We'd grown tired, our kids were in middle school, we were in our 40's and it seemed that life was mostly a series of chores. Even vacations with the kids, while a lot fun, were a lot of work. Perhaps the scariest thing was that we'd stopped making time for each other, even the weekly date night got cancelled more often than not. Mary gets all the credit for realizing it and doing something about it -- I was just along for the ride.

There's a place on the coast about an hour away that offers many levels of accommodation. I think it started as a tent campground, but for the less adventurous they had 'tent cabins' with wooden floors, real beds, and electric lamps on the night stands. And, for those looking for an even easier getaway they built a small hotel with just a dozen rooms. There's a little restaurant, a pool, and a trail down to the beach. It's the perfect place for a weekend getaway and that's exactly what Mary had planned for us. She'd gotten us a room in the hotel -- I don't know why, we'd done a lot of backpacking before the kids came along, a tent should have been fine. Maybe she wanted the weekend to be as effortless as possible, or maybe she was hoping for some passionate sex and didn't think a tent would be private enough.

Of course, the 'passionate sex' part has faded a bit too. Oh, after nearly 20 years (don't bother doing the math, we got married young and, yes, we waited a long time before having kids) we each knew exactly where the other's buttons were. But, having it down to a science isn't necessarily a good thing. Sex, for us, was pretty much the same sequence every time, we each had one good, healthy orgasm, and then we rolled over and went to sleep. Mary was (and is) still as gorgeous as when we married, she got her slender figure back very quickly after having the kids -- breastfeeding burns a lot of calories in addition to being good for the kid and more convenient than formula and bottles. In addition to being tall and slender, Mary has always had the most awesome breasts. They're not huge, no more than a handful, but they have that pin-up girl upturned shape with small dark aureoles and big pencil eraser nipples that just love attention. Sex for us involves a lot of her riding cowgirl while I alternate between gazing lovingly at her breasts and actually touching, squeezing, pinching and otherwise enjoying them with my hands; and I can put my arms around her and pull her forward so that I can lick and suck them while she moans out her approval.

So, our sex life was OK, but we could use a little change. With change of scene in mind, Mary had arranged for someone to watch the kids all weekend. We were going on a little getaway and I was hoping things would get interesting. We drove down after work on a Friday night and arrived close to bed time. I think we had a small dinner in the little restaurant at the resort and then headed up to our room. I'd brought my laptop and suggested that we could watch porn on literotica vod. Mary claims to not really like watching porn and she's made it clear that most of it is too 'medical' -- basically she objects to tons of close up shots of people's parts. But, I had recently discovered Sybian videos and they're not like that all. What you get is videos of pretty girls doing a slow build to big, long, screaming orgasms. You can't really see much of their privates, the fun is in watching the expression on their faces and listening to their cries as the machine takes them to the edge and then over. And, of course, the greedy ones are fun to watch, they'll come again and again until their legs turn to rubber and they literally fall off the machine and lie beside it on the floor unable to sit or stand. I guess I'm a voyeur, or does everybody like to watch?

Mary has always loved to receive oral. She's gives pretty good head, but I really like to lick pussy, especially if the recipient is appreciative. When we first got together Mary would slowly build to one big, short orgasm and then we'd fuck until I came and we'd be done. But, over time, a couple of things have changed. First, she has learned to draw her orgasms out for minutes at a time -- at least that's how she would describe it, perhaps she's actually having dozens of them one right after another. Second, she taught me how to help with that, how to change what I'm doing as her state of arousal changes. I've learned to change the shape of my tongue, the pressure, the speed, etc. to be just what she needs to ride the wave for a good long time. I have to wonder if all of this training has made me good at giving oral to Mary and only Mary or if, to borrow a line from "The Time Traveler's Wife", I would win the gold medal in cunnilingus if only it was an Olympic sport. Finally, she shifted from "oh that was awesome honey, you can fuck me now" to "Oh, please fuck me hard, I love to fuck after I come." Sounds awesome, right? But, it was EXACTLY THE SAME, every time. I always said that if we made a movie the people watching it would think we were having a very, very good time. But, to be honest, we kinda weren't.

