tagNonConsent/ReluctanceLike It Has The Antidote Ch. 04

Like It Has The Antidote Ch. 04


The breeze created by the air conditioner was cool on Carla's skin as the intermingled cum from her and John's little adventure dripped down her inner thighs.

Little adventure. That wasn't quite right. It was a big adventure in a little bed. Thank god for the railings on the sides. Otherwise it might not have happened at all.

But it was over now, and there was nothing left but the clean-up. So, Carla crept quietly out of the bed and headed across the hospital room to the bathroom. She didn't want to wake John, who had nodded off almost immediately after they finished. He deserved a rest and so she pulled the sheets over him again.

She had almost nodded off for a moment too, but something had broken the trance she had fallen into.

Now, walking toward the bathroom door, still naked and glistening with sweat, she relished the feeling of the breeze. Her nipples had hardened at the feeling of it. And her still-warm pussy reveled as the air wafted across it.

Reaching the door, Carla grabbed the bar-handled knob, turned it and tilted her head in wonder as she opened the door to find a moon. It was a full, round celestial body - and the man in the moon was smiling back at Carla.

Well, to be technical, there were two smiles, both vertical, both lovely and both grinning right at Carla's face.

* * *

Angela had relaxed for a moment after she pulled the bathroom door closed.

"How close was that?" she thought as she leaned against the sink, the cool touch of the countertop sending a shiver through her body. "Leaving the door open while you masturbated in a patient's bathroom? While two people fucked within listening distance? If they hadn't been busy, they surely would have heard you."

But that wasn't fair. If they hadn't been "busy," she wouldn't have been frigging herself off on the toilet of their room, now would she? Well, probably not, anyway.

It wasn't like it was hospital policy to let people fuck in the beds. But that was beside the point. If someone had caught her, she would have surely lost her job. Hell, someone could still catch her. But she pushed that thought out of her mind and concentrated on what she must do.

She walked over to the toilet, looked at the little puddle on its lid and then reached for some toilet paper from the roll near its base. She was too smart to be caught by using a hospital towel. She couldn't sneak out with the dirty, wet towel, then sneak back in with a clean one. And the toilet paper would flush. "A smart little cookie," she thought. "That's what you are, my dear."

Bending over the toilet, she grabbed a wad of paper in her right hand, then looked again at the puddle and reached down with her middle finger to swab up a drop. She laid the finger on her tongue and wrapped her lips around it, pulling all of her spent juices off of it as she removed it through the "O" her full lips made.

"A smart little cookie," she thought again, "with a tasty cream filling."

And she was smart, but not smart enough to lock the door. So, when she heard the tongue of the door's lock click and the felt the door come open behind her she froze.

* * *

A thought flashed through Carla's mind. As she was riding John's cock earlier, she thought she had noticed something out of the corner of her eye. But when she tried to focus on it, it had disappeared - the slightest movement in the bathroom door.

And now that she thought about it, the door had been cracked open earlier. It was closed when she came to it just now.

She probably would not have noticed any of it, passing it off as imaginings in the heat of the moment. But all the pieces of the puzzle seemed to fall into place as she stared at this woman's ass.

This woman had been watching them fucking on the bed. She might have seen everything, from the blowjob that had started it all to the 69 it had developed into to the righteous fuck she had given John by supporting herself on the bedrails.

The woman was undressed and looked like she was cleaning something from the toilet seat. Was that? It was. She had been fingerfucking herself and cum all over the seat. And now she was cleaning it up, trying to sneak out of the room.

But far from upset, Carla was turned on. Now her nipples were hard from the thought of someone masturbating while watching her fuck. Now her pussy was pulsing again with the though of this lovely brunette rubbing herself all over as she had ridden John a short distance away.

This was too good to be true. This was so hot.

And then she saw the name badge clipped to the scrubs on the floor.

"Hi Angela," she said coyly.

* * *

Angela's eyes went wide with horror. How did this woman know her name? How was that possible when they had never met, never knew each other existed until tonight?

She looked back at the redheaded woman and as she did, she noticed the badge as well. "Oh God, how stupid are you to get caught in a patient's room?" she thought. "How can I get out of this?"

