tagRomanceLilliahna & Zac Ch. 07

Lilliahna & Zac Ch. 07


~*~ Lilliahna ~*~

"Lil, Baby, what am I going to wear?" Zac asked as he stuck his head back into the bathroom fifteen minutes later.

"Clothes is a good start, otherwise I don't think I'll be able to leave you alone," I giggled as I wrapped the towel around me and headed into the bedroom.

"Hello?" I asked, as someone knocked on the door.

"Can I come in?" it was Jess. I opened the door.

"What is it?"

"Isabella is crying, I don't know what to do."

"Where are your parents?" I asked, following her into the lounge room.

"The funeral place rang and they had to go and organise some last minute things," Jess said, getting upset.

"Hey, don't worry honey, I'm not mad. Let's see what's wrong hey?" I asked picking up Issy. I felt her nappy, she was very wet.

"Jess, she just has a wet nappy, she hates it when her nappy is wet. How about I take her now and you go and get ready?" I asked. Jess nodded as she skipped off to get organised.

"Wow, can I have a hug now?" Matt asked, as he came into the room. I was still only wearing a towel.

"Sure matey," I said grabbing him.

"Now I'd better go and get ready. See you later," I said as I wandered back into the bedroom and shut the door. Zac was still standing in his towel, staring at his clothes.

"Baby, is it that hard to pick?" I asked him as I changed Issy and put her in her cot to play with her teddy.

"Yeah, it's the last time I'm gunna be with Dad, I want to look respectable." I nodded and understood where he was coming from. I picked up a pair of black dress pants and told him to put them on. He then grabbed a white dress shirt and tried to find his tie.

"Wait up babe," I said coming over to him and undoing the top couple of buttons.

"I don't think we have time Lil," he said, tugging on my towel.

"No babe, there, now you look great," I said winking at him and pulling my dress over my head, so far with nothing under it.

"Aren't you wearing bras or undies?" he asked. I gave him a look and pulled the most sexiest black G out of my bag and pulled it on.

"Happy?" I asked.

"How am I meant to concentrate now I know what you have under that gorgeous little black dress?" he asked, circling his waist with his arms. I shrugged.

"Could you dress Issy while I do my make-up?" I asked him.

"In what?" he replied. I pulled out a little pink dress from her bag. It was the most formal thing she owned and I thought it would be suitable. She couldn't wear black, she was too little. He managed ok, and once my make-up was done I combed some mousse into my hair. I left some on my fingers and roughed Zac's hair up a bit.

"Now, we are going to be the hottest people out today," I told him as I slipped on my heels and picked up Issy.

"You ready baby?" I asked him. He slowly nodded and I picked up my black clutch, which I had shoved lots of tissues into. He would need them, not being mean, but I could sense he was close to becoming a mess already. I looked at the time. It was 1 o'clock.

"Time to go and get organised," I told him as I handed him Issy and grabbed her nappy bag. As we got to the lounge room Zac's uncles were back.

"Where's Fay and Kate?" he asked.

"Getting ready. Now don't you guys look like a little family?" commented Tony.

"Thanks, I think," Zac said.

"We are going to head off now and meet you there. There is something we have to do first," I informed them as I led the way out the door to the car. I put Issy into her car seat and the pram in the boot.

"Where are we going Lilliahna. I don't feel like going anywhere at the moment," Zac told me. He wasn't in a state to drive so instead I did.

"I've arranged a surprise for you," I said, handing him his sunnies and slipping a dummy into my bag.

~*~ Zac ~*~

I had no idea where Lil was taking me. I wasn't in the mood for surprises and I didn't want to get annoyed at her. She loved me, so I knew she understood what was going on. I was surprised as we pulled up outside of the funeral home.

"What are we doing here? We are an hour early," I told her.

"Babe I know. It's ok, they know we are coming. Can you get the pram please?" she asked, fixing her make-up in the mirror, not giving anything away. I took a deep breath so I wouldn't argue with her and did as she asked.

Once she had safely buckled Isabella in her pram she turned to me and put her arms around me.

"Baby, I know the last time you're saw your Dad was horrible. It isn't how I'd want to remember any of my loved ones. I've organised it so you can see him now, so you can say goodbye to him on your own before everyone gets here. If you don't want to that's ok. But I thought you might like to," She told me, hugging me to her.

