tagIncest/TabooLife Doesn't Seem Fair

Life Doesn't Seem Fair

byDG Hear©

To my readers: I was asked why I don't write incest stories. I checked and I did write a couple. I'm stepping out of my comfort zone in writing this one. For those who enjoy incest stories, I hope you enjoy this one. A big 'Thank you' to Mr. Wolf for editing this one for me.


My name is Marie and I'm twenty-four years old. I was raised solely by my Dad since the death of my mother when I was six years old. We built a special bond between us since it was just us together. I did have two sets of Grandparents but they both lived out west where my parents were from. According to Dad I was born a California girl.

We, Mom, Dad and I, moved to Ohio when I was two years old. Dad was in the insurance business and had got a big promotion so we moved out east. Eventually he opened his own business. Throughout the years we would go and visit my grandparents at least twice a year.

I wasn't really close to them seeing I didn't know them that well. They were always nice to me and sent me presents for the different holidays and my birthday. But it was basically Dad and I as a team.

He had girlfriends but said he would never get married again till I was grown up. He didn't want to divide his time between a wife and me. It suited me just fine. I really loved my Dad and he took me everywhere. I've been to Cedar Point and Kings Island which are two big amusement parks in Ohio.

We didn't go just once but we went to one or the other every year till I graduated. He would always let me take a girlfriend so I had someone to ride with. Even though he dated, he never let any woman come between us; many had tried. After all, Dad was a good looking man and owned his own agency. He would have been a good catch for any woman.

If you could be in love with your father than I was.

While I was in high school Dad would attend all my games. I played soft ball, volleyball and ran track. I was a pretty good athlete but not good enough for any scholarships. It was ok because I didn't want to play sports when I got to college.

In my sophomore year in high school I got interested in drama. I was in every school play for the next three years. I thought of being an actress. It made Dad laugh but he said the world was my oyster. I could do whatever I wanted too. What I really wanted was my Dad. I know that's wrong but he was everything to me.

I always hugged and kissed my Dad. It was just natural for us. Ever since I was a little girl I would get in bed with him when I had nightmares. He always made me feel so safe. As I got older he told me I couldn't sleep with him anymore.

I cried and thought he didn't like me anymore but he sat me down and told me about the birds and the bees. He explained about incest and how wrong society said it was. I felt much better after our talk but was still in love with him.

He said I could still cuddle with him on the couch when we watched television. I was somewhat sad when I left for college. I really didn't want to leave my Dad but he told me I had a life to live.

I went to Ohio State which was ninety miles from home. At the beginning I would come home every weekend but after awhile it was just too much driving so I would only come home for the holidays and special occasions.

At college I became somewhat of a party girl. Thank God Dad put me on the pill when I became a teenager. The last thing I needed was a baby. I did join the drama club in college and Dad would come up and see me in all the plays. My roomies would always say what a hunk my father was.

He kept himself in great shape, always working out and enjoyed racquetball and golf. I would go golfing with him most every time I would come home. I wasn't that good, but it was fun just being with my father.

I dated a number of guys and had sex with some of them. I honestly didn't know what the big deal was. They wanted their cocks sucked but it was like pulling teeth trying to get them to eat a pussy. When it came to having an orgasm, most guys would come before I got there. Guess it's just as well I was good at acting.

It wasn't exactly something I could talk to my Dad about or was it?

I'd been having sex for nearly four years now and it wasn't anything like I expected. I gave blowjobs and even faked orgasms but real ones were few and far between.

One guy that I was very close to asked me to marry him. I told him I needed to talk to my Dad before I could give him an answer. I thought I loved him but I wasn't sure. I went home for the Christmas holidays and decided to talk with Dad about Bill. I told Dad I had something very important to talk with him about.

"You're not pregnant are you Marie?"

"Dad! No, I'm not pregnant. Bill, the guy I told you I was dating asked me to marry him. I'm not sure what to do."

"Do you love him? Does he make you happy? Can you see yourself spending the rest of your life with him?" Dad asked.