But there was no way out, and she knew it.

"I am soooooo sorry," she said, now looking at the woman's face. It was a beautiful face with two blue pools wrapped in white where her eyes should be. "I don't ... I ... Oh, my God, don't tell my supervisor. I don't want to lose my job."

* * *

When the woman who she now knew as Angela turned her head to face her, Carla saw that she was frightened. But even through the fear she could see that Angela was attractive. Long brown hair pulled into a ponytail. Deep, although fearful, brown eyes. A full face, not as angular as Carla's but sensuous nonetheless.

If she wasn't wearing that look of utter mortification, Angela might be beautiful.

But it was in that look of fear that Carla saw her chance. The almost tearful words coming from her mouth only confirmed it for her. Carla did not consider herself a manipulator, but this was a chance to be in total control of someone and she couldn't resist. Besides, if her intuition was correct, Angela wouldn't object - too much, anyway.

"What are you doing here?" Carla said, putting up an offended front. "What kind of hospital is this?"

"Best damn hospital I have ever been to," she thought to herself but clamped her mouth into a pursed look rather than say it and smile, as she normally would have done.

* * *

Angela was so afraid that she didn't register the change in Carla's demeanor from playful to outraged. Carla's plan had formed so quickly, that only one of her close friends would have caught on.

And Angela was feeling too ashamed of herself to allow her mind to process such thoughts anyway. She had been caught doing something naughty and had known it was "just wrong" while she was doing it.

It was like the time her dad had caught her as she masturbated under the faucet of her parents' bathtub, the last time she had come home from college to visit them. She had been allowing the water pressure to do half the work for her, climbing ever closer to an orgasm, when her dad walked in without hearing the water running. That had caused an awkward moment or two at dinner that night. Her dad wouldn't even look her in the eyes.

She had forgotten to lock the door that time too. No smart cookie this little girl.

And that is what she felt like - a little girl who had been caught with her hand in the cookie jar.

She turned to look at the redhead now tapping her foot in the open door, chastising her. The cold air grazed her nipples and she couldn't help them getting hard again.

"This can't get any worse," she thought and then the redhead spoke again.

* * *

"I can see you are cleaning up a little mess there," Carla said pointing at the toilet lid, sounding ever bit like the evil headmistress at an all-girls school. "Well, get back to it."

Carla saw that Angela's nipples were hard and didn't know what to make of it. But she knew she couldn't wait too long to get one or both of them in her mouth. She could feel herself getting wet again, but knew she had to keep up this act for a little while longer at least.

As Angela turned back to the toilet lid, Carla added, "Not with the toilet paper."

Angela had looked back at her quizzically. Then Carla told her, "I mean clean it with your tongue."

* * *

Angela was mortified. It wasn't that she wouldn't do something like that on her own. She had done plenty of weird things for boyfriends who had strange kinks. Once she had even peed on a guy when he asked.

But to be ordered to do that was degrading. Now it was disgusting. Now it was inhuman. But she had been caught and this woman held all the cards.

Her eyes pleaded with the redhead, but it was no use. The redhead held her gaze firmly.

She got onto her hands and knees and began to lick the toilet seat, feeling like she would wretch at any moment. She had used the tip of her tongue, making only small swipes at the now cold puddle her pussy had made only minutes ago.

At this rate, she would never get it done and she wanted badly to be dressed and out of this nightmare. And so she put more of her tongue into the action, the sweet taste that she had relished only moments before now turning sour with the taste of defeat.

She "cleaned" the toilet lid quickly now, leaving streaks in the puddle but making a noticeable difference at least.

Maybe after this humiliation the redhead would let her go. But then her tormentor's voice came again.

* * *

Carla was drunk with power now. She knew that if she could get Angela to lick a toilet seat, she could get her to do anything.

So, as Angela worked on the lid, Carla diddled herself just a little, hoping Angela would not look back and catch on to what she had in mind. Carla was wet again and ready to put her plan into full swing.

"My God," she scolded. "You are just making more of a mess. Let's try something else."

And as Angela turned again, Carla propped her leg on the seat, planting her radiating mound right in front of Angela's face.