"Are you serious?" I asked her, my voice choked with emotion.

"You did this for me?" I felt my eyes feel with tears.

"Baby, I want to make this as easy as I can on you. You ready?" she asked as she turned around. I followed her inside and stood in a daze while she explained it all. The woman at the desk led us to the door.

"Do you want me to come with you Zac?" Lil asked me. I nodded, looking at the door. "Would you mind watching my little sister Isabella for me? I would really appreciate her not with us at this moment, if not it's ok, we couldn't get anyone to watch her," I heard Lil ask the woman.

"Sure, I have half an hour free until I need to be somewhere, I could play with her until then."

"Thank-you," I said as I gave her a small smile and looked at Lil.

"When you're ready," the woman said, leaving us alone. Lil gently took my hand and pushed the door open, gently urging me inside.

"You want to do this Zac, I mean you don't have to," Lil said, worry in her voice.

"I do," I said quietly. "I just don't know what to say."

"Speak from your heart. Did you want me to go, I don't want you to feel that I have to stay," Lil said. I knew she was letting me go, to do this by myself, but I wanted her near me, to catch me as I fell which I knew I was going to do. I put my arm around her, my hand resting on her hip. I felt her arm move behind me and she slowly moved me forward.

As I approached Dad, what used to be Dad, I felt the tears begin to fall, and my knees grow weak.

"I'm sorry Dad," I said, before falling to my knees and dissolving into tears. I heard Lil start crying behind me, but knew she wasn't crying for her, she was crying because of the pain she saw me in.

I only knew because she had said it so many times before. But I loved her for it, I loved feeling cared for. She raised one hand and let it rest on my shoulder, knowing better than I myself did about what I needed right now.

"I'm sorry I got angry with you for not being there for me Dad, I'm sorry I blamed you for what happened with Mum. I know it wasn't your fault. I know that now, I knew it all along, I was just so angry, I didn't know what else to do. I'm sorry I left that night Dad, I couldn't handle seeing you do this to yourself. I'm sorry for running away when you needed me the most," I had to stop here because I was crying so hard I couldn't get the words out.

Yet Lil must have sensed that I wanted to say more because she didn't move. I knew if she showed me how much she cared I would lose it and not be able to finish. I once again thought to myself how much I loved her.

"Dad, I know we have both done wrong things, but I am sorry that we never got a chance to fix what had gone bad between us. You were once my hero, than I thought of you as the villain who had destroyed my life. But now, that I have stopped and thought about it, and had some help understanding everything from the most amazing person in the world, I see that I was yet again wrong. You are my hero Dad.

"You taught me what it meant to love someone with your whole heart. You taught me how to be a gentleman. You taught me how to ride a bike and kick a football. You're my hero Dad, and if I turn out to be half the man, and the father, that you were I would be happy. I'm sorry I never made the time to tell you this. I love you Dad, I always will. Goodbye Dad," I said as the tears overtook me again.

I turned and reached for the one person I had left in the world, and just as I knew she would, she caught me as I fell. I was crying so hard that I could hardly breath, and Lil picked up on this when she began to make soothing noises and rub my back, the same way I had seen her calm done Isabella when she woke up crying.

It worked though. I felt my breathing slow down and the tears stopped falling as fast. She offered me a tissue and I mopped my streaming eyes. I saw her do the same out of the corner of my eyes.

"Lilliahna, thank-you for giving me this opportunity. Thank-you so much," I said pulling her to me. We sat like that for a little while, before there was a knock at the door and the woman stuck her head in.

"I have to go now," she said. Lil motioned her to push the pram in and mouthed thank-you. I started crying again. She held me tighter and I soon calmed down.

"You ok?" she asked and she looked me in the eyes. I nodded and she kissed me. She wiped the last few tears away with her fingers.

"I love you Zac. What you said to your Dad was beautiful. I know you probably don't believe me but I know that he knew you loved him. I could tell when I spoke to him over the phone." I kissed her again and gave her one last hug.

Isabella started to cry and as Lil motioned to get up to get her I stopped her. Instead I went over to her and got her out of her pram.

"Hey Bella," I whispered to her, as I rubbed her back and held her against me.

"You know Bella means beautiful don't you? I am going to call you that now, coz if I get my way you are going to be my little sister-in-law. I hope you realise how lucky you are, you have the most amazing sister. We both love her very much don't we?" I asked her, holding her back from me a bit so I could look at her.

