We had met Sharon and Paul through one of our ads in a local swinger's magazine. They lived quite some distance away, but decided to come over and pay us a visit to see if there was a mutual attraction. It was already there as far as I was concerned, Paul had sent us pictures of his wife in a bathing suit showing a full figured, quite curvaceous lady with red hair, sky blue eyes and a smile that seemed to welcome anyone who liked the view. Linda apparently liked the pictures he had sent of himself, especially the one that showed his rather impressive cock length and thickness. Usually she didn't like pictures of naked men, but she had learned to like a man who could fill her pussy with a rock hard dick and stay in it long enough to insure that the orgasms he gave her were at least as long lasting as those she had enjoyed with some of her other conquests. Paul certainly had the equipment to fill that bill!

The pictures we had sent to them showed nothing more than what we would have sent to relatives, although it was pretty obvious to even the least observant male that Linda had a set of knockers that were world class and she wore them proudly in a three-quarter profile shot that emphasized their size and only faint sag. I had always liked that picture and smiled as I viewed the last copy I had. I was proud of my wife's angelic face; strong, curvaceous legs emphasized by the three inch stiletto heels that she wore to show their shape. There was a little bulge at her waistline – a bulge that she fought as tenaciously as the gym and her diet would allow. It didn't detract from her beauty at all as far as previous male friends had discovered, especially when those legs were over their shoulders or wrapped tightly around their waists as they fucked her. But what they all liked most was the fact that my wife loved to fuck. We were far past the time when she had succumbed to her first few lovers and realized that it had made our love for each other only stronger. These days, enjoying one of the frequent early evening bed times, we could reminisce about the times we had watched each other fucking our partners until they could no longer perform and still go home and continue with each other until sheer exhaustion caused us to finally call a halt to our fun.

When Paul and Sharon called from the interstate just outside of town, we gave them instructions on how to get to our duplex home. Linda was excited, although both of us realized that this was to be purely a social call unless the magic was there. From our previous experiences, I knew the magic would be there as soon as Paul saw Linda, and I more or less expected the same thing when I hugged Sharon. We had purposely left our plans in limbo so we could make suggestions about various restaurants or activities they might enjoy and act on them.

Paul and Sharon didn't disappoint us. They pulled into our driveway within five minutes of the time they told us to expect them. We went out to meet them as they stepped out of the car, somewhat fatigued by the two hundred mile drive. Their appearance was exactly as the photos had shown. Paul had come to the passenger side of his car to assist Sharon in getting out. He turned just as Linda reached the car and took her in his arms as though she were an old time friend, complete with the kiss on her cheek. Like us, they were concerned with the 'proprieties' until we were in a less public venue. I hugged Sharon tightly (Wow! There was nothing fake about those tits!) and then shook Paul's hand as Linda led them to the house.

Once inside, with the door closed, the welcome became much warmer. Linda allowed Paul to pull her close and let his hands wander as his tongue entered her mouth only to meet her own. Sharon was equally accommodating, encouraging me to explore her left tit with one hand as I pulled her close with the other and french kissed her soft, mint flavored mouth, letting our tongues explore each other. I don't know what Paul was up to for the next couple of minutes, but hearing Linda's soft breathy exhalation told me that he had probably found one of her super sensitive, inviting nipples and was enjoying his explorations as much as I was.

Once we were disentangled, hospitality took over from lust – at least for a moment. Obviously we had found a connection immediately, not that we had doubted there would be one after two or three phone calls to each other, and it was time to slow down slightly. Tall glasses of iced tea and separate platters of appetizers on the coffee tables that stood in front of our two couches made conversation more interesting even as our hands wandered over each other's partner. Many of our straight guests had wondered about such a furniture arrangement. We had told them that it made it easier to watch television with guests. They had no idea what we preferred watching, just as was happening now. Linda and I had taken our partners to opposite couches as we usually did when we were with a new swinging couple (or even straight couples that we weren't sure about). I could tell that Sharon was used to the male partner taking the lead as she watched Paul's reactions to Linda and vice-versa.

