tagNonConsent/ReluctanceLinda's Hawaii Double Ravishment

Linda's Hawaii Double Ravishment


Linda as described in previous stories is my current wife. She has told me stories of her previous sexual encounters.

This story is set in Honolulu while she was married to her first husband at 19. They had an open marriage and basically did what they wanted to with whomever. It was the early seventies a time of free love, heavy drinking and drug use especially in Hawaii.

Linda was a stunning 5 foot 5 blonde with green eyes and 36 C breasts highlighting her tanned 115 lb body.

She and her friend Barbara would often leave there respective husbands to take in the town getting drunk and high in whatever drugs they could get their hands on.

A Hollywood movie production was in full swing on Waikiki beach the summer of 1971. Linda and Barbara almost lived on the beach by day taking in the sun strutting their great bodies up and down the beach looking for some hot guys to hook up with or an invite to a party.

One of the producers of the movie noticed them and soon was trying to convince them to attend a party the production company was having in their suite at the Rainbow Tower Hilton just down the beach from where they were.

Being typical nineteen year olds with a fantasy of someday becoming movie stars the quickly accepted the invitation for that evening at nine.

Linda and Barbara dressed in their sexiest evening attire which flattered their slim bodies and firm butts. Neither wore a bra and the low cut thin fabric of their evening dresses left little to the imagination.

They arrived at the party stylishly late at 10 PM. The suite was packed with around 15 ladies and ten men. Most of the quests were from the movie production company. They did not recognize any of the quests with the exception of the producer who invited them and the young director of the movie.

The bar was stocked with every kind of liquor made and they both started drinking immediately. Their host never let their glasses empty and gave them several joints of the now famous Maui Wowie known to be a very potent marijuana blend.

As the party got into full swing the drugs got stronger with cocaine and heroin being snorted or shot up by all attendees. Linda and Barbara snorted 2 or 3 lines of cocaine but would not shoot up any heroin due to a fear of needles.

It was now about one in the AM and Barbara wanted to leave but Linda was sky high and refused to leave when Barbara did. The earlier crown had now dwindled to about 8 or 9 quests including Linda. She had to go to the bathroom in the worst way and just as she finished peeing the locked door was shattered by the young director Bob. He picked her up placed her on the sink and proceeded to rape her with his averaged size dick. He was very stoned and excited and dumped a load deep in her cunt after only a few dozen feverish thrusts of his cock.

Linda was in a state of shock just sat on the bathroom floor sobbing not really believing what had just happened to her. Looking from the bathroom door she noticed Bob the guy who had just raped taking to the producer Tony pointing in her direction. Tony just stared at Linda and she could see his cock swelling in his pants. Tony was a large man at 6 foot 3 and about 225lbs.

Suddenly Tony walked in her direction picked up off the floor and carried her into the suite master bedroom placing on the bed then taking his clothes off. He pulled off her dress and got into bed with her. Linda was scared she was going to be raped again and concerned the door was open to the party room and they all could watch her or worse yet join in on the rape. Tony proceeded to roughly kiss her while sticking 2 fingers into her already cum filled cunt. He then placed his cock head at the entrance of her hole and slowly slipped into her tight cunt. He fucked her for around ten minutes before coming. Although the whole thing was frightening she could not help but have a massive orgasm also. Tony got off her and Linda quickly got dressed and left the hotel suite.

She told me that when going home she feared telling her husband about the rapes and strangely enough the fact that these big shot Hollywood guys actually wanted to rape her boosted her ego.

She never told her then husband. The story turns me on as most of her wild true sex adventures do.

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