tagInterracial LoveLisa Has Longings Ch. 03

Lisa Has Longings Ch. 03


Welcome to part 3 of 'Lisa Has Longings'. I have thought over the suggestions I have received, and incorporated the ones I like best- that is, the ones that got me hot. Please, please note that this is all PRETEND. I don't advocate infidelity, unprotected sex, or (heaven forbid!) whoring for Big. Black. Cock. If this does not turn you on, look elsewhere!

love, Aunt Amanda

End of Part two:

After a few minutes, Jimmy's prick softened slightly, and Lisa eased it out until just the glans remained in her mouth, where she sucked and licked the little hole in the end.

Jimmy looked down at her. Lisa was smiling. Her lips and chin were covered with his fresh cum, and a lot of it had dripped down onto her fat tits. "Thank you, Sir." She disengaged, held the cock with both hands. "Little Lisa was very thirsty, Sir. Thank you, Sir...."

Part Three

It was a good thing that the phone had not rung a few minutes before. Lisa started and looked sideways at it when it rang now. She made no move to get it, staying on her knees on the plush white carpet. She was still licking Jimmy's cock when the machine picked up.

"Hey Hon! Guess what? I'm at the airport! The meeting ended early and I managed to get a late flight out on standby. Wish you were there to come pick me up...you there?" At the sound of Bob's voice, Lisa seemed to cave in on herself. Now the light went out of her eyes as she heard the rest of the message. "OK- well I'm gonna grab a cab. It's about...9:00 now. Be home maybe 9:30. Hope you get in soon!"

Lisa looked stricken. Still, she managed to rally somewhat. "I – I should at least clean you up, Sir..." She whispered as she licked and cleaned every bit of cum and saliva from Jimmy's balls and softening prick.

Jimmy offered what reassurances and flatteries he could, but it was a mad rush to gather his stuff. After that, he had no choice but to leave. After he was gone, Lisa had little time to think about her throbbing, hungry pussy as she hurriedly went through the house and picked up any evidence of her indiscretions. She washed the glass that had held Jimmy's drink and carefully placed it on a separate shelf from all the others. To anyone else, it would look like little was amiss, but to Lisa, it was a sign that something had actually happened- that this had not been just some sort of dream.

After she had fed her husband and listened at for what seemed forever to the story of his business triumphs and early closing of contract negotiations, there was an indifferent session of lovemaking. It was only later that night, as he snored next to her, that Lisa realized that she had never gotten Jimmy's phone number.

Lisa spent the next four days on complete edge. She was distracted and couldn't get much done. She tried to stay near the phone- her land line. If she went out, she was constantly checking in with the home line to see if there were any new messages. She was hoping that Jimmy would leave a message while simultaneously in fear that he would-- and that Bob might pick it up.

Every morning, Lisa spent an hour or so after her husband went to work playing with her clit and combing the Craigslist's posts for cheap thrills. She would frig herself while looking at ads from black men who offered to fuck any white woman. She kept the phone nearby the whole time, occasionally picking up the handset just to hear the dial tone and reassure herself that, should Jimmy want to call, that the line was free.

As soon as Bob would get home, she would fuck him. It was a release of the incredible tension. Bob had no idea that his wife was imagining being a whore for Black Cock whenever she came- he just knew that he was getting it every night.

They were finishing dinner in the kitchen Thursday night when the phone rang. Unfortunately, Lisa was sitting at the table at that moment, and Bob was at the sink. She didn't have a chance to answer first.

"Bellows residence." Bob said. He listened, Lisa trying not to freak out. "Doctor who? No, I couldn't tell you. Let me put on my wife."

"Hon- someone confirming a doctor appointment?"

Lisa was trying not to jump up too fast. She took the phone. "Yes? This is Mrs. Bellows."

"Mrs. Bellows?" Lisa heard a woman's voice. "This is Doctor James' office." Her heart skipped a beat.

"Doctor-- James?" Lisa was not sure what this was about, but she had an idea, so she played along. "Yes. I've been waiting for your call." She tried to keep her voice modulated. Lisa's legs were shaking a little as she grabbed for a pencil. "Yes, 9:30 tomorrow is fine. Yes, I'll be there." She was writing.

She was trying to compose herself as she sat back down at the table.

"What's going on?" Bob was asking, but he didn't really care.

"Oh, nothing. Just a checkup- you know—woman stuff..." She stood up behind him, rubbed his shoulders. "You feel all tense, darling..." Bob sighed. Within another 5 minutes, they were upstairs and he was getting his cock sucked again. Starting this week, his wife seemed to want him to hold her head- guide it up and down his hard-on. And no matter how deep he shoved it into her mouth, she had no complaint.

