tagNovels and NovellasLife after the Lottery Ch. 14

Life after the Lottery Ch. 14


We are getting ready for the holidays. With Samantha visiting things got a little interesting-everything got a little interesting! Let us hear from you. We wish we could submit these for the contest but we can't.

Chapter 14

Christmas week

Amy and Sam had left early while Dawn and I were still in bed. I had awakened that morning with my usual blowjob from Dawn. She was feeling very appreciative of the previous night. We lay in bed for several hours talking about the holidays and the party for New Year's Eve weekend, she still wouldn't tell me what all she was planning. I had also asked her what she had planned for Christmas. We usually spent Christmas Eve snuggled up in front of the fireplace and having fun but with Amy and Sam here I wasn't sure what she wanted to do. She told me she hadn't decided yet.

John had asked Dawn to help on Tuesday with a major surgery. After Sam spent Tuesday in surgery with Dawn all day she came home wired and excited. I had to finally get several glasses of wine in her to slow her down some. She still spent the rest of the night telling us every detail, Dawn smiled and giggled at her some because she was so excited.

The repairs had been finished on the pool Tuesday afternoon so it was ready to paint the next day.

Amy and Sam had already left for work Wednesday morning when Dawn and I finally got up about 7:00, the contractor was coming at 8:00 to paint the pool finally. The weather had warmed up a little which I was happy about because there wouldn't be any problem finishing the pool.

Sam showed up about noon, when I opened the door I saw he had Olivia with him.

"Hi you two," I said.

"Hi, Olivia wanted to visit Dawn, is that okay?"

"Sure. I am sure they will be working on the party plans."

"Damn, what stinks?" Sam asked.

"They are painting the pool."

The epoxy paint really did stink when Sam and I went outside. After Sam and I talked some more, I went back inside to see Olivia while Sam worked. I didn't see her or Dawn then I discovered that they had locked themselves away in the study.

About 12:45 I knocked on the door of the study and told Dawn and Olivia that lunch was ready. A few minutes later as I was setting out the food, they finally came out. They looked a little ruffled. Dawn went to get Sam to tell him to come have lunch with us. We all sat down and ate lunch.

"Sam, you are not telling James about his Christmas present are you?" Dawn asked as she came back down the hall with him.

"No, he will have to wait. I will have everything finished today then I will come back Christmas Eve to show it to Dawn, will you be here?" Sam asked Dawn.


"Good, you will have to keep James inside while I test everything," Sam said.

"Don't worry about me, I will be in town most of the day, finishing MY Christmas shopping. I am going to start filling the pool about midnight if the paint is dry, is that going to be a problem?"

"No, I will be finished."

"Are you two still making plans for the party?" I asked Dawn and Olivia with a big smile.

"Yes, Olivia thought of something she wanted to tell me about," Dawn replied with a smile.

After the girls finished lunch, they returned to the study, I could hear them giggling as they walked away.

"Anything happen with Samantha yet?" Sam asked as he was helping me clean up.

"No, but we all did have a long talk."

"And?" Sam asked.

"Things are looking up," I told him.

"I am going back to work, I think I can get all the wiring done today if I stay late and all I will have to do Friday is program the computer and show it to Dawn," Sam told me.

"If you are going to be here late why don't you and Olivia just stay for dinner," I told Sam.

"That would be nice," Sam said.

"Sam and Amy should be home about 5:00. I will check with Olivia," I said

Sam went back to work, I knocked on the door to the study and asked Olivia if she wanted to stay for dinner. She was happy to stay and said she would help cook again if Dawn wanted. I told her I would cook for everyone so she and Dawn could continue working.

"Good, we need to continue working," Olivia replied.

After that I walked down to the computer room where Sam was working. I sat down in front of the computer.

"Sam, roll your chair over here."

"What's up?"

"I have a suspicion."

"About what?"

"About our two girls."

"Really, what's up?"

"We are going to find out," I told him as I logged in to the computer. "Let's pull up the camera in the study, what do you think?"


The camera in the study came on, I wasn't surprised at what we saw.

"I thought so," I said.

"Look at them!" Sam said.

Olivia and Dawn were locked in a 69 going down on each other, I had suspected that they had been making love to each other all morning.

"Damn," Sam said.

