Lisa's Lust Ch. 02


"Oh, God!" she said, arching against him. "God, Jimmy..."

He found her belt, pulled it open, slipped his hand inside her jeans, under the elastic edge of her lacy panties, down to the hot, wet center of her pussy, she nearly screamed with the intensity of the feeling.

"Ah, Jesus," she moaned, grabbing his shirt, pulling him closer, kissing him with a fierce heat.

Franticly the two began pulling each other's clothes off until they were both completely naked on the bed. She leaned forward and spoke softly into his ear, catching his earlobe between her lips, lightly grazing it with her teeth. He shivered. "Jimmy, I want to feel your long tongue licking my wet pussy."

Jimmy moved away from her as Lisa eagerly opened her long legs wide for him, peeling her glistening pussy-lips open with her fingers.

Jimmy crawled in between Lisa's legs and lowered his handsome face to within an inch of his sister-in-law's gaping pussy. Her smooth, tanned thighs framed a bald, pouty-lipped cunt that excited him. He noted that the lips of her pussy were slightly swollen with arousal and were dripping wet.

Lying lay flat on his belly, he folded back the outer lips of her gleaming slick slit, leaned forward, stuck out his tongue, and began licking up and down her bald, juicy, pink pussy- slit. A low moan escaped her lips and her legs spread further. Lisa gave a convulsive shudder, and dug her nails into the bedspread.

"Ohhhhhh, Jimmy, yesssss!" she moaned.

Jimmy's long tongue sliced through the fragrant folds of Lisa's creamy pussy, starting at the bottom and in one long sweep it slid up the length of her pink teardrop shaped opening until finally it flicked across her engorged clit.

"Ohhhh!" she moaned, her head thrown back, her breasts burning pink with arousal thrust upward, her peach colored nipples standing erect.

He pushed his mouth onto Lisa's pussy, deeply tonguing the glistening, moist narrow slit of pink flesh between her thighs. Lisa reached down, wrapping her fingers into his hair, pulling his face against her cunt until his nose was rubbing against her erect clit. Jimmy swirled his long tongue around inside Lisa's cunt sucking her juices into his mouth.

He began plunging his gleaming wet tongue in and out of Lisa's fuck-hole, making her go crazy with pleasure. She writhed and moaned and clawed the bed. Hot pussy cream dribbled freely from her hot little cunt mouth. The faster Jimmy licked her, the more excited she got.

"Ooooooh, Jimmy, baby, that feels so fucking good," she purred. "Don't stop, baby, I love it." Lisa thought she wouldn't have been able to resist now even if she'd tried.

After tongue fucking her for several minutes Jimmy began licking every inch of her juicy wet pussy-slit with his hot tongue. He was really lashing her pussy with his big tongue and giving her wave upon wave of hot pleasure. Then he zeroed in on the most sensitive spot of all, Lisa's swollen clit. He used his lips to encircle the erect little bud, then flicked at it with the tip of his tongue as he sucked on it gently. Lisa moaned in ecstasy as her pussy creamed helplessly.

"Oh, yes, yessss, suck my clit... uhhhhh yeahhhh, right there, that's it! Unnnnngggghhhhh, don't stop!" she cried.

Lisa was moaning loudly and grinding her cunt up at Jimmy's mouth. He was whipping his tongue around and around her sensitive little clit. Lisa's face was flushed and contorted with pleasure. She was absorbed in the hot sensations that her brother-in-law's mouth on her cunt was giving her, not caring about anything else. Thick pearly cream was pouring from her fuck hole. Jimmy lapped some of it up and swallowed it, and the rest trickled down her ass-crack.

He suddenly jammed his lips onto her clit and started sucking her pink little button hard. Lisa screamed, just about shooting off the bed. She clenched her eyes shut and arched her back, shuddering in total ecstasy.

"Unnnhhhhh, yesssss, suck my cliiitttteeeeeeee!" she howled.

Lisa bucked her hips up, shoving her swollen clit against Jimmy's sucking lips. She felt the orgasm beginning, building deep within her. "Oh, God, yes," she panted, "Suck it hard! Don't stop!"

Jimmy's head bobbed furiously up and down between her thighs, as her rode her thrashing hips. She threw her legs as wide as she could, her body arched, and she was trying to shove her pussy harder against his mouth. All of a sudden, she stiffened for a moment, gave a low, deep moan, and then began to convulse in orgasm.

"Ohhhhhh, Jeeeeeeeesus, I'm coming! " she screamed. "Ohhhhhhh, fuck I'm coming!"

