tagRomanceLibby & John: First Time Ch. 02

Libby & John: First Time Ch. 02


If it offends you, common sense rules, don't read it.

As John untangled himself to stop the alarm he had visions of throwing it against the wall and watching as its many small parts bounced around the room. He dragged himself out of bed chuckling quietly at the satisfying mental image, his legs feeling as if they each weighed 150 pounds, his arms aching in that overused manner that reminds you that you have done more than your body is prepared for. His thoughts on his shower and what he had to do when he got to work he glanced at Libby laying in the bed sleeping in the dim pre-dawn light.

The sight of Libby completely stopped him in his tracks. She looked so peaceful, her hair in complete disarray, her trim arm still stretched out from under the blanket where it had been all night, allowing her just to touch John, her hand resting possessively on his back throughout the night. John watched as her hand moved, reached out as if searching, only to find emptiness. John's heart ached as he watched the frown pass across her face and in the moment before her eyes opened John thought... 'Fuck, I'm losing it!' the thought that he could feel so melancholy about such a small and meaningless frown was so foreign to him.

"John..." Libby's dry and brittle voice reached out for him. John had a moment of wistfulness, he never wanted to wake another morning without hearing that, without being able to pause for a moment and look down at Libby before going off to do battle with the world, he realized that he didn't have to fight alone anymore, but would it last? September seemed so far away but so imminent. He would be going away to school and away from this woman that he now realized he had always had an unrealized love for, and had fallen even more in love with over the past four days.

"Shhh... baby doll, I'm going to work... sleep and I'll call you when I get home..."

He leaned down and picked up her hand bringing it to his lips to gently nuzzle, it turned over and caressed his cheek, sliding around his neck, she pulled him down to her. Her lips barely touching his, she moaned deep in her throat, warm and content. John gently pulled himself free and feeling more reticent than ever, walked into the bathroom, sitting in almost a stupor as the room slowly began to fill with steam.

As he walked in the kitchen prepared for another day of, what he now called, 'building shit' Libby was waiting for him sitting at the breakfast table, a terry cloth robe wrapped around her and a serious look on her face.

"John..." she said quietly

"Yeah?..." he replied trying to keep his voice light.

"I hate it when you leave. I don't want you to leave."

"Libby, I have to go to work... I don't want to but that's why they give me money... otherwise I wouldn't go." He smiled at her trying to make it a joke.

"I mean in September, I don't want you to go away."

"Libby, we'll deal with that in August, ok? The summer just started and who knows, maybe by the end of the summer you'll be sick of me anyway!" John hated confrontation, and wanted to just put the thought of going away to school out of his mind.

"Today's Friday, can we spend the weekend together?"

Libby rose from the table and seemed to glide across the floor to John. Her head went down on his shoulder and his arms went around her small shoulders, holding her close to him. John had never been comfortable with girls before, but with Libby it was different, it was natural. He thought about the night before, how nice it felt to hug her, how her breasts felt against his chest how her nipples hardened in his hand, and started to have the typical male reaction. He pulled his hips back, trying to prevent her from feeling his rising hard on but she followed him, smiling unseen against his chest.

God she loved it when she felt his cock get hard. She loved knowing he wanted her. She wanted to be wanton with him, to take him into her body, to squeeze his cock with her pussy, to feel his hard body shudder against hers, his cock swell inside of her, his breathing stutter. She didn't mind coming once or twice either, of course. She had never felt this way before.

She felt cold and empty when John pulled away and sat down to tie his construction boots. The act of tying his boots was so simple but was so masculine at the same time. She stood quietly across the kitchen watching the muscles ripple in his forearms as he pulled hard on the string, snugging the boots. She watched as he got up and walked across the kitchen. He kissed her briefly, almost chastely, before he walked out of the door, she smiled as she looked down to see two small clumps of dirt that had fallen off his boots. She felt almost wifely as she bent over to scoop them up and dropped them in the trashcan.

Libby paused and wondered if this was just because she was finally a complete woman, and John was the 'one' or if it was something deeper that she was just realizing. She thought back to when she used to go to John's soccer games and sit quietly by herself, unseen by John and watch him play. Even when he was upset about that coffee shop thing she would go and watch his practices, always from a distance, unseen. She looked for him in the hall at school, and always tried to talk to him. The excitement she felt when she saw him must mean something more. Her heart would speed up a beat or two, her palms getting moist, she would feel herself blush when she saw him. It must be more.