"I do like him a lot. He does make me laugh when we go out..."

"Marie, I hear hesitation in your voice. You know you can tell me anything. I'll do my best to be honest with you and not judge you. How is sex with him?"

"Dad! I feel funny talking to you about that."

"It's ok Sweetheart. You can talk to me about it. You are still on the pill aren't you?"

"Yes Dad, but sex isn't all I heard it was cracked up to be. To be honest, I can take it or leave it. It hardly seems worth the effort. Maybe it's just me. It doesn't seem all that good with Bill and that bothers me. Do you think I should see a doctor about it?"

"If you think you might be having a problem I think you should see the doctor. I'll make you an appointment while you're home. Believe me Marie, love and sex should be a big part of your life at your age. See the doctor and we'll talk afterwards."

"I love you Daddy," I said and gave him a hug.


I went to the doctor and she said my health was excellent. When I asked her about sexual play and orgasms she helped explain it to me. Dad had told me to ask her.

"Marie, there is nothing physically wrong with you. You have to understand that sex and love are not the same thing. The difference in having an orgasm with someone you love is so much better."

"You and your partner try to do everything to help each other climax. You will know when you have had sex with someone you truly love; there will be no doubt."

Now I was a bit confused. If what the doctor said was right then I couldn't really love Bill could I? I asked myself.

After I was back in school I wanted to have sex with Bill. He was more than happy to accommodate me. I sucked his cock till he came.

We watched a porno movie and after he got hard again I rode him till he came again and kept riding him till he became soft. I felt a mini orgasm but nothing like I hoped for. I told Bill that I wasn't ready to get married. He seemed a little sad but when I told him I'd still have sex with him, he was ok with it.


In college I took business and insurance courses. I knew I had a good position waiting for me at Dad's business after graduation. He told me after I learned the ropes he would make me a partner. I would be graduating in a couple of months. I couldn't wait to be home again with my Dad. I really missed being around him.

There was a play the drama club was putting on for Valentine's Day and I asked Dad if he would come and see it. Needless to say he said he would be there and even got a room for us to spend the night in. He even offered to take me out for a Valentine's Day dinner that evening after the play.

When Dad came to the play, I got him a front row seat. My friends in the cast said what a hunk my dad was but I already knew that. When it came to men I think I wanted someone just like my father but there just wasn't anyone like him.

He had reserved us a room in the Sheraton Inn. It had twin queen size beds. I had a cast party to go to after the play and asked Dad to come with me. He said he would feel out of place and that I should enjoy my party, I earned it and he would wait for me at the restaurant.

He left me to go visit my friends and said he'd meet me at the restaurant at eight. When I asked him what he was going to do all day he told me he was going to Cosi, it's an art and science institute, and would then probably go swimming at the hotel.

I stopped at the cast party but didn't like leaving my Dad alone. Around six I headed over to the Sheraton and saw Dad talking with a woman in the pool. I actually think I got a little jealous. I went up to my room and put on my two piece bathing suit, donned my guest robe and headed down to the pool.

When Dad saw me he had the biggest smile on his face. The woman he was talking to didn't seem so happy. Dad introduced her as Beth and said she worked there at the hotel and liked to swim on her days off.

I knew this woman was expecting to get my dad in bed there was no doubt about it. After my arrival she gave me a pissed off look and got out of the pool. I was hoping Dad wasn't mad at me, he didn't seem to be. Dad and I swam for another half hour before going up to the room and got changed for dinner.

Dad put on a suit and tie; he really looked handsome. I wore a black dinner dress that showed off more of my body than my Dad probably liked but he did tell me how beautiful I looked. I guess I was a typical California girl; I'm a petite blond, 5'4" 115 lbs, 34C-21-35. I did have to exercise to keep in shape.

We had wine before dinner and we even danced a couple of slow numbers. I was so proud of how great my Dad looked. I could see a number of women looking at us so I pulled Dad close just to get them envious. Dad laughed, he knew what I was doing.