Despite a bad night's sleep, Lisa was up early. From the moment her husband had gone, she had been preparing. She had showered again and re-shaven her pubic mound. Lisa had thought about what to wear to an 'appointment'. She had finally settled on office attire with a relatively tight skirt. Under it, she snugged up a white stringy thong that disappeared into her ass crack and only covered her pubis with the thinnest film of lace. Lisa also eased into a white pushup brassiere. It cupped her breasts, shoved her nipples up and forward, poking at the white silk blouse she wore over it. She applied the amount of makeup more appropriate for a nightclub than a weekday morning, then pulled on a pair of very high white heels and checked herself out in the bedroom mirror. Slut.

Lisa tottered around the first floor, waiting for the right time to leave. By 9:00, she was peering around a curtain from an upstairs room, checking on the street, which was quiet. No one was about. Thank God.

A little later, she pulled the Prius into a parking lot of what looked like a small office building. She checked the paper she held- it was the right address. The third floor had several suites. Number six had an envelope with her name on it, taped to the door.

"Please let yourself in and wait in room two." the note said. "Be ready for your doctor when he arrives."

Room two was rather large, as if it was really an unused office space. It had a couple of chairs and an examining table in one corner, near a floor-to-ceiling window overlooking a parking lot. A waist-high railing ran the length of the window. There were no curtains.

Lisa knew what she was supposed to do. She and Jimmy had played this game before. A few minutes later, she was standing ready. Lisa heard a door open (the hallway?) then heard it close again and what might have been the sound of it being locked. She got into position.

Lisa was wearing nothing but her heels, her push up bra, and the tiny lace thong. Her street clothes were on one of the chairs. Lisa knew she was not allowed to speak or turn to see who was entering the room. She faced the window all but naked, her hands clasped behind her head, her elbows back. She heard footsteps behind her.

Lisa hoped to God she had not made a mistake and jumped to the wrong conclusion after last night's phone call.

"Good morning- Mrs. B, is it?" Lisa almost jumped in shock. It was not Jimmy's voice. A strange man stepped around to where she could see him. He was wearing a white smock, carrying a clipboard. He was a good foot taller than Lisa. He was a very dark black.

"Ye- yes." Inside, she was freaking. Her knees felt shaky. Where was Jimmy?

Lisa tried to compose herself. "Good morning." Lisa still had her hands clasped behind her head. "Whe- where is Doctor James?"

"Doctor James has asked ME to see you today..." From his pocket, the man produced a photo. He held it up to her face. It was a small picture of Jimmy. Then he turned it over for her to read the back.

Little Lisa- Please be 'patient' for my friend. Do a good job and we'll speak soon.

So was this some kind of test? Who was this guy? Clearly, Jimmy had sent him here to meet her, knew that this kind of adventure was exactly the kind of thing that made her wet. Fear Factor, they used to call it.

Lisa caught a glimpse of this 'Doctor' as he put the photo away. Not too bad... tall, very dark. Perhaps Jimmy had chosen well. Lisa was already wondering how big this guy's cock might be, what it might feel like to be fucked by him... She decided to proceed.

"If—if Doctor James would- if Doctor James recommends you..."

The man brought the other chair around in front of her, took a seat in front of the window, facing his patient.

"You can call me Doctor M, if you like."

Lisa kept her eyes forward. "Yes, Doctor M." He seemed to have a slight accent, thought Lisa. Jamaican?

"Doctor James has told me all about you, Mrs B." Oh, had he? Lisa was skeptical, but the next thing M said seemed to prove it. "Please step forward, Mrs. B, closer to the window."

"Yes, Doctor M." Lisa took a step towards the window. Now, she was only a few feet back from it. The morning sun streamed in, warming her chest. Lisa felt excitingly exposed. Her nipples were erect, jutting out. Her hands behind her head only increased the effect. Her pussy slit was showing, covered only by the merest wisp of white lace. Anyone on the street would be able to see her if they only looked up.

Being forced to expose herself like this was a big turn-on for her. Even more than the photo, it was proof that Jimmy had told M what to do.

"And please, Mrs. B" he smiled "place your feet further apart."

Lisa swallowed, "Yes, Doctor." and did as she was told. On the sidewalk below, people were walking by.

"Very good, Mrs. B." The man made a note on his clipboard. "Are you ready for your examination?"

Lisa took a deep breath. "Whatever you like, Doctor."