She thought back to the previous evening, the feeling as he penetrated her, the sharp pain as he slid in for the first time, the feeling of warmth as she realized they had become one. Her thoughts had fallen back to the earlier evenings, watching the expression on his face as he came, the tenseness in his body, the rapt fascination as he made her cum, the boy like expression of amazement and wonder as he learned her reactions. She wanted to experience it over and over again. She wanted to make sure he never got bored with her. She determined to keep experiencing new things, to find out his likes and dislikes, to keep it fresh for him.

Once she had determined that this wasn't a short-term crush, and that it was deeper than anything she'd ever felt she walked to the shower with a spring in her step and a contentment she'd never felt before. As she stood in the shower soaping her body her thoughts once again turned to the previous evening. Her nipples began to harden and she felt the tingles as her hands ran lightly over them, the beating of the water providing continuous stimulus while her fingers trailed down her body. Her clit was hypersensitive and she used her clitoral hood to protect the jangle of nerves as her fingers slowly began a circle. She found that her passage was still tender from the night before so she concentrated solely on her clit.

John seemed to know exactly how to rub, the right speed, the right pressure, almost like doing it herself, like now, but different. It was the anticipation of the unexpected that drew her to a fever pitch with John. The crescendo was so much more intense, but harder to achieve with John. She now rose quickly to her orgasm and felt the expanding waves of tingles emanate from her clit, focusing again at her nipples, coursing through her body. Her head went back with eyes closed as she slid slowly down the wall to end up in a heap, the now cooling water gently caressing her body. She started to giggle, then to laugh out loud when she imagined what she looked like, hair across her face, legs spread wide, water running over her while she twitched in the after shocks of her orgasm. She felt like the picture of wantonness and so wanted John to see it, so she could see his excitement, watch him harden, be his sex toy. She wanted him to do what ever he wanted with her, to enjoy her. Her fingers once again sped up as she rose to her second peak.

Her clit had become so sensitive that she had to massage around it until it demanded direct attention. Her legs straightened and her back arched, pushing her pussy up against the relentless rhythmic pressure from the water. The sensation was overwhelming as her body pumped, her legs shaking, her abdomen shuddered once, then again. Her breath exploded from her with each pulse of orgasmic waves... it just kept going on and on... never quite getting as intense as she expected it to but not receding either.

"Ungf! Uhngf! Ohhhh..." As the waves finally began to recede every muscle in her body relaxed, her head lolling to the side.

John and Libby had fallen into a routine over the past two weeks. John would go to work, get off later than he wanted, go home and shower and then go to Libby's apartment. Most of the time, due to parental pressure, John went home after making love with Libby. He hated getting up in the morning to a cold and lonely bed in the darkness and getting dressed to go to work. He loved the few occasions that he was able to stay with Libby through the night and got into the routine where he'd snuggle up to her and just hold her.

His friends had started to call him to ask if everything was ok. They hadn't heard from him since school got out. John was looking forward to tonight. A gathering of the guys and their girlfriends was planned at Danny's house. His folks were away for the weekend and he was having people over to his house for a cookout and pool party. Six couples and a few of the unattached guys would be there. This was his first opportunity to bring Libby into his circle. He was nervous about their acceptance of Libby, they all had seen her around but none of them had really spent any real time with her.

John was still in the ditch-digging category at work, digging forms, backfilling holes and setting up the forms. His nickname had become "college boy" and he was known for being hard working, reliable and smart. His coworkers knew that they could give him a task and get out of the way and he'd get the job done well and quickly. The crew quickly warmed up to John's dry sense of humor and he was accepted by this group of workers that would never do anything other than concrete work.