"Does it bother you Sam?"

"Hell no! I just wish I was in there watching."

"We can watch from here, if you want to."

"Hell yes!" Sam said. "Damn, I really do need to work, I won't get anything done watching this!"

"Okay, let's just leave them in private, we can burn off a copy before you leave," and I turned off the camera.

"Damn," Sam said again.

"Sam, I think that it is bothering you."

"No way, I just can't believe Olivia."

"Sam, Dawn knows it is okay with me if she is with other women without me around, maybe you and Olivia should have talked about this first."

"We did, I just guess I wasn't ready. And you and Dawn are okay with it?"

"Yes we are, she spends time with Amy alone."

"Olivia has had some surprises for me lately."

"Hey, maybe it will lead to other things, keep your hopes up."

"Like what?"

"You never know," I told him and left.

About 4:30 the contractor finished painting the pool. I asked if I could start filling the pool around midnight, he said I would have to wait until morning because the paint needed about 12 hours to set up and I could start filling it then if I wanted.

Sam was in the computer room connecting a lot of wires, when I checked on him. I hadn't paid a lot of attention to everything he and his crew had been doing but he now had a lot of wires running into the computer room.

About 5:00, Amy and Samantha arrived home. I told them that dinner would be ready about 6:00. They were both in good spirits, Samantha had had a good day working with Amy.

At 6:00 everyone sat down at the table and we all had dinner.

"Thank you for cooking honey," Dawn said. "No problem, I know you and Olivia were busy."

Dawn and Olivia had watched me cooking dinner after they finally came out of the study about 3:00.

"Smells good, I didn't know you could cook," Olivia said with a smile.

"I get by."

"Did you and Dawn get things taken care of in the study?" I asked.

Sam looked at me for a moment.

"We had a few things to take care of, we got it done."

I looked at Olivia and smiled.

"So what are you guys doing for Christmas," Olivia asked.

"We are just going to hang out around the house Christmas Eve and Christmas day. Amy has to work most of those days," Dawn said.

"Anything special planned?" Olivia asked.

"Maybe something," Dawn said with a wicked smile looking at me.

"Something special?" Olivia asked.

"Possibly," Dawn said to Olivia with another big smile.

I watched as all of the women looked at each other with big smiles. I wondered what they were up to.

After we all ate, Sam had about 30 minutes of work left to do. Amy and Dawn cleaned up after dinner while Samantha, Olivia and I sat at the table and talked. Sam finally finished what he was doing and we all moved to the big room and talked a while.

"Olivia, did you and Dawn get things worked out this afternoon?" I asked.

"Yes we did."

"I wish one of you would tell me what is going on New Year's, maybe you could tell us what all you did today?"

"We worked on some of the plans for the party...but Dawn and I made mad passionate love all day," Olivia said with a giggle.

"We know you did," I told Olivia. "Sam wanted to watch but he had to work."

Olivia's giggle subsided a little. Amy and Sam looked like they had been left out of a joke.

"I'm sure you have a something for him."

"He already has it. I think he will want to fuck you senseless when you two get home," I told Olivia.

Olivia looked at me and smiled.

"I bet he does," Olivia replied as she sipped her wine.

Amy and Sam were quiet for the rest of dinner, they were not sure what to say.

Sam and Olivia left about 8:30, they had to get back to town. I went outside to look at the pool. The new darker gray paint looked much better in the pool than the old pool-blue paint. I would have to wait until tomorrow to see it better. I couldn't wait to get it filled and heated. I was wondering if it would be warm enough Christmas day. I went back in the house and found that Amy, Samantha and Dawn had changed into pajamas getting ready for bed.

"You all look like you are ready for bed already," I said.

"Amy and Sam wanted to get out of their scrubs, so we all changed."

"You look comfortable."

"We are," Dawn said. "Are you going to go get the Christmas tree tomorrow?"

"Yes, I will do it in the morning and have it delivered, but I have to make some stops in town."

"Great, we can all have a good time tomorrow night decorating it," Dawn said.

Most of the house was already decorated for the holidays, but we usually didn't put the tree up until a few days before Christmas. Dawn wanted to make it special for Amy and Sam.

"Everything will be ready when all of you come home tomorrow," I told them.

"Goody!" Dawn said. "I will be home early, we have a simple surgery tomorrow I hope."