"Clean me up," she told the woman still on all fours. "And don't think about using toilet paper."

* * *

Angela's heart sank.

Again, it wasn't like she had never eaten another woman out. She had been in a fairly open relationship with a female grad student in college. It was just experimentation, but she had enjoyed it thoroughly. It was only because Angela liked dick so much that she had broken it off with Heather, who was only about the ladies. Strap-ons only went so far, you know.

But this was different. This wasn't fun. This wasn't right. This couldn't be happening. But it was.

The redhead was looking down at her now, with a "Well, get to work" look on her face.

So, Angela got to work. She started straight for the redhead's clean-shaven pussy, but stopped just short when she realized her face had grazed something cold on the woman's inner thigh. She looked at it and realized it was white, creamy and glopped in a few spots near her lips.

"OK," she said to herself, "you are in this whole hog now, but you were the one who was fantasizing about John's cock and cum a little while ago. You might as well get a good taste while you are down here."

So, feeling the power of someone who has given up, Angela reached up and cupped the redhead's ass in her left hand, holding her steady as she began to lick the pearly-white moon juice off of the woman's inner thigh. It was good as far as cum goes. Nothing special, but as good or better than any other man's she had tasted.

She began to think about how the cum had gotten there in the first place and then lapsed into her dream world again as she drew her tongue up toward the redhead's now-puffy pussy lips.

Now she was imagining that this was Heather's pussy. She had just watched Heather fuck John on his hospital bed. She had just fingerfucked herself to the sight of her old college fling getting the first non-rubber cock of her life.

And now she buried her face into the redhead's - no, Heather's - pussy. Angela's nose nuzzled her girlfriend's clit as she eagerly licked all of the cum from around her pussy. The taste was getting better by the second and something deep inside Angela knew it was the fantasy, but wouldn't admit it to her conscious mind.

Angela "cleaned" like there was no tomorrow. She worked feverishly at the pussy in front of her - it didn't matter whose it was now, just that it was there and needed to be licked. Her hand clenched tightly onto the woman's ass, pulling it closer as she worked her tongue over every inch of soft pink skin she could find.

* * *

Carla didn't know what happened, but she liked it.

Angela had gone off track and begun to lick her inner thigh ("probably to put off eating me out," Carla had thought), but then, as she began to lick her Carla's soft white skin, Angela's whole demeanor had changed.

Far from the timid mouse Carla had first found bent over the toilet, Angela was now a full-fledged pussy freak. She was amazing. Never had Carla felt a woman so intent on pleasing her. And it wasn't like Carla was new at this. She had had plenty of female lovers, but this was a whole new level.

She had to stifle a moan. And then, sensing she was getting close to an orgasm, had tried to back off of Angela's mouth. But it was no use, as Angela had clenched tighter onto her ass and pulled her closer.

Carla was getting very close and she knew she would explode soon. Her third - or was it her fourth, or did it even matter - orgasm of the night was about to end up all over this little muffdiving maniac's face.

Carla reached down and dug her fingers into Angela's hair, pulling it partially out of the brown ponytail as she shoved the brunette's face even harder between her legs.

Carla let out an "uuugghhh," and released another stream of cum onto her pleasure-giver's face. Angela had just kept on lapping, trying to "clean" more, Carla supposed. But she didn't have time to think long, as another orgasm rocked her body forward.

Damn, this girl was good at making girls feel good.

* * *

Angela hardly noticed the first wave of pussy juice hitting her face. She was too into what she was doing. She knew she was in control of the redhead now.

Somehow the power had shifted and Angela controlled things. She could make this sadistic bitch cum at will, so she did it again, just to reinforce the point.

She was just about to release her death grip on the woman's ass when she heard something, only making it out a second later. It was John.

She heard him calling from the other room. "Carla, what's going on in there," he was saying. "Are you OK?

She heard the redhead's ragged-breathed reply. "Uh-huh," she said. "Just ..."

But before she could get the rest of the sentence out, Angela stood up and turned toward the door. And then she heard herself (was this really her) saying, "Well, I better go clean John up too." And with that she walked out of the bathroom.