John was interested in the different types of people that he worked with but he also knew he was different. For him this was a fill-in job, just to generate money until he went off to school, but for the others it was a way of life. There were the two or three guys that had to have a quart bottle of beer to soothe the hangover on the way to the job site, there were the guys that just didn't think. One guy in particular, Doug, just seemed dumber than dirt. If you wanted to find the worst way to do any chore, Doug would find it. John learned a lot by watching Doug working on a task and figuring out what he was doing wrong. Doug's accepted nickname, apparently established long before, was 'Knucklehead'. It wasn't affectionate, but it was accurate. Doug responded to it as if it had been given to him at birth.

As John was just completing the construction of a semi circular sidewalk form at a house scheduled for delivery of concrete the following Monday the skies turned black and the rumble of thunder rattled the windows. After being hit in the head twice with the flat side of a shovel John had sent Doug to sit on the tailgate of his truck as he finished the more intricate parts of the assembly of the form. Doug really was a good guy, he just didn't have the sense to poor piss out of a boot, didn't have the brains that god gave a goose to quack with and all the other phrases that indicate a total lack of comprehension of anything that required common sense. Doug was built like an Adonis and had facial features that drew women like moths to flame. And they found him wherever he was.

As John took his tools to the back of the truck he was introduced to the most recent moths that had sought out the company of Doug. Claire seemed older than Katy and had an intelligent sparkle in her eyes. Katy, however, seemed to be Doug's soul mate, with a vacant "nobody's home" look in her eye.

"Hey John, it's going to rain..." Doug said with an accompanying bright flash of lighting followed almost immediately by an earthshaking peal of thunder. He always had the keen eye for the obvious.

"No shit Doug, really?" Claire laughed and Katy glared.

"John, let's go grab some lunch, Katy and Claire are hungry"

"Doug, with this rain they're going to send us home for the day, I'd really rather just head back to the office and knock off for the day. Then, you can do anything you want."

"Aww come on John! Lets go grab a bite to eat."

"Go ahead Doug, I'm not really into it..."

"My car's at the office, come on it'll only take a couple of minutes."

The plaintive tone to Doug's voice grated on John, He really wanted to get home so he could clean up and call Libby. This just didn't interest him at all. But he had to work with Doug, and it would be worse if Doug was pissed. As many times as he'd been hit in the head by the dumb fucker, imagine if he was pissed and trying to fuck John up.

"Ok, ok, Doug, but we have to make it quick... where d'ya wanna go?"

John stood by and watched as Doug made arrangements to meet the girls at a little Italian place a couple of miles away. Claire took the directions and turned and smiled at John as they walked back to their car.

Once the tools had been put away and they got in the pickup Doug started on John. "Man, I think Claire likes you... and I know that Katy puts out. After lunch whattaya say we head up to the hill and try to get some."

"Doug, I'm really not into it. I just want to get home. I have some things to do tonight."

"Come on man! This is a sure thing! Catch a quickie and then head home."

"Doug I'm really not interested. I'm really not!"

"How can you not be interested? Claire's a fox! And I'll bet she fucks like a mink with no back bone!" John was reticent to tell Doug about Libby. The way Doug handled women like toys for his pleasure really made John sick. He knew that Doug couldn't understand his feelings for Libby. He had a mental image of Doug at 40, divorced three times, with four kids running around, all needing baths and a wife in curlers sitting at the kitchen table drinking her fifteenth cup of coffee and smoking a cigarette while she bitched at him for not getting any work done around the trailer. John shuddered.

"I agreed to do lunch and then I'm heading back to the office and home... That's it."

Doug shut up as they pulled in the parking lot of the restaurant. Claire and Katy were sitting at a table. Of course Doug sat down next to Katy forcing John to slide onto the booth bench next to Claire. Doug leaned over and kissed Katy sticking his tongue forcefully into her mouth and groping her breast right in front of John and Claire.

"Uh huh! So, John," Claire laughed, "ummm, how long have you been doing the cement thing?"

"I just started, I just graduated from high school a couple of weeks ago."

"Oh yeah? Any plans for the fall?"

"Yeah, I'm going to college, I got a soccer scholarship, I'm going to Arizona State, I want to study Architecture."

"You're a soccer player?"

John felt her hand on his leg. "I love soccer players. I love the muscles in their legs." And her hand slid farther up his leg, sliding over the crotch of his jeans pressing down on his hardening cock.