We all talked until about 10:00, everyone was about ready for bed.

"We have a surprise for you tomorrow," Dawn said.


"You will have to wait and see. Are you going to have everything ready for our tree trimming party?" Dawn asked.

"Yes, everything will be ready like you want."

"Thanks. I want Amy and Sam to have a good time. You will have a good time too."

"You have already had your good-time today," I said to Dawn.

Dawn looked at me a little suspect.

"Dawn, what did you do today?" Sam asked

"You and Olivia get together today?" Amy asked.

"Yes, she came over with Sam," Dawn told her.

"The two of them were going at it in the study all day," I told them.

"James are you okay with it?" Dawn asked.

"Yes, we talked about this. Did you have fun?"

"Yes, Olivia is a lot of fun. I didn't plan it, we just sort of got into it while working on the party."

"How was she...I mean was it good?" Amy questioned.

"We had a good time."

"Wow, I wish I had been here!" Amy replied.

"What are you planning for the party, I think I need to know," I asked.

"You will just have to wait, but I do need to talk to you about something."


"I'll tell you later."

I couldn't get any more information out of Dawn. Sam and Amy kept asking her what had happened with Olivia. Dawn finally told them a little about it, I almost forgot that Sam didn't know about the cameras but she didn't ask how I knew about Olivia and Dawn.

Sam and Amy went to bed knowing they had to get up early.

"James, are you upset about me and Olivia today?"

"No, I'm glad you two had fun...but I don't think Sam was ready for it yet."

"Olivia said he was okay with it."

"I think it was just sudden for him, he really wanted to watch."

"You gave him a recording."

"Yes. I don't think it is the same just yet. What did you want to talk about?" I asked Dawn.

"Well, I have been talking to all the women that are coming about something for the party, and I need to talk to you about it."

"What is it?"

"James, how do you really feel about another man fucking me?"

Now this was sudden, but I was curious about what it had to do with the party.

"Dawn, what has this got to do with the party?"

"I just want to know, I have been asking the other women how they feel about other men touching them and maybe wanting to have sex with them."

"What do you have planned for the party!"

"Just some things that could lead to maybe some pretty hot stuff."

"Does this hot stuff include you getting fucked by another man?"

"It could, but it could also lead to you getting to have sex with other women."

"Dawn, you already let me have sex with Amy and Karen, what is next? If there is someone you want to have sex with, tell me."

"I just need to know if you are really are ok with it?"

"I guess so, if that is what you want."

"Well, the one thing I will tell you about the party...the other women are having this same conversation with their husbands."

"Dawn! What are you up to?"

"Just some plans for some fun, it will depend on what the other women say. What do you think the other husbands will say?"

"What have the other women said, you may run them off from the party."

"I haven't had an argument yet, what about the men?"

"I don't know, I haven't heard from any of them."

"You will, they are going to ask over Christmas. If it doesn't go well I will tone things down for the party."

"Dawn, you may be pushing things too far this time."

"Just tell me your ok with it, if you're not, I will change the plans."

"I will leave it up to you. Is there someone particular you have in mind?"

"Ummm, maybe."


"Just wait, okay."


Now my mind was really racing, wondering what Dawn was up to and who she wanted to have sex with. I was going to have to think about this, I knew we had talked about it, but actually seeing it happen, that was different. But now I was very interested in seeing if it would happen.

We went to bed early because Dawn was needed to get up early for a surgery that had come up that John needed her for. I lay in bed awake for a long time thinking about what Dawn and I had talked about before I fell asleep. I felt Dawn climb out of bed really early in the morning. She woke me up again as she was leaving and gave me a kiss. I looked at the clock it was about 5:00.

"I am leaving, don't let Amy and Sam be late, I know the long days are getting to them," Dawn told me.

When I woke up again I heard our shower running. As I lay there I was wondering what the hell the shower was doing running. I thought I better go check it, sometimes the electronics in the house did some strange things. I looked at the clock and it was 6:00.

I got to the bathroom and looked in the shower, Amy and Sam were soaping each other up.

"Good morning James," Amy said.

"Good morning, something wrong with your shower," I said as I tried to get awake.

"No, we just thought we would come in here," Amy replied.