The man rose and stepped behind her. She smelled his scent, could feel his breath on her shoulders as he came close. She felt the lightest touch of his hand as he ran his fingers up her inner thigh. Now he was using both hands to cup and lightly trace the shape of her ass, the small of her back...

"You seem to be healthy, Mrs B." He breathed in her ear. His hands traced up her belly, stroked the undersides of her breasts. He pulled the bra cups down and away. His fingertips brushed across her nipples. In the bright sun, his black hands were a sharp contrast to her pale skin and white brassiere. Outside, no one had noticed what was going on above them- not yet...

"Your nipples are very stiff, Mrs B." He said, tugging on them. He was behind her, his hands reaching around... He tugged a little harder now, twisted, and Lisa leaned forward suddenly. Her ass contacted something firm directly behind her. She was getting very warm.

"Please, Mrs. B." said the man "Place your hands on the rail in front of you."

Lisa had to take another step forward to reach the rail. She was shaking as she bent over. "Yes, Doctor." She rested her elbows on the rail, tried to relax her back. She was spreading her ass wide open, her tits dangling... The 'doctor's hands were all over her ass, his fingers running up her crack...

"There seem to be some secretions here, Mrs. B..." M was holding his wet, glistening fingers under her nose. She smelled her own pussy-juice on them. "Is this..." he wiped his hands on her face- not too gently "...a sign of sexual arousal?"

"No- no, Doctor-- mhpgh." He pushed his fingers into her mouth. "After all, I'm a married woman..."

"Yes, you are, Mrs. B." M marked something on his clipboard. "And you are here alone, getting 'examined' by a strange man, yes?" The man seated himself again, facing her. He smiled. "Please disrobe." Lisa noticed his thin smile as she reached for the clasp of her bra, felt her fat tits release downwards as she opened it for him. Her hands were shaking as she peeled down the tiny white panties...

He had her put her hands behind her head again. The man nodded appreciatively. "Please, Mrs. B." he said "Closer to the window."

Except for her heels, Lisa was absolutely naked. Her heart pounded as she looked down to the street.

"Please, Mrs. B" Doctor M was now next to her, his left hand gently resting on the back of her neck, as if to calm her. "Set your feet a little farther apart."

"Of, course, Doctor."

"Do you think-" Doctor M breathed into her ear "that those people down there can see you?"

"Y- yes, Doctor."

With his right hand, he reached across Lisa's pelvis, touched her shaven clean pubic mound. "So smooth, Mrs B." He stroked gently. "You must have just shaved yourself this morning, am I correct?" Lisa nodded.

He reached down a little deeper, ran a thick finger along her wet lips, paused at Lisa's clit. "You are very aroused, Mrs B.- are you not?"

"yes, Doc- ah!" He stroked her. "Yes-" Lisa closed her eyes. "I am very aroused."

"Would you like to proceed to the table, Mrs B?"

Lisa swallowed. "Yes. Yes please, Doctor."

The examining table (How did he get this space? Perhaps he was actually a doctor?) was not far from the window, but was just far enough back that her complete nakedness would be a little less obvious to someone on the street. Lisa sat on the edge, her knees together, her cunt throbbing. The 'doctor' adjusted the headrest. "Please lean back and put your feet into the stirrups, Mrs. B."

"Yes, Doctor." She reclined, put her feet into the stirrups, and spread her legs wide for him.

Lisa's pussy lips unfolded in the cool air of the room. Her asshole, just below her cunt, was throbbing and squeezing rhythmically as rivulets of pussy juice ran down across her perineum- she couldn't help it.

In her mind, Lisa was a little, submissive animal- exposed fully to this big black man. She was trying not to pant. She was the supine before him, he the dominant. He would do with her as he wanted- and that was something Lisa had always lusted for. When would he fuck her?

The man stepped between her legs, lowered himself to the knee rest. Again, his fingers stroked her shiny pubic mound. He pulled the skin away from her clit, exposing it. "Yes, there are some secretions here..." She felt his breath warming her pussy lips...

Doctor M stood up, looking down at her. "How often do you have sex, Mrs. Bellows?" Lisa felt his fingers run up her crack, linger at her clit, running down again...

"Not... not too much, Doctor..." Involuntarily, her hips twisted in rhythm with his hand.

"Does this hurt, Mrs. B?" He pushed his finger into her pussy, pulled it out.

"No, Doctor. Should it?"

"How does this feel?" Still standing over her, he pushed three thick fingers into her cunt. In, out, in, out. They were dry, but getting wetter. With his thumb, he flicked her clit. Back and forth, back and forth...