She was babbling away in her own little language. I looked back at Lil and saw a tear trickle down her face.

"What's the matter baby?" I asked as I made my way over to her and sat on the ground.

"You are so amazing with her. I heard you get up to her last night. You soothe her so quickly. She adores you, I love seeing you with her. You are going to make an amazing father Zac," she told me as she took Issy and put her on the ground to crawl around.

I looked up at the clock and saw that it was just after two. Time to go and greet everyone before the funeral started. I picked up Issy and carried her, while Lil got her pram and tucked it into a corner. While I was saying hello to everyone that came, explaining how the baby wasn't mine and introducing Lilliahna; I was gently rocking Issy in my arms. I didn't even realise I was doing it until my Nanna Watson came in, exclaiming that I was a natural.

I looked down to see what she meant and saw that Issy had gone to sleep. She was snuggled up to my and had her little hand woven around part of my shirt. I felt so possessive over her, I didn't want to let her go. I reluctantly let Lil gently take her from me to put her into her pram so she could sleep. I was still talking to Nanna when she came back and I put my arm around her.

At quarter to three Lil took Issy's pram into the funeral room and parked it near to where we would be sitting. I joined her in there not long after, as most people had heading in to find a seat. Before I knew it the funeral was starting and I had Lil on one side of me holding my hand and Nanna on the other side of me, holding my other hand.

I don't remember much of the funeral. I remember falling into a mess of tears, and Lil holding out tissues for me. Nanna had her arms around me and pulled me towards her, just like she used to when I was little and had a nightmare. It was comforting being in her arms.

The funeral was nearly over when I heard Issy wake, she had been asleep for nearly two hours now. Lil got her then came back and sat next to me. I reached out for Issy and held her close. She snuggled into me and I felt calmer. I loved this little girl.

As my Uncles and Dads closest friends got up to carry the casket, I did as well, passing Issy to Lil. I was helping take him to the car that would take him away. I got outside and managed to put the coffin into the hearse before collapsing. I saw Lil hand Issy to Nanna and come running over to me.

She helped me to my feet and took me back inside. When we were alone she let me sit on the ground and made sure she knew I loved her. She said it over and over again while she held me to her. Once I had calmed down and we went back outside most people had gone. Nanna was sitting in the corner with Issy on her lap, who was in a fit of giggles. I took her from Nanna and went out to the car.

~*~ Lilliahna ~*~

"Is he ok?" Zac's Nanna asked as he took Issy to put her in the car.

"I don't think so. He should be fine, but I knew today would be hard for him."

Zac called out to me that he was ready to go and I asked his Nanna if she had a ride. She said no, so I told her to come with us.

No one said much on the ride back to the hall where the wake was being held. Once we got there we put Issy into her pram and Leah came running over asking if she could take Issy.

"Don't get her out of the pram ok," I told her as she carefully pushed the pram back to where Jess and Kim was sitting.

"I'll go and keep an eye on them," Nanna Watson said as she followed Leah. Zac took my hand as we wandered inside. I hardly knew anyone, but learnt a lot about James, Zac's father, from listening to all the stories people told Zac about him.

He sounded like an amazing man; I wished I had a chance to get to meet him.

After about an hour Zac pulled me to him and whispered into my ear.

"Come on babe, let's get out of here. The whole time people keep telling me these stories all I can think about is what you are, or aren't, wearing under that dress. I can feel the strap of you G as I rest my hand on your hip and its driving me crazy." I smiled, knowing exactly what he meant. I had never seen Zac dressed up before and he had never looked so hot.

Just as we were about to make our escape another man came up to us and started reminiscing about the times he had with James. While he was saying this I slid my hand down into the band of Zac's pants until my fingers felt his warm skin, I stroked his arse with my fingers, getting more and more excited.

"Excuse me Morris," I heard a familiar voice say. I turned around and saw Grandma Davidson heading towards us.

"I'm glad I caught you. Do you remember that time you and James went fishing?" she asked leading him away, winking at us over Morris' shoulder.

"Let's go babe," I said, hurrying for the exit. On the way out I saw the girls, Nanna and Issy.