There wasn't much snacking going on, but the level of the pitcher of iced tea went down rapidly as the stoked libidos took over. Paul had Linda's breasts both out of her top before he finished his first glass, and as she turned toward him to give him better access to the left one, I saw his hand disappear beneath her skirt from the corner of my eye. The reason I saw it from the corner of my eye was because I had just discovered how tasty Sharon's tits were. I was busy on the right one, holding on with both hands as my tongue and lips explored it fully. Sharon moaned softly as I tried to swallow her entire breast, and although I only managed to get about a half cup of it in my mouth, she was pulling my head tighter to her chest.

I managed to divert my attention from Sharon long enough to see Linda, bare-breasted, leading Paul toward the bedroom. Her blouse and bra were still on the couch where she and Paul had obviously been enjoying themselves. Paul was so close behind her that he was holding her by both tits as he followed. It didn't take much more visual acuity to see that Linda had his cock in her hand. Truly she had found the way to make a man's heart and mind follow her.

Sharon caught my eyes wandering, although had never left that delightful mouthful. She laughed as she saw the expression on my face when she pushed me back with her hand on my forehead.

"I don't guess we have to wonder if those two are simpatico," she chuckled. "Now, how abut you and me?"

"At your command, milady," I responded with as near a bow as I could muster with my knees already between hers and her body pushed back to the end of the couch. "But I think they have figured out that there is a much more comfortable area in that direction just waiting for us. I propose to lead you there."

"Lead on, McDuff," she said with a laugh as I stood and pulled her to a standing position in front of me. She looked down between us and saw the swollen condition of my cock, tenting itself out against the leg of my trousers. At any other time, with someone unlike this fast moving couple, I might have been embarrassed, but not so now as I felt her hand graze my rigid rod through my trousers. "I guess I don't have to ask if you're ready," she commented shifting her eyes to mine as her smile remained in place. "Just one question though, do you like to watch Linda or would you prefer we were in a room by ourselves?"

"I love watching Linda, but I know that the first time she's with another man she likes to be by herself. Why don't we compromise and do it in another room for the first round, then join them – that is if you like to watch."

"Sounds good to me," she nodded. "And, yes, I love to watch. But what appeals to me most is the promise of another round together as we watch them. Can you do that?"

"Not as easily as I could when I was in my twenties," I laughed. Reaching between us, I uncovered the other breast. "But looking at these, I don't think I'll have any problem."

Sharon's laugh was full throated and easy. There obviously wasn't much this lady hadn't done before, and she apparently enjoyed all of it. I knew that their visit would be something we would remember for a long time. With my arm around her waist, I led her toward the guest bedroom. Once there, I began taking off her clothing as she did the same for me. The blouse was easy to take off since I already had the buttons undone and her bra pushed above her full breasts. Her breasts weren't as large as Linda's but they were certainly worthy of lots of oral and tactile worship.

I pulled her skirt down as soon as I found the zipper tab and got the panties with it. It was a pleasant surprise to see that her hair was naturally red, even though the muff above her pussy had been stripped of all except an arrow pointing to that delightful haven. She had finished with me at almost the same time and now was facing my prick with had snapped up against my belly almost as soon as it had been released from my boxers. I managed to get my loafers off just before Sharon, kneeling in front of me, inhaled my cock in her mouth. It felt like a hot oven as her lips closed over the head, but became even more intense as they slid along the length of my cock and her tongue became a windshield wiper beneath the already leaking head.

I groaned with pleasure, pulling her head tighter into my crotch and feeling her lips bury themselves in my pubic hair as my over seven inch length almost lost it with the feel of the head pressing into her throat.

"M-m-m, yummy!" she said, pulling back until her lips just touched the tip. "I'm going to like this!"

She didn't struggle as I lifted her to her feet, then cradled her in my arms and placed her on the bed. I got on the mattress too, catching scent of the delicate aroma of an aroused woman. I spread her legs and got between them, letting my lower body hang off the bed as I lifted her thighs into the crooks of my elbows and lowered my head toward that beautiful triangle. I felt her hands combing through my hair as my lips kissed their way up both thighs and then to the swollen lips of her pussy. Trailing my tongue through that lovely valley, I collected a few droplets of her arousal on my tongue and knew I wanted to dig deeper.

