tagLoving WivesLinda's Teacher's Conference

Linda's Teacher's Conference


As a 48 year-old teacher, I have a great sex life with my second husband, who has "opened me up" sexually. We enjoy sharing each other, but can't afford any scandal by "putting out" locally. My lovers think I'm attractive..5' 8", 140 pounds with small (34b) breasts.

This past summer, I was given the opportunity for some professional training in Atlanta. My husband couldn't make the trip, but he encouraged me to "have fun" while I was gone -- he wanted to hear all about it when I got back.

On the evening I arrived in Atlanta, I noticed a nice lounge area adjacent to the lobby as I checked in. That evening in my room I decided "to hell with it, I'm going to the lounge to have a drink. At least there will be other people around." I put on a knee-length, low-cut dress I had bought for the trip, along with bra that accentuated my small breasts, panties, thigh-high stockings and some high heels. I went downstairs looking for fun.

I sat at the bar and had a cosmopolitan, then ordered another, casually watching the TV. As I got my second drink a middle-aged man sat down on the stool beside me. He struck up a conversation with me...the usual stuff...."Are you here on business...where are you from...etc." After a while he introduced himself:

"My name is George, by the way."

"Hi George, I'm Linda, nice to meet you ." I was looking him over surreptitiously. Not bad! I wondered what kind of "equipment" he might have.

George continued, "Linda I must say you look great."

I am a little taken aback. I'm not used to hearing this at my age, but I like it. "Thank you George, a lady likes to hear compliments," I replied.

George continued on with a normal conversation and lets me know that he is waiting to meet up with one of his co-workers.

"I am supposed to meet him here in the lounge."

"That's nice," I replied.

"And you," George inquired, "Who are you here with?"

"I'm here alone too George."

"But you are so attractive. I am surprised," George continued.

"Surprised at what George?"

"Surprised you don't have some male company."

"Well ....I'm married, but my husband is not here with me this trip."

"Well maybe you'll enjoy the company of me and my buddy when he gets here."

"That sounds nice....I don't have any plans."

Now I am not stupid. I knew George was flirting with me, but I was quite pleased. After all, a 48 year old woman doesn't get all that much attention from men. I decided to stay and enjoy some adult entertainment, playing out the innocent flirt.

"There's my buddy now," George said as he looked across to the lobby.

I saw a good looking guy walking towards us, about the same age as George -- 50ish I guessed.

"Linda this is Mike," George introduced us. "We work together."

"Hi Mike...nice to meet you," I replied graciously (I hoped). We shook hands and I noticed Mike eying me up and down. He was trying to be cautious but I saw his eyes linger around my chest area. I leaned forward a little.

"Mike and I are both staying here at the hotel, traveling on business this past month," George continued.

"So you've been away from home for a long time. You must get lonely," I said huskily, knowing I was pushing the envelope a little. I was enjoying this.

"Yes Linda," Mike chimed in. "It's tough, and we have needs." Obviously Mike was a bit more forward and direct than George had started out. "This could get interesting," I thought.

"MMMMMmmmmmm... I bet you do," I replied in my huskiest, sexiest voice.

"Could you use another drink?" George asked.

I decided to get bold and leaned forward even more as I replied, showing some cleavage. "I'm not sure George." I looked over at Mike. He was smiling. I think he noticed George looking down my dress.

"Linda you look so good in that dress." I saw George is getting a little more forward also.

"Thank you....I shouldn't drink too much...I get a little out of control, and I've already had two," I replied.

"Well one more couldn't hurt," George tried to persuade me. "And what the heck, out of control can be fun sometimes."

I conceded, "I guess so...I'll have a cosmopolitan please."

George ordered the cosmo, then looked over to Mike grinning.

I drank some of it and then excused myself to go to the ladies room. I deliberately staggered a little as I got up, falling against George. As he steadied me I feel his hand on my hip and a little on my ass. It made me shiver a little.

