tagIncest/TabooLiving at Home Surprise

Living at Home Surprise


When I was searching for colleges to attend my parents cut the list to one. I was to attend the school right here in my own home town. My folks wanted to save money on room and board. I told my dad I would have no social life living under their roof. His reply was that I was going for an education, not a social life. My parents never attended college, they had no idea what went on. Most of the girls I knew were going to school, not for an education, but to get a husband.

Here I was, a senior with only a few months left at the university. My prediction came true. I had been out with one guy the whole time I was at school. There were no prospects on the horizon either. The other thing that was happening was that my brother Tommy was growing up. Worse yet, he was discovering girls, and one in particular, me. Tommy was now eighteen and a horny eighteen at that. He loved to rub against me and pinch my bottom when my parents weren't looking. Tommy was getting bolder by the day.

It was one night, around 2AM when I awoke. Someone was standing next to my bed. Here it was Tommy, totally naked and looking at me lying in bed. I nearly jumped out of my bed. Tommy whispered for me to be quiet. My parent's bedroom was right next to mine. If they walked in now, I didn't want to live to experience that. I was sitting at the edge of the bed and Tommy was right in front of me. I could see his stiff cock in outline of what little light there was in the room. Tommy brought his dick right up to my mouth. How long at it been since I saw a guy's cock this close? I had slept with just one guy the whole time I was in school.

Tommy pushed his dickhead past my lips. I hated to admit it, but I was so horny these days. Tommy also had a man-sized cock. It must have been eight inches and it was so thick. I opened my mouth and Tommy shoved his pecker in deep. I wrapped my lips around him as he was fucking my face. I was nearly gagging as he forced his thick member way down my throat. I had no idea how long we had been going at it. I had reached out and took his sacs in my hand. They were large and egg shaped. I knew they must have been full of his cum. I squeezed them hard and Tommy went off. He began to flood my belly with his white cream. There was a lot of it too. After he blew his load down my throat, he calmly walked back to his room. For the rest of the night I fingered myself and licked my lips, tasting my brother's cum on my breath.

The next morning I showered, getting ready for class. I was once more on my bed with a towel wrapped around me. Tommy didn't knock, but barged right into my room. He was dressed this time. He walked over to me and without saying a word, he pulled the towel away. My big breasts came free from the towel and my pussy was exposed. I was shocked that he did this and I reached up and slapped his face. Tommy wasn't expecting that. We were suddenly wrestling with each other. We spilled onto the bed, with Tommy on top of me.

Tommy then found a nipple and began to suck on it. Oh God, I was beginning to melt. His mouth felt so good on my hard nipple. He then worked his way to the other nipple, biting and chewing on both of them. I tried to fight, but I gave in so easily. I could feel Tommy's stiff cock through his pants. It was pressed against my mound. I could feel myself starting to get damp. Tommy then stood up and peeled his clothes off. I finally got a good look at his stiff pecker. Tommy was huge and really hard that moment. He slid in between my thighs and I let him do it. He positioned his mushroom head at my opening and then pushed into me.

I could no longer resist my brother. I wrapped my legs around his back and he fed me that magnificent cock. I just totally lost it then. I was begging him to fuck me. I no longer cared who he was, I just needed to be fucked hard. Tommy seemed to know what he was doing. Tommy pushed into me as deep as he could. It felt like a monster snake was crawling in my belly. I undid my legs after awhile and Tommy pushed my thighs right to my chest. He then gave me the longest cock strokes I ever felt. I was trying to hold back, but I couldn't any longer. I began to gush all over my brother's groin. I was squirting uncontrollably.

Tomy never missed a beat. He fed me his long dick as my body went into convulsions. I clamped down hard on his cock and Tommy let go. He arched his back and began to blow all his hot seed into my steamy pussy. It seemed that we were both cumming for many minutes. Cum was leaking out of my pussy. I just wanted this hot fucking to go on. Tommy's cock finally got soft and he pulled out. There was cum everywhere. My legs were wobbly. I needed to wash the sheets after, so my mom didn't see the cum stains.

This was the beginning of a couple months of intense fucking with Tommy. We fucked everywhere in the house. Even on my parent's bed one time. Tommy had basically made me his whore. I loved feeling his monster cock in me whenever I could. The problem was I was graduating school and I found a position away from my hometown. I really had to get away from my parents or they would have ended controlling my entire life. Tommy was so sad. He begged me to stay close to home. This job was a dream come true, I had to accept it.

I am now two hundred miles away, in a new city. I love my new job. Tommy tries to visit me from time to time. When he does, we end up fucking all weekend long. I do think that as Tommy is getting older he is looking to other women than his older sister. I knew this would probably happen eventually. I will miss the day when my brother finds a woman to settle down with. Until then I plan to have him in my bed as often as I can.

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