella asked Brad how he would like to go to Vegas for their mutual birthdays then travel a bit Stella told Brad that his father would be gone for about a month so they could make a vacation out of it.

Brad said that would be awesome so Stella made a few phone calls and with in 45 minutes she had hotel accommodations in the Tower Premier Suite of the Luxor Casino in Las Vegas for five nights.

Stella had also arranged to get an RV, a FOREST RIVER SOLERA 24 S Class C motor home so they could take their time and drive and "enjoy themselves" as they drove to Vegas.

Stella would also take Brad shopping for some suits and tuxedos for their trip to Vegas. She would fit Brad with three black tuxes two with black ties and cumber buns and one with white tie. The tux shirts she would get would be white of course, light blue, light yellow, mint green and lavender.

She would also get some suits. One would be a dark solid charcoal grey, a dark navy pin stripe a black suit and an light olive. Each suit would be three piece with a matching vest. The shirts she would pick out for those suits would be French Blue, light yellow, mint green and light pink, each with a white collar and cuff. Stella would also pick out some solid colors; a red, light blue, copper color, lavender, pink and mint green, each with matching ties.

For herself Stella would get some formal dresses, a black sequin, red sequin and blue sequin each coming down to the ankle. She would also get a blue sequin, black sequin, purple sequin and red sequin "party dress" with a short skirt. Lastly she would get 2 little black dresses that look more like nighties than a dress and she would get lingerie to match the outfits.

Stella and Brad would take their vacation and enjoy every bit of it from the shows to gambling to the food and of course the good hot sex they enjoyed while they were there. Stella and Brad would grow close together and Frank, Brad's dad wasn't the wiser although he was impressed on how well brad was getting along with Stella.

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