tagIncest/TabooLisa and Her Mom Ch. 02

Lisa and Her Mom Ch. 02


Lisa was the first to wake up. She looked around groggily and noticed her sexy mom was still lying next to her on the couch. They had both fallen asleep there after a hot fuck session.

It couldn't have been that long ago, since she could feel her pussy was still a bit sore after being pounded by her mom's huge, new strap-on.

Sore it might be, but she felt it instantly moisten, as she thought of her lover with that enormous cock strapped around her waist.

She slid off the couch, being careful not to wake her mom and headed for the bathroom. She felt a mixture of lube and pussy juice trickle down her inner thighs and it just served to heighten her arousal.

The bathroom was fit for a queen, an enormous hot tub that could easily accommodate four or five people, was in one corner and a shower cabin with a semi transparent glass cover, in the other.

Before stepping into the shower cabin, she grabbed her toilet bag and pulled out a 6-inch dildo that she never left home without. She was going to have some fun while she showered.

Her pussy still felt a bit too sore to fuck, but luckily, she enjoyed it in the ass just as much, if not more, than in the pussy.

Turning the hot-water knob, she let out a sigh of content, as the warm water splashed on her face and tits, running down her flat, toned stomach and soothingly caressed her tender pussy.

She started sucking on the dildo, which was of course completely unnecessary, but it just made her feel so hot anyway. Especially imagining it was her mother's cock and she was giving her a blowjob.

Her free hand started roaming down across her tits, pinching the nipples and squeezing the huge globes, before she let it slide down further to her pink pussy. She started rubbing her clit as she began deepthroating her dildo. It was something she had practiced a lot and she just loved doing it on her mom's strap-ons. It turned them both on so good.

She leaned forward, as she moved her hand from her pussy and around the back to her asshole. She immediately felt a near-orgasm roll over her as her fingers started playing around. She was such an anal addict, she could come just by thinking of getting fucked in the ass. Especially if it was her mom doing it. She had been the one to take her anal cherry with a big strap-on on her 18th birthday and what a present that had been!

As she slid two fingers inside her tight backdoor and started finger-fucking herself, she brought the dildo down to her tits and started smacking her nipples with it.

Another big fantasy of hers was to be spanked while her mom fucked her. She wanted her tits, pussy and ass spanked hard, while she was being fucked. Thinking about it made her hot and she started slapping her tits with her 6 inches of silicone, as she furiously thrust her fingers in and out of her tight ass.

After stretching her asshole out enough with her fingers, she pulled out and placed the tip of the dildo against her puckered entrance. She braced herself, as she slowly started sliding it inside.

She had only gotten it in halfway, when her body shook from a huge orgasm and she had to hang on to the knob to avoid falling over. When her body had settled down somewhat, she resumed pushing the dildo up her tight ass until the fake balls bumped against her pussy.

She drew in a deep breath and started sliding it slowly back out about halfway, before pushing it back in.

It wasn't long before she was pumping it in and out in a frantic pace, moaning and gasping as she came once again. As her orgasm subsided, she let the dildo slide out of her ass and drop to the floor, as she regained her composure. She still felt really horny and decided to go see if her mom was awake yet.

As she entered the living room, she heard someone speaking on the phone and recognised her mother's voice. Apparently she was ordering room service for both of them.

Kelly stood by the small table holding the telephone, when she saw her daughter Lisa come out of the bathroom. She immediately felt her pussy moisten, as she watched Lisa's hot body, tanned and toned to perfection with a set of huge gravity-defying tits, sitting high on her slender frame. Drops of water was trickling down that perfect body, giving it a sexy sheen.

A voice at the other end reminded her what she was doing and she finished the room service order, giggling to herself. After hanging up the phone, she walked over to her daughter and gave her a big kiss, as she pinched the nipples on those huge, melon-sized tits.

"Hey baby," she said. "I ordered dinner for us to be brought up. We'll be here fucking all day, so we don't have time to go out to eat. I hope you don't mind."