So, that's how we ended up in bed watching "Sybian Rides 4 Ca$h" on lit vod. Interestingly enough, Mary seemed pretty into it and after a while I let my hands roam only to discover that not only was she dripping wet, but her pussy was totally engorged. Her lips, inner and outer, were big and fat and firm, just ready to be licked and sucked. I laid the laptop where she'd be able to continue watching while riding my face; then slid down on the bed and pulled her on top. Her nectar tastes so good when she's flowing like that and it feels so cool to let my mouth explore when her outer lips are swollen and her inner lips are sticking way out and her clit is rock hard and sticking way up out of the hood. So, already things were different and it was really nice. I'd carefully turned as I slid under her, so that my left arm was inside her left leg and I could reach up and cup her tit, pinch her nipple, and just generally explore her upper body. Meanwhile, the right arm was under her right leg so that I could turn it back, squeeze the hand between her butt and my chin and run two fingers up into her sopping pussy for a nice g-spot massage. I did my best to go slow and savor every second of it, but soon enough she had come hard and long and was begging for a good hard doggy style fuck. Not one to argue, I slid out from under her, got on my knees behind and slid in full depth on the first stroke. Even that felt different and better with her so seriously aroused.

The whole thing was awesome -- but, admittedly, it was the exact same thing that we always do, just far more intense.

We crashed hard and slept late. There's nothing quite like laying in on a sunny weekend morning, especially when the kids don't usually allow it. I really don't remember much about how the day went on Saturday. I do recall that we were scheduled for a couples massage at the spa, two massage tables, two nice lady masseuses, and the two of us, totally relaxed for an hour. At the end of it, the staff gave us a key to the outdoor hot tub enclosure and explained that it was only open to that day's spa customers and guests of the hotel. We were welcome to keep the key that night and turn it in the next day.

Down the road a bit from our 'resort' stands a 140 year old lighthouse which, at the time, still contained the original, huge, multi-ton Fresnel lens. The historical society would light it once a year and people would come from miles around to see it. The annual lightings ended in 2011, but you can still see the lens, now removed from the lighthouse and on display in the museum at the site. Mary had planned our trip so that we could see the annual lighting, so, as dusk approached, we hiked down to the beach to watch. The lighthouse is indeed beautiful and there was just enough fog that you could see the beams of light sweeping through it just before they hit you head on with a bright flash of light. The night was off to a magical start.

The weather was fairly cool as it was mid-November and we decided that the hot tub might be just the thing to warm us up. Back in our room, Mary questioned whether I thought the tub might be done in the nude or at least topless. She had the cutest expectant look on her face. Other than for the beaches at Nice many years ago while traveling with her high school best friend, she's not had an opportunity to show off her magnificent tits in public. But, oh, those few days in Nice left an impression. She often tells me how great it felt to be outside and not covered up. I suppose I'm old fashioned... or is it shy... or maybe just plain chicken, but I'm not getting naked for strangers. I said that I didn't suppose that this particular place was that kind of place and my bet was on swimsuits. So, we suited up and headed for the hot tub.

There were actually a fair number of people in the hot tub. I think the lighthouse event had attracted more people to the resort than they might otherwise have at that time of year. But, it was also the night of the peak of the Leonids meteor shower and, if you're going to sit out watching for shooting stars, you might as well be sitting in a nice big hot tub. At first it seemed as if everyone did, as I predicted, have a swimsuit on. But, after a while I noticed one woman on the far side of the tub from the steps. She was up against the side, facing away. The tub area had no fence on that side as it was above a steep hillside. The lack of fence and the darkness of the sky in that direction made it the best place to watch for shooting stars. But her position also kept the woman's back to us and it appeared that she had no bikini top strap, it didn't look like she had a halter top either. I will admit that the thought that she might be topless or even naked intrigued me. The man sitting next to her, facing in and occasionally chatting with others in the tub was obviously with her. She was sticking pretty close to him. I really think she'd maybe gotten in there topless before the many swimsuit clad people had arrived and now was forced to be brave and stay. As long as she stayed low, the bubbles would hide her anyway.