As I walked away I see the two men whispering to each other. I was sure they were discussing me -- hopefully thinking that was sexy? In the bathroom I fixed up my make-up and hair, thinking what harmless fun it is to flirt and tease with a couple of guys at one time. I tried to push my boobs together to make a little more cleavage, but my breasts are a little on the small side.

Then I had a thought (probably the alcohol talking). I went in the stall and removed my bra.........I will tease those two guys even more I thought. I put the bra in my purse.

As I walked back towards the bar I was very aware of my breasts swaying and my dress rubbing against my nipples. I thought that every guy in the bar must be looking at me...I was a little self-conscious. When I entered the lounge, I saw Mike and George both immediately look my way. As I got to the bar I deliberately leaned on George. "Sorry I took so long guys." I brush my breasts against his arm.

"Wow Linda you look hotter than before" Mike exclaimed. It was pretty obvious that he knew I had removed my bra.

"You know how to make an old lady blush!" I replied. I smiled to myself as I saw both of them looking at my chest.

"Well it's been so long since I've been home with my wife," Mike said. "And I can't help but notice. Besides, you're not old...you are very pretty."

I glanced down to see if I had made Mike hard. I thought I saw a little bulge beginning in his pants. "This teasing is great," I thought, as I noticed Mike adjust his pants. I climbed back on the barstool and deliberately brushed my hand against his bulge, and let my dress ride up to show some more leg.

"Linda," George repeated himself. "I've got to say you are very hot looking. Are you spending the night here in the hotel?"

"Yes I am George." I let my dress ride even higher...up to my thighs. The guys eyes were immediately drawn to my legs. Mike moved to the other side of me. George reached down to rest his hand on my thigh. I felt Mike behind me...I knew he was looking down at my boobs...I felt his breath on my neck.

I became bold. "Your hand feels nice on my thigh," I told George. I thought it was really hot to give a couple of lonely guys a thrill.

Just then a band struck up in the lounge. George asked if I would like to dance. I replied, "That would be nice George...it's been a while since I've been on the dance floor."

It was a fast dance and we performed our gyrations to the music. I felt my braless breasts bouncing up and down and was afraid they would come out of my dress. I leaned forward as I danced, sure that George must see my nipples. The dress material was rubbing against my them, making them hard. I smiled at George, His eyes were fixated on my chest. Looking down I saw my nipples clearly showing through the dress.....it was a good thing the lights were low. Also, the tops of my breast were clearly visible as they rose with the dancing. God, I felt so hot. Away from home I could let myself go.

The next song was a slow dance. I was a little unsteady on my feet and held on to George. He held me close.

"You feel so good," he whispered. It's been a while since I felt such a sensual woman in my arms." A short time later I felt his hands slip down to cup my ass cheeks. I didn't push them away. I felt my soft braless breasts against his chest. He pulled me in closer.......I felt some hardness down there.

I thought "Yes- I've still got it...I can still turn men on!"

Another slow dance started and Mike came over to ask if he can have this one. George reluctantly let go of me and returned to the bar. Mike held me tight and immediately grabbed my ass cheeks. He ground his bulge against me and told me that I had made him hard and horny. He asked if I can feel it.

I thought I would tease a little further. "Mike...I think we are going too far.....I am a little woozy and tired... I think I should go back to my room."

Mike looked disappointed, but after a few seconds answered "I understand. Well why don't I walk you back to your room to make sure you get back OK?"

I again staggered a little (deliberately) and agreed - "OK - I am a little unsteady on my feet."

Mike continued," You know... I don't want to leave George here. Lets get him." We went back to the bar to collect George. As Mike explained to him that they were going to help me back to my room I saw them exchange smiles.

George took one arm and Mike took the other as we went to the elevator. In the elevator they both remained very close to me. I could feel my juices running down my leg -- I was that horny!

"What room are you in Linda?" asked Mike.


"Well, can we stop at my room for a minute on the way up," Mike said. "I need to get my medication and check my voice mail".

"OK," I mumbled sleepily.

We arrived at Mike's room and the two "gentlemen" helped me in. I sat down on the bed. My dress was a little mussed up and falling away from my naked breasts.