"Hey, I have to take Zac for a while, he needs to get some fresh air, do you guys think you'll be able to watch Issy for a while?" I asked them. They nodded and I told them I would be back as soon as I could. I don't know what it was with old people winking at me today, but as I turned around to leave, Nanna gave me a wink. They must know what we are up to, I thought as I hurried away.

~*~ Zac ~*~

Lil met me at the car and jumped in the passenger seat. I was driving this time and she grabbed my hand and put it on her thigh, just below where her dress ended. She reached over and skilfully undid my pants and before I knew it, her hands were on me and I let out a small moan.

"Lil, you can't do this while I'm driving," I told her, pretending to be angry. She re-did up the zip on my pants but left the button undone. I thought she was going to behave until she slipped my finger into her mouth and began to suck on it.

"Baby, you can't do that...oh, ok...don't stop," I groaned as she slipped my finger further into her mouth. I had the door open as soon as the car came to a stop and we were at the front door in no time. She had her body pressed against mine, kissing my neck as I fumbled to get the key in the lock. As soon as we were inside, before the door was even fully shut behind us, she had my pants undone and on the ground and half the buttons on my shirt undone too.

"Oh, you are in trouble now," I moaned, reaching for her and nuzzling into her neck, covering her skin with soft kisses. I picked her up and carried her to the bedroom, leaving my pants and shirt near the front door. I set her down on the floor long enough to pull her dress over her head before pushing her back onto the bed. She lifted her hips as I slid off her G and I pulled down my on boxers.

"Hurry baby," she said. "I am so hot for you." Her hand had moved between her legs and she was rubbing her clit. Her eyes were closed and her breathing fast.

"Lilli, oh baby, you had better stop that pretty soon, or I'm not going to last another minute," I told her as I kissed her and moved between her legs.

"Make love to me Zac," she murmured into my lips. I pushed myself into her and her moan nearly made me come. She was definitely turned on, her body pushed hard against mine and her hands running over my back.

"Oh Zac, harder, baby, faster," she moaned, moving against me. I pushed myself into her and she began to cry out.

"Baby, oh baby, that feels so good." I couldn't help myself, I want more of her, I wanted to get closer. I bent my head and caught one of her nipples in my mouth. Sucking on it I pushed myself into her harder still.

"Baby, come for me, come with me, please, come with me NOW," she screamed the last word. I thrust into her one last time before exploding. I kept moving in her until the waves of pleasure slowly ebbed away and I fell onto her, exhausted, not just physically but emotionally too.

"I love you," she whispered into my ear as she hugged me.

"I love you too," I told her back as I closed my eyes and slowly drifted off to sleep.

~*~ Lilliahna ~*~

As I felt Zac falling asleep, I contemplated waking him but decided that, after the day he had had I would let him sleep. I carefully slipped out from underneath him and pulled my dress and G back on.

Tiptoeing from the room I turned to look at him, he was still on his tummy, completely naked, his cute little butt on display to the world. I smiled as I quickly headed back to the car to get Issy and Nanna.

I found them, exactly where they were when I left them. As I approached Fay came up to me.

"We've been looking for you everywhere. Where is Zac, there's someone here who wants to meet him," she told me.

"I'm sorry I had to take him home. He wasn't coping. He's fast asleep at the moment."

"Is that so?" Fay said with a smile while she reached out to smooth down my hair.

"Wasn't coping with what exactly?" I just smiled and went to get Isabella and take her home. I could see she was tired and she was starting to whinge.

"Thank-you girls. I'll see you all when you get home ok. I saw the best looking chocolate cake over there. Have you had some?" I asked them.

"No," they informed me, running off to find it.

"Can I have a ride home?" Nanna Watson asked me. "I feel out of place here, and I'm ready for my afternoon nap."

"Yeah sure, let's go."

As I unlocked the front door I remembered Zac's clothes were still lying on the ground next to the front door. I smiled at Nanna as I picked them up and she winked at me again. I knew that it was no big deal to her and that she wouldn't tell anyone. I went into the bedroom with Issy and put her in her cot. I cuddled up to Zac and fell asleep, after all, it had been an emotionally draining day.

~*~ Zac ~*~

I woke up to find Lil next to me, the room quite dark and Issy babbling away to her teddy bears in her cot. I quickly pulled some clothes on and took Issy into the kitchen to get her something to eat. My family was already there, eating the pizza's that they had ordered.

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