Lisa laughed. "Of course not, mom. That sounds great! How do you want to do me now?"

"Hmm, well your pussy looks a little sore still, so how about we try to fit the strap-on up your ass?" Kelly replied with an evil grin.

"Ohhh I'd love that!" Lisa said with a huge smile.

"I knew you would, you little anal freak! Now bend over the couch again and spread your ass cheeks for me," Kelly told her daughter, as she was strapping on the monster dildo. Once it was firmly secured around her hips, she grabbed the lube bottle and squirted a large blob into her hand.

"Good thing I brought an extra large bottle of lube, huh baby? We're going to need every last bit of it to make this fit in your tight, little ass," Kelly giggled as she lubed up all 12 and a half inches of silicone strapped into her harness.

Lisa just looked back over her shoulder with a horny expression. She still couldn't get over how big her mom's new strap-on was, but the thought alone of that huge rod going inside her ass was enough to make her want it so bad. She reached back and spread her ass cheeks, revealing her tight hole she had been playing with in the shower.

"Mmm, looks good baby," Kelly said in her horny voice. "Lets see if we can fit it in there," she said, as she rubbed a generous amount of lube all over Lisa's toned ass. She brought the tip of the dildo up against the tight entrance and gently pushed forward.

"Uggghh, it's so big mom!" Lisa whimpered. "Keep pushing though, it'll fit!"

"Oh I plan to, baby," Kelly giggled. She grabbed her daughter's firm hips and pushed a little harder, until at last, the tip of the huge dildo slipped inside Lisa's lubed up ass.

"Ohhhhhh," Lisa moaned, still holding her ass cheeks apart. It helped a little that she had been playing with her ass in the shower, but her mom's strap-on still felt enormous.

"Such a great ass you have," Kelly moaned, as she kept pushing the dildo deeper and deeper. "Got it a third of the way now, lets lube you up again." She slowly pulled all the way out, until the head slipped out with an audible plop, leaving Lisa's tight, little backdoor wide open.

Lisa was whimpering in delight, she loved getting it like this. "That was just a third of it? It felt like a huge, fucking elephant cock!"

Kelly just laughed. "That's good, baby. I don't want you to get used to this one as fast as you did with the 9 inch one." She poured a good amount of lube all over the dildo again, rubbing it in carefully.

"No chance of that," Lisa laughed. "Put it back in, please! I want my ass full of that monster!"

"Here it comes," Kelly said, as she aimed the head of her strap-on at the gaping, pink hole in front of her and slid the tip right in without much resistance. This time, she got it almost halfway in before slowing down, letting Lisa get used to it.

"Oh God, it's so fucking huge! I want more of it, push it in deeper, mom!" Lisa was pleading.

Kelly giggled. "You really love it up the ass, huh? Well, you want more, you'll get more!" She pushed it another two inches inside and reached down to play with Lisa's clit in the mean time. "That's eight in, just four and a half to go... if you want to try taking all of it that is."

"Uggghhh!! You bet I do, I want ALL of it!" Lisa said with an unsteady, horny voice after just having a huge orgasm. She was still holding her ass cheeks apart, while her knuckles had turned white.

"I thought you'd say that," Kelly grinned. She pulled it out a little bit, before pushing forward again, this time getting almost 10 inches inside Lisa's quivering ass.

Just then, there was a knock on the door and a soft, female voice calling out. "Room service!".

Both girls started laughing. "Oops, I guess we got a little carried away here," Kelly giggled. "Come in!" She called out.

The door opened and a trolley full of various food and drink rolled in, pushed by a beautiful, dark-skinned waitress. When she saw the two girls fucking, she stopped dead in her tracks and the trolley continued, bumping into a chair, rattling glasses and plates.

Her cheeks got bright red and she stuttered an apology.

Kelly just smiled at her, "It's ok, don't worry about it, my daughter and I are just having some fun here."