But the bubbles were a problem. The pumps that recirculated the water and made the bubbles had some sort of issue, the pump intake kept making very loud, distracting sucking sounds. It was difficult to talk to the person sitting next to you and impossible to communicate across the width of the big tub. One of the other bathers fiddled with the intake, off and on. Someone had wrapped a t-shirt around part of it and he seemed to believe that, if he could position the sopping t-shirt just right, the thing would be silent. He was mistaken as, as time wore on, various people got up and left. Maybe some had been soaking long enough or had seen a few shooting stars so they could say they'd seen the Leonids. Maybe others just didn't want to listen to the noise any more. At some point the woman across the tub quickly made her way to the steps, up, out and straight to her towel. Yup, stark naked, and she had a great figure. It kinda sucked that she was the only one to come to the tub that way and ended up being self conscious and uncomfortable. I could have let Mary show up naked and then this other woman wouldn't have felt alone.

After a bit, a couple came in to the tub enclosure and though I couldn't hear exactly what he said, the man expressed some dissatisfaction that the noise "still hasn't been fixed". Then he walked over to the far corner, reached around the side of a cabinet that was there, and suddenly all was quiet. He had turned off the pumps. The silence was a very welcome relief and the night took on a new quality with the few of us that remained sitting in a big quiet soaker tub rather than a 'spa' or 'jacuzzi'. Of course, as soon as the bubbles all rose to the surface and drifted away, the water was clear as glass and, with the underwater light it was plain to see that we were all wearing suits. I'm pretty sure that the naked woman would have been mortified if she'd still been in the tub.

Most of the others left pretty quickly, perhaps they preferred the bubbles but didn't dare say so. Soon, just Mary and I and the couple who had killed the pumps were left and we just sat quietly and watched the sky for more meteors. Shortly, we heard a noise outside the gate, the gate rattled a bit, then an arm popped over the top, reached down and turned the knob. So apparently, those 'in the know' get to use the hot tub whether they are staying in the hotel or not -- of course, this would explain why earlier there had been more people in there than the hotel could accommodate. A young couple entered. They had to be in their early twenties. The thing that struck me first was that they were both small, she was maybe 5' 1" and he wasn't more than a few inches taller. They tossed their robes on a nearby chair and, surprise, both were as naked as they day they were born. Both were built like pixies, she had small hips, a slender waist with perfect flat tummy, and small wide breasts. I don't know how to describe them, they were a totally different shape than Mary's but just as beautiful. She also had freckles across her face, shoulders, chest and all across those awesome tits -- that and a sparse patch of curly red pubic hair told me she had some Irish blood. He was your typical 20-something young man, 6 pack abs, well defined pecs, trim, lean, just a great looking guy. He wasn't a body builder by any means, as I said earlier, both of them were petite. They were very cute together and not just because they were unafraid to step into the tub naked.

They walked down the steps, right beside us, crossed the tub and as he sat down facing us, she sat across his lap and put her arms around his neck. She nuzzled his neck for a second and then whispered something in his ear, "....eyes..." I couldn't quite hear and never did find out, but I suspect that she was commenting on the fact that Mary and I and the other couple still there had watched their every step as they entered the tub. While this was happening, the other couple quietly stepped out of the tub, collected their towels, and went out through the gate. Mary and I and the newly arrived naked people were the only people left in the tub.

Mary, whispered in my ear, "I think we should go, let them have some privacy."

But, I whispered back, "They are obviously not looking for privacy. You wanted to get naked in the hot tub, well, naked hour has begun."

I didn't have to ask twice. Mary quickly untied her top and dropped it on the concrete patio around the tub, then she slipped her bottoms off and dropped them there too. Now the only clothed person in the tub, I quickly pulled my shorts down and off and dropped them beside Mary's things. Of course, I had a problem in that my cock was hard as a rock -- and with the bubbles turned off, there was no way to keep this a secret. I pulled Mary so that she was sitting across my lap, a mirror image of the other couple across the tub from us. As I glanced past her towards them, I could see that they had begun to kiss gently. His eyes were open and, while he was kissing his girl he was looking right at us. Fair enough, I turned Mary's head toward mine and began to kiss her as well.