Lisa's pussy began to spasm violently, nearly as hard as it had the last time she'd enjoyed that satisfying fucking from Jimmy. The delicious musky-smelling cunt cream flowed heavily from her bald, pink hole, giving him a mouthful of pussy juice to tongue and lick up. Jimmy kept his head buried between Lisa's trembling thighs, continuing to lick and suck the cum-spewing pussy. Jimmy was feverishly sucking, guiding his horny sister-in-law through the duration of her orgasm. At last Lisa relaxed letting her pink-flushed ass cheeks flop back down to the bed.

Quickly, smiling shamelessly, Lisa rolled over and lifted herself onto her hands and knees in front of Jimmy. She crawled up to him, her big tits swaying, grabbed his 12 inch throbbing cock, and eager to please Jimmy she opened her mouth wide and popped the large knob past her lips. She flicked out with her tongue, twirling it around the head, then licking up the sides. She tightened her lips around his girth, lightly grating her teeth along his shaft as her lips moved slowly down and then back up his massive length. She knew how wrong this was but feeling such a big cock filling her mouth affected her on a whole new level.

"Oh, fuck yeah! Suck my cock Lisa! Suck it!" he groaned.

His words sank in making Lisa think about just what it was she was doing. How awful she should feel for cheating on Rick who had always been faithful to her but the simple truth was, here she was sucking on the biggest cock she had ever had the pleasure of holding and that it belonged to her husband's brother only added to her growing arousal.

She sucked more and more into her mouth until she was bobbing her head over half of his long, hard cock. Her blonde hair flew and her tits jiggled as her lips slid up and down over his glistening cock.

"Oh, fuck Lisa! That's fantastic! Suck my fucking cock!" He lay back, closed his eyes, and forgot everything but the delicious sensations he was getting from his sister-in-law's greedily sucking mouth.

Lisa sucked the thick cock hard. She forced more cock into her throat, gagging herself, trying to swallow as much of his cock meat as she could. The huge prick responded to her hard, wet sucking by growing even stiffer. The cock knob puffed up obscenely, pulsating on the roof of her mouth.

Feverishly she started bobbing her head up and down, fucking her mouth with Jimmy's big prick. Her fingers tightened on the root of his cock. Then she furiously started jacking his prick as she sucked the tip, swirling and basting her tongue around the mushroom-shaped crown, lapping up the salty spunk as it dribbled out of his enormous, aching prick.

Suddenly Jimmy grabbed Lisa and flipped her over onto her back. "I really need to fuck you. Right now!"

"Oh, God, yes! Fuck me!" Lisa begged. "Fuck me with your big cock, Jimmy!"

Lisa spread her legs wide, Jimmy kneeled between her legs with the tip of his cock poised on her pussy lips. Reaching down Jimmy took a firm hold of his big shaft and began rubbing his bloated knob up and down her ultra sensitive pussy lips. Beneath him Lisa was pushing herself toward his cock, raising her hips toward it, she really needed to feel his cock buried deep inside her juicy cunt.

"Put it in! Hurry up and put it in! I need your cock inside my pussy!" She pleaded with him, eagerly reaching down and taking hold of his huge cock, trying to guide it into her wide-open and ready cunt. She felt the tip of his cock poking at her labia and her lips started stretching out to accommodate its thickness.

Jimmy's cock was so hard and unyielding that it plowed its way into her horny pussy. Lisa found she was breathing heavily from the excitement. She moaned as she felt her pussy stretching out to accommodate him. She moaned again when her clean-shaven, smooth pussy lips closed over the base of the head. Jimmy pushed down just as Lisa moaned raising herself onto the end on his cock. He watched as the first few inches disappeared into his brother's wife's pussy.

Her pussy was continually stretching out and molding itself to the satisfying thickness of her brother-in-law's thick cock. He slowly pushed more of the long monster into her pussy. Her juices were constantly lubricating his shaft making it slide in and out easier as he continued to slowly slide his cock in and out, letting her get used to its size. Lisa wrapped her arms tightly around his shoulders as he forced more of his huge cock inside her hot, willing pussy. She began humping her horny cunt onto his thick prick, moaning into his shoulder.

Lisa moaned softly as Jimmy's fingers found her nipples and gave them a hard pinch, before filling his palms with her expansive melons and squeezing and groping eagerly.

She didn't even try to contain her wild excitement as Jimmy shoved his rock-hard cock further into her drooling wet cunt and began fucking her in swift hard thrusts. She needed to be fucked so badly.

"Oh...yeah...yeah...fuck me! Do it to me...uh...uh...fuck me!"