"Oh, that's it!" Sharon groaned softly as she pulled my head tighter into her crotch. "I love a man who eats pussy!" Putting her feet behind my back forced her thighs wider and I knew she was settling in for a long term licking. I pulled one of the pillows on the bed down even with her hips. She realized what it was for and lifted her ass so I could slide the pillow beneath her, lifting her crotch to the perfect height for a worship of this beautiful gash. It was opening wider with each stroke of my tongue and soon I was able to see into that marvelous piece of human design that gave us males such pleasure. I worshipped it for the next thirty minutes or so, alternating with nibbling and sucking her clit as it stood high and proud. Sharon was moaning softly now, almost constantly. Moments later, I felt her belly tighten and tasted the sweet syrup of her orgasmic juices seeping into my mouth.

"That was wonderful," I told her as I hitched my body higher until we were face to face on our sides, "but you have a lot more to offer, and I want you to enjoy it as much as I." Our mouths met in a long passionate kiss. I knew she was inhaling the fragrance of her own juices, but there seemed to be no objection as I continued kissing and fondling her body, including those lovely tits of hers. My next move would have been to see if I could figure out what her favorite position would be to have me fuck her, but Sharon took control instead, rolling me over onto my back and straddling me just over my still rampant cock.

"Now it's my turn," she hissed. Poised over my cock, she took one hand and aimed it at the delightful tunnel of love I had been sucking on just moments before. She took it slow, watching my reaction as the head slipped easily into that delightful sheath, smiling when I reached up and began kneading her breasts. The nipples were long and pointed, demonstrating her own arousal as she took my cock deep and deeper. She seemed to have a bit of trouble with the last half inch or so, but cured it by rising to her knees, then sinking down at an accelerating rate until my pubic hair was pressed tightly against that almost bald beaver. With that accomplished, she leaned forward, pressing her breasts against my chest. "Now," she whispered with a smile, "fuck me!"

I certainly did my best, and it was a wonderful sensation as Sharon helped by stroking my entire body with her own. Each move, up or down the length of my body was so erotic. She kept her legs tightly together, between my own and used her cunt to massage my cock. This lady knew how to use the muscles of her vagina to caress the entire length of my dick in a rippling of taut, well trained muscle. Even her clit was getting the benefit of riding the top of my dick and I saw her entire body flush as she approached her second orgasm.

"Now, fuck me hard!" she gasped, lifting herself off my chest just enough that I could drive my dick into her cunt with each up or down motion of her body on mine and suck those lovely tits. When the moment hit, she raised herself bolt upright on my cock and began pounding my cock into her cunt. I loved the sight of those beautiful boobs of hers bouncing with the energy of our fucking while the delightful sensation of her pussy stroking my dick hit just the right peak to send her over the top. I was squeezing those lovelies, pinching the nipples hard enough to almost hurt as it hit her, she again lay down on my chest, gasping and quivering with the intensity of her orgasm. I let my dick remain still in her cunt as she slowly recovered, kissing her panting mouth.

"Oh, that was perfect," she managed to say as she rolled over on her back, pulling me with her until I was on top this time. "But you didn't cum, did you?" I admitted that I hadn't. "No, I'm saving it for when I'm watching Paul fuck my wife and I've got my dick in this beautiful pussy of yours. Then I'm going to fill you full of cum and go down on you again. I love eating a freshly fucked pussy."

She barely had enough breath to laugh, but she did, telling me that there were very few things she liked better than being fucked and then eaten – in fact nothing that she could recall at the moment. I gave her a few more minutes to relax and recover before suggesting that we go see what her husband and my wife were up to. "I can tell you already," she said. "Paul's going to be fucking the shit out of her. One look at those knockers of hers and he told me he intended to spend the night screwing her and sucking on them."

"That's great!" I told her, "Because there's nothing Linda likes better than a full night of fucking and sucking, but that isn't the only reason I suggested that you all come down here. Surely there are a few things in this town that you would like to see and we want to make sure you get the chance. After all, we've got the entire weekend to satisfy each other, so there's no need to rush."

"You're going to think I'm nuts for suggesting this, but I'd like to go see a porno movie. Something with some real steam in it. As you might guess, the little town we live in has nothing like that available and while watching it on video tape is fun, I'd love to be in an audience watching how other people handle it. It sounds so hot, almost like being in an orgy without having to fuck everyone."

It was my turn to laugh. "Then a porno picture it is. There's a couple of theaters we could go to downtown, with balconies for couples only. Is that what you had in mind?"

"Perfect," she purred. "That's really going to turn Paul on. I hope that Linda is up for it, because when he gets her in bed after something like that, he probably won't even come up for air until in the morning."