'What the fuck are you doing?' he thought. He'd never been in a situation where he was trying to avoid the advances of a woman. Claire was cute, she had a nice athletic body, her tight shirt molded to a flat stomach and fit the forms of her breasts snuggly. Her makeup was a little heavy but not overly so, she had nice blue eyes and her hair was long and straight. John was amazed to find that he wasn't interested at all. This was an attractive woman, she was obviously interested, evidenced by her hand rubbing his cock through his jeans, a sure sign, but the only thing he could think of was getting out of there to Libby. This was a new experience in John's life in more than one way.

He dropped his napkin on the floor and managed to disentangle her hand from his lap as he bent over to pick it up. As he straightened he slid slightly away from Claire and did his best to fend her off during the rest of the lunch.

As they drove towards the office John noticed that Claire's car was behind them. "John! Turn down this road."

"Shit!" the truck slid a little on the wet roadway as John turned, but he was able to control the heavy beast as they proceeded down the road into a construction site. The parking lot had been cleared, the foundation was built, and the place was empty.

"What the fuck are we doing here Doug?"

"I'm gonna fuck Katy before we get back."

"Bullshit, Doug! I want to get back to the office and get home!"

"Aww come on John! It'll just be a quickie. I'll bet Claire would fuck you if you tried a little"

"Doug, I really, really want to get back to the office! Like now!"

John felt like a mouse in a trap. Events out of his control were happening and his attempts to be polite were apparently going over Doug's head. 'Note to self' John thought. 'Shoot this fucker on Monday! Actually maybe Monday's too late, ok, shoot this fucker now.'

He stopped the truck and Doug hopped out before the truck even came to a complete stop. John opened his door and got out standing next to the truck. He walked around the truck and pulled the tailgate down to sit on as Claire got out of the car and Doug slid in.

The rain had stopped. John loved the smell right after a rain, like the air was clean. It just seemed like everything was so clean. He looked around at the construction site and the woods that surrounded it. He loved the woods, camping, being out doors, fishing and just walking and seeing new stuff.

He snapped back as he felt the truck sag slightly under the weight of Claire settling on the tailgate.

"You don't like me..." Claire said softly.

"Why do you say that?"

"Because you don't. I've done everything I can to get you interested short of throwing you down on the ground and fucking your lights out and I'm not getting anywhere. Are you gay or something?" Claire's voice had taken on an almost hopeful tone.

"Hell, no!" John laughed. "What makes you think that?"

"Well... I've never had a guy say no before, maybe... maybe... I was just hoping so it wouldn't be anything wrong with me."

"It isn't anything wrong with you Claire. I'm involved. I have a girl friend and she's important to me."

John glanced at the car parked behind his truck and saw Doug and Katy kissing in the back seat. Katy's head fell back on the seat and John could hear her moan. As he watched, Doug moved over on top of her. John could only see Doug's white ass, starkly white ass, and Katy's face over Doug's shoulder. John knew the exact moment of penetration as displayed on Katy's face. Her eyes rolled back in her head and John and Claire both heard the grunt that Katy made as Doug slid his cock into her.

John was startled when Claire leaned over and whispered in his ear, "Doesn't that look good? Don't you want to feel that, your hard cock sliding into my wet pussy? Come on John I need to get fucked. Fuck me. Please, just fuck me." Claire's hand slid over his hardening cock.

"No!" John said as he pushed himself off the tailgate. He turned and looked one more time as he walked around to the driver's side of the truck, Katy was obvious cumming and he briefly watched as Doug rammed his cock into Katy, held it there, then rammed it home again and held it there, his grunts signaling his spending as deep inside Katy as he could get.

"Give him a ride home when they're finished would you?"

"John! Don't leave... Please!" he heard as he started the engine and threw it into gear spinning tires in his effort to get away. He couldn't understand his reaction. He knew he loved Libby. He knew she was in a class of her own but he still got hard when Doug was fucking that idiot. Claire was just not his type but she still made him tingle as her hand caressed his cock. How could he let himself get into that situation? Why the fuck didn't he just leave when it all started? He felt like he had cheated on Libby even though he'd never made any moves, never did anything during the whole crazy two hours while the whole thing unfolded. The point was he could've easily avoided being in that situation at all, but he didn't. Why?

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