* * *

Carla was stunned. She was going to have Angela "clean" John, but she had never expected her to volunteer. What the hell just happened?

She gathered herself and followed Angela into the room.

* * *

John was startled to see the naked woman enter from the bathroom and it took several seconds for him to recognize it was "Hello Nurse," as he had dubbed Angela the day before. Giddy on pain pills, he had lapsed into a full-on imitation of the Warner Brothers cartoon characters, howling "Hellllooooooo Nurse!!!!"

Angela, whose name he knew now, had smiled and joked back with him, "So, are you Yacko, Whacko or Dot?"

Without missing a beat, he had replied, "Well I am obviously Whacko." And then he proceeded to ask for a sponge bath. It had become a running joke that, although he was sure other patients had used with her, he felt she was receptive to from him.

He had planned to ask for her number and give her a call when he was all healed. But when he saw her in his room, naked as the day is long, her hair slightly mussed, he was taken by complete surprise.

He bolted upright and pain shot through his leg, causing him to actually see the color red for a second. Any belief that this was a dream was erased in no time flat.

"No need to pinch me," he thought. "I am awake."

There was Hello Nurse grinning at him devilishly. He could almost see the sex emanating off of her. What had been going on in the bathroom?

But when Carla entered the room behind her - looking flushed, no less - he put two and two together pretty quickly.

* * *

"I saw you two making a mess in here earlier," Angela said now. "Naughty boy."

She was wagging her finger at him playfully, the grin on her face getting wider as she thought about what lay beneath the sheets.

"I already cleaned her up," Angela said, throwing a glance back at the woman whose name she now knew was Carla. "But I still need to get you back in order."

And with that, she moved to his bedside, flung the covers back and looked at his rapidly enlarging cock. Although she did not know it at the time, it had begun pumping back into place as soon as she walked into the room, her full C-cup breasts giggling a little as she walked.

Her eyes went wide.

"It might be even bigger than it looked from the bathroom," she thought. "I am going to have fun with this."

"Tut, tut, tut," she said. "What a mess. Let me help you with that."

She leaned over the bed and began lick all around the shaft. He was well-trimmed and she didn't have trouble getting at the slowly-drying cum at the base.

She began stroking his cock with her right hand as she picked up his balls with her left, cupping them as she brought her mouth to the malleable nutsack. She juggled his balls with her fingers as she licked, then sucked one of his balls into her mouth, popping the other one in with her hand.

She made an "mmmmmmmmm" sound that vibrated him just right, giving John's "merry man" the added incentive it needed to stand at attention. All the while, she was stroking his cock with a firm hand, applying just the right pressure.

* * *

"Oh man," John thought. "I thought Carla was good. This girl is amazing."

She pulled her mouth from around his balls then and began to work on his cock, slowly lathering it with her saliva, and then pulling the head between those wonderful lips. She was moving her head up and down on him quickly now, sucking hard on the upstrokes and letting her hand follow her lips so that he felt every ridge available to him.

And as he closed his eyes to shut out any other sensations around him, he saw Carla moving toward this heavenly cocksucker.

* * *

Carla had gotten over her shock by now and was just in awe of this 5'6" dynamo working on John's cock.

She just didn't stop. She had gone from eating pussy like a master to sucking cock like a mistress with barely a skip in-between. And John looked like he was in heaven.

What was that phrase, "one good turn deserves another"? Well, it was Angela's turn and Carla wanted to make sure she got it.

Angela was busy working with John's 10-inch meat stick as Carla walked around behind her. Carla looked at the fur patch between Angela's thighs and frowned a little, thinking that a little grooming would work wonders. But she was there to do a job and she got to work.

Pulling her candy striper outfit under her knees as padding against the cold tile floor, Carla knelt inches from Angela' now-gyrating ass.

* * *

Angela was getting into the job she was doing. She was "feeling it."

Soon though, she was feeling something else - hands on her hips and hot breath on her nether regions. She had half-expected this, but didn't know if it would happen. As she had left the bathroom she hadn't even been sure she wanted Carla to eat her out. Carla had been such a cunt in the bathroom that Angela didn't know if she was going to return the favor done for her.

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