Across the tub, he had drifted up to kissing her ear, then down and around and was planting kisses all along her neck. This allowed her to turn her head and look toward us. As I moved up to nibble Mary's earlobe, the girl smiled coyly, then turned back to kiss her man on the lips again, passionately this time. I followed suit, realizing as I did that we were beginning a little game of follow the leader and that I didn't know where it would lead. Their bodies looked fabulous under the water, lit by the glow of the underwater light and as my tongue probed deeper into Mary's mouth, I watched as the other man's hand rose up from his girls' thigh and began to caress her tits. Needless to say, I took the cue and slid my hand along the bottom curve of Mary's breast. I thought I caught just a little twinkle in his eye as he saw this. Yes, I was following along, what did he expect me to do? Yes, he had the power now. I don't know what it was, whether in his mind he was kissing and touching Mary by proxy or perhaps he was just as voyeuristic as I am and was pleased to find that he held the controls to a couple that would do as instructed while he watched. We continued in this manner for some time, passionate kissing, hands on breasts, flicking nipples, pinching, squeezing -- he led, I followed. Always, we twisted and turned so that I could see what I was supposed to do and he could see that I was doing it. The girls did not get to watch, but I learned later that at least Mary knew exactly what was happening and was very turned on to be displayed in such a way. I have to assume that his girl, his gorgeous Irish lass, also knew the score.

After a bit of this, his hand dropped to her lap and her legs opened in response. I too reached for Mary's pussy and met no resistance. I could see from the position of his hand that he was not inserting any fingers into her, he wasn't even really reaching down very far. Likely he was just gently circling his finger tips over her clitoris as I was with Mary. I was sure that Mary would be very well lubricated by now, I was still rock hard (and trapped underneath her) but I'd played in a hot tub before (albeit without benefit of a 'personal trainer' to choreograph my every move) and I knew that I didn't want to wash too much of her juices away. We were still locked in a deep French kiss, my other hand wrapped around the back of Mary's neck, fingers meshed into her hair, thumb and pinkie holding her head as we kissed.

It was difficult to keep my eyes on the 'leader' through this, but I soon saw that he had stopped kissing her. He turned her to face directly toward us, with her back to him. His right hand was between her legs which were splayed wide so that we could clearly see every detail of her little pussy except where his index and middle fingers were making gentle swirls around her clit. His left hand was cupping a breast while the thumb and index finger gently rolled her erect nipple back and forth. He was planting little kisses all over her upper back and shoulders and watching us over her shoulder like a little kid playing peek-a-boo. The look in his eyes was absolutely devilish. Her eyes were open too, and she was gazing at us through a bit of a fog. I think that she had, by now, figured out that her man was the puppeteer and we were the puppets. I didn't leave her any room for doubt as I arranged Mary on my lap just as she was on his, spread her legs wide so they could see clearly, dropped my right hand down to trace circles on her clit, raised my left to fondle her breast, and began to plant my little kisses all across her upper back, shoulders, and neck.

I could feel Mary beginning to respond. Of course, I still didn't know how much she knew, but I hoped that she had at least taken a glance. As we continued in this way, both of them watching Mary and I and we watching them, he slid to the edge of his seat, reached between his legs and, as she tilted her hips just so, slipped his cock into her then resumed rubbing her clit. I nearly had a heart attack at the sight, but quickly remembered my role and arranged Mary and I into the same position. Mary was, in fact, very slippery inside and very warm. I was in heaven. We couldn't move a lot for fear of washing away too much of the precious slippery juice, but we slowly rocked in deeper as I continued with one hand on her clit and one on her tit. I'd slid down so far that I couldn't see over Mary's shoulder; I leaned to one side and peeked out around her arm. Sure enough, Leader was there doing the same and smiling while Irish Lass had her head back, eyes closed, no longer watching what Mary and I were doing.

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