"Then you're ready to spend the weekend with us?"

"Of course, but just as I'm sure you two do, we didn't want to show our intent until we were sure that we would be compatible. A weekend can be a long time if you don't get along with another couple in every way. Haven't you felt the same way on a few occasions?"

I nodded my head in agreement. "Yes, but I have to say that most couples we know are in it just for the fun of it, like we are and don't spend a lot of time wondering whether they should or shouldn't. I'm lucky too to have a wife like Linda who, once they get a look at her, most guys can't resist seeing if those tits of hers are real. When they find out they are, most also want to spend more than a few hours playing with them as they fuck her."

"Then let's go in and see how she and Paul are getting along, not that I expect anything except his being wild about her for exactly the same reasons."

Moments later, Sharon and I were standing alongside the bed where Paul was driving his dick into my wife with hard thrusts that shook the bed each time. The foamy circle around their genitals told me that Linda had already had several orgasms and wasn't about to let Paul's efforts go to waste before she had another. Her head rolled from side to side as she gasped out her own pleasure, begging Paul to shoot his cum into her cunt. Whether or not our being there, watching him screw her was a distraction or not, he did it. With a final lunge that would have pinned any desirable lady to the bed for hours, he roared with pleasure. We could see his balls pumping the accumulation of sperm into Linda's hot pussy and her reaction as she felt its heat filling her cervix, then the length of her cunt to overflowing. She was clawing at Paul's back, trying to pull him deeper into her. Her legs, wrapped tightly around his thighs, added their own measure of desperation as she drove her hips into his crotch to take all he had to offer. Soon, she was quivering with the aftershocks as Paul rolled off her belly and began smearing the excess cum over her belly and tits. Linda was still gasping as she took his hand and lifted it to her mouth, sucking his fingers and lapping at his palm, tasting their combined juices.

"Oh, damn that was good!" she gasped as she saw the two of us standing beside the bed, still naked. I have to admit that my cock was hard as a rock from seeing the energy she had put into fucking her latest lover. She was reaching for it, knowing that I loved having her suck it, before Sharon pulled me back out of her reach.

"Oh, no," she laughed, "he's all mine for today anyway. I'm sure Paul will be happy to have you suck his as soon as he recovers a little. Besides, I just told Earl that we have something that I've wanted to do for a long time and he's promised me that he'll take me."

"What's that?" Paul asked, seeing his chances of another fuck with my wife going out the window at least for a while.

Sharon mentioned the movie and Paul smiled. Linda didn't look all that happy. I think she was more interested in having Paul fuck her again. She had always opposed going to a porn theater, having heard all the stories about the 'dirty old men' who frequented them and their habit of jacking off so the floor was slippery and smelled of old cum. But these were our guests and she wanted to do anything necessary to draw them back to us in the future, so I knew she would go along with it.

An hour or so later, after a refreshing, badly needed shower each of us shared with our partner we were walking into the theater. A wide stairway on one side of the theater lobby led upstairs to the balcony we knew was reserved for couples only. The lighting was dim, so it took a little time for our eyes to become accustomed to the darkness. As brighter scenes illuminated more of the area in front of us, we could see that the balcony was almost full. To the uninitiated, it would have seemed nothing was happening up here other than clusters of couples watching the oversized actor on the screen sinking his dick into the sweet young thing stretched over a couch. Once we were recognized as two couples though, the action resumed. From where we stood we could see body movements that indicated there was as much happening in the balcony as on the screen. Slowly we moved into the least filled row. I handed Sharon in first, then followed as Paul did the same with Linda leaving only one seat at the end of our row unoccupied. Sharon found herself beside a young black man who was accompanied by a very well put together black lady. They had straightened in their seats as we entered the row, but now seemed comfortable enough to resume their kissing and fondling of each other. What intrigued me though, more than seeing their interest in each other was the realization that a man on the other side of the black lady was joining in. The dress she wore had a drape effect over her breasts which now had been lifted to show that she was bare beneath that drape. The man next to her had one hand on her left breast while her boyfriend had the right one in his mouth, suckling her. As I watched, she sagged in her seat and another hand came into view sliding up the inside of her left thigh directly into the center of her crotch. There was no opposition from either her, or her date as that hand began moving in and out, obviously finger fucking her.

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