"George and I need to take some medication," Mike said. "Just in case. Are you feeling OK, Linda?"

"I'm OK...George - did you really mean what you said about me?"

"What was that Linda?"

"That you think I'm sexy?"

"Yes Linda I find you very hot." With that, I knew I was going to get fucked. I was wet and ready!

Mike was more blatant. He told me that I was making him horny.

"I don't think I'm that hot" I murmured, "I'm 48 and beginning to sag a little. How can I still make men horny?" (Was I a tease or what?)

"Sagging? Really? It sure doesn't look that way," said George. "Did you see Mike and I both take something?"

"Yes. What was it?" I asked innocently

"Well Linda, it's Viagra," George confessed. "You know it keeps you hard for hours."

I woke up a little. " What?.........Why?"

George told me quietly," You asked how you have made us horny. Well let's see what you have. Take that dress off!"

"NO" I exclaimed, playing the innocent. "I'm not going to do that in front of you two!" I tried to stand up but the two men sat each side of me and held me down. They reached and fondled my breasts....they were just about out of my dress. I pushed their hands away.

"Linda," George told me, "You've got me excited here"

"I know," I replied in a whisper, wondering how far I could take this -- and how far I wanted it to go. I knew I had been teasing them and maybe they deserved a little grope. Mike reached under my dress, sliding his hands up to my panties.

"Stop it Mike!" I said. George stood and I saw his bulge.

I thought quickly. "Listen...if it will make you happy I will show you my boobs..OK?"

"OK Linda" Mike said, "Show us."

I reached up and slid the straps of my dress off my shoulders. Teasingly I held the front of the dress as it slid down. I glanced to each side and saw two bulges in their pants. I slowly allowed my breasts to show. At the same time I realized my pussy was getting even more soaked.

George reached for my breasts. I felt him caressing one and Mike the other....God but it felt good! My nipples were getting hard again. George kissed me while I felt Mike sucking on one nipple. This time it was George who reached down under my dress. Things were happening quickly. I squeezed my legs together.

"You seem nervous," George said.

"I'm a little self-conscious down there...and I've never had two men see it at once," I lied.

"But you see that you have made us both hard," George continued. "Have you ever thought about having two at once?"

I reach out and touched his crotch......"I have had that fantasy," I murmured shyly. Suddenly I realize Mike was kneeling behind my head and he quickly pulled my dress off. I fell backwards with the motion and George swiftly pulled off my panties! I was laying there naked.

I was pleased with myself.....naked in front of two men. How did I get myself into this situation? I coyly tried to cover my shaven pussy.

George noticed and pulled my hands away. "Nice! I like that! So clean and bald!" He began to strip down. I looked over at Mike and he already had his pants off and dick out. It looked quite big and very hard. He shuffled over on the bed and his dick is next to my mouth. I opened my lips thinking, "OK, I'll give him a blow job."

George looked up and says, "Yes Linda take him in your mouth. Suck that hard dick!" I felt him spread my legs apart and begin to lick my pussy." OMG that felt so good. I leaned forward and took Mike's head all the way into my mouth. I began to moan a little, feeling a cock in my mouth and a man licking me between my spread my legs. At that point they could do anything and I wouldn't have cared.

As Mike temporarily withdrew from my mouth I told George" You are making me so wet! Lick my cunt George."

Mike soon grabbed the back of my head as he began moving his dick in and out of my mouth and I moaned even louder. I felt his cock pulsating -- he wasn't going to last long. I tried to back away but he pulled the back of my head against him as he came, shooting his hot semen down my throat. I tried to swallow but some dribbled out, down onto my breasts.

As Mike's cock fell out of my mouth I shouted, "George! I am going to cum on you.....and I will squirt!" My hips began to buck wildly. My moans became louder and suddenly it is upon me.

"AAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrgggggggggggg. I'M CUMMING!!!" I squirted all over George's face. I relaxed back on the bed, glowing with satisfaction. George went to the bathroom to wash up and returned quickly.

As I calmed down I began to think, "This was great! I had entertained two men and got some relief myself.

"That was great George.....I guess I'll be off to my room now."