Regardless of our age difference I knew we looked like a couple. Dad the good looking business man and me in my sexy dress. After sitting down at the table a waiter came over and gave me a bouquet of roses. My Dad looked at me and said, "Happy Valentine's Day, Marie, I love you very much". I think I had tears in my eyes.

We had a wonderful dinner and a couple of drinks. Dad said it was ok since we wouldn't be driving. We talked and Dad asked me how it went with Bill. I told him I wasn't getting married until I could find a man just like him.

He smiled but didn't say anything. After dinner we headed up to our room. Dad slipped into a pair of pajama bottoms but didn't wear a top or even a t-shirt. He had this beautiful hairy chest. I went in the bathroom and put on a pair of pajamas but was nude underneath. I felt a bit naughty.

I hugged him and said goodnight before we each got into our separate beds. I lay there thinking about my Dad and how much I loved him. I must have dozed off and had some kind of a nightmare. I dreamt my Dad was in an auto accident, waking up I saw him in the other bed.

I got up and got in bed with him.

He woke up. "Marie, Honey, what's the matter? You're shaking."

"I had a horrible dream that you left me. Daddy, I can't live without you."

"It's ok Honey, just try and relax. I'm here for you."

Then it all just happened. I was rubbing my father's hairy chest then I leaned up and kissed him. He looked at me with tears in his eyes and said, "Honey, I love you so much but we can't do this."

"Why not Daddy? No one needs to know. I want you so badly. Please don't turn me away," I pleaded.

He kissed me. Not a father/daughter kiss but a lover's kiss. "Daddy, I've never wanted anyone so much in my entire life."

I actually got up and pulled my father's pj's down and saw his huge cock. It was so beautiful and hard. I gripped my hand around it and took it in my mouth. I slowly sucked his cock head and took a little more in my mouth on each stroke.

"Marie, Baby, we shouldn't be doing this," he spoke out, but knew it was on deaf ears. He wanted this as much as I did.

His cock got bigger and harder. I sat up and removed my pj bottoms and slid my pussy down over his cock. I couldn't believe how good it felt. Dad had tears in his eyes but held on to my hips as I bounced up and down on his hard cock. Within minutes I had reached the biggest orgasm of my life. I screamed out, "Daddy, I love you so much. I've never come like this, ever," as I kept riding his hard cock.

"I love you too Baby Doll, I love you so much," he said as he came hard inside of me. I felt every squirt going in me. As I raised slightly I could see our combined juices running down his cock and over his pelvic area and balls. I kept riding him until I came again. After my spasms subsided I lay next to him and he covered us both up with a sheet and we went to sleep.

The next morning was a bit awkward for Dad. He said we needed to talk about what had happened.

"Dad, I found the man I love. The man that I feel safe with and made wonderful love with. This isn't going to be the last time. In public, I'll always be your daughter but in private you'll always be my lover."

We cleaned up and Dad took me back to my dorm. I was as happy as any woman could be.

I made it home for Easter and we had a couple of replays of what had happened in the hotel. I did find out that my father eats pussy and he was the only man that could make me come with his tongue. God, I love him so much!

He came back for my graduation. He even went to a couple of graduation party's with me and my girlfriends tried to hit on him. He told them he was sorry but was already spoken for. I had to laugh, I knew then he was mine.

The following day we packed up my belongings from the dorm and headed home. Needless to say I moved back in with Dad. He is the only man I truly love and know he loves me.

I now head the billing department at the agency. I have no problems with other employees seeing everyone knows my Dad is the boss. We get along fine at work and in public he is my father but at home in private, he is my lover.

We are both happy and make the best of our situation. It is ironic that nowadays one man can marry another man, a woman can marry another woman, but sex with two consenting adults, a man and a woman who truly love one another is wrong and illegal because they are related.


Thank you for reading my story

Comments are welcome and appreciated

DG Hear

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by GymShorts11/24/17

I agree

Also a shame a man or woman can't have multiple spouses at the same time or a woman have sex with her dogs, etc etc

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