"Ahhh—oh!" Lisa was trying to spead wider, jerking her hips downward onto the hand. "Oh! Doctor!" M felt her pussy gripping his fingers. "That feels good- but is this really appropriate?"

The man was forcing his fingers in and out, in and out. "We have to do a thorough exam, miss...." Lisa was getting close to cumming as he hand-fucked her. "Just another minute..."

In just another minute, Lisa reached a crashing orgasm. Her hips lifted from the table and the empty room rang with her wails as this anonymous black man flicked her clit and forced his fingers as deep up her tight little twat as they would go. A moment later, she was panting and felt a light sweat covering her chest and neck. "Doctor M" was making a note on his pad. Looking down, Lisa smiled inwardly as she noticed the huge bulge pushing against his zipper.

"You respond to manual stimulation appropriately, Mrs. B." he murmured, putting down the clipboard. "But we do need," he said, reaching for his fly 'To perform another test..."

M's cock was finally out. Freed from the confines of his pants, it was righting itself, thickening and straightening. Watching it, Lisa's cunt throbbed. A black cock. A big one...

"What—what kind of test, Doctor?" Lisa clenched her pussy so it made an obscene squishing sound. "Will it—" she smiled, looking at her Doctor's fat cock "Will it hurt?"

"It's possible that you'll feel a little challenged- for a moment." M carefully put down his clipboard. "But it's a very, um, necessary test." He was stroking his cock, getting into position...

"Doctor, I'm a married woman." whispered Lisa. looking down at the black cock between her thighs. "It wouldn't be right to have sexual relations with anyone other than my husband..."

M was applying lube to his fat prick, making the veins and muscle tone glisten and shine as he stroked it. "Doctor James has asked me to see to your needs today. You DO want me to report to him that you cooperated well with me?" He threw the white lab coat on the floor, unbuttoned his shirt to expose his chest.

Lisa thought of Jimmy. What was his arrangement with this man? How much money had he paid to have rights to her pussy, her entire body? "I do want Doctor James to be pleased with me..."

"And, Mrs. B- I am your Doctor today..." He was reasserting authority, and Lisa got the message.

"Of, course, Doctor." M had finished greasing his cock. He stepped closer. "I do understand that this is a professional situation, if that's what you mean...—oh!" Lisa saw a droplet of clear fluid dangling from the tip of M's prick. "I suppose I should be more trusting..."

"Perhaps more trust, Mrs. B. Now, please..." M directed her to pull her knees up alongside her breasts. As he guided her feet out of the stirrups, M's cock was so long that he had to bend over deeply to keep it from prodding her. Finally, he stood up straight again. She held her knees apart for him. The glans of his hard prick hovered just an inch or two from Lisa's open cunt.

"Besides-" murmured the man "This test does not involve actual intercourse..."

Just then, Lisa felt the tip of his black prick touch her asshole. She gasped in surprise. No wonder he had greased his cock! He pulled away, reapproached, applying a bit more pressure this time. Lisa's opening responded by clenching around the cock-tip. M's cock felt like it had just been given a kiss.

Lisa fully understood the plan now. "Of course, Doctor..." Lisa tugged her knees up a little higher, raising the angle of her asshole a few degrees. "Does this assist you with your test?"

It had been so, so long since Lisa had had a proper asshole reaming. The feeling was incredible. The challenge and the thrill of it was already giving her mini orgasms as she breathed into the penetration, the giving up of all control to her black fucker. Lisa had always loved ass fucking. This morning, in this room, she wanted a black man's hard cock up her tender little shitter.

For his part, M was in Heaven. The pressure around his greased up, sensitized cock was intense as he penetrated this white woman. Jimmy had been right- his 'girl' would be beautiful and compliant. Jimmy had told him about Lisa's exhibitionist streak, of course. And M actually was a doctor- but not in this building...

When M had asked about anal (his favorite) he was reassured that Jimmy's whore was expert at it. M had been happy to pay extra.

M's prick was perhaps four inches in. It felt like it was being held in a warm, firm, wet vise. Now, he eased out until just the glans was inside Lisa's ass. They both looked down, each enjoying the visual stimulation of watching a long, fat black shaft ease into a young white woman's gripping, hot, slippery anus.

As they got into a rhythm, the cock pulled out and pushed in. Lisa's perineum flexed and bulged, flexed and bulged, gripping and releasing, gripping and releasing the black thing that was fucking her tightest hole. And her cunt was getting readjusted from within too, her lips bulging, her juices bubbling out her pussy-hole as he reamed her....

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