"I don't think so, Linda," he replied. "This is just the beginning."

"What do you mean, George!"

"We are going to fuck you, Linda" he murmured, as he began to stand over my pussy. "I'm gonna fuck you".

"George no. I don't know about this....," I prevaricated. I wanted it but was still playing the tease. I put my legs together, but I heard George call Mike to help.

"Mike, I'm going to fuck her. Get over here and help me with this teasing cunt!"

Mike stood over me, and grabbed my ankles, spreading my legs despite my faked resistance. George knelt between them. I squirmed some and looked over to Mike who was now standing up. I couldn't believe his cock was hard again -- must have been the Viagra.

I felt George's hardness on my stomach as he said firmly, "Linda. You are getting two cocks tonight whether you like it or not!"

I wriggled side to side, saying "No George," but Mike was back behind me and held my shoulders down and I couldn't close my legs because George was between them.

George called me. "Linda. You teased me. Now I have to show you how big and hard you made me. Look at my cock Linda!"

I looked away but Mike turned my head and lifted it up to look. What I saw made my eyes widen in surprise. His cock looked huge!

"It was just a little innocent teasing," I wailed. "You can't get that in me!"

"Yes I will little Linda", George asserted. "I am going to fuck you and you can feel a real man in you!"

I felt George trying to enter and I scooted back a little. I tried to sit up, but Mike easily pushed me back down. George grabbed my hips and pulled me slowly onto his cock. I felt him bearing down on me and begin to penetrate my cunt.

I could hardly move but tried to roll from side to side. George was unrelenting and pushed in further. I felt it filling my cunt and it felt wonderful!

I began to push back..... I couldn't help myself. After all, isn't this what I wanted? YES IT WAS!

"FUCK ME GEORGE!!!!" I screamed and wrapped my legs around him, pulling him in deeper.

George smiled. "I am fucking you Linda. Deep. You needed this. I needed it."

"I do need it!" I yelled.

"Mike needs it too Linda," George whispered. I looked over and saw Mike using some kind of lubricant on his long cock. "OK" I thought, smiling. "He can fuck me when George is done."

George rolled us over...now I was on top, kneeling, moving up and down on that wonderful cock. We were near the edge of the bed with George's feet on the floor and my back to the room.

My tits were flying up and down and George grabbed them and squeezed. I was so horny! I needed to orgasm again. As I was riding his cock I felt Mike move in behind me. George pulled me forward so I was now on all fours, my ass sticking in the air.

The new angle intensified my feelings "Fuck me hard George! I want to feel your hot cum inside my cunt!"

Then I felt Mike's hardness against my ass. What was going on back there? Mike began to put his cock in my ass!

"OH!!! Mike no......you can fuck me after George is done!" I tried to resist but George's arms are tight around me, holding me down.

"I want you now Linda," Mike said. "And I am going to fuck you in the ass"

He started forcing his cock into my ass, a little at a time. I yelled " I've never been fucked in the ass!" (though I often had)

George asked me to try it, to give it a chance. As usual, it was very uncomfortable at first, but gradually I got to like the fullness.

I thought to myself, "Wow I have one in my ass and another in my cunt! And I'm enjoying it! Am I turning into a slut?"

Mike and George got into a rhythm and I began to buck back and forth. Mike spanked my ass as he is fucking me and started to call me names.

'Come on you cunt! Fuck us both you little slut!"

I was so drunk and horny I tell back,"Yes - fuck your little cunt whore! Fill my ass with your cum!"

As if on cue, I heard both men grunting and felt hot cum filling up my cunt and ass at the same time.

That set me off too. I couldn't help it as my cunt spamed and gushed all over George's cock.

"AAAAAARrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgggggggggg" I screamed, "I am your cunt!"

After that we all feel down on the bed and dozed off, spent. They each fucked me one more time before falling asleep. I woke up about 3am, collected my things (I left my panties for them), put on my dress and returned to my room. I looked for them in the lounge the next evening but they must have left the hotel.

I couldn't wait to tell my husband all about it!

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