Jimmy spread his knees apart, using the extra leverage to drive his cock into Lisa's cunt. He looked down, watching his cock slamming into her snug, clinging pussy. He really began to thrust his ass, driving his giant cock into her buttery pussy. Lisa whimpered and bit her lip as his entire cock repeatedly slammed her wet cunt hole.

"Oh God, Jimmy! You're so fucking big!"

Lisa concentrated on wiggling and humping her ass, doing her best to help Jimmy shove his cock all the way up inside her horny cunt. He was building a smooth fucking rhythm that Lisa was starting to match. He began flexing his ass cheeks, driving his big prick deeper into her creaming pussy. Lisa looked down, excitedly watching his thick fuck pole disappearing between the clinging, swollen lips of her very horny cunt.

"Jimmy, fuck me! Fuck me hard!"

Jimmy's hips came down hard, spearing every inch of his immense cock into the velvety tightness of her pussy. Grasping her slim hips, he began pounding her hard. He was just too wildly aroused to go slow or gently. But it seemed to be just what she wanted, because she creamed all over his long, thick cock and jerked her hips to his rhythm. The faster he fucked her, the more excited she got and the harder she fucked back. He rammed his prick rapidly in and out of her wet, gapping cunt.

"Oh, Yes! My pussy's so wet! Can you feel it? Fuck my wet cunt, fuck it hard!"

Jimmy slammed his hips down, pounding his gigantic prick into her gushing pussy. She humped frantically to meet his strokes, her giant tits jiggling, her hard nipples brushing across his chest. Her pussy was sucking and throbbing, desperately grasping his huge, plunging cock.

"Fuck my pussy, fuck my horny little pussy!" she squealed, "That feels so good!" Lisa panted. She threw her legs together, locking them around his back. Then she started humping her ass in a frenzy off the bed, eagerly fucking her throbbing pussy onto his cock.

"Fuck! Ohh Fuck! Harder! Give it to me harder!" she cried.

He started fucking her harder still, his cock pulsing inside her pussy, so long and fat that it was easily reaching her womb with every stroke. Lisa felt like her whole body was burning up. Her pussy sucked on the stiff pussy pleasing cock.

"You're going to make me cum, Jimmy! Oh God! Really hard now, uh, fuck me hard! Uh! Uh! Give me that hard cock! Uh! Fuck me as hard as you can!"

Jimmy feverishly pounded his big cock into the creamy sheath of Lisa's pussy. She was fucking back fast and hard, oblivious to everything in the world except the intense pleasure of his thick, long cock slamming in and out of her very wet and tight cunt.

"Oh my God! I'm cumming!" Harder, baby! Fuck me! Fuck my horny cunt! I'm cumming, cuuummmiiinnngggg!"

It was a deep and violently satisfying orgasm. Her pussy rippled uncontrollably through the climax, throbbing and contracting around the hammering cock. Lisa couldn't believe how great it felt. She closed her eyes and moaned loudly, enjoying the sensation.

Jimmy could feel Lisa's pussy muscles constricting and gripping his cock. His prick throbbed violently deep in her cunt, his balls ready to burst. The feeling was too much for him to take, he began to cum hard, spewing a huge load of cum deep inside her pussy. He rammed his big cock in to the hilt, holding it there.

"Oh, fuck! Lisa! Fuck yes!" He bellowed.

Lisa's felt his cock grow thicker and jerk in her pussy. Her eyes flew open. "Jimmy! Pull it out! Don't cum in my pussy! Get out!"

It was too late. He ground his hips tightly against hers, ignoring her as she tried to push him off, his balls emptying out their load deep inside her, coating her unprotected womb with his seed.

As she felt his huge cock wedged inside her and as his sperm kept pumping deep into her pussy she suddenly felt another orgasm building. She began grinding her pussy against his cock, rubbing her clit against him.

"Oh no. Oh, fuck! Oh god, I'm going to cum again! Oohhh Gaawwdd!" Her eyes rolled up into the back of her head as she came hard.

Jimmy rolled off of her and they lay there, hearts pounding, out of breath, their heavy breathing the only sound penetrating the silence of the room. Lisa happened to look over to the opened bedroom doorway, she gasped, "Oh God."

There stood Rick...

She'd thought about this possibility, at night, when she was waiting to fall asleep. She'd thought about being caught cheating a lot, a favorite nightmare. Now it was a reality.

She looked closer and saw that Becca was on her knees with Rick's hard cock in her mouth, bobbing her head. This was an interesting development...

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