The waitress seemed even more confused. "Your... ohh..." She felt her own pussy moisten, looking at these incredibly hot girls fucking with a strap-on. When she realized what she was doing, she blushed all over again.

"I'm sorry... I... let me clean this up..." She started straightening the glasses on the trolley, but her hands were shaking and she ended up knocking more of them over. "I'm terribly sorry... I..."

"Haha, you're cute!" Kelly said, laughing. "Why don't you come back when your shift is over? We'll be here fucking all day and you're welcome to join in if you want."

The waitress blushed even more. "Well, I get off in an hour... I guess I could... I mean... if you're still..." She felt incredibly aroused and realized it was one of her biggest erotic fantasies, to be with another girl, or even two.

"Sure, come back in an hour then, I think my daughter might need a little break by then too," Kelly smiled and pushed forward another inch, causing Lisa to moan loudly. "Oh, let me get you a tip," she said and slowly pulled out of Lisa, all 11 inches she had got inside.

"Stay right there, baby, I'll be right back," Kelly told Lisa, who was still bent over the couch with her hands firmly planted on her ass cheeks, holding them apart, displaying her now gaping wide asshole.

The waitress stared in disbelief, as she saw how much of that monster strap-on had been buried in the blonde's ass. When Kelly approached her with a 10-dollar bill in her hand and that huge tool swinging lewdly between her legs, she was immediately hit by another wave of horny lust.

"Here you go, we'll see you in an hour then," Kelly said and winked at the waitress, as she handed her the money. "Oh what's your name by the way? I'm Kelly and that's Lisa over there."

"I... I'm Sara, nice to meet you two," Sara stammered and blushed again, as she looked over at Lisa. Then she hurried out the door, casting a final glance back as she closed it from the outside.

"Sorry baby, it would have been rude not to tip her," Kelly giggled. "I'll put it back in your ass now."

"Mmmmm yes please, mom! Was it all the way in?" Lisa asked with a shaking voice. It was obvious she had been holding back an orgasm for a while now.

"Almost, there was just an inch and a half to go," Kelly said as she got back up behind Lisa and lubed the strap-on up a third time, before pushing it back in that open, inviting hole in front of her. "I'll get it all in this time though!"

Kelly grabbed her daughter's long, blonde hair and started pulling on it, as she pushed the dildo forward, inch by inch.

Lisa loved getting her hair pulled, it made her feel dirty.

"Oh it's going in easier this time, baby. Third round of lube helped, I think." Kelly grinned and watched in awe, as more and more of the huge strap-on disappeared up Lisa's tight, little ass.

Lisa couldn't fight the orgasm any more and she came violently, her whole body shaking and thrashing around, as her mom's monster cock finally made it all the way inside her.

"Oh my God, mom!! That's so fucking good!" Lisa was screaming.

"Oh yes, it is!" Kelly said, her voice sounding a bit hoarse, as she felt her own orgasm slowly build. She was still in disbelief that her strap-on was buried all the way in Lisa's ass, but as she grabbed her horny daughter's waist and started thrusting the huge pole in and out, it was almost as if she could feel it herself.

She went slowly at first, but after a while, was pumping the enormous cock in and out of Lisa's backdoor faster and faster, until she came in an overwhelming orgasm that made her see black spots and caused the room to spin around. She collapsed on top of Lisa, completely wasted of energy. Her huge tits squashed against her daughter's back and the strap-on still completely buried.

"Damn, you're the best fuck, ever!" Kelly gasped, unable to move.

Lisa giggled, "Why, thanks mom. You're pretty fucking good yourself! I'm gonna walk funny the rest of the week down here," she laughed.

After a few minutes, gathering their strength, the two girls finally got up and headed for the showers. They were still in there, when there was a knock on the door...

To be continued...


Any comments or suggestions to what should happen next will be greatly appreciated. I will try to incorporate that into chapter 3, so feel free to say what you would like to see happen! Can IM me or just comment here.

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