"Why don't you join us," Sam said as she rubbed soap on Amy's breasts.

"Maybe I shouldn't," I said.

"Come on in James, Dawn won't care," Amy said.

I thought for minute, it did look inviting.

"What the hell," I said as I dropped the shorts I had on.

As I entered the shower it didn't take long for my cock to wake up. Amy and Sam turned and started soaping me up. They appeared to be intent on doing all the work for me. As the two of them ran their hands all over me with soap my cock definitely woke up. Amy and Sam each took turns soaping up my cock and balls. After they finished washing me they each wanted me to wash them. I took my time soaping and washing the two of them, especially Sam since this was the first time I had my hands on her. My erection was swollen hard as I finished. We all finished rinsing off, Amy and Sam stepped from the shower and grabbed a towel, I did the same. I watched as the two of them dried off wondering what was next.

"Thanks James," Amy said as she and Sam wrapped themselves in towels.

"You are more than welcome," I told them.

"See you later," Amy said as she and Sam left the bathroom and headed through the bedroom.

'What the fuck' I thought as I stood there with a huge erection. These two were teasing me, and it worked. As I stood there with a throbbing hard-on I just laughed, then I wondered what I would do to get even with them. I finished drying off and went back to bed.

I woke again up around 8:00 and was lying in bed thinking about what had happened. I picked the remote up and replayed the video from the bathroom that morning to make sure it hadn't been a dream. I watched, it hadn't been a dream, then I thought of how I would get even.

About 9:00, I left for town. I went to the same place we always got our Christmas tree and found a nice tree about 8 feet tall. I had gotten there early so I could get it delivered early. After I left from getting the tree I went to the store to pick up all the food and drinks I needed for that night. I picked up all the shrimp trays, cheese trays and fruit trays I had ordered from the deli. Once all that was loaded in the SUV, I stopped at the bakery to pick up the sweets.

I arrived back at the house about 11:00, unloaded the car and put all the food in the fridge. I still had to make some other items, but everything would be ready. About noon, the truck arrived with the tree. We wrestled it inside and set it up in the corner of the room. After a large tip, it was in and ready to decorate.

All I had left to do was retrieve the boxes of decorations from the basement and check all the food. Once I had all that done I grabbed a beer and sat down on the sofa and tried to watch TV. There was nothing on worth watching so I thought it would be fun to watch the recording from Sunday when all the girls were getting ready to go out. They had all gotten ready in our bedroom so I could watch everything.

I unboxed some of the decorations and brought in plenty of wood for the fireplace. I decorated the table with some of the Christmas decorations and put out some candles. I finished cooking things and put them in the oven to keep warm. Everything was ready, it was about 4:30, I had an hour to spare. I went upstairs to shower and get dressed. I put on a comfortable pair of old jeans and a shirt and headed back downstairs. It was about 5:00 so I started the fire in the fireplace so it would be going good when they got home. I heard them at the gate about 5:30 while I was putting all the food on the table. I had just gotten the last things on the table when they came in the front door.

"Wow! It smells good in here!" Dawn said.

"Look at all the food!" Amy said as she walked over to the table.

"The tree looks great honey."

"Everything is ready," I told them.

"Well we need to get out of these scrubs and clean up," Dawn said.

The three of them ran up the stairs talking and giggling as they went. While they were gone I started some Christmas music playing throughout the house. I sat down in front of the fireplace, the fire was burning nicely. I waited for the girls, they seemed to be taking their time. Twenty or 30 minutes passed, I was getting impatient. I got up and went over to the table, I went ahead and popped the cork on the Champagne.

"That sounds nice," I heard Dawn say.

I looked up as they were coming down the stairs and was stunned. They were all wearing matching Christmas outfits, if you wanted to call them that. Dawn had on a white outfit that consisted of a white silk top that stopped about her belly. It was cut very low and was trimmed in white fur, sort of an elf outfit. She had on matching white thigh high stockings held up by a white garter belt and under that she had on a small white thong. She even had on matching white elf shoes curled up on the end with a jingle bell on each toe. To top it off she had on a white Santa hat that had a bell on the top of it.

Amy had on the same outfit but in red and Sam had the same outfit in green. They all looked like very sexy Santa's helpers. I watched as they came down the stairs to the faint tinkling